Crocs Off-Road vs All-Terrain: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Crocs Off-Road and Crocs All-Terrain is that the sole of the Crocs Terrain is built strongly compared to the Crocs Off-road.

The sole of the Crocs All-Terrain has like Five rubber points arranged like a Pyramid distance beneath the sole, this tends to give more traction and stability compared to the off-road Crocs and is also more durable too.

Why This Comparison?

Over the past years, Crocs have dropped off a number of different models of their production with the Crocs Off-Road and Crocs All-Terrain being a part of this development.

Surprisingly to some, both Crocs can be used as alternatives to the other by some people.

This comparison is done in an attempt to try and clarify the differences that both Crocs share and possibly to make you understand the area where one serves better than the other.

Let’s roll!!

Crocs Off-Road Review

Crocs Off-Road vs All-Terrain

Crocs Off-Road Also known as Crocs Around town was built for the purpose of having an outstanding experience while out on an adventure.

It is well built and has all the comfort that regular Crocs come with and even more. In this case, this was built to stand out among other Crocs.

The manufacturers created these particular Crocs with the aim of providing a strong version of the regular Crocs shoes that can withstand rough areas and can also be used to engage in off-road activities and adventures altogether.

Before this model, there had been other models of the Crocs off-road (See price on Amazon), you can imagine the evolution that this had gone through.

Quite right, there are changes that are visible on the now Crocs off-road when compared to its predecessors, things like the thickness of the material used in manufacturing this present Crocs Off-road and also the traction lugs on the sole.

The now Crocs are way thicker and in some sense heavier than the earlier models, they offer more protection and support than their earlier versions.

This is a re-modification gone right if you ask me as this is nothing to even be compared with its predecessors joined together.

Crocs All Terrain Review

Crocs Off-Road vs All-Terrain

Crocs All-Terrain are variations of the regular Crocs entirely; they are more like the superman of the shoes because they kind of have the feature of serving on all kinds of terrains which suits their name in the first place.

The name kind of gives a perfect definition of what the shoe was built for. The joy behind this is that it is not limited to any user, both men and women can use these Crocs to their satisfaction and they can be worn by anyone for any reason at all.

Be sure to have a fulfilled performance by the Crocs all-terrain regardless of the environment you wear them on.

The Crocs All-Terrain (See price on Amazon) had previous versions too, obviously, that is where the idea to make this version what it is today came from in the first place, it has been a journey of constant upgrades made to the predecessor in order to have a worthy successor.

However, this version of the Crocs All-Terrain has proven to be better than all its predecessors joined together.

It comes with adjustable straps for a more enhanced fitting and also the traction on the sole has really been dealt with.

We shall review more on this as the article progresses.

Similarities Between Crocs Off-Road and Crocs All-Terrain

I personally feel similarities between Crocs Off-Road and Crocs All-Terrain are much that we will have to select just a few critical ones to make emphasis.

Mere looking at both Crocs it is undeniable that both can even be inseparable unless of course if you turn them and look under their soles where you will find the difference lying there for all to see.

For now, let’s focus more on the Similarities, we shall review their difference in the latter part of the article.

First Glance

When you pick either Crocs up their appearance is not enough to differentiate them. They look the same somehow as the 13 holes that Crocs have decided to make a trademark of with their products.

The first glance is one of the similarities these Crocs share, both have straps for a customized fitting and are both punctured with ventilation holes that can also be used as personal customization with Jibbitz.


As earlier stated, this is one more feature that both Crocs share and is very similar in the motion of trying to identify either using it as a point of action.

Both Crocs have a strap behind that is used to ensure a customized fitting and also to change modes from comfort mode to sports mode.


This is an area of concentration for the Crocs Manufacturers as they do not take this for jokes.

If there is anything the Crocs manufacturers do not joke with then it is ensuring they deliver a quality product to whoever is buying. If you ever get a fake croc it is definitely not from the Crocs official store.

Comparison Between Crocs Off-Road and Crocs All-Terrain

This is the part I am more interested in and I am sure that you are as well, we need to determine their differences, if there is anything one can do that the other can’t, and also where does one serve better than the other.

Even with the fact that they look the same, it is very much possible that we might find some differences between them, a shortcoming of one or the other.

We will also go all the way to check and consider the reviews made on both shoes on Amazon in order to determine which one is most preferred and why it is.

First Glance

Crocs Off-Road

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Lightweight and fun
  • Versatile use and Traction lugs
  • Roomy fit and comfortable
  • Breathable and well-cushioned
  • Perfect display of Croslite foam

The Crocs off-Road are very strong and comfortable. They are of 100% synthetic material which makes them lightweight and fun.

They are versatile and their sole is quite grippy, they give you just the right amount of grip you need to make a safe hike and a safe walk through rough terrains just like the name entails.

We will review more on its features and properties as the article progresses.

Crocs All-Terrain

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • Lightweight and water shoes
  • Relaxed fit and comfortable
  • Very perfect for personalization
  • Extremely durable and versatile
  • Advanced traction lugs

The Crocs All-Terrain is one of a kind, I’d like to deliberate more on the sole, the sole is made with the intention of making it durable and also perfect for all terrains just like the name entails.

They are also lightweight although not like their predecessors which is okay because of the recent developments and improvements made to them.

We shall review more on the features of this Crocs as the Article progresses.


Crocs Off-Road

The Crocs Off-Road is less expensive, with $39 – $59 you can get a pair of the Crocs Off-Road.

Crocs All Terrain

The Crocs All-Terrain on the other hand Comes with a whooping price ranging from $59 – $79.


The Crocs Off-Road is less expensive placing the Crocs All-Terrain as the most expensive.

This might be because of the special design the soles carry in order to ensure they are durable and grippy on any kind of terrain.


Crocs Off-Road

  • Backstrap
  • Roomy fit

Crocs All Terrain

  • Back Strap
  • Fits true to size


In this part of the comparison, in order to be fair, we are going to be using the reviews made on both shoes by buyers on amazon.

The fact is the Crocs Off-Road has straps to ensure a secured fit but, it offers a roomy fit at the toe region.

The Crocs All-Terrain on the other hand also has Back straps that are there for the purpose of ensuring a perfect fit too however this happens to have a perfect fit, it fits true to size no more and no less.

So, in this part, the Crocs All-Terrain has the higher hand.


Crocs Off-Road

  • Rugged sole
  • Durable

Crocs All Terrain

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • Advanced Traction lugs


The soles of both Crocs are credible as the case may be. The fact is nevertheless that the soles of the Crocs All-Terrain are definitely going to last longer than that of the Crocs Off-Road.

This is because the Crocs All-Terrain was built to be able to withstand any kind of terrain and still maintain its grip to be able to offer you protection.

The sole of the Crocs All-Terrain has Five points that are more plastic underneath the sole, which is there to make the sole more durable.

Why you should buy the Crocs Off-Road

The Crocs Off-Road Is a very classic model that has all the comfort you feel from regular Crocs.

It is well cushioned and crafted with the well-known Croslite foam that can now be said to be the iconic material for the Crocs manufacturing company.

Speaking of reasons for why you should buy the Crocs off-road, there are many reasons, some of which we have reviewed and you are fully aware now of what you stand to gain and benefit if you get them.

These I feel are a great investment as well, they have a rugged sole that is up to the task of ensuring you a perfect grip off-road and around town.

However, the strap might not be something to write home about as it might make you limit the way you use your Crocs Off-Road in order not to make them fall apart on time.

Why You Should Buy The Crocs All Terrain

There are many reasons why you should buy the Crocs All-Terrain. They are strong, very strong, durable, and versatile.

A fun fact is that they come in different and colorful designs and then they are very versatile. this is one Crocs you can wear to anywhere and ready for anything, they have a confirmed true fit and are very comfortable just like the regular Crocs.

Their straps are very strong, and then the sole that is made in an advanced manner and like nothing that you have seen again adds to their durability.

Personally, I feel this is a great investment also, they are crafted in a way to let you enjoy the value of your money. They are pretty looking and are designed for unisex, anyone can wear them as they even come in children’s sizes too.

You have many reasons to buy these, especially for the fact that they are versatile.

My overall verdict: Which is better?

I will go straight to the point and say that I personally prefer the Crocs All-Terrain.

Like the name says it all, the Crocs All-Terrain function pretty well on all terrains, and then the back straps on them are way stronger and long-lasting compared to the Crocs Off-Road.

The Crocs Off-Road is a great investment too but I am still maintaining my choice of going with the Crocs All-Terrain and this is because it is everything in one.

It has comfort, it is versatile and very protective and then I can actually use it on all terrains without having to worry about the sole eating up or anything.

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