Meermin vs Crockett and Jones: Which Is Better?

I’ll take you on a tour through the valley of Meermin vs Crockett and Jones and unveil their fitting patterns, materials, sizing, soles, insoles, Durability, prices, fashion quality, and overall quality.

Are you torn between deciding between these two? Well, this article got you covered.

First, here is what you should know:

Meermin shoes are designed with French box calf leather. They also have thick vegetable-tanned insoles. Meermin shoes have a full rubber outsole and microfoam.

Although they do not have a specific sizing recommendation for their shoes, albeit, they have a good and comfortable fitting.

Meanwhile, Crocket and Jones are made with the finest European calf leather.

They have SUPERFLEX leather outsoles which are one of the most flexible leather outsoles, they come with well-tanned leather insoles. They fit true to size even though they have increased toe depth.

There is more about these two brands.

What does the first glance say about Meermin and Crockett and Jones?

While looks can be damn deceiving, the outward appeal that a shoe gives potential customers improves its chance of being picked by a great percentage.

This means that aesthetics has some proportionality to the happenstance of buying a product.

Meermin Shoe

When it comes to Meermin shoes, the last comes first. Sorry for that pun, I can’t help it. A “last” is the foot-like structure with which a shoe is built.

So, this means Meermin unique lasts, although there are variants, almost all have a sleek and elongated structure which makes the shoe so too and is noticed at first glance.

Their French box calf leather is one hell of a fancy type too, quite glossy. Meermin has a balanced heel side whose beauty is further buttressed by the shoe’s collar and a fine upper.

Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones have an elegant shape – a witty combination of a pointy and soft square (See on Amazon). In the end, the shoes have a cool elongated look.

Trust their European calf leather to exude shininess too. Cool stuff, yeah? From a first glance, you could tell this shoe is going to give you that look of a perfect gentleman.

Meermin vs Crockett and Jones: Let’s make a further comparison between these shoes

Features Crockett and Jones Shoes
Meermin Shoes
Leather European calf leather French box calf leather
Sole Flexible leather outsole Full rubber outsole
Durability Crockett and Jones are more durable. Meermin is durable but not as much as C&J
Price According to iterations, C&J costs within the range of $30, $50, and $60. According to iterations, Meermin Shoes cost within the range of $195, $200, or $300.
Insole Great leather bend Insole Full-grain leather insole. Meermin wins for better and more comfortable insoles.
Size/Fit Comfortable, true to size, and a tad snug. Comfortable, no specific sizing recommendation, a tad relaxed fit.
Fashion quality Crockett and Jones win for fashion quality. Meermin Shoes have great looks, but C&J outshines it.
Overall quality Crockett and Jones win for overall quality. Meermin is quality shoes, but comparatively, Crockett and Jones are ahead of the game.

1. Leather

It is safe and factual to say that what majorly defines a shoe is its leather. Hence, the core thing that gets mentioned about every footwear is its production material. The material defines longevity and appeal.

Meermin Shoe

Meermin Shoe leather is always on top of its game. In the world of footwear, you can tag the Meermin leather to be synonymous with one of the finest unassailable gladiators in the arena of war that has never tasted defeat.

Not only is it durable, but it’s also fine too. Very good with breathability just so that your feet are kept in moderate dryness and warmness.

The leather is a tad flexible to not have your toes compressed in them. An excellent choice if you’d ask me.

Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones are not left behind too in the game of aesthetics. It sits atop it. It has one of the craziest sleekest designs and an awesome welt and vamp alignment.

Trust the European calf leather to win your heart with its glossiness. You should know that winning the best shoe brand in 2021 is no small deal. C&J is indeed cool.

2. Sole 

Balance, traction, gait improvement, and the extent of the shoe’s longevity greatly rest on the sole type that is used for that shoe.

Hence, the importance of sole material is always not underestimated. How well have C&J and Meermin Shoe done in this regard?

Crocket and Jones

The sole of Crockett and Jone is made with SUPERFLEX leather material. This is known to be one of the long-lasting and flexible outsoles there are.

Little wonder the brand always boasts of its traction control and ruggedness. Do you want an improved gait and balance? C&J is the ideal choice.

Meermin Shoes

Meanwhile, the sole of Meermin Shoes on the other hand is designed with a full rubber outsole. Runner outsoles have been known for their doggedness too. They have great tenacity and are pretty big on skid resistance.

What better choice could you ask of? Their lightweight is one character that makes me love them too. There are many existing problems in life already, no one wants to be faced with having to deal with a shoe’s weight.

3. Durability

Would you rather have a shoe with fine features and great aesthetics and all beautiful appeal in heaven and on earth, yet such a shoe does not last?

How about one that lasts yet looks regrettably lugubrious? By that, I mean bad appearance, huh?

Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones is proof that you can get both durability and great looks on one shoe. Why is it so? The leather used for it is the outer part of the animal hide.

Plus, this hide is made to go through some advanced tanning which further improves its texture and slightly adds to its density, such that makes it rugged, yet retaining beauty.

To spell it out, C&J Shoes are more durable than Meermin Shoes.

Meermin Shoe

Meermin shoes are quite durable too. Remember the durability of a shoe is tied to the shoe material, sole material, and to an extent, maintenance.

Now let this math play in your head. Durable French box calf leather + cool rubber outsole equals what? You got it right. This is the reason Meermin Shoe is hardly ever left out in the discussion of durable shoes.

4. Insole

What directly gets in contact with your foot is logically the determinant of comfort that your feet should have. For this reason, Insole plays a very good role in every shoe’s comfortability.

Crockett and Jones

In the words of C&J; “Every insole used in the production of our shoes is cut from leather bends in our factory at Northampton.”

Get this, that part of the cow that is used for the Insole is usually called the “bend”, and it’s mostly the back part of the hide.

As not all parts of the hide have the same quality level, that part is one of the highest good parts. Using it for Insole only means two things; quality and comfort.

Meermin Shoes

The Meermin insole is the SUPERFLEX leather insole which is full-grain vegetable-tanned leather.

The full-grain leather, unlike other leather types that uses either the outer or inner part of the hide, uses both.

Hence it has unmatched strength and cushioning. Its great arch support level is traceable to its insole. Perfect!

Meermin Shoes has better and more comfortable Insoles than C&J

5. Size/Fit

There are good shoe qualities that are talked about; ranging from durability to aesthetics and all.

However, fitting and shoe sizing, if not in place, puts any of those qualities to nothingness. This is because until there is a good fit, you cannot enjoy those.

Meermin Shoes

Meermin Shoes have a good blend of relaxed fit and comfort. While this comfort is traceable to the insole and welt, the relaxed fit is from the last used.

However, Meermin Shoes are not true to size and do not have specific sizing recommendations. You’d have to align your recommended size with your location to get one that fits you.

Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones are true to size. Although they have increased toe depth. They are very comfortable and a tad snug. The toe depth allows for toe-wiggling and creates no chance for bunion pains.

Plus, C&J heel and toe areas do sync pretty well to keep the worst of foot type in the best of comfort.

5. Price

Many contributing factors are determinants of price; from the type of leather used to the design, and sole materials. Most quality shoes are always pricey.

Albeit, it is not far from being erroneous to always associate quality with price. Many substandard shoe brands have abused this.

Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones are very pricey. But one thing remains true; it is worth the price. You should know that getting an excellent blend of one of the finest aesthetics and durability in a shoe should cost you a fortune.

You can get a Crockett and Jones shoe with varying prices according to their iterations ranging from $30 and $50 to $60.

Meermin Shoes

Meermin Shoes too are a tad pricey, but not as pricier as C&J. Meermin also has iterations and price differences. They ranged from $195, $200, and $300.

Meermin makes good shoes though. The brand’s goodwill is proof that it is worth its price. I’ll go with these any day.

Fashion quality

Crockett and Jones have better fashion quality than Meermin. It beats it on glossiness and the truest sense of modern fashion.

C&J has the appeal that leaves you with no option than picking it for a look. Meermin is good at this too, but C&J wins here.

Overall Verdict

On overall quality, Crockett and Jones won. This is because it has more durability, although not better insoles than Meermin, albeit better aesthetics and cool.

This, for me, and by all sane and logical standards of shoe judgment, is what great shoes are all about.


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