Tricker’s vs Alden: Which Is Better?

Buyers naturally tilt towards shoe products with amazing qualities, fitting, durability, and comfort, Tricker’s and Alden shoes are no exceptions from that. However, every brand has its on-spot point which makes it quality.

As the old saying points it; one man’s food is another’s poison. These two shoe brands have super qualities but people always make their preferences based on personal desires, climate change, or occasions.

However, in this article, we will be comparing the qualities of both shoe brands based on appearance, sizing, prices, fits, and workmanship.

On that note, Tricker’s are generally good country boots as their rugged simplicity makes them roomier and comfortable for all fits and lasts. One can easily dictate Tricker’s boots and shoes from the loosened large tassels they come with.

Alden shoes popularly nicknamed indy boots are exceptional for their long-lasting effects when maintained, they are generally sturdy and are spotted amidst shoe racks from their commando soles and Goodyear welts.

History of Tricker’s

Tricker's vs Alden

Tricker’s is one of the most famous surviving family businesses, celebrating its 190th anniversary this year.

It was founded by Joseph Barltrop in 1829. Initially, the company was known by the name Barltrop but was subsequently changed to Tricker’s which according to Joseph’s son has more business inclination.

As he foretold, the business took another dimension with resounding popularity. Their brogue boots and shoes became a major market demand

In addition, Prince Charles of England took a daunting interest in their boots and still wears them today. This royal clientele enhanced their visibility and earned them a royal warrant in 1988.


  • Tricker’s are widely known for country boots, which makes them peculiar and special at this time owing to their durability and quality.
  • Tricker’s have very thick shoelaces, thick leather soles, and metal eyelets that allow one thread with comfort on them.
  • You wouldn’t have shoes that would make you uncomfortable as a result of long waiting hours in traffic or long-distance trekking. Good thing Tricker’s are far from that, it will take you for hours with so much convenience and comfort.
  • Foot slides come in different sizes that’s why, Trikers got everyone covered, bigfoot or small foot.
  • Most people love it when their shoes or boots have a little space, others like it fitted, as a result, Tricker’s come in larger sizes that are roomier and spacious, also they are super fitting to one’s foot.


  • One of the things I find uninteresting about Tricker’s is the appearance of wrinkles on the vamp. This is uncomfortable for most people who want their shoes and boots always glimmering.

History of Alden

Tricker's vs Alden

Alden is a  family-run enterprise in Middlebury, Massachusetts. An unwavering success story of odor generations whose unflinching dedication to the shoemaking industry has carved a name for them in the United States and beyond.

Alden shoes were founded by Charles. H Alden in 1884, at his retirement in 1933 handed the business over to his son.

The 18th century saw two significant trades as means of survival and livelihood; farming and shoemaking, although the latter took a significant turn when mechanization crept in and began to grow and advance.

Alden’s enterprise was among the lot thriving during this period. Towards the great Depression of 1930, most of those shoe industries crumpled and folded.

Alden on the other hand broke the record as they held their head up by running two of their industries at that period. From the very paradigm of American shoe manufacturers, they became the last survivors.

Do you believe in blessings in disguise? Well, it’s not a problem if you don’t but it worked for Alden.

During the second world war, the need for combat boots became a major demand for soldiers, Alden grabbed that opportunity to manufacture combat boots.

Two popular American actors flaunted their boots, Harrison Ford in his Indiana Jones, while people Overlooked some scenes in the movie plot, they had attention to the boot which earned it the nickname indy boots.

It became a very high demand after that. Paul Lukas who had been disappointed in Newyork on his demand for a pair of shoes with tassels at the end and a leather lace through the topline had met an exquisite design with comfort from Alden shoes.

His demand gave rise to the massive supply of Tassel moccasin boots by the Alden industry.

In 1954, it became one of the foundations of classic American style with increasing popularity all over the world. You can also place demand for yours.


  • Think of boots that will take you through winter, think Alden. It has Dainte soles that last way longer than your regular boots.
  • Alden boots and shoes have impressive solidarity and are super comfortable on every foot size.
  • Aldens last may look a little out of fashion because they are designed to suit people with diverse foot and back problems.
  • Due to its orthopedic origin, it’s designed to be fit and comfortable.


  • Aldens with rubber boots can wear off easily, though classy they can’t take one long distance.
  • The boots can be very heavy and have drawbacks on the feet.

Similarities between Tricker’s and Alden

  • Tricker’s and Alden have commando soles for the toughness and longevity of the product.
  • Both shoes are made from arrays of calfskin, suede, and shell cordovan leathers.
  • You cannot dump both into the washing machine.
  • Tricker’s and Alden last quite a long time and are always suitable for work choices.
  • Both brands are popular and have been family-owned businesses upholding the exact standards they are known for.
  • Tricker’s and Alden are both affordable. Trust me, the goodness of one pair would make you want to buy more. Most people spend a fortune on them because they are simply amazing.
  • Both shoe brands look good.

Comparison between Tricker’s and Alden



Tricker’s boots and shoes are easily spotted from their finesse of exacting standards and incomparable comfort.

It has strong and durable calfskin leathers with unique glamour and exquisite fitness of the contours.

Tricker’s are generally known as country boots and have lived up to it and one can easily dictate that from their thick leather sole, their roomier fit in the toe and heel area, the metal eyelet, and their thick shoelaces which gives the feet a comfortable impression.


Alden shoes are exceptional for work purposes, they are generally called work boots. Although Aldens come with strong soles like Tricker’s, their difference appears in their overall design use of shell cordovan leather.

Alden shoes are always up to their integrity of natural hides with a multitude of styles of Alden shoes made with calf and kid suede, calfskin from full and top grain, and shell cordovan leather. 

Aldens look classic in their design but never an option to wear socks on. One thing it has in common with other shoe brands is a moc-toe design although its moc-toe is not a true one its design gives the shoe a good feel.

Unlike Tricker’s, the speed hooks on the lacing set make the boot less time-consuming to put on and off.



Tricker’s move with a high-value look anytime you see them, from rustic and rugged appearance especially the brogues which have bigger holes than other shoes of its kind.

The threads on them are always bigger with a Goodyear welt perfectly blended by machines giving the Tricker’s boots a real impression.

The threads on it may not be as classy and sturdy as is with Alden but that’s the peculiarity of Tricker’s because the rugged effect lasts longer above all, the sturdy soles and welt leather helps the boot to stay longer than other shoe brands.

Of course, stability is what one wants in a country boot, for that reason, Tricker’s use oak bark tanned leathers to achieve hard durability.

This leather usage is much more resilient than the usual rubber patch used on the heel. The uppers are pigmented for protection by the use of calfskin dyed leather. Though the leathers are not soft they are surely durable.


Aldens are built in a super interesting form with a back end lasting for years. The use of high-quality aniline makes them sturdy and durable.

Above all Alden offers a repair for these non-breaking long-lasting boots that eventually break down which makes them exceptional.

Aldens also known as Indy boots cones in stunning sizes, colors, and styles. These boots are made on quality commando soles and heels that are super durable and comfortable.

Sizing/ Fitting


Tricker’s is generally constructed based on a last, which is a hard, three-dimensional form around which Tricker’s boots and shoes are made.

Different lasts are used to produce different styles, sizes, and fits of any shoe or boot.

So, you don’t have to worry about your foot size- wide or small, Tricker’s produce with every shoe size in mind.

Most of Tricker’s men’s shoes and boots are true to standard UK men’s sizing, which means if you are normally a UK size 8 then you are likely to be a Trikers same size except for 4444 last which came in 1/2 of the usual size.


Every Alden and boots are marked with a three to seven-digit model number and size.

Also, Alden last can be compared to US shoe sizes in the sense that you can easily pick your Alden shoe size from your usual shoe sizes.


Tricker’s boots and shoes range from $25 to $200 respectively based on last fits and designs.

Alden shoes are relatively priced based on their colors and size. Their latest comes with such durability and beauty(according to fans) but they cost a fortune. Alden shoes and boots with long-lasting and sturdy soles cost up to $758 and above.

Which Has The Best Quality?

Tricker’s come with an alluring beauty that keeps one on them, that explains why I wear more Tricker’s than other shoe brands.

Above all, the overall comfortable insoles that keep my feet relaxed in them even on long hours make them spot on for me.

Tricker’s designs are top-notch and durable.


Both brands have long-lasting impressions, they are quite expensive and come in different last colors and designs.

Hence when going for a choice always consider the durability, designs, and size of the shoe brand.

Above all knowing the occasions you intend to wear the shoes or boots matters a lot to avoid wearing winter boots for summer vacations.


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