Crocs Santa Cruz vs Santa Cruz 2: Comparison

For those who are not familiar with the Crocs brand, they are a company that makes shoes made out of Croslite foam.

The original Crocs Santa Cruz style was released in 2002 and became popular due to its lightweight and comfortable design.

However, the shoes were often criticized for their ugly appearance. In 2018, Crocs released a new version of the Santa Cruz called the Santa Cruz 2. And this is the main difference.

The biggest difference is that Santa Cruz, which is the newer version of the Crocs Santa Cruz collection has a more stylish design and is available in a variety of colors.

So which style is better? Which style is more comfortable? Which style has better arch support? Which style has removable insoles?

In this article, we’ll be satisfying your curiosity and answering all your burning questions on the differences between these two loafers.

History of Crocs Santa Cruz shoes

Crocs Santa Cruz vs Santa Cruz 2

One of the most popular shoes in the world today is the Crocs Santa Cruz shoe which was made in Switzerland.

The company first introduced Crocs on the market in 2002 and they have been a huge success since.

This has resulted in them being present in more than 80 countries worldwide, with many licensing agreements being signed all over the world.

The shoe is built from a one-piece plastic shell, which makes it a handy shoe for casual wear in a wide range of situations.

It first gained fame in 2003, but the real momentum was seen in 2004 when Oprah endorsed it on her show.

The shoes were never meant to be the footwear of choice for business, but they often get mistaken for the right thing to wear.

There is no need to be too concerned about their safety, as they are well-tested and extremely durable shoes.

Crocs shoes are lightweight and versatile shoes that are donned by people in a variety of situations. The trademark orange and green designs are both appealing and comfortable, drawing in a lot of customers.

These shoes are designed to be versatile enough to be worn on land, on the water, and in water, making them perfect for camping, fishing, and a variety of sports.

They are also high enough to serve as a fashion shoe. Wearers report that they can be worn for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort.

They are also quick and easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

Crocs Santa Cruz shoes are footwear that is made for comfort. They are made to fit the contours of the foot, which reduces the impact of landing on the ground.

The shoes don’t need to be tied, which makes it easier for those with reduced mobility to get around.

They are lightweight, which makes them useful in warm weather, and they are designed to protect the feet from hot surfaces.

History of Santa Cruz 2 shoes

Crocs Santa Cruz vs Santa Cruz 2

Crocs Santa Cruz 2 sandals are made of a lightweight and comfortable EVA foam material that helps prevent foot injuries on the job.

The shoe’s Michelin Rubber heel grips help to protect against slipping, as well as provide a more cushioned and comfortable feel to the foot.

In addition, the Crocs Santa Cruz 2 are offered in a number of color combinations, from bright lemon yellow to calming pink.

Crocs Santa Cruz 2 shoes, which have a universal fit for everyone, were originally designed for parents who had children with broader feet.

To make the process of finding a perfect fit for any individual most convenient, Crocs Santa Cruz 2 shoes have a universal fit for every foot.

They were designed with a one-size-fits-all concept. And they’re also available in two styles, the Santa Cruz and the Crocband.

Made for a person’s easy comfort, these shoes have a molded footbed that is designed to support the foot.

They have chunky, thick rubber bottoms that make them great for the trail and comfortable on the city streets. These shoes are in the lightweight category and are perfect for everyday activities.

They are made with Croslite material, which is closed-cell foam, which means they are durable and will not absorb water.

They also come with the Crocs Comfort insole that has Arch and heel support.

The shoes are able to hold the shape of the wearer’s feet and make it easy for people to walk.

The shoe is also water-friendly and easy to clean. It is made of synthetic rubber to make the material durable and stretchy.

The Crocs Santa Cruz 2 is made of a porous material that allows it to breathe really well.

The shoe has a rubber sole for traction – the shoe is waterproof and water doesn’t get inside. The shoe is also made for people with a wider feet because of the open design of the shoe.

Comparison table between Crocs Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz 2

Feature Crocs Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 2
Sizing Available in different sizes suitable for everyone Available in different sizes too
Color Available in a variety of colors Available in a variety of colors
Toe protection Yes Yes
Flexibility Flexible rubber outsole Flexible rubber outsole
Outsoles Rubber Rubber
Insole EVA Foam
Material Cros lite Croslite
Resoling Easy to resole Easy to resole
Looks Traditional, dressy Modern, casual
Break-in Easy to break in, few hours Easy to break in, few hours
Value $20 – $98 $50

What are the differences between Crocs Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz 2


The Crocs Santa Cruz 2 has an outsole that is about 3mm thicker than the old model. This enhances stability and balance and reduces wear and tear on the feet.

It also has a more ergonomic insole that provides arch support, which can help reduce back pain.


The Crocs Santa Cruz 2 is a newer version of the popular Crocs Santa Cruz. The new model is made of Croslite material, which makes it more lightweight and durable than its predecessor.

Santa Cruz 2 therefore has a more durable outsole and an updated insole.

Toe protection

The Crocs Santa Cruz has a rubber outsole and an EVA insole. It also has more arch support and toe protection than the Santa Cruz 2.

Arch Support

The material used for the Santa Cruz 2 is Croslite™, which is lightweight and durable.

The insole is made from Croslite™ too, but it also contains arch support for stability and comfort, as well as toe protection to keep your feet safe when you walk on rough surfaces.

The arch support on the Crocs Santa Cruz is also better than that on the Santa Cruz 2, and this can be seen as an advantage for people who have high arches or need more arch support when they walk or run.

Lastly, there are some small differences in colors between these two shoes and their sizing options.


The Crocs Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz 2 are two very different shoes. The Santa Cruz is a more traditional Crocs shoe, while the Santa Cruz 2 has a more modern look.

The Santa Cruz 2 also has a thicker sole and is more supportive than the Santa Cruz.

The Santa Cruz 2 has a more casual look, while the Santa Cruz is designed to be more dressy. The Santa Cruz also has a slightly higher heel, which gives it a dressier appearance. The Santa Cruz 2 is also available in more colors than the Santa Cruz.

The Santa Cruz is perfect for people who want a simple, classic Crocs shoe. The Santa Cruz 2 is perfect for people who want a trendy, stylish Crocs shoe that still provides support.


Santa Cruz 2 footbed is flatter and less cushioned than the original Santa Cruz. Additionally, the Santa Cruz 2 comes in more colors and patterns than the original.


The colors of the Crocs Santa Cruz are limited to brown, black, red, and white while the colors of the Santa Cruz 2 are limited to black, blue, pink, and purple.

Production date

The Crocs Santa Cruz was released in 2002 and discontinued in 2006. While the Santa Cruz 2 was released in 2016.


With the footbed and updated outsoles, the Santa Cruz 2 is designed to be much more comfortable than the Santa Cruz.


The price of Santa Cruz is slightly higher than that of the Santa Cruz 2.

Discussion of usage of both loafers

  • If you need comfort and durability to be able to last for a long time, use Santa Cruz 2
  • If you need a casual loafer perfect for summer, use Crocs Santa Cruz.
  • Santa Cruz 2 is good for hikes and runs
  • Santa Cruz is good for short walks and minimal usage


We’ve touched and talked about the most significant differences In the looks and functionalities of these shoes and I hope you’ve made a choice on which shoe will be the best for you.

The Santa Cruz 2 is just an upgrade to the Santa Cruz with more durability, comfortability, and protection.

I hope you make the right choice!


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