Bogs Boots Problems (And Their Solutions)

Bogs was founded in 2002 by Bill Combs. This brand is known for making footwear that is 100% waterproof and lined with well-cushioned materials to keep you warm in the cold weather.

Their boots are made from recycled materials and are tested in the Ice of Antarctica and freezing water to make sure they are excellent.

Its motto is, “Make Better Shoes Every Day” and this has been its target since its inception, to provide footwear that can withstand whatever the outdoors brings.

However, Bogs have its drawbacks. Some problems have been identified with their boots. This article will be dealing with the problems and possible solutions.

Bogs Classic High Boots

6 Bogs Boots Problems And Solutions

  1. Bogs Boot get wet inside
  2. Bogs boots do not come in half-sizes
  3. The Bogs all-nylon boot has poor ankle support
  4. The Bogs classic high boots don’t offer much breathability
  5. Outsole does not have a good  grip on slippery surfaces
  6. The Bogs classic mid boot is not comfortable for long walks

Bogs Boots Get Wet Inside

Yes, this is a very common problem with Bogs boots, they get wet inside. If you walk in very deep waters, this boot will get wet on the inside.

This is a common problem with some waterproof boots, they can’t stop the insides from getting wet. Bogs boots are wide at the calf and don’t have a strap to tighten them to your pants.

If it were so, the amount of water that will get into the boots from the top will be greatly minimized. But as it is with the wide calf, water can get into your boots during rainfall or when you wade through deep waters.

Water can also get into your Bogs boots through the loosened seams. However, Bogs have dealt with this particular problem by designing boots with seamless construction.


Preventing your boots from getting wet inside cannot be completely avoided, but it can be minimized.

To reduce the amount of water getting into your boots, go for taller boots if you will be going through the waters. The Bogs boots have 15 inches tall boots. Also, avoid deep waters if you can.

Also, when purchasing your boots, go for the one with seamless construction.

Ways you can get Bogs Boots dried

When your Bogs boots get wet you will need to get them dried as you will probably need them the next day. The following are ways to dry your Bogs Boots:

  • Using radiators: to dry your Bogs boots with a radiator, hang them up on the radiator brackets or you can place the boots on top. Your Bogs boots need to be well exposed to the circulating air. Hanging your boots on the radiator brackets will ensure the circulating air gets to your boots.
  • Using small towels: stuffing your boots with small towels can effectively dry the boots. It is a slow but natural method, and it ensures your boot is dried when you can’t get access to a heater or dryer. This method also prevents your boots from getting wrinkles.
  • Using balled-up newspapers: this method is much slower, but it will effectively dry your boots. All you need to do is get enough newspapers and ball them up and stuff them inside the boot. Keep replacing them when they get wet until your boot is well dried.

Before drying your boots ensure you remove the laces and insoles. You can dry them separately.

Bogs boots do not come in half-sizes

This is a common problem with many boots. The Bogs makes boots that come in different sizes but not in half-sizes.

That is, if you wear a 10.5 size you won’t be able to find your size. This is not a problem that should keep you the least worried.


To deal with this problem, always order a size up. That is, if you wear a 10.5, you order size 11. However, you may get your boots and find out they are too large.

To deal with this, you can wear thick socks to enable the boot to fit. Also, you can get another insole and make it double. This will help with the fitting.

The Bogs all-nylon boot has poor ankle support

One good thing about the Bogs boots is the flexibility it offers. The rubber-made material makes the boot easy to fold.

The Bogs all nylon boot offers complete and better flexibility, and while this is good, it has a drawback, in that it offers no ankle support.

While you walk, you will notice your feet keep slipping at the ankle. This can lead to injuries at the ankle, especially when walking on rough terrain.


The possible solution to this is to buy snug-fit boots. Buying snug-fit boots does not mean you should buy downsize.

Downsized boots will be too tight and hurt your feet. When buying your boots, check the calf circumference with the ankle area and compare it with your measurement.

You can also wear thick socks with your boots, this will help them fit tighter.

The Bogs classic high boots don’t offer much breathability

In a bid to provide insulation from the cold during winter, the Bogs boots are ladened with rubber and insulated to keep the warmth in.

While this is a very good technique that is great during the cold to keep your feet warm, this won’t be of great help during summer.

This is a common problem with many waterproof and insulated boots. Some of them become bulky and will not provide enough circulation of air during the heat.

The Bogs classic high boot does not offer good breathability. You will notice that on hot days, your feet feel hot and get sweaty.


The following ways will deal with less breathable boots:

  • Use shoe inserts: shoe inserts are good for absorbing moisture which will keep your feet dry. They may also help absorb odor.
  • Wear absorbent socks: absorbent socks are good for absorbing sweat from your feet, leaving your feet cool and dry. Thin socks made with polyester and Coolmax are good for absorbing moisture from your feet.
  • Use feet powders or antiperspirants: another effective way to keep your feet cool is by applying feet powders or antiperspirants. Do not combine both. Foot powders and antiperspirants help with preventing your feet from sweating. Before applying the powder or antiperspirant, make sure you wash and dry your feet.
  • Free your feet: while working, during your free time, you can remove the boots while you relax to allow your feet to breathe. Nothing beats your feet receiving fresh air.

Outsole does not have a good  grip on slippery surfaces

One problem customers complain about some designs of Bogs boots is how poorly the outsole performs on slippery surfaces. There is not good enough traction on the outsole.

The outsoles of Bogs boots are made of rubber and this should offer a good level of slip resistance. However, this does not seem to be the case as some reviews capture customers who complained about the poor traction on the outsole.


If you buy Bogs boots and you are not comfortable with the grip on the outsole you can do any of the following:

  • Use sandpaper: apply sandpaper by rubbing on the outsole to make it rougher.
  • Scuff the outsoles: this is another effective way of making your outsole rough. Simply rub the soles on rough concrete or gravel to roughen the surface.
  • Wear ice grip: this non-slip grip can help with providing solid traction on slippery surfaces.

The Bogs classic mid boot is not comfortable for long walks

Another complaint some customers have is that this boot is not as light-weight as you would expect. And this makes it not comfortable for long walks.

As you walk, the boot begins to feel heavy on your feet after a while. The Bogs all-nylon boot also doesn’t feel comfortable on long walks. The outsole tends to slide around during movement.

Bogs Classic Mid Boots


One of the best ways to deal with this lack of comfort is to avoid long walks at all costs. If you must engage in long walks, go for boots that fit more and are lighter in weight.

The Bogs workman boots have been made lighter. Bogs claim that they are 30% lighter than the classic ultra high boots Also, buy boots that are well-fitting.

Wearing oversized boots won’t give you the comfort you need while walking. If you have gotten your boots and they are larger, do not fret.

Wearing thick socks can help deal with this problem. Also adding an extra insole will make it conform to your feet size.


There is no problem without a solution. If you buy the Bogs boots and encounter any of these challenges, I’m certain the solution provided will go a long way in helping.

Generally, the Bogs boots are great waterproof boots for your winter season. Take proper care of your boots and they will last you longer.


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