Burger King Dress Code: What You Should Know in 2022

Burger King’s dress code is a thing, as with many workplaces with different patterns of dressing among workers.

Burger King has a dress code policy implemented for the creation of a standard of their employees’ outlook. Dress code policy is an essential part of food services and general hygiene for workplaces.

Employees in Burger King are made to avoid missteps and understand expectations when they are provided with a clear restaurant dress code.

The aim of the Burger King dress code for its employees is that they look natural, professional, clean, polished, and classic.

The aforementioned qualities are to be seen on every Burger King worker regardless of position as the company takes pride in its appearance and sends a message to the general public on the excellent attitude of its workers.

What is the Burger King Dress Code

Burger King Dress Code

To drive this home, the policy the food company has for its employees are:

  • Every worker must be fully dressed in his/her compliant uniform as immediately as their work time starts.
  • All managers are mandated to wear their right manager work clothes, their white managers’ shirt with a tie.
  • All tattoos must be covered to the best of the ability of all employees.
  • There is no tolerance for any visible piercing, the tongue inclusive, albeit except the ears.
  • All shirts worn must not be wrinkled and must be clean.
  • All employees are mandated to wear a visor or hat.
  • All employees and managers must have their tag confidently sitting on the left part of their chests.
  • Long hairs must not fall over any employees’ face, as such, it is advised that an employee with the same hair should do well to pull it back.
  • If any employee has to wear a shirt under a crew shirt, then it must be solid and black.
  • All employees, managers inclusive, must not have facial hairs.

They must have clean shaves, albeit, this is except a neatly trimmed mustache if any employee decides to keep. The reason for all of these is for good judgment and customers’ awareness.

All Burger King employees are saddled with the responsibility of demonstrating professionalism at all times and this comes first, with a good appearance.

It is for this reason that the management of Burger King does not take her dress code policy with levity.

What is obtainable in Burger Kings outlets?

It was all a series of stages. When the company started in 1950, there was not much on its menu. The menu was scanty and consisted of just Hamburgers, French fries, Desserts, Milkshakes, and Soft drinks.

However, in the long run, after it had been acquired by Florida franchises, the menu got expanded where the Whopper was added.

And this remained so until 1966 when the Big King sandwich was introduced to go head to head with that famous Mac Donald’s Big Mac sandwich.

Thereafter, the food brand continued more experimentations with premium Hamburgers whose ingredients far supersedes that of the existing Hamburgers in 1978 – people loved it.

It was the same time the specialty sandwich product line was introduced too to appeal to the market adult line.

The mid-1980s was when sliders got included in the Burger King menu, and this ran for over 20 years.  Not to forget the original chicken sandwich offered too which was the first major chicken product of the company.

However, currently, what to expect from the Burger King outlets are more than the aforementioned. Some of the popular ones according to their volume of requests by customers include:

  • Whopper
  • French Fries
  • Whopper Jr
  • Double Whopper
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Bacon King
  • Impossible Whopper
  • Onion Ring
  • Chicken Garden Salad
  • Harsh Brown
  • Chicken Nuggets (10pc)
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Ch’King Sandwich
  • Triple Whopper
  • Original Chicken Sandwich

Can you wear jeans to work at Burger King?

No. You cannot wear jeans to work at Burger King. Nonetheless, if it is your first day, you can wear jeans to work until the company gives you a uniform, they offer uniforms to their newly employed staff almost immediately.

However, it is advised that you wear black pants instead of jeans as it tallies with the dress code there. Do well to wear one that is not too tight, but flexible enough to allow you to work in comfort.

You must understand this existing rule of thumb, whenever you are going to work on the first day, endeavor to dress one step ahead of what your employer is expecting.

This way, you have burst the magic good luck charm embedded in the bubbles of first impression. And this will go a long way. It would last.

What should I wear on my first day at Burger King?

You should wear a good dress. Now, place defines what a good dress is. In this case, it is expected that you put on nicely fitted pants, good sneakers, and a tee-shirt. This will more than suffice.

You’re not to go there in all suit and tie, even though it is cool, it doesn’t fit the “where.” This is a place of culinary services where hygiene is paramount, this should strike a sense of consciousness in you to know the type of clothing that fits such a place.

When it relates to clothes and workplaces, clothes are not appropriate or inappropriate in themselves, but according to how they have been defined by the places where one wishes to wear them to.

Just like, despite how blazers and good pants with nice work shoes would be cool office dress, they will not quite suffice for one working in a grocery store.

A chino pants, a restaurant utility shirt, and a food service work shoe too will be great. This will give you the look of a simple, decent yet classic person.

It wouldn’t make you look overly serious for the job, nor will you come off underdressed, but just moderately classy enough to wow your employer with the coolest type of first impression.

If it has to be jeans, then black will be preferable. This should go with a black tee too and some nice sneakers.

You should understand this simple guide if you are working for the first time in Burger King, you should wear what resonates with the company’s existing dress patterns.

You should consider clothes of their existing employees color and with the same measure of decency and appropriateness as defined by the guidelines of the company’s dress code policy.

Not exactly though, but in the same line of correctness.

Does Burger King have a uniform? Do they give it to you?

Yes, Burger King has a uniform. And yes, they give it to you.

Their use of uniforms has been in existence since the 1950s when they started the brand, although they’ve had a series of changes of uniforms over the years.

The CMO of Burger King, Fernando Machado had recently told an insider that the Burger King uniform is a dog’s breakfast. The brand’s previous uniform that was designed in 2012 which featured a polyester dress tee was one that Machado called “very generic.”

Machado also spoke to BI that the newest uniform of the brand which was pulled out in 2015 is the brand’s first uniform that is standard.

Machado also revealed that it was the same period that the brand became a global company that the brand’s uniforms were designed effectively.

The company’s 2012 uniform got huge criticisms, plus all other aesthetics of the brand that was designed the same year.

However, the 2015 uniform bailed out with cool features of whopper strips beautifully sitting on grey and back. This standardized uniform whereupon hoodies, aprons, and hats were lodged into the mix.

So yes, Burger King does have a uniform that has evolved over the years, and they give it to their employees after a short period of employment. Usually between 2-3 days.

Does Burger King allow tattoos?

No, Burger King does not allow tattoos. In fact, it is even one among the set of rules in the company’s dress code policy that all employees should cover their tattoos to the best of the ability of any employee that has them.

The management of Burger King has it that a food outlet is an extra sensitive type of business place where people who hold different religious beliefs and cultural practices patronize, some of which are soundly against tattoos.

So, it is only business-wise that the management of every decent culinary establishment should curtail this end to customers retainment and profit maximization.

Can you wear acrylic nails while working at Burger King?

No. You cannot wear acrylic nails while working at Burger King. All workers are expected to have nicely cut fingernails. In the culinary world, the mantra has always been “cleanliness first.”

This will create a chance for customers to feel the presence of dirt under a worker’s nails. Cleanliness always comes first before food taste is considered.

People easily get turned off by little faults when it comes to what gets into their systems. There are disciplinary actions taken on faulters of this rule.

It is very sound and precise that you cannot wear acrylic nails while working at Burger King.

Can you wear necklaces at Burger King?

No, you cannot wear necklaces at Burger King. And to this, the management gives two reasons.

  • The company does not want to be responsible for its employees’ missing item(s); Burger King refuses to be put in place of being saddled with the responsibility of making provisions or finding alternative means in cases where their workers’ valuables get missing. With this, the management advises that it is only relatively safer that all employees leave their jewelry at home.


  • The company wishes to eradicate the possibility of customers finding anything out of the ordinary in their purchase; it would be very unprofessional, whether internationally or not, to have customers meet a thing like a necklace in their purchase.

What do Burger King managers wear?

Burger King Dress Code

As instructed by the Burger King dress code policy, every manager is mandated to wear their manager’s work clothes with a tie, black pants, and non-slip shoes.

The way the managers at Burger King dress are entirely different from that of every lower-ranked worker, and this is by virtue of the respective offices they occupy.

When high profiled individuals of other reputable organizations have needs for signing major deals with the brand, they get to meet the managers. It is only ideal that since managers are saddled with responsibilities as crucial as such, they should have outlooks that meet the demand.

Does Burger King allow facial hair? Do you have to shave your beard to work at Burger King?

No. Burger King does not allow facial hair. All male workers are mandated to have a neatly shaved face. Clean shave. It is in the company’s employees handbook.

Albeit, this is with the exception of a neatly cut and well-trimmed mustache. The reason for this is rooted in the mantra of the culinary world  – “cleanliness first.”

This also goes for the managers too, all workers inclusive. The company aims to maintain an immaculate image for both itself and the public’s eyes.

The brand is pretty strict on all that relates to the maintenance of its goodwill and thriving, hence, its policies for eradication of possible loopholes.

What should I wear to Burger King orientation? 

You should wear good slip-on shoes, a decent button-up shirt, and decent slacks. You should tuck in for an added advantage.

Do not trivialize the need for a nice haircut too because you should look decent and smart in your entirety. And a good haircut goes a long way in adding to a good and exceptional look.

At your orientation, the way you carry yourself matters too. Having tools is one thing, having the gusto to command the right aura is another.

Nonetheless, in all of these, moderation is key, this is just so you don’t come off as too showy. No jeans, please. Your outlook should command class and confidence.

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