What Shoes for Burger King Employees

The only shoe required while working at Burger King are slip-proofed shoes. Slip-resistant shoes are important because it gives good traction on the slippery floors.

Furthermore, the type of shoe you must wear as an employee at burger king must be closed-toe. This is to protect your feet from harm and hazards. The color of your shoe must be black.

Once you follow these procedures, any shoe you wear is perfectly fine. I must also state that burger king does not have a particular brand of shoe you must wear.

There is no appropriate vendor restriction when it comes to the brand of shoe you must wear as an employee. As long as your shoe is slip-resistant, black in color, and closed-toe, you are good to go.

However, I would advise that you stay away from wearing heels to work as a female employee. This might affect how you would perform while working and it might also lead to slips and falls that might be dangerous and hazardous to your health and well-being.

Types of shoes to wear as an employee at Burger King


Clogs are a great choice for workplaces that have strict uniform codes, in the way that they can be worn with virtually any type of clothing.

Most Clogs come with non-slip soles to ensure maximum safety both inside the office and outside on slippery surfaces during your lunch break.

Clogs also offer more support than regular shoes. This is one of the common shoes to wear in restaurants or food service centers.

Clogs are one of my best work shoes ever because of how comfortable they make me feel.

Clogs are unique in design because they are very durable in quality. The material used in making clogs is mostly croslite foam.

This is what makes them very strong and comfortable to walk in. Apart from this, clogs are slip-resistant.

They have a thick rubber sole that is slip-resistant. The reason why this sole is slip-resistant lies in the make-up.

The soles are made of thick rubber that is waterproof and has a thick coating on the surface to prevent slips.

Furthermore, there are traction patterns underneath the sole, which causes friction while walking around.

Clogs are great for burger king employees and with this type of shoe, you can have black clogs that are slip-resistant which makes you comply with the rules and regulations of the company.

I would list some of the best clogs I know and have used over time. Any of these clogs would make you comfortable and provide a high level of safety for your feet whenever you are walking around.

S/no Name of clogs
Ranking Rating (1-5)
1 DANSKO women’s professional clog Best overall 5/5
2 Dansko Men’s XP 2.0 Clog Best for men 5/5

DANSKO women’s professional clog

What Shoes for Burger King Employees

The all-black and sleek-looking clog is durable, comfortable, and fashionable. The platform gives you a bit of height with an “easy” to walk in style. It has a padded collar for comfort when walking around town or on the job site.

Furthermore, the wide heel strike for greater stability while walking. Sleek and soft, patent leather is an iconic staple in any shoe collection.

This clog is made of imported 100% Patent-Leather uppers with a Polyurethane sole for extra cushioning on your feet when you walk around while performing your duties.

With a platform that measures approximately 0.75″, this shoe will allow plenty of room to wiggle your toes around while keeping them protected from outside elements like dirt or other hard floor surfaces that might lead to pains.

A padded instep collar keeps this flat comfortable as you walk around while performing your duties as an employee at burger kind. Furthermore, the outsoles are slip-resistant which makes the clog a great shoe for employees at burger king.

This is the best overall clog I would recommend for every female employee. It meets all the criteria for a good working shoe that is accepted at burger king.

Dansko Men’s XP 2.0 Clog

What Shoes for Burger King Employees

The Dansko Men’s XP 2.0 Clog is a stylish and comfortable shoe that is perfect for all-day wear at work.

The patented stapled construction makes this clog both durable and lightweight which makes walking around easy and comfortable, while the padded collar provides extra comfort when walking.

The roomy toe box allows your toes to move comfortably, and the lightweight EVA midsole reduces fatigue while providing stability and shock absorption.

The Dansko Men’s XP 2.0 Clog is available in black leather uppers with a rubber sole that is slip-resistant.

This clog offers you style as well as support. For male employees at burger king, this is for you. This clog is an amazing shoe that makes walking around easy and comfortable. It has all the features of a good walking shoe.

It is closed-toe and this offers protection to your toes from harm. Furthermore, it is insulated and it protects your feet from electrical hazards.

It comes at an affordable price that makes it my best work clog ever. This clog is durable and lasts for years under the proper usage condition.

Furthermore, it is waterproof and does not make your feet smell. You would never be wrong every time you wear the Dansko Men’s XP 2.0 Clog to burger king because it meets all the requirements of an acceptable shoe to wear as an employee.


This is also an acceptable shoe to wear as an employee at burger king. One thing I love most about sneakers is that they are very comfortable and cushioned to walk in.

Although they are not water-resistant when compared to clogs, they have a slip-resistant sole and have a firm grip that keeps your feet and toes in your sneakers for long.

Working for hours with sneakers is the best treat you can give to your feet. Let us talk about some of the best work sneakers you can wear to work as an employee at burger king.

S/no Name of sneakers
Ranking Rating (1-5)
1 SKECHERS 7705 steel-toe work sneaker Best for men 5/5
2 Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex Professional work sneaker Best for women 5/5

SKECHERS 7705 steel-toe work sneaker

What Shoes for Burger King Employees

When one is looking for the best work sneakers for male employees at burger king, they usually think of a pair that has all the qualities to make their work go faster and easier.

Comfort is also something important when choosing a shoe, especially if someone works on walking or standing most of the time. With Skechers 77055 Cankton Athletic Steel Toe Work Sneaker, anyone can enjoy a great time with their feet as well as be productive at work.

In addition to that, the Skechers for Work 77055 Cankton Athletic Steel Toe Work Sneaker is not only made of textile and leather but also contains a rubber sole that is slip-resistant.

In addition, the memory foam cushioned insoles enhance its overall quality since they can reduce fatigue while providing comfort at all times.

This makes it easy to wear this sneaker even during long hours in the workplace without experiencing any discomfort which ultimately leads to efficiency as you can concentrate on more important tasks since your feet will be comfortable at all times.

In addition to that, because it comes with a non-metallic construction standard, an electrical hazard protection rating of ASTM F2412-11, and a slip-resistant rubber sole, anyone wearing this shoe will not only feel secure in any workplace environment but also enjoy optimal protection against potential dangers.

This is the best sneaker for male employees at burger king.

Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex Professional work sneaker

What Shoes for Burger King Employees

This is a great sneaker for work. This shoe has its toes covered by a thick material so that you are protected from being injured while working at burger king. This amazing sneaker with a steel toe feature properly covers your toes.

The gel heel insert will give support to your ankle so that you can walk in comfort all day long. You are not bound to buy this shoe as it comes with mesh fabric, which gives your feet a sufficient amount of ventilation keeping them cool along the way.

If you want to achieve higher-level comfort, then take off the removable footbed and replace it with another footbed that gives extra support to your feet.

According to me, this shoe is the best for female employees at burger king. It meets all the requirements and makes walking around comfortable and very safe.

I would not recommend wearing boots because they run a little bit heavy and might make you feel uncomfortable. Although, boots have protective feature at a higher level than clogs or sneakers, but they are all not as comfortable.

The SKECHERS men’s burgin tarlac industrial boot is pretty comfortable because of the cushioned insole that comes with it. You might want to try this one as a male employee at burger king if you love wearing boots.

For the female employees, the TIMBERLAND pro reaxation women’s boot would do a good job for comfort and walkability.

There are several restrictions when it comes to wearing shoes as an employee at burger king

The restrictions are these:

Do not wear slip-resistant shoes that are not black

At burger king, employees are mandated to wear only black shoes. This policy governs the dress code of their employees. Once your shoes are not black, then they are not accepted at burger king.

You would need to get a new pair of shoes to fit in properly. Avoid shoes that are graphic printed or designed and too flashy. No matter how less additional colors are, do not wear any shoe that has them. Plain black is all that is required.

Therefore, even though your shoe is slip-resistant, you are not allowed to wear them to burger king as an employee if the color is any other color than black. If you do not adhere to this, you might be penalized.

One reason for this might be to maintain uniformity among all employees and not create diversity. Furthermore, black is an official color that might be good for the brand of burger king and customer’s perception.

However, anyway it goes, just ensure that you stick with this. Black color is the official color for shoes as an employee at burger king. Do not wear any other shoe that has a different color. Even if they are slip-resistant, you will not be overlooked.

Do not wear shoes that are not slip-resistant

This is also another restriction. Even if the color of your shoe is black, you would be violating the company’s policy if the soles are not slip-resistant.

Slip-resistant soles are good for protection. Slip-resistant soles are great to keep your feet stable while walking around. At burger king, it is inevitable to have slippery floor surfaces.

With slip-resistant soles, you would not have to worry about falling down or slipping while walking around. This is the fundamental reason why burger king has decided to make sure that employees wear slip-resistant soles.

Therefore, even if the color of your shoe is black, once it is not slip-resistant, then you are violating the company’s policy.

Do not wear open-toed shoes to burger king as an employee

This is for your own safety anyways. If you choose to wear open-toed shoes, you are at risk of getting pretty hurt in your feet badly.

Open-toed shoes expose your toes and make them vulnerable to hot substances and heavy objects that might pour or fall on your toes.

This is the reason why it is highly recommended that your shoe should be closed-toes in order to maintain the safety regulation of the workplace.

Therefore, you should bear this in mind when you are thinking of what shoe to buy/wear to burger king as an employee.

The summary of this is that you should wear black shoes that are slip-resistant. Once you stick with this, you are good to go.

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