What Shoes Do Yuji Nishida Wear?

Yuji Nishida wears ASICS shoes as they offer him good performance while playing on the Volleyball court.

ASICS are made of high quality and they are known to offer maximum comfort, good fit, and exceptional support. These shoes can be gotten on Amazon.

He wears the SKY ELITE FF which was introduced by ASICS in 2019. He also wears the METARISE, which was also launched by ASICS. He wears the Gel-rocket 10 and Upcourt 4.

What Asics Shoes Do Yuji Nishida Wear?

Yuji Nishida wears ASICS shoes, he has been wearing them since his early days in Volleyball.

He wears these shoes for particular purposes in order to enhance his skills, help to improve his movement on the court and give him exceptional performance.

Below are the ASICS shoes worn by Nishida and why he wears them;

The Metarise

What Shoes Do Yuji Nishida Wear

It is meant to be worn by Nishida for competitions in the future. It is a top-level shoe. It is meant to give him extra heights for jumps and spikes.

Its heel is curved and designed for maximum support for good transition and also to help the attacker lift off.

According to the research of Sport Science at the ASICS, METARISE gives players an extra height of about 3% lift for higher jumps which is essential and very important for athletes.

It is also designed to give him fast movement on the break and a good amount of stability. He wears the METARISE because it is very comfortable, lightweight, and has amazing innovative technologies.

It provides him with quick turns and jumps. This shoe also has a good level of cushioning.

The shoe features the DYNAWRAP technology which has supportive paneling that helps to increase stability on the court, FLYTEFOAM Propel technology which gives a responsive bounce around the midsole, and lastly the SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY which helps to reduce the weight of the sole unit.

The Sky Elite FF

What Shoes Do Yuji Nishida Wear

It is very comfortable for Nishida to wear and requires no break-in period. It is comfortable right out of the box. It also fits true to size. It is light and flexible with a thinner sole.

This shoe is a little thicker and more padded than a traditional volleyball shoe. Its upper has a medium stiffness, this means that his feet can move and stretch the upper.

It locks his feet without suffocating them or restricting his freedom. He also wears this due to the shock absorption that the shoe offers. It has a unique thick rubber sole.

The sole is also soft, this gives his feet a sinking feeling into the sole, the sole provides Nishida with an excellent grip and boasts high abrasion resistance.

The shoe also offers him amazing traction and free movement without hesitation. The shoe gives Nishida a good level of comfort and ankle support.

The shoe has a mesh insole for an added layer of comfort. It provides him with enough cushioning and a good experience.

Asics Men’s Gel-Pocket 10

What Shoes Do Yuji Nishida Wear

This shoe is designed to offer excellent cushioning and improves stability. It provides Nishida with a comfortable and flexible fit.

It also has a flexible upper construction that helps his feet bend naturally and assist him to move freely around the court. Its synthetic leather overlay provides Nishida with enough support.

The shoe features a Gel technology cushioning unit which offers him good shock absorption.

The shoe offers him a smooth landing. It also has flexible grooves in its outsole with a side grip design that enhances flexibility around the court.

Upcourt 4 Asics Shoe

What Shoes Do Yuji Nishida Wear

This shoe offers a combination of flexibility, lightweight, durability as well as support. It is built with a synthetic leather overlay that improves support and stability during the transition.

It also features breathable mesh paneling that circulates air to keep Nishida comfortable. He wears this shoe to improve his traction on the court.

The sole is made of rubber to give him an excellent grip on the court surface.

Want to be like Yuji Nishida?

Here’s what you should do

Yuji Nishida has good serve and spike despite his height. He jumps so high that his spike reaches 346 cm. Nishida usually carries out daily training to keep his athletic body and skills in check.

What makes Yuji Nishida an exceptional player is his attacking techniques, his serve, and his jump, he does attack in a different way from other players.

When he wants to spike, he approaches at top speed and transfers all his energy into the ball at the highest point. When he jumps, he focuses more on tossing the ball up than actually hitting the ball.

The point of focusing on tossing the ball is that as long as you can toss it up well, the serve will go in.

According to Yuji Nishida, what helps him to jump pretty high is his run-up speed. His run-up leads to a great jump which leads to him scoring making him an exceptional player.

When the run-up is slow, he crouches shallow and then jumps and when the run-up is fast, he crouches deep and then uses his power to spring up high.

When he is coming into the jump from a fast run-up, he concentrates on crouching low to jump high.

He uses Zamst’s arm sleeve as a little compression on his muscles helps him perform better. He wears arm sleeves for all his games.

Also, Nishida knows the exact time to jump and where to hit. Knowing how to jump may not just be the only thing to learn from him but also how to time your jumps.

Nishida jumps with his whole body, so to be like him you should master how to jump with the whole of your body. To do well in this you should do more stamina-related workouts like swimming, running, and jogging.

To be like Nishida, you must learn how to spike a ball and as well learn his attacking techniques.

To improve your skill and be like Nishida, you should also try to watch some of his matches and take note of his skills, this will help you see exactly what he does and how he does it.

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