Grant Stone vs White’s: Which Shoe Brand Is Better?

While both brands have excelled in the boot manufacturing space, the major difference between Grant stone shoes and White’s shoes heavily lies in the purpose of usage, price point, and overall aesthetic appeal.

White’s shoes are more expensive, rugged, and made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. They are perfect if you need a shoe that can be worn in various settings, including work environments.

On the other hand, shoes made by Grant stone appear to be fashion-inspired, decently priced, and perfect if you want to use them for business or formal occasions.

These two brands have what it takes to make a man conflicted and confused on decision-making regarding dressing shoes.

Both Grant Stone and White’s specialize in contemporary men’s footwear; both are made from the finest materials, including leathers, suedes, and nubucks for the uppers.

They also use various sole materials to ensure that you can find the perfect shoe for your needs.

It isn’t easy to choose which should be placed above the other.

In this article, I have placed both shoe brands side-by-side and compared them across various viewpoints of preference to see which measures up better than the other.

Why the need for this comparison?

We often find ourselves in a dilemma when choosing the best shoe brand for us.

There are many brands and styles that we can choose from, but how do we know which one is the best, especially when it is narrowed down to two of the best brands out there?

Since there are many different shoe brands and it can be not easy to choose one, it is important to know how you can compare them.

Sadly, there isn’t so much information on these thoughts out there. The ones we can find on forums are laced with sentimental arguments and favoritism points of view based on limited experience.

In this comparison guide, we will be able to place both shoes side-by-side and identify the reputation and quality of the grant stone vs. white shoes, their stand on pocket-friendliness, durability, and longevity, and how the style of each brand matches personality and preferences.

What are Grant Stone shoes’ pros and Cons?


  • They are identified for their Goodyear-welt construction.
  • Their shoes accommodate orthotics, meaning they work well for people who need extra support in their shoes.
  • They come in many different styles, so there is something for everyone’s taste.
  • Super comfortable for their signature Vegetable-tanned leather insole, welt, and midsole
  • They have a variety of widths and sizes available to fit any foot type or size.


  • Since they are Goodyear-welted shoes, they are all handcrafted (a good thing) but cannot easily be mass-produced, which means there is limited accessibility.
  • They are not as fashionable as other brands on the market
  • Most of their leather uppers are stiff such that they are not always comfortable enough for someone who is trying them for the first time.
  • Designs like the Edward boot, Brass Boot Tan Essex, and even Chukka are quite heavy, which can be tiring if you do a ton of walking.

What are the pros and cons of White’s shoes?

White’s shoe production line is dominated by boot designs which are incredibly huge heel soles. However, anyone purchasing from this brand should be aware of the following benefits and drawbacks:


  • They are Durable. White’s boots are characterized by heavy & thick leather, sole & heel. This means you Won’t be going to see the cobbler any time soon. The
  • Despite being heavy and bulky, they are very comfortable all day. The break-in period is usually gentle.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing and not limited to wearing for formal occasions only. They are good for all seasons.
  • Their shoes Can be resolved, and you won’t need to do this often unless you’re a wildland firefighter, though!
  • Water-resistant upper


  • White’s are heavier than similar brands, but it is easy for one to get used to the weight.
  • Most of their shoe designs have up to 10″ to lace up, making it cumbersome to put on & take off.
  • Some people won’t like the high-arch construction. But you can get used to this overtime
  • The heavy-lug sole in these white’s boots will collect mud.

What similarities do both brands share?

Grant Stone and White’s are both shoe companies that are in the business of making shoes. They both have a similar target audience, mostly men who want good-quality shoes.

The shoes from these two brands also have similarities in their feel, stitching details, and style.

Away from the positive light, shoes from both brands are considered heavier than most boots out there. This may indicate their durability, but it also poses a downside until wearers get used to them.

Another interesting similarity is that both brands have a deep-rooted reputation and heritage as key players in the men’s boot manufacturing business.

They are handcrafted with details and appeal to individuals searching for high-end leather shoes.

Grant stone vs White’s: Comparison

On the surface, there is not much to tell on the distinction between dress shoes made by Grant Stone and that from White’s brand.

If you are torn between both designs regarding a particular model, there is only one way to find out which is best for you.

This involves weighing both shoes on the scale of Overall quality, Soles, Durability, Price, Insoles, and Sizing.

Overall Quality

A Goodyear welt is the gold standard of boot construction at most companies and both Grant stone and White’s embrace this footwear innovation.

The generality of grant stone shoe styles features all leather shank and an all-leather midsole with machine stitches to make production fast and precise.

White’s shoes share a similar identity but are known for their stitch-down construction type that offers a more secure fit and feels than a Goodyear Welted boot.

An up-close feel of this description can be seen in models like the Americana Semi-Dress Boots.

On overall quality, both shoes can be vouched for, But it takes a master to adopt new designs while maintaining old-world techniques, and that’s what White’s boots are appraised for.


The first few models of Grant Stone featured leather soles on their shoes; we have witnessed some transition to more rubber soles, which is what they’ve integrated into models like the Diesel boot.

On soles, White’s shoes are not like most companies that rely on a thick layer of cork and often an EVA foam pad under the heel.

Most White’s shoes have layers of leather for their comfort – though there is a small amount of cork used as a filler.

This is why, for extreme support, you can bank on White’s but be ready to sacrifice shock absorption, which is abundant in most grant stone shoes.


Durability is a subjective feature when reviewing leather shoes. How we measure durability between these two footwear depends on the usage.

For instance, Grant Stone sources their upper leathers from high-quality tanneries; their suedes are typically from C.F.

On the other hand, White’s boots have wonderfully satisfying heftiness that is more reliable for heavy-duty and versatile.

In other words, Grant stone will better suit someone whose life is not rugged, have intellectual work, and wear work boots to be a leather geek.

White’s boots are advantageous to those who often engage in physical labor.


As mentioned earlier, White’s shoes have layers of leather for their comfort. But I strongly believe that If Whites put in an insole layered with cork instead of the hard leather insole, that might make them more comfortable out of the box.

This makes Grant Stone a better option to pick if one prioritizes comfort derived from insoles.

Grant stone uses Goodyear-welt construction consisting of thick leather insoles that act as a backbone of the shoe. The downside of this is that it is not removable.


Grant Stone has earned a reputation for offering superior value for well under $300. Some models set you back for as high as $600, but models like Grant Stone Horween shell cordovan boots are reasonably priced.

Similarly, White’s boots are priced where they should be. But they are not entirely pocket-friendly as a pair of these boots will cost you $560 as the benchmark, depending on the style.

Why you should buy Grant Stone vs Why you should buy White’s

Grant Stone shoes are for people who want to show off their style. They are not just about the looks, they also have a lot of features that make them a great choice.

On the other hand, White’s boots are more about functionality and durability. They are made for people that need to be on their feet all day and need something durable enough to take a beating.

Grant Stone Shoes are meant for people looking for high-quality, affordable shoes. They offer shoes with the best of both worlds: style and quality.

White’s Boots are meant for people who need a durable and hard-wearing boot for their work. They provide boots that will last you a long time, no matter what you do with them.

Which is better? – Final remark

White’s boots are designed for people who want a more rugged and durable shoe. They are made from high-quality materials and have a more “old school” look.

On the other hand, Grant Stone shoes are designed for people who want a more fashionable boot with smoother leather.

Bottom line, I’d recommend Grant Stone shoes if you are looking for a brand that offers style and quality at an affordable price.

In contrast, White’s boots are the best pick if durability and strength are your priority, only at the expense of style.


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