Meermin vs Loake Shoes: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Meermin Brand and the Loake Brand is that the Loake shoes are made with low-quality leather.

This is compared to the Meermin shoes which is a Spanish brand that is regarded as the Value king because of the quality material used in manufacturing it.

Why this comparison?

This comparison is done with the aim of providing credible and factual information wherever it is hidden in an attempt to make you understand what you stand to gain when you wear either of the shoes being compared here.

We will be discussing the materials, benefits, their individual prices, and if they are worth the price or not.

Some advantages and disadvantages, the purpose for manufacturing each shoe under individual brands and for who they were made.

I hope by the end of this article you will be left with more understanding of both brands.

What you need to know about Meermin

Meermin vs Loake

Meermin is a Brand I would sincerely recommend you check out even if you are not into the brand.

Meermin has a perfect fit, their sizing fits true to size. They have a broad selection of lasts like the almond shapes and the round.

Meermin is a Spanish brand that was started by a small family of artisan shoemakers that happen to have close ties with numerous famous brands which helped them become popular in a short time compared to other brands. The brand was founded in the year 2001 in Mallorca.

Meermin-shoes were made for the general public; however, it has managed to earn its name as the Kings Brand because of the class of people purchasing them.

This shoe offers some of the cheapest Goodyear welt shoes, making it affordable for all classes of people.

Meermin-shoes come with a variety of shoes made from a variety of leathers, with different designs and colors.

This happens to be one out of the numerous brands of shoes out there that offers countless options to its customers allowing you to enjoy a full-fledged choice of wear.

Another fun part of the Meermin is that they allow you to customize the design of your own shoe through their MTO Program.

What you need to know about Loake

Meermin vs Loake

One of the most considered and classic British shoemakers that date back in time is the Loake (SEE ON AMAZON). This brand has a lengthy History in shoe manufacturing that dates back to 1880.

The brand which was created by Williams, Thomas, and John Loake has lived on to date and has been placed among the top-rated shoe manufacturing brands in Great Britain and the rest of the world.

The Loake brand initially made the production of footwear for both the Royal Airforce and the Royal Navy, at its peak, they made a stunning production of 2,500 pairs of boots per week.

This brand has turned out to be one of the bestselling brands in the field of menswear.

The comfortability of the shoes manufactured by this brand is on another level. It takes time and patience for whoever gets a pair of shoes.

The leather linings and uppers take time to blend into the shape of the wearer’s foot. However, when this process is completed the wearer will be compelled to a feeling of comfort that they never felt before.

This is because the cushioning and support of the Loake shoes can’t be matched by any lower-grade shoes.

Similarities between Meermin and Loake

Considering the fact that both brands are highly-competitive brands that have worked tirelessly and strategically to achieve a certain level of recognition by the world, similarities are unavoidable.

In this part of the article, we will be reviewing some of the similarities that both brands share.


Yes, both brands use leather to craft their product. this makes them look classic and sleek.

Leathers are vital materials when manufacturing shoes like the Meermin collection and the Loake Collection.

However, there is a derivative from the leather each brand uses a one is considered to be of low quality compared to the other.

Check the next part of the article for the leather comparison of both shoes.


It is without a doubt that both brands are popular, especially judging from their respective nations or better said, the town and city from which they started off from.

The fact is, both brands have managed to attain a level of popularity around the world.


Quality is measured differently by individual opinions. Everyone has an idea of what they see fit to be called quality.

However, if quality depends on the usage of good material and the longevity of a product then both brands have this in common.


Meermin shoes can be used by different people and for different adventures.

No matter the size you wear, there is bound to be one that will fit you. This makes it possible for the shoes from the Meermin collections to be functional.

The Loake shoes, on the other hand, might not offer a customized fit to the standard of the Meermin, but they, however, are functional shoes as they can as well be used for different adventures too.

Comparison between Meermin and Loake

In this part of the article, we will be comparing some key factors that make up a great shoe for the individual brand in order to clarify some assumptions and doubt we might have had about either brand.

First glance


  • Ultra-flex System Construction
  • Alicante Calf Suede Leather Upper
  • City Lug Sole
  • Rod Last
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather Insole
  • Full Grain Lining

Introducing the Meermin jumping boot one of the beautiful shoes in the collection of the Meermin Brand.

Made with Ultra-Flex system construction with a city lug sole for advanced traction that fights against slippery floors giving you a strong grip on the ground.

We will discuss this piece of amazing shoe as the article progresses.


  • Leather Outer Material
  • Leather Inner Material
  • Lace-up Closure
  • Genuine Polish Upper
  • Goodyear Construction
  • Hardwearing Leather Sole
  • Breathable Lining

Introducing the Loake men Oxford shoe which has a Goodyear construction, molded with a leather inner and leather outer for a shiny and genuine polish upper.

The material of this shoe allows It to have breathable insoles which is one of the rear features shoes like this possess.

We should be able to review more as the article progresses.



  • High-quality leather
  • Studded Rubber sole
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather

These are a few of the materials used by the Meermin manufacturers in manufacturing their shoes.


  • Rubber/Synthetic Sole
  • Full-grain calf Leather
  • Leather from a Mature Cowhide

The Loake manufacturers use mature cowhide for some of their products.

Let’s dive into the verdict to determine which one is better.


According to research, Loake uses a low-quality leather material compared to the Meermin brand which leaves the Meermin Brand as the brand with the best leather.


The individual weight of the shoes in the collection of these brands cannot be determined and this is because they both have a variety of shoes in their collection which are all made with different kinds of material.

However, the Chelsea boots made by these brands are made to be light and comfortable.

You should check them out via the link posted below.



  • Water-resistant
  • Slip-resistant

The shoes are made to last a long time offering comfort and protection as the years of usage drag on. The leather is known for its water resistance; this is because of the oil applied during tanning.


  • Not water resistant
  • Slip-resistant

The Loake manufacturers warned against the usage of Loake shoes in watery environments as the shoe stands to be damaged or affected badly with an excess amount of water exposure.


For normal use, regardless of the weather or condition of the environment you are in, go for the Meermin Shoes. They are crafted to withstand water exposure due to the oil applied to them during tanning.



A pair of Meermin boots might cost you a total of $260 and above plus the shipping fee.


A pair of Loake shoes can be acquired at a whopping price of $234 and above on amazon.


Although the prices of each shoe may varies depending on the design and also the model, the Loake shoes are however less expensive compared to the Meermin.



  • Not a perfect size


  • Half-size smaller


The sizing of both brands is a bit complicated for regular purchases, you need to be sure of what you are ordering and that includes making credible searches on their website to know the size before ordering.

However, Meermin have an upper hand in this aspect because they have a program that allows customers-customize the sizing of their desired shoe before purchase which is a great development for the Meermin-esteemed-customers.

Why You Should buy The Meermin Shoes

Meermin vs Loake

The Meermin is a luxurious brand. I didn’t get this from a website or someone else’s review NO. this is a personal rating and from experience.

The Meermin comes with lots of great benefits, from arch support to a double padded toe box for toe protection against falling objects and tripping, to breathable and removable insoles.

All these are embedded in the Meermin shoes to ensure comfortable and protective use.

The material used in making the shoes in Meermin collections is enough reason for you to want to stock your wardrobe with them.

These are crafted with a variety of leather materials that are known for their long-lasting feature, the sole is slip-resistant, you can guess what it was made with.

The rubber of course, even though there are other materials used in making some soles of some of the shoes in the collection.

You have all the reasons for you to purchase and fill your wardrobe with the Meermin collection.

The only fault or disadvantage that these brands may have as reviewed here is the pricing which is a great investment as they are extremely versatile and durable.

Why you should buy the Loake Shoes

Meermin vs Loake

The Loake shoes are designed to offer long-lasting comfort.

Loakes are designed to cradle and support the wearer making his/her feet feel secured and comfortable within.

From strong and grippy soles to soft cushioned and breathable lining and a well-formatted upper.

Loakes are made to serve nicely in any kind of weather even terrible ones.

The Loakes is made in a way that it will hardly show a mark or defect even after a long time of use.

Even though it is made with cheap quality leather in most cases. A well-done polish can bring it back to its normal shape and form in no time.

This collection was made cheap and affordable for all classes of people; however, you should be advised to take a half size smaller when getting yourself a pair of this.

Here is why you should get yourself a pair of Loakes as soon as possible.

Loakes are handmade shoes that have lived up to e promising in the world of comfort and quality. The process that which these shoes go through before they are worn is a careful and standard one.

If you enjoy handmade comfortable shoes then you shouldn’t hesitate to get yourself a pair of these.

Conclusion: Verdict

After the whole comparison, as I said earlier, my choice still remains the Meermin shoes and this is because it is faultless.

The only thumbs down for the Meermin based on my research is the Price which might be way above normal in the opinion of some people.

The Loake shoes on the other hand are cheap and affordable compared to the Meermin, but the whole idea of cheap quality leather does not just add up.

Plus the fact that it is not exactly water-resistant is another issue I don’t want to deal with later on, especially on a rainy day.

However, the whole idea of which one is the best totally depends on your choice.

You have the comparison, the Pros, and Cons of each brand, and make a choice you feel suits your more.


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