Kempa vs Nike Fencing Shoes – Who Makes the Best?

When it comes to fencing, you have to be well-equipped and prepared thoroughly with the right gear for the fencing activities. Fencing with Kempa or Nike shoes has been a favorite for many people around the world today.

The major difference between Kempa fencing shoes and Nike fencing shoes is the kind of comfort and support that these shoes give.

While the Kempa shoes come with elastic insoles, Nikes are well-made with Supportive Sockliner Insoles.

By this right, and given the kinds of testimonials and reviews that the customers are giving about these shoes, it is evident that the Nike fencing shoes are much more comfortable than the Kempa fencing shoes that are sold today.

In this article, we are going to be learning more about these two shoes in order for you to make the best shopping decision for you whenever you go to the store.

First glance

When you look at a pair of shoes for the first time, you should see a couple of things that will let you know if the shoes will be a good fit for you or not. The importance of the first glance cannot be overemphasized at all.

At the first glance, you can tell just what shoes to buy every time you go shopping. This saves you from the risks of making the wrong purchases at the store.

The first glance is really very important…

Kempa Fencing Shoes Review

Kempa vs Nike Fencing Shoes

  • Polyamide and Kevlar Fibres for Comfortable Fit.
  • Elastic Insole Construction.
  • Michelin Outsoles.
  • Textile-Rubber Soles.

Kempa shoes are comfortable fits that are manufactured with premium Polyamide and Kevlar fibers that will ensure that your comfort lasts for a convenient amount of time.

The insoles of these shoes are also elastic, making them all the more comfortable for you to wear today. Shoes like the Kempa shoes are great shoes that would give you the extra comfort to make your moves.

The sturdy Michelin outsoles of the Kempa fencing shoes make them one of the most durable pairs of footwear that there are in the whole world today.

And with the textile-rubber soles underneath these shoes, your feet should feel comfortable and well-supported as you make your moves on the fencing mat.

Nike Fencing Shoes Review

Kempa vs Nike Fencing Shoes

  • 100% Synthetic Materials.
  • Synthetic Rubber Soles.
  • Engineered Mesh Uppers (for extra breathability).
  • Supportive Sockliner Insoles.

Nike shoes really don’t need too much of an introduction to you, I’m sure. And it is such a delight that you can also very well use these shoes as good fencing shoes that will help you in your training and matches.

Great Nike fencing shoes are 100% synthetic, so that means that you get synthetic rubber soles that do not break down in a short time.

Another good thing about these synthetic rubber soles is that they also add to the comfort that you get with Nike shoes.

Speaking of comfort, Nikes come with Supportive Sockliner Insoles that will not only comfort your feet appropriately but also support and stabilize them as well.

With this kind of comfort, coupled with the Engineered Mesh Uppers (for extra breathability), you are not going to be feeling sore in your feet after you are done with fencing.

You should definitely buy Nike shoes for fencing.

Kempa vs Nike: Comparison

Features Kempa
Sole Textile-Rubber Soles. Synthetic Rubber Soles.
Durability Kempa shoes are quite durable in the long run, due to their make-up, but they are however not as durable as the Nike shoes that are manufactured today. Nike fencing shoes have higher durability levels than Kempa fencing shoes.


You can buy your own pair of Kempa fencing shoes for between $156.99 to $200. Nikes can be bought at cost prices that range from $52.99 to $303.
Insoles The Kempa shoes have an Elastic Insole Construction that works well to give shoe wearers a whole lot of comfort while they fence. Nike fencing shoes come with Supportive Sockliner Insoles that give you that soothing all-day comfort that you so crave for.
Sizing/Fit When it comes to fitting and size, Kempa shoes will not give you hassles once you get them in the proper size and measurements. Most Nikes are comfortable and true-to-size shoes that are ever ready to boost your fashion style and comfort.


Fashion Quality Kempa shoes are surely as fashionable and comfortable as they are functional. The fashion quality of good Kempas cannot be underrated in any sense. When you wear your Nikes on your feet, you are making a strong fashion statement that the world can hear loud and clear.
Overall Quality When all is considered, it would be wise for you to put your money on Kempa shoes, if you want to be cost-effective Overall, Nike shoes are much better fencing shoes for you today than the Kempa shoes.


Kempa fencing shoes are manufactured with durable Textile – Rubber Soles that are comfortable and long-lasting enough to serve you well over time.

Kempa vs Nike Fencing Shoes

On the other hand, Nikes come with Synthetic Rubber Soles that will not break down under your feet too soon after you have bought them for yourself.

Kempa vs Nike Fencing Shoes

When you compare the quality of these two shoe soles, it is clear to see that the Nike shoe soles are much better than the shoe soles of the Kempas today.


In terms of durability, Nikes also takes the edge over the Kempa shoes again. Kempas are no doubt very durable in the long run, and actually cost-effective too, but they don’t really match up to Nike’s high durability levels.

Nike shoes are much more durable and long-standing than the Kempa shoes that are made today. This is something that many patronizing customers can attest to.

If you need fencing shoes that will last you well for a really long time, you should buy the Nikes over the Kempas today.


Kempas can be easily bought today if you budget between $156.99 to $200 to make the purchase. The price for these shoes is really justified when you regard just how good they are for your fencing activities.

Nikes are slightly more expensive, on the other hand. You can buy Nike fencing shoes for cost prices that go between $52.99 and $303 in the online and offline marketplace right now.

Nike shoes are more expensive to buy than Kempa shoes, but they actually do offer you more long-term value that I’m sure you would be appreciative of.


Kempa shoes (or you could call them “Kemps” like me) have an Elastic Insole Construction that is designed to give you all the comfort and support you need for your fencing.

Kempa vs Nike Fencing Shoes

Nike shoes are also really comfortable. They come with Supportive Sockliner Insoles that soothe your feet and make you feel as if you are walking on clouds all through the day.

Kempa vs Nike Fencing Shoes

When the level of comfort is measured, you would see that the Nike fencing shoes actually give you more promise and assurance of comfort than the Kempa shoes do.

This is one important reason why you need to buy Nike shoes over the Kempas.


In terms of sizes and fits, you cannot deny that the Nikes have better sizing options than the Kempa shoes that are available for purchase today.

Nike shoes are more fitting for you to wear when you want to go fencing. Once you take care to buy your Nike shoes in the appropriate sizes, you should have no problem with comfortably fencing in them.

Nike shoes fit you better than Kemps when it comes to fencing today.

Fashion quality

Kempa shoes are not only highly functional, but they are also quite fashionable as well. When you put on a good pair of Kemps, I bet you would be fencing beautifully on the mat as you go on about your sport.

Now, I’m sure we all already know that Nike shoes are the epitome of good high-fashion when it comes to shoes? Yeah? Well, they don’t disappoint here as well.

Nice Nike fencing shoes will have you winning battles even before you step into the fencing arena to spar and fight. These shoes are elegant, stylish, trendy, and very fashionable.

Nike shoes are much more fashionable than the Kempas that are manufactured today.

Why you should buy Kempa

You should buy Kempa shoes today if you are looking for durable pairs of footwear that won’t break your bank account before you buy them. If you need good shoes for fencing, you can definitely consider buying Kempa shoes.

Kempa shoes are actually great; it’s just that, in this article, they are not greater than (and not as great as) the Nike shoes that you could use to go through your fencing activities.

But make no mistake about it: Kempa shoes are comfortable, and they are very well-equipped to handle all the strains that will come upon them as you fence with your opponents and sparring partners.

These shoes can surely give you the boost you need to win your fencing matches with ease, support, and comfort. Kemps (as they are fondly called) should not be underrated at all.

Kempas can give you all you need in a good pair of fencing shoes and more…

Check out some of these Kempa shoes today

Why you should buy Nike Fencing Shoes

Why should you buy Nike shoes for fencing today? I say, why not?

Nikes have the edge over most shoes because they are comfy, supportive, highly functional, lightweight and very durable, and cost-efficient in the long run.

You need great shoes like the Nikes whenever you are having to make a decision concerning the kind of shoes you want to wear for your fencing activities today.

Nike fencing shoes will give you just the right amount of support and efficiency you need to move through the fencing arena with all the ease that you can afford.

With a little budgeting, you can get a very good pair of Nike fencing shoes for yourself today.

It is going to be an awesome decision on your part.

Look at these Nikes for a start

Kempa or Nike fencing shoes?

When it all comes down to making a decision between these two shoes, I will strongly advise you to go for the Nike fencing shoes before you even consider the Kempas that are on sale.

Truth be told; when you buy yourself a pair of cool Nike fencing shoes, you wouldn’t even be considering a move to get the Kempas for a long time. Nike fencing shoes are just that much greater than the Kempas.

Now, this takes nothing away from the coolness of the Kemps in the market right now, and you shouldn’t look down on them as the variable options that you have.

Kempas are still good shoes for fencing, but when they are compared to the Nike fencing shoes on sale now, they just come short in the level of comfort and quality.

Nike shoes are much better than the Kempas that we have in the market today.

So you want to fence in a pair of great shoes? Buy yourself a pair of Nike fencing shoes today. You won’t regret it.

Enjoy your fencing…


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