Nike Cortez vs Blazer: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Nike-Cortez and Blazer can clearly be seen in the design of the Soles. The soles of the Nike Cortez get slimmer at the edge of the toe box compared to the Nike Blazer.

This is just one of the differences they share.

Why this comparison?

Nike is known for manufacturing great shoes that serve a great deal in our daily lives.

The Nike Cortez and Blazer are no exception, in fact the Nike-Cortez is an iconic shoe that serves as a show for bravery respect and power.

It was widely worn by gangs in Los Angeles. The Nike-Blazers on the other hand although originally made for basketball, over the years this shoe has transcended multiple markets including the luxury sector amongst other sports areas.

This comparison is made in other to further distinguish between the two iconic shoes.

Let’s dive in!!

Nike Cortez

Nike Cortez vs Nike Blazer

The Nike-Cortez has been all about respect, pride, and power (See on Amazon). This shoe comes with a lot of respect for the wearer, the gang members in Los Angeles Wore this Footwear to display power and superiority plus class over other gang members.

From thereon, this pair of Sneakers with a blue sole and a red swoosh at the side became one of the most purchased sneakers made by Nike, it managed to become a masterpiece and later an iconic footwear for the Nike Inc.

The features behind this beautiful footwear are mind-blowing, it might not look like it but this shoe has a little arch support which is perfect as it is more of a street/fashion wear.

Plus, the well-cushioned insoles and interior materials are there to cover for any uncomforting feeling you would have felt due to a lack of credible arch support.

Talking about features, this happens to be one of the early best-produced running shoes by Nike.

They were specially designed to cover a distance and serve as running shoes for road running and distance running shoes.

To talk about features and not mention its waterproof ability would be an injustice. Read further.

Nike Blazer

Nike Cortez vs Nike Blazer

This is considered one of the oldest sneakers made by Nike in history (See on Amazon). It was originally made to serve as a sports shoe, basketball to be precise back in the late 90s and was worn by great people like George Gervin and the rest.

However, this pair of shoes managed to evolve and trend out of their specified field or rather profession and went beyond the purpose they were made for, going on ahead to do better in the world of casual fashion wears and other sporting activity like Skate boarding amongst other adventures.

Regardless of the fact that they lack the Nike Air Cushion, these have proven to be sets of comfortable foot wears which provide great foot support and traction.

They also possess a strong/solid rubber sole which gives you the traction and grip you need to walk on any kind of terrain without fear of slipping or tripping due to the double padded toe box It has.

This is still one of the best basketball shoes that Nike has Produced so far, the high top feature makes it a protective wear for basketball players and other sports men as it protects their ankles and gives needed comfort.

Similarities between Nike Cortez and Nike Blazer

If I am not mistaken, Nike has managed to create new models of shoes after careful study of the previous ones.

Their production is more like a successful one, making corrections and re-modifications from complaints and suggestions made from their customers.

If this is the case, then there are bound to be a number of similarities in features and materials used in making either of the Nike shoes compared here.

Let’s get on with the similarities.

The Swoosh

I love one thing about Nike Inc. they always put the swoosh at the side of their shoes, this is one similarity both shoes share apart from being iconic.

Recognized brands

Both brands are recognized all over the world. The Nike Cortez is still worn by celebrities regardless of how old it is, the Nike Blazer is not left behind.

It came a long way from being secluded for a particular purpose to adapting to the fashion world.

Both brands are iconic.


This is not some topic to deliberate further on. the quality of Nike Products is very good.

The materials used in manufacturing these shoes are carefully selected with special consideration to both the performance and the environment in which they will be used.

Laceup Closure

In order to ensure a perfect fit, the Nike-Cortez and Nike-Blazer are made with flexible laces and blended eyelets in order to ensure a perfect fit for whoever is wearing them.

Some models come with metal eyelets while some come with punched holes on the vamp serving as eyelets, regardless, the Nike-Cortez and Nike-Blazer are ensured with lace closure to maintain a customized fit.

Comparison between Nike Cortez and Nike Blazer

Comparing these two shoes Is interestingly necessary in order to make aware of the changes and benefits that have occurred dating back to when these shoes were manufactured.

Modern shoes possess some kinds of features that are rather great, not bad, kind of in the middle.

We are going to compare these shoes to see their advantages and disadvantages including what you stand to gain as benefits when you wear either.

First Glance

Nike Cortez

  • Swoosh
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Versatile and Durable
  • Classic Overlays
  • Rubber sole

The Nike Cortez is made with synthetic Leather with classic overlays that are imprinted not too much but just perfect enough to make an impression.

The sole is made with rubber material and the design underneath makes it have a grippy form to the sole. Any model of Nike Cortez is versatile and durable.

Nike Blazer

  • Thick Exposed foam tongue
  • Jumbo laces
  • Thick thread stitching
  • Oversized woven Label
  • Large pull tabs
  • Rubber sole
  • Leather overlays
  • Swoosh

The Nike Blazer has an enduring look and feel, probably because of the soft foam cushioned interior and the thick thread stitching which holds the shoe together.

The leather overlays come with the iconic swoosh to justify the Nike legacy on it.

We will talk more about the material as the article progresses.


Nike Cortez

  • Leather design 13.4 oz.
  • Nylon editions 10.2 oz.

The weight of the Nike Cortez varies depending on the size of the shoe and also the material used in making the shoe.

Nike Blazer

  • 64 oz.

These are considered the heaviest shoes in the world. LOL, I feel this is arguable don’t you think so too?


According to the outcome of the research done here, it is proven that the Nike Cortez is lighter compared to the Nike Blazer.

However, this is arguable as the weight of each shoe depends on the material used in making it just like what we saw with the Nike Cortez.


Nike Cortez

The lowest Nike Cortez cost is $74 online.

Keep an eye out!!

Nike Blazer

The Lowest Nike Blazer cost is $156 online.

Grab a pair!!


The Nike Cortez is way cheaper compared to the Nike Blazer, this might be because of the fact that it is more urban compared to the Nike Blazer.

Although the prices of each pair might differ, it depends on the size and material used.

Arch Support

Nike Cortez

  • Moderate arch support

Nike Blazer

  • No arch support


The Comparison between the Nike Cortez and Blazers proves that the Nike Cortez is better off with its moderate Arch support compared to the Blazers which has no arch support at all.

Water/Slip Resistant

Nike Cortez

  • Water proof
  • Slip-resistant

Nike Blazer

  • Water proof
  • Slip-resistant


As seen, both shoes possess the waterproof feature and their soles are also slip-resistant. This shows the length Nike Inc. is ready to go in ensuring the protection and durability of their product and their customer.

Why you should buy the Nike Cortez

The Nike Cortez never gets out of style and trend.

Even though they may come with chances of low breathability, they are durable and versatile and the good side of the shoes meets up and counters the bad side.

One of the interesting and also a fun fact of the Nike Cortez is that they looked intimidating when you see them on someone else’s legs.

They cost around $25 – $30 when they were released initially even though now there is a hike in the price compared to then.

The Nike Cortez was seen as a symbol of respect especially by the gang members in Los Angeles, a particular gang named the Hispanic Gang used the Nike Cortez as a favourite wear.

If you are someone who is looking for a pair of shoes that never goes out of trend and style with lots of comfort inclusive and protection, then you should consider getting yourself a pair or two of the Nike Cortez.

They are cool, and comfortable and will give you the respect you deserve.

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Why you should buy the Nike Blazer

People tend to ask if Nike Blazers are good as they say, the answer to this question is yes.

The Nike Blazers are very comfortable, they look classic and will give you the sleek look when you wear them.

Their versatility is on another level. You can use them as sports shoes and as casual foot wears because just like the Chuck Taylor All-Star, you can hide them under your pants due to how long the blazers are.

That is not all, the Nike Blazer is one of the great shoes that can be worn in different kinds of weather conditions. They serve pretty well in the spring and summer inclusive because of their design.

The Nike Blazer has a unique and in some words unknown history to most people. Ever asked yourself why the Nike Blazers is considered an Iconic shoe, it might be because of many other reasons.

However, one out of the many reasons that made the Nike Blazers iconic is the fact that it has a rich history of being the third model made by the brand, Nike Inc.

These are great pairs of shoes, they have great overlays and they come with removable insoles. You shouldn’t hesitate to get a pair or two.



Nike Cortez and Nike Blazers are great and iconic shoes. Both have an amazing history attached to their names. They are both comfortable and surprisingly affordable.

However, a turn-off for me can be the fact that the Nike Blazers are somehow heavy, after a long day of activities walking back home in them might be stressing and tiring, not to mention using them for basketball.

I feel the weight will do more harm than good, regardless of the fact that the high collar design it has will protect your ankle from twists and the likes.

The Nike Cortez on the other hand is kind of appropriate for basketball, even though it was initially made for street and fashion wear, I believe it can be this versatile.

Regardless, choosing a better one is a choice you will have to make.


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