Are Nike Roshe Good for Hiking?

Nike ROSHE is a very good shoe for hiking. You can wear it when you go on an adventure or when you’re going to do some cardio exercises.

The shoes have excellent traction and they are quite comfortable, so you can just walk wearing them without feeling their weight on your feet too much.

They are also breathable which means that your feet won’t sweat much, so your socks will last longer.

The Nike ROSHE also has an upper that is made out of mesh and it’s very stretchable, which makes them comfortable on the inside of the shoe while still providing you with a secure fit.

Another thing worth mentioning is that they can be easily cleaned in case they get dirty.

“I’ve used them for long hikes and they feel good on the feet, not heavy at all. They are great shoes to use in the summertime because they breathe very well, so your feet won’t get soaking wet or smelly.” – John M, San Jose CA

What makes Nike Roshe good for hiking

NIKE ROSHE has some qualities that make them a good hiking shoe. The color of the shoes is usually black and they can be worn with any outfit for casual activities.

Aside from that, they have rubber soles which makes it comfortable to walk on rough terrain. Their sole is thick giving you an extra cushion when your feet land on hard surfaces.

These soles also protect your foot from scratching as they provide additional protection against rocks, roots, or other harmful objects in the trail while hiking.

Another feature that makes them great for hiking is their weight because even though it’s lightweight design, NIKE ROSHE still gives stability and support for long programs without getting tired feet after walking hours in the wilderness or mountain trails.

NIKE ROSHE makes it easy to put on and take off because of its Velcro closure

There are no laces to tie. It’s is also flexible enough for your feet to move freely as you walk in them, and reduces the risk or chances of getting blisters during long hikes.

In addition, they’re breathable which keeps your feet cool especially if you go hiking during summer or hot months.

Nike Roshe provides extra cushioning and protection for one’s feet

NIKE ROSHE is suitable for people who hike a lot since it provides extra cushioning and protection when stepping on hard grounds or rocky trails.

This feature will last longer compare to other shoes so that you can use them again and again without having to buy another pair of shoes anytime soon.

Nike Roshe prevents bad odor build-up

The anti-odor technology that NIKE ROSHE has prevents bad odor from building up in the shoes.

It keeps you fresh and hygienic every time you wear them.

The shoe is lightweight and flexible

NIKE ROSHE is lightweight and flexible so that you can walk or move around freely without getting tired easily.

Even if it’s used for a long period, your feet won’t feel tired or exhausted after walking because of the cushioning and stability support it provides to your feet even on slippery surfaces.

High breathability quality

NIKE ROSHE has high breathability quality which makes your feet feel cool all day even during summer sessions when hiking outdoors.

This feature helps prevent foot sweating as well as excessive moisture inside your shoe especially if you’re hiking during hot days so that bacteria growth will be kept at low levels.

Has an anti-bacterial feature to kill odor-causing bacteria

The anti-bacterial feature of NIKE ROSHE kills bad odor-causing bacteria which prevents the foul smell from building up on your shoe, keeping your feet fresh and hygienic even after hiking hours.

The outsole is made of mudguard which gives protection for the surface that touches the ground while you’re wearing them as well as minimizing the penetration of water into the shoes when stepping in shallow waters or puddles.

This feature also offers prevention against abrasion and lengthens their lifespan so you can use it for a long time before getting tired to replace them with another pair.

Comfortable to wear

NIKE ROSHE is comfortable to wear because its Velcro strap makes it convenient to put them on or take off. You don’t need to tie laces since the Velcro closure is ready to be used.

Its flexibility allows your feet to move freely and reduces the risk of getting blisters or corns on your feet while hiking.

You can go up and down steep trails with ease because of its lightweight and durable design that provides stable support for long hours, without causing tiredness on your feet even after walking miles in the wilderness.

It keeps you comfortable all day as they’re breathable which prevents anything from building up in the shoes like bacteria, moisture, dirt, and other harmful substances that cause a bad odor.

The anti-odor technology minimizes the growth of bacteria that causes foul smell so that you’ll always have a fresh clean scent inside your shoe.

Mud-guard feature to protect shoes from getting dirty

NIKE ROSHE’s outsole has a mudguard feature that protects your shoes from getting dirty or wet especially when stepping in puddles.

It also minimizes the penetration of water inside the shoes as you walk through shallow waters so that your feet will dry faster and will stay comfortable even after a long day out.

The breathability feature keeps you comfortable all day since air can freely go inside your shoe which prevents foot sweating, bad odors, and moisture accumulation on its inside surface.

NIKE ROSHE’s mudguard feature protects your shoes from getting dirty or wet as well as minimizing water penetration, especially when stepping in shallow waters or puddles while hiking, making sure that your feet will stay comfortable even after a long day out.

NIKE ROSHE offers a mudguard feature that protects the surface that touches the ground.

It also minimizes water penetration that causes dirt buildup inside the shoes as you step in puddles or shallow waters while hiking, protecting them from getting dirty and keeping them looking like new for longer hours of use.

Good traction

NIKE ROSHE has good traction qualities to let you hike the very moment you wear them.

Their lightweight and flexible design let your feet move freely without feeling ‘locked up’ as you walk through rocky trails with ease.

Its breathability feature keeps the air circulating inside so that moisture won’t build up its surface, keeping it dry and cool for long hours of use.

The anti-odor technology prevents bacterial build-up from happening inside the shoe, thus keeping it clean and fresh smelling at all times.

What other Nike shoes are good for hiking?

1 NIKE women’s QUEST TRAIL running shoe Best lightweight 5/5
2 NIKE HOODLAND suede hiking shoe Best for comfort 5/5
3 NIKE ALL-MEN MANOA HIKING SHOE Best traction sole 5/5
4 NIKE women’s TRACK AND FIELD SHOE Best for arch support 5/5

NIKE women’s QUEST TRAIL running shoe

This shoe is another type of Nike shoe that is great for Hiking. One feature that makes it stand out is in how easy it is to walk around with.

The NIKE women’s QUEST TRAIL running shoe is lightweight and does not require much effort from your feet and leg muscles before mobility is achieved.

With the NIKE women’s QUEST TRAIL running shoe, you can walk uphill without feeling stressed in your feet, heels, and arches.

The build quality is top-notch and the traction sole is an additional benefit that you stand to enjoy with this amazing hiking shoe.

From the reviews of those who have used this amazing shoe, I have come to agree with the fact that this is the best lightweight shoe for hiking.

It is limited in reach because only women can enjoy the amazing benefit of this super-lightweight hiking shoe.

One important feature of this amazing shoe is that when you need to run, it helps you lift faster and without stress.

I have not found a shoe as lightweight as the NIKE women’s QUEST TRAIL running shoe. This is the best lightweight hiking shoe.

It has other qualities of a good hiking shoe, but it weighs less than other shoes in this article.

NIKE HOODLAND suede hiking shoe

This hiking shoe is very comfortable to wear. The breathable mesh suede upper material is what I love most in this shoe.

The way my feet breathe well whenever I wear the NIKE HOODLAND suede hiking shoe is something I love and find interesting.

Furthermore, the insoles are super-soft and comfortable. These insoles keep me on my feet for hours while hiking and I never have to worry about dragging my feet in pain and out of fatigue.

The soles are super-soft and have shock-resistant which prevents my feet from feeling the hard rocks or hard floor surface whenever I go hiking.

With the NIKE HOODLAND suede hiking shoe, I always enjoy my adventures and the comfort it brings is top-notch.

It comes at an affordable price which you would find friendly. Therefore, whenever you want to go on your next hiking adventure, get this amazing shoe.


This boot has the best traction sole ever which is good for hiking. This traction sole ensures that your feet are stable while walking uphill, downhill, or on slippery road surfaces during rainy seasons.

With this amazing boot, you don’t have to worry about slipping or falling down. The traction patterns are lugged in nature and this is evident to see when you look at the shoe.

This boot also offers good comfort and convenience to your feet and it keeps your toes in a relaxed position.

Apart from this, it comes in a stylish color that gives you a street-style look when combined with the necessary outfits.

Therefore, if you need a shoe that would support you when walking on slippery floor surfaces, then this is the best for you.

Grab ahold of the NIKE ALL-MEN manoa HIKING SHOE.


NIKE women’s TRACK AND FIELD SHOE is the best hiking shoe with arch support for hiking on trails because it gives all-day comfort and stability.

The firm yet flexible midsole cushion makes it durable, strong, and lightweight while reducing shock.

This shoe has a padded collar that offers protection from trail debris; a soft fabric tongue wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry.

The shoe’s sleek design is great for hiking because it reduces ankle rolling.

The Nike women’s TRACK AND FIELD SHOE has a hard-wearing rubber outsole structured to provide flexibility, traction, and durability on different terrains.

The shoe is durable enough to withstand the rigors of trail use; a molded Phylon midsole that reduces shock and helps you maintain stability when hiking.

The molded midsole board gives added arch support to help alleviate foot pain caused by the body’s natural pronation motion to compensate for uneven loading of weight distribution on your feet.

This shoe has a lightweight design and is very comfortable because it features a padded collar, an EVA midsole, and a rubber outsole that provides support for all-day wear.

Its rubber toe cap gives it extra durability as you hike on different terrains and trails.

The padded collar cushions your feet and ankle from rubbing against the top of the shoes when hiking over rough terrain, which prevents blistering; giving your feet comfort and durability while hiking.

The shoe’s lightweight construction, durable rubber outsole, and padded collar provide you with stability over rough trails. This is the best hiking shoe that provides arch support.

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