10 Best Insoles for Youth Baseball Cleats (in 2022)

The best insoles for youth baseball cleats are the ones that will provide the most comfort and support. They should be able to absorb shock, provide arch support, and keep your feet dry.

List of the 10 best insoles for youth baseball cleats

In no particular order, here is the list of the best insoles for youth baseball that I can confidently recommend anytime, any day, and anywhere.

  1. EASYFEET Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles – Extra Shock Absorption Inserts
  2. Sof Sole – Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert for top performance
  3. Physix Gear Sport insoles – Uniquely great for Plantar Fasciitis Relief
  4. New Balance Insoles – High Impact Insole for all Sports
  5. Tread Labs Dash Insoles – Ultra Firm Orthotic Arch Support
  6. Scholl’s Sport Insoles –  Powerful Shock Absorption Insoles
  7. CURREX CLEATPRO – Long-lasting insoles
  8. Superfeet Comfort Insoles – for Tighter Athletic Shoe Cushion and Support (Unisex)
  9. OUPOWER Boot Shoe Insoles -Pad Poron Foam Anti-Slip Athlete
  10. Scholl’s Running Insoles – Works Great for Plantar Fasciitis

It is not ideal to use standard insoles for your youth baseball cleats because they are too stiff and can cause injury.

With these considerations in mind, it might be a little difficult to find the best pick for you – or requires more effort, at least.

I have developed this guide and gathered some of the best insoles for this purpose.

Review of my top 10 insoles for baseball youth cleats

EASYFEET Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles

Best Insoles for Youth Baseball Cleats

Baseball should be considered a high-intensity sport, and even if the activity does not measure up to football and basketball, these insoles have been specially designed for all.

The flexible, optimal arch support offers the right motion control and high-grade shock absorption with gel forefoot and heel pads for maximum cushioning.

What makes this insole one of the best options considered for baseball cleats, aside from those mentioned earlier, is that it is made of a foam layer that offers comfort from heel to toe. The velvety breathable cover provides top-notch foot comfort.

You’ll want to consider this buy when you look at the Flame Boost, which helps minimize foot-related pain and stress in the knees and lower back while playing baseball.

Many young baseball players report slippage that results in blisters during prolonged game hours. This insole gently supports your foot with the springy TPU arch and the PU foam layer to eliminate that problem.

Although the structure of the inserts seems to be narrow enough not to fit perfectly for wider foot size, it features a breathable, soft orxinilite foam layer that allows air circulation and quickly absorbs moisture.

This will also go a long way in preventing odor in your baseball cleats.

This is, in fact, a multipurpose athletic insole that is not limited to the holes of baseball cleats. You want to consider this if you participate in a wide range of athletic activities such as CrossFit, gym, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc.


  • Multipurpose for not only baseball cleats
  • The springy TPU arch for pain relief and injury prevention
  • the gel in the forefoot offers maximum cushioning than most other insoles
  • 1-year guarantee
  • High-grade shock absorption


  • Quite narrow for really larger size

Sof Sole Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert

Best Insoles for Youth Baseball Cleats

Sof Sole produces insoles dedicated to comfort and prevention of foot-related pain.

This full-length gel shoe insert from the company is ideal for youth baseball cleats because it also improves the comfort and fit of men.

I like that it makes a great fit in other footwear like shoes for walking, running, cross-training, and casual use.

The Performance orthotic insoles have this contoured neutral arch that makes the insert suitable for most foot types, so you will most likely have no problem with the sizing if you have a wider or narrow foot.

The inserts are designed to fit in casual and athletic footwear, plus the lightweight cushioning and gel pads in the heel and forefoot offer nothing far from premium comfort.

The interesting part is that the insert is available in five trim-to-fit sizes for men’s casual and athletic shoes: Men’s 7-8.5, Men’s 9-10.5, Men’s 11-12.5, Men’s 13-14, and Men’s 15-16


  • It prevents sweats with the Hydrologic moisture-wicking
  • Features trim-to-fit sizes
  • Also works in casual shoes
  • Gender-specific
  • Ideal for most foot types thanks to the Contoured neutral arch


  • In rare cases, the thick heel cushion could pose a little more load on the heel and not enough on the center of the foot…in rare cases.

Physix Gear Sports Store Arch Support Insoles

Best Insoles for Youth Baseball Cleats

These are orthotic Inserts recommended for baseball players who experience Plantar Fasciitis or have High Arches, Shin Splints, Heel Spurs, Sore Feet, or Overpronation.

If you have none of these, the inserts still prove handy with the Physix high arch insoles are for a soothing solution for high feet of men & women.

Unlike what we see in some thick cushion insoles, these are low-profile and ultra-thin, which will not alter how your baseball cleat fits.

The inserts allow more room in the toe box to ensure a comfy fit in most shoe types: boots, booties, slippers, dress shoes, running shoes, and even sneakers.

I like the semi-rigid arch support & heel cup that provides added support & stability while playing the game.

It is made of dual Base Layered High-Performance EVA foam and PU material that even goes out of the insole to correct abnormal walking patterns.

If you are looking for a baseball cleat insole with a high arch, deep heel cup, and dual-layered base, this is a great option.


  • The deep heel cradle offers superior stability
  • The premium lining stays in place
  • Impressive ergonomic, nonslip design
  • Low-profile, lightweight and ultra-thin
  • Steady arch support

New Balance Sports High Impact Insole

Best Insoles for Youth Baseball Cleats

These athletic Shoe Inserts are specifically designed for athletes, especially those who engage in activities like baseball and basketball.

Sculpted for male and female baseball players, the insoles offer durable comfort and long-lasting support.

It is best known for its high-Impact support, as seen in the forefoot cushioning that offers that bouncy underfoot feel and added protection during high-impact activities while playing baseball.

The sculpted heel cups cradle the heel and help provide increased shock absorption. The high-arch insoles are a good replacement for removable factory insoles in baseball cleats and other sports shoes.


  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Minimal design for no alteration to shoe fit
  • Excellent High impact support
  • Great moisture-wicking performance


  • Only accommodate up to a 2E width
  • Not that much extra cushion in the forefoot area as seen in others

Tread Labs Dash Carbon Fiber Performance Insoles

Best Insoles for Youth Baseball Cleats

There are many reasons to love these insoles. Aside from the fact that it has been built with performance athletes in mind, the insoles are ultra-lightweight and nearly rigid – 1.25mm thick arch supports are topped with a 5mm thick ventilated top cover.

This is not one of those generic one-size-fits-all inserts. They are great for a high arch, and most foot types are comfortably supported – available in 4 arch heights for both genders.

I like the open-cell polyurethane foam topped with 100% recycled polyester fabric to prevent odor so that your feet are kept fresh no matter the hours you spend playing baseball.

The 2-part insole system is designed for the long haul, and it features replaceable top covers.

The Tread Labs insoles are quite expensive. But on second thought, it is wise to rather pay a hundred bucks one time than 50 every six months for other insoles that wear out quickly.


  • Medical-grade, molded arch supports are guaranteed
  • 100% carbon fiber in Dash insoles for performance athletes
  • Removable and replaceable padding


  • Quite pricey but worth every penny

Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles

Best Insoles for Youth Baseball Cleats

These sports insoles were originally designed for runners to help prevent pain from the knee, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.

But having examined the specifics of these inserts, it ticks all the boxes that make a perfect insole for baseball cleats.

For example, the triple-zone protection reduces shock by 40% and helps reduce wear and tear on your legs.

When shopping for baseball cleat insoles, this is one thing to look out for when shopping for baseball cleats.

Also, the SweatMax technology helps reduce foot odor, and it can be trimmed to fit your shoe size.

The best part is that the insert is also effective for everyday use to support your foot while in motion.

Most young baseball players experience pain between the kneecap and femur, or thigh bone, specifically in the space where they meet.

This is called Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, and it is also associated with runners and those who spend a lot of time bending their knees.

This insole has been designed to eliminate and prevent such problems.


  • Reduces shock by 40%.
  • Helps in the reduction of feet wear and tear
  • They are designed for running shoes, applicable for baseball cleats and sneakers.
  • Eazy to trim


  • They can make your baseball cleats fit more snuggly, but that can count as an advantage.

CURREX CLEATPRO insole for Baseball or Lacrosse

Best Insoles for Youth Baseball Cleats

Currex Cleatpro insoles are famous among baseball players. It is known for being comfortable and very good at preventing slipping inside the cleats.

The insert significantly improves foot comfort over cleat/boots flat sock liner.

It is also a good choice for injury prevention and elimination since it has been designed to reduce foot pressure & fatigue, thereby improving performance.

If you are experiencing stress on joints, ligaments & tendons, especially when playing baseball, you may want to cop one of these.

Also, it has an impeccable NEO TOUCH grip technology that reduces slippage and fills the void between the foot & flat shoe liner, creating close to the full foot to ensure stability.


  • It prevents most injuries associated with baseball and lacrosse games
  • The antislip works greatly with the presence of the insole’s neo touch technology
  • Medical grade
  • Your foot type determines the color for easy identification
  • Eazy to fit shoe size


  • There have been reviews on the Low arch high arch and size-related issues. Make sure you know your feet as you go for this great insole.

Superfeet FLEXthin, Comfort Insoles

Best Insoles for Youth Baseball Cleats

This Foam Full-Length Synthetic sole by superfeet is characterized as one that offers great ventilated forefoot.

Although the cushioning in the front is thin, it offers a breathable forefoot to help keep feet cool and comfortable as they are covered inside the cleats.

It is equipped with aero spring Comfort Foam. That is 3mm thickness plus the durable, viscoelastic closed-cell foam layer.

With these, the inserts can absorb as much impact to deliver comfort while your feet are in motion.

Another thing that makes it stick out as one of the best insoles for youth baseball cleats is the horseshoe-shaped heel cradle which provides cushion, structure, and stability.

You can also see from the image that these inserts have been contoured to stabilize and support the foot, reducing stress on the feet, ankles, and knees.


  • Good airflow with great breathability
  • Athletic shoe inserts absorb impact pretty well
  • Affordable for its type
  • The arch area is firm


  • The insoles offer some arch support, but the front side is too thin to offer superior support.

OUPOWER Soccer Cleat Boot Shoe Insoles

Best Insoles for Youth Baseball Cleats

This ergonomically designed Opower soccer cleat boot and shoe insole is another great shot for baseball cleats as it provides excellent cushioning and more flexibility, plus preventing rollover.

It features the iconic PORON Tech that offers energy return to serve as a great relief for those who experience Plantar fasciitis pain and related foot pain while playing baseball or any other performance sport.

What is more interesting is the anti-slippery 3D embossing patterns with an additional toe-carved fit design.

In addition, the breathable holes are made on the forefoot permit air to circulate, thereby absorbing moisture more quickly than most regular insoles.

While the insert is specially designed for professional soccer players, it has also been tested by thousands of baseball players, and it enhances your cleat to higher performance.


  • Anti-slippery 4D embossing patterns
  • Unbounce cushioning material
  • Double shock absorption is designed to prevent pain from the knee
  • Double layer for cushion
  • 3D groove reduces the reaction

Dr. Scholl’s Running Insoles for Men’s 10.5-14

Best Insoles for Youth Baseball Cleats

From what I can tell, the difference between this insole model of Dr. Scholl and the previous one reviewed is that this one is more “custom” fit sizing and made with considerably better materials.

Also, it is sized to fit as no trimming is required, but the option is still available. The insole Reduces shock impact by 40 percent to protect feet and knees thanks to the ActivPerform Technology.

In addition, it is equipped with optimal arch support for precise motion control, Plus the Dual-Layer Cushioning that distributes foot pressure from heel to toe.

It is known to have crazy arch support. This is because of the X-FORM Reinforced Arch that offers flexible support and enhanced stability.

The Polygiene Odor Crunch Technology helps remove and avoid odor, so your cleats and insoles stay fresh no matter how long you play.


  • It helps relieve and prevent several foot and knee-related problems
  • Great job in absorbing impact from heel
  • You can trim to fit
  • Great ball of foot padding


  • There is no gel pad for metatarsal support, but it relieves pressure from nerve compression.

Why Best Insoles for Youth Baseball Cleats?

There are many reasons why youth baseball players need to have the best insoles for their cleats. The most common reason is foot pain.

Youth players can experience a lot of pain because they are still growing, and their feet are not yet used to standing for long periods.

Another reason why youth baseball players need the best insoles is that they want to get a competitive edge when playing against other teams.

To do this, they need to be able to run faster and jump higher than other teams.


With so many brands and products, it can be hard to find the right one. We hope that this article has helped you narrow down your options.

If you are still unsure which brand or product is best for your needs, we recommend going with a company with a good warranty and a customer service team that is easy to reach.


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