7 Best Replacement Insoles for Xero Shoes (in 2022)

The best replacement insoles for XERO shoes are insoles that are great for the maximization of lightweight and minimalist footwear. Specifically, footwear that could be used for walking, jogging, running, and for other athletic uses.

This is because the XERO shoes are designed on that basis. And as such, it is only logical that whatever insoles that should be deemed good to be adopted for use in XERO shoes are insoles that help the shoe to serve their factory design purposes.

The common mistake made by most shoe users is in their inadequacy to discern what insoles fit what shoes and make decisions on that basis. While some insoles are not bad in themselves, they are not fit for use in certain shoes.

By virtue of research and first-hand experience of users, I have made a compilation of a list of the best replacement insoles for XERO shoes that should serve you better. Do well to make your choice.

Insoles Features
Naboso Performance Insole Best replacement insole for gait balancing
Gravity Defyer Comfort Insole Best replacement insole for posture support
Pedag Viva Insole Best arch-supporting insole for Xero shoes
Aetrex Memory Insole Best insole for longitudinal support
Vionic Unisex Active Insole Best moisture-absorbing insole
Sole Active Medium Insole Best insole for good-pressure distribution
New Balance Active High Impact Insole Best high impact insole

Naboso Performance Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xero Shoes

The Naboso Performance Insole comes up as one of the best insoles for the XERO shoes because the design of this insole is doctored to fit the functionality of the XERO shoes – first, the design of the edges of the insole clings to the footbed of the shoe and comes up like a single unit of footwear upon a few times of use.

The single fact that this insole is the sensory type makes it great for XERO shoes – this is so that the sensory feeling helps you to afford a balanced gait while running, jogging, and other functions. And this can easily be done with an insole as such that gives you a natural feeling.

The insole has a controlled stimulation level and an excellent round-up texture for the moderation of the sensory input while bringing minimal friction.

While sensory insoles are a great deal, they become foot threatening when the stimulation they offer has limitless control.

This is one insole that is designed by podiatrists with years of experience in the latest scientific research geared towards balance during movement in sporting activities, postural awareness, better foot strength, and agility.

And its flexibility gives it the edge to be used on many existing insoles or orthotics. It is an ideal choice.

Gravity Defyer Comfort Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xero Shoes

The core need in the numbers of places/functions where the XERO shoe is used are places/functions where general body alignment is of paramount importance.

And the fact that this Gravity Defyer Insole is built based on general body alignment, which will perfectly buttress the factory function of the shoe, makes it one of the best insoles for it.

Any insole that should be used for XERO shoes must be insoles that are geared towards helping the wearer to efficiently jog or run.

Or partake in other athletic exercises effectively. However, there are a few foot issues that pose a threat to people’s feet during these exercises. Some of which are; pronation and flat feet.

But this becomes less of a problem with the adoption of this Comfort Insole as it has the POSTED SUPPORT feature that is specifically infused for the correction of these ills.

But all of these qualities become null and futile if comfort fails to exist in the end. It is on this note that the insole is designed with a FOOT COMFORT feature for the restoration of foot contour and other issues for the promotion of healthier feet.

And just so there is an excellent and overall balance, this insole works for the relief of pain and shock absorption.

It also has a fabric layer that wicks moisture such that your feet are kept moderately dry and cool, and free from all kinds of irritation that are supposed to result from moisture build-up left in the shoe.

And it’s track record has proven that it lasts 3X longer relative to other conventional insoles.

Pedag Viva Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xero Shoes

While many people may want to limit the effect of the use of insoles to feet alone. It is great to have an insole whose effect travels down to your spine – such is the Pedag Viva Insole.

It is designed to fit different kinds of shoes – high and low profiled shoes. It is a good thing that the XERO shoes are captured in this picture.

Other insoles are quite supportive, but they give bulky support. And this is not good for feet. It feels quite good to have insoles like this type whose support is non-bulky.

Its foot friendliness is excellent and improves your gait and overall balance. It is quite big on supporting your arch and giving your foot the right dose of cushioning that it deserves, thereby elevating your user experience to an awesome level. It indeed is an ideal choice.

While it is true that some of these exercises and functions where the XERO shoes are used for, intensify splayfoot, this insole gives a massive slash down to the possibility of splayfoot and keeps your feet under protection from funky foot smell as there is a carbon filter to assure that.

The insole is made to last, and as such, it is fit for everyday use.

For precision, the insole can have a lifespan of six months from everyday use. But with relatively reduced use, it can last for years depending on how often it is used. Its durability is one big reason it has gotten a wider range of acceptance.

These days, people always opt for choices that give them value for their money. And the Pedag Viva Insole comes in handy.

Aetrex Memory Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xero Shoes

The Maestro memory insole is one of the best replacement insoles for XERO shoes that you can get. The designers took a lot of core values into consideration before making this design in those regards.

For example, there is a Cooper guard feature that gives you a healthy level of optimal support and a cupped heel that makes sure that balance and body alignment is improved.

And from most customers’ reviews, the insole is true to size. So if you’re making an order, accuracy should be of utmost importance.

This size precision is aimed at helping you to get the exact order that you make, this saves you from the rigors of having you trim the insole to size.

It also has a good compatibility property that makes it conform to the shoe’s footbed on which it is laid, and to your natural foot shape. Although with a bit of support to your arch. It is comforting.

And this Aetrex arch support feature, apart from helping your feet to biochemically align, also helps you to prevent possible overpronation and other foot conditions that range from metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, heel pains, and a host of others.

It often happens that there is more pressure on the forefoot area when you use the XERO shoes. However, this insole helps you reduce this pressure because relative to other parts of the Insole, there is 43% extra memory foam on the forefoot.

How can Aetrex Memory Insole help you to eliminate foot pain? It does this by making provision for longitudinal support to your arch that results from repetitive stress through even distribution of pressure to different foot parts such that the pressure is not concentrated on high impact areas where these foot problems are common.

Vionic Unisex Active Insole


In the introduction of this article, the areas where the XERO shoes mostly find relevance are fast-paced activities. Not to say they can’t be used casually as well.

But they are primarily used for fast-paced activities. Now isn’t it awesome that the design of this insole is done to also find relevance in these same activities? This makes the use of XERO shoes and the Vionic active insole a perfect combination.

Now, these activities always have their effect felt in three main foot areas, namely; the arch, the heel, and the forefoot. The designers of this insole understand this concept to have designed this insole well enough with the THREE ZONE COMFORT technology which helps.

This is done by bringing heel cup stability, forefoot cushioning, and ultimate arch support. Little wonder this is most athletes’ choice.

And all of these collectively contribute towards bringing an all-round balance and a good grip to the ground. Its moisture-absorbent property creates no room for slippery feet inside of should that should come as a result of moisture build-up.

This is one insole that leaves no room for poor lower limb alignment as it is reinforced with hardened plastic for stability, and added motion control. Perfect!

This Vionic insole is not gender-specific – it is fit for use by both sexes. You can get them in different sizes that are true to their inscriptions of the sizes printed on them.

Questions from many people revealed their curiosity about the effectiveness of this insole for people with high arches. Well, it is great for people with high arches. Just be precise about your size.

Sole Active Medium Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xero Shoes

The best place to get recommendations for insoles is from podiatrists. This is because such a group of persons specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of different foot ailments.

They also give good counsel on possible ways to prevent foot problems. Now when such a group of people put their collective efforts towards giving any Insole recommendation, then it should serve for different functions while still maintaining relevance in solving different foot problems.

And the simple fact that this insole is a design from podiatrists’ recommendation tells you the value you would be getting. This is an insole that has been analyzed in the lab and has been found worthy for use in jogging, running, and for other uses that are of high impact.

And these aforementioned activities are the areas where the use of XERO shoes. Now getting an insole that is channeled towards the same functionality is just perfect!

This insole has 1.6 millimeters cushioning intensity that drives comfort and good shock absorbency. And this happens without having to sacrifice insole edge alignment with the inside of XERO shoes and other shoes of conformity.

And good pressure distribution is not left out of the game too. The Active Medium Insole has zero-drop because it has excellent arch support and a deep heel cup that makes sure there is neutral foot alignment.

You should understand that there are certain quality features in insoles whose impact cannot be felt if other features that are supposed to buttress them are not present.

All of these should be at a controlled rate. How this insole balances the impact of all of its features while each buttress the other is commendable.

New Balance Active High Impact Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xero Shoes

This is a Unisex Insole that is specifically designed for athletic use. One that aligns with the XERO shoes. And as such, there is a great extent of compatibility between the shoe and the insole.

While we care much about some features we feel the best replacement insoles for XERO shoes should have, if those insoles are not compatible with these shoes, then the effect of those features will hardly be felt and not find relevance. Hence their purposes are defeated. Well, this is not the case here.

Most insoles whose shapes are done by SUPERFEET (who are responsible for this Insole’s shape) are recognized worldwide for their legendary orthotic signature pattern which makes them supportive and gives them an energizing foundation – foundations are the vital areas that determine the extent of footwear utility.

This New Balance insole has carved goodwill for itself and is worthy of being one of the best replacement insoles for XERO shoes.


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