Julius Marlow Shoes Review (in 2022)

When we think of Julius Marlow’s shoes, we think of diversity. 

The Australian footwear brand has been in the shoe manufacturing business long enough to know what customers want.

However, as with other veteran shoe brands, there are numerous reviews online about Julius Marlow’s shoes’ quality and overall performance, some in a positive light and some otherwise.

For someone looking to invest a couple of dollars on a new set of Julius Marlow shoes, you’d want to first know about the brand, the quality of their shoes, and to be sure if they are really worth buying.

In the rest of this article, we will touch on the identity behind the “shoe of firsts” manufacturer, some of their products that are worth your attention, and then other factors to influence your purchase.

Let’s begin with a brief history of the ninety-four-year-old homegrown shoe brand.

A quick, interesting history of Julius Marlow shoes

Julius Marlow shoe brand is a homegrown business, and their shoes are manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They produce more men’s shoes that cover most footwear style that there is, including:

  • Dress Shoes
  • Loafers
  • Suede Shoes
  • Casual Shoes
  • Work Shoes
  • Lace-Up Shoes
  • Slip-On Shoes
  • Black Shoes
  • Brown Shoes

Julius Marlow’s brand manager is Craig Wissler. The shoe brand is a subsidiary of the parent company, Brand Collective, a leading guardian of some of Australia’s most recognized footwear and apparel brands.

Other shoe brands like Clarks, Hush Puppies, Volley, Mossimo, Elwood, and Elka Collective are also under this parent company.

The parent company sources the products used in making JM shoes in factories located in Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Spain, Indonesia, India, Laos, Thailand & Vietnam. 

Anyone who wants to buy Julius Marlow shoes, especially for the first time, should know that the shoe company’s two pivotal eras revolutionized the men’s footwear industry.

The first was in 1946 when the brand launched the Crystal Sole design for their footwear, and then the second was about 60 years later, precisely in 2006, when they unveiled the O2 Motion that took shoe manufacturing for men to another level.

Because of this innovation, we can point at some JM shoes that beat the requirement of biomechanical efficiency, superior comfort, less fatigue, and better overall performance.

Suffice to say, the O² Motion technology in most JM shoes is what wins new enthusiasts to the brand today. It was first developed in 2006, inspired by sports science and promoting timeless designs.

Most of the best shoes from JM today that market enhanced locomotion will have this O² Motion technology, including Utopia, Vellore, Upham, etc.

Another interesting stunt made by the brand on this innovation was the O² Motion Performance Guarantee that gives customers complete peace of mind when purchasing O² Motion for the first time such that if they are not 100% satisfied with their first pair of O² Motion shoes within 60 days of your purchase, they refund the purchase price.

My all-time favorites among Julius Marlow shoes

If I fail to identify some of the tangible loopholes of having JM shoes, it will be labeled a praise-washing review.

For instance, while the brand has a size guide, reviews from popular online shopping platforms reveal that many buyers end up less satisfied with sizing and fitting, indicating that there are just selected JM shoes out there that won’t give you problems with sizing.

Also, I’ve come across a handful of product listing platforms for JM shoes decorated with reviews about how poor JM shoes hold up/last long and how quickly they become defeated in certain conditions, e.g., environment, weather, etc.

…not to mention how costly or painstaking it can be to maintain some JM shoes to prevent breakdown. 

I only have a few selected styles among all Julius Marlow production lines that tick all the boxes.

The following Juiluis Marlow shoes in the table below are ones I have an up-close experience with and do not fall short in these areas.

These are the set of shoes that made me love JM as a footwear brand (even though they have their little cons, which do not have any impact on overall performance and longevity)

SN Julius Marlow Shoe Best style category Price
1 Julius Marlow bolster Best favorite for dress shoes, chocolate $189
2 Julius Marlow Levied Shoe Best favorite for Loafers, Black $169
3 Julius Marlow Chase low-top Best favorite for casual shoe $139
4 Julius Marlow UBE with unique 02 Motion Best favorite for work shoes $229
5 Julius Marlow Grand Best favorite for Low profile Lace-up design $149
6 Julius Marlow Leader Best favorite for slip-on $159

Julius Marlow bolster

Julius Marlow Shoes Review

Julius Marlow produces some of the best brogue styles out there. If you like low-heeled shoes that are traditionally characterized by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations, this Bolster is a dream.

It features adorable punched detailing, a burgundy webbing trim at the heel, and a contrast sole. It is very easy to style this pair with work outfit ideas.

The added support of a rubber outsole and the versatility of extra-colored laces are also huge advantages.

Key benefits

  • The leather upper is durable and breathable for everyday wear
  • The rubber outsole provides increased traction, support, and durability
  • Latex foam sock padding offers maximum comfort
  • Lace-up design for a personalized, adjustable fit
  • It comes with burgundy laces


  • Generally, brogues are a must-have style because they are smart and fashionable, but in the rule books, you can’t wear these styles to black-tie events.

No options for black color

Julius Marlow Levied Shoe

Julius Marlow Shoes Review

This Levied style is lovable. It excels as JM slip-on design, but I will recommend this over others if you search for a loafers pair.

It has been equipped with padded collar comfort. And unlike most other loafers, this one has elastic gussets at the sides for practicality, making it easy to put on and take off.

The Levied model of JM shoes also features a rolled edge toe cap and side stitching detail that allows the footwear to make a statement when you enter any room.

Key Benefits

  • Impressive breathability for everyday wear, thanks to the Leather upper
  • The rubber outsole provides increased traction, support, and durability
  • Features a Latex foam sock padding that offers maximum comfort for 9-5 wear
  • Double-sided elastic gussets


  • Generally, shoes made with rubber soles with no tread pattern are not great for slippery surfaces.
  • The upper leather is breathable but unforgiving to mold to your feet if you choose a snugger fit.
  • I don’t see the shock absorption of the footwear as satisfactory, decent, however.

Julius Marlow Chase low-top

Julius Marlow Shoes Review

Julius Marlow may not be among the top-tier sneaker manufacturers for athletes and sportspeople, but they’ve outdone themselves with this Chase sneaker model.

It is built with a tumbled leather upper and tan heel trim, and I like to think of this pair as a versatile companion for a most casual outfit, as there is a Black and White color option to choose from.

The best part is that the shoe is orthotic friendly, therefore recommended for those with certain foot pain and need foot support.

Key benefits

  • Padded collar provides superior comfort
  • Abundant ankle support for those with certain foot conditions
  • Tread pattern underneath the rubber outsole provides increased traction and stability
  • Removable EVA insole for standing all-day
  • Lace-up design for an adjustable, personalized fit


  • Appear to run a little large
  • Upper material requires top maintenance to prevent wear.

Julius Marlow UBE with unique 02 Motion

Julius Marlow Shoes Review

I’ll probably pick this Ube over other models of JM shoes when it comes to footwear for the weekdays to work. It is among the brand’s O2 Motion collection.

Other derby shoes are in the JM catalog, but this stands out, especially when the expertly engineered structure is considered. This enhances optimum gait mechanics while walking.

The best part of this pair is the unique O2 Motion air pod that brings another cushioning level and ensures seamless heel rebound.

It is reasonably priced compared to most other Derby shoes, and there is no drop in quality delivered.

Key Benefits

  • Features a torsion stabilizer system for great stability between the heel and forepart
  • Impressively lightweight
  • Promotes natural walking motion of the foot, thanks to the Flex channels in the forepart
  • The footbed is removable and designed with anatomical arch support.


  • Not ideal for those with an especially wide feet

Julius Marlow Grand

Julius Marlow Shoes Review

This is another refined style option for Derby shoe geeks. Julius Marlow presents this as one of the best work shoes any man can have in his closet.

However, I’d personally rate it as the best the brand has done as far as lace-up work shoes designed are concerned.

It is low-profile formal footwear with no excess detailing for distraction. Classic and simple with limited color variations – black and brown.

Key benefits

  • The upper leather is soft against the foot.
  • Supple hand finish leather upper also indicates durability
  • Features a rubber outsole that increases traction underfoot
  • Won’t disappoint on slippery surfaces


  • Leather material can be better for perfect polish absorption.

Julius Marlow Leader

Julius Marlow Shoes Review

Finally, My list of favorite JM shoes of all time won’t be complete without mentioning this leather boat shoe that screams sleekness and smartness.

It features a soft, unstructured construction that gives very satisfying flexibility and comfort compared to most of their other leather shoes.

It looks and feels aesthetically pleasing.

Key benefits:

  • Breathable textile lining
  • Great traction and rubber sole holds up well
  • Features Latex foam sock padding
  • Equipped with orthotic-friendly insoles
  • Easy to adjust to fit with the Lace-up design


  • Foot sweat is a common issue for wearing boat shoes but can be compensated with socks.

Reasons why you should have Julius Marlow shoes in your closet

Julius Marlow has successfully produced a great pair of go-to dress shoes that are a staple for every man’s closet. Here are some reasons why shoes from the Australian brand should have a place in your closet:

Popular price

JM shoes are priced where they should be. Even the best of their exclusive designs are not with outrageous price tags.

If you are a guy with a decent budget, there is something for you in JM’s shoe catalog that will not be disappointing.

With the value of real leather and detailed crafting going for within $120 – $230 depending on style, JM offers the possibility of expanding your shoe collection without spending a fortune.


The brand is known for diversity, having its footprint across all conceivable men’s footwear production lines, from boots to dress shoes and even sneakers.

So, there is something for every type of man looking for shoes. Although there are limited color variations, keeping things classy is also an advantage.

Easy to style with outfit ideas

A closer look at the aesthetics of JM shoes shows how flexible they are in the sense of styling for outfit ideas.

Every man needs a shoe that will be the day’s savior for both suiting up and casual outfits. Julius Marlow’s style does it better.

Easy-to-observe maintenance routine

Although it may cost you a few more dollars to maintain leather dress shoes like the ones made by Julius Marlow, it is a good thing that their footwear has a straightforward description for practical maintenance.

For most of them, all you need is a cleaner and conditioner to prolong the life of smooth, oiled leather. It would be best to have rain and stain repellent to protect your JM shoe’s leather, Suede, and Nubuck from dirt and moisture.


There is a high level of transparency in shopping with JM shoes. Aside from the O² Motion Performance Guarantee discussed earlier, there is a guarantee on all their shoes, allowing you to return for a refund if you have purchased your product from a Retailer or one of their stockists. However, it has to be per their terms and conditions.


Overall, JM shoes have raised the comfort bar in men’s footwear. It is ideal to have a versatile shoe in your closet that will not give you problems each time you put them on.

However, when shopping, you still have to look out for indicators that may negate comfort, such as the sizing, the nature of the upper leather, and then sole construction.

*All product pictures sourced from the official Julius Marlow website. Shoes can be purchased from the official Julius Marlow website.


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