Are Toms Comfortable?

Yes, Toms are comfortable shoes.

Toms are extremely comfortable closed-toe shoes that are not sneakers but will offer you the same kind of comfort and even more than the regular sneakers will offer.

They are lighter and more affordable, and very easy to maintain. They have a V-shape canvas exterior which makes them very easy to slip on and off and they are known for the substantial comfort they offer when you walk in them causing no irritation or whatever to your feet.

Toms have arch supports which makes them actually healthy for everyday and long-hour wear.

What Makes Toms Comfortable?

Toms are seen and also felt as comfortable shoes because they are breathable and they also have removable insoles, with their cushioning being one of the great contributions to how comfortable they can be.

Let me show you here:

  • The insoles
  • The material
  • Their cushioning
  • They are lightweight

The insoles

This is a major contributor to how comfortable Toms can be.

We can all agree that shoes with removable insoles are naturally comfortable because the chances of being uncomfortable because of sweaty feet or even an irritating smell from the shoes have already been countered.

This is because you can just remove the insoles and wash them whenever they start giving out the stench.

The material

According to research, Toms are made with a combination and also varieties of different materials from Organic cotton to natural hemp and pig suede Etc.

These materials are key components in ensuring that your Toms are breathable, and with more breathability comes more comfort as your feet are bound to be refreshed constantly with the amount of air coming in through the materials.

Their cushioning

This happens to be a very important feature that most shoes must not lack if they are intended to offer comfort to the wearer.

Lucky enough, the Toms are possessors of such features. The cushioning of the Toms is done in such a way that you can actually wear this without socks and still feel comfortable because of the soft cushioning they possess.

Even though Toms has been manufacturing footwear with credible cushioning and comfort altogether, they changed the game when they dropped the Alpargata mallow.

This contributed a lot to making the Toms style cozier, reimagining the design and its whole feature and adding an ultra-cushioned and pillowy sole that just lets you walk in them more comfortable than usual.

They are lightweight

This of all features that the Toms possess is one of the greatest and most liked by many people.

Most people do not want draggy heavy shoes dragging them and adding to their tiredness which is why some people or actually judging from the vast population on earth.

A lot of people prefer wearing the Toms after a long day at work or even at work.

With all these features coming together to make up the Toms, there is nothing standing in their way of been comfortable.

What Makes Toms Uncomfortable?

There are a lot of things that can make shoes uncomfortable. In the case of the Toms, we will be reviewing and making references to the reviews made on them on Amazon.

We will be selecting the most used subjects in review and then make emphasis on them in order to clearly understand the main issue causing the uncomfortable feeling behind them.

Let’s dive in!!

  • They can be scratchy
  • They can be painful
  • They are not exactly durable shoes
  • Poor quality

They can be scratchy

A lot of things make the Toms shoes uncomfortable, one of the reasons this happens is as a result of the lace material used in making them.

This contributes a lot to making the Toms uncomfortable for some people, material matters a lot in consideration of how comfortable footwear is to be.

In the case of the Tom shoes, the material used in making some of the Toms Shoes renders them scratchy making them uncomfortable for the wearer.

They are painful

This is somehow a regular feature in most shoes as long as you get a pair that is not your size.

It is the same with the Toms, regardless of the size you wear if you get a size below your regular then you are signing up for a duration of uncomfortable feeling.

This is serious however in the case of the Toms Because other shoes may tend to adjust and offer you a customized fit even though you order a bit of a size down.

But this is not applicable to the Toms as they are sometimes made with materials that are not stretchy at all.

They are not exactly durable shoes

The Toms are not durable in some cases. Maybe because they are not built for tough activities because of their nature. Using them regularly for certain activities might result in them getting damaged.

They are lightweight therefore they are made with light materials too. The possibility of the shoes getting damaged with regular use or the thought of them having limited usability is uncomforting.

Poor Quality

I think everything discussed here all comes up to the quality of the Toms. In some rare cases of critical review, it is believed that the Toms are of poor quality which contributes to their uncomfortability.

Poor quality wears are never comfortable, from them falling apart to them not being supportive at all.

In some rare cases.

In What Situation Are Toms Comfortable?

Okay in this part of the article we will be reviewing some of the possible causes and situations that Toms are possibly going to be performing their best by giving you maximum comfort and support.

Let’s check them out.

  • Walks
  • Indoor shoes
  • Social Activities


Toms are very comfortable shoes for walking all day. They are lightweight and they feel and fit like Slip-ons, very easy to slip on and off.

The lightweight feature of the Toms makes it less draggy unlike other shoes, where you will have to deal with the weight of the shoes when you walk in them.

Their slip-on feature makes them breathable, this lets air circulate even within them when you walk keeping your feet refreshed and protected against skin irritation caused by sweaty wear.

These are the ideal shoes that you can wear for long hours and not feel a pinch or any form of uncomfortable, all you have to do is to make sure you make the right size order and you are good to go.

Indoor shoes

Most people just need the Toms to use as indoor shoes to engage in indoor activities, this does not necessarily imply to home kind of indoor activities.

In this case, I am making emphasis on office workers. In some cases, workers tend to come to work looking all sleek and classy but make a change of footwear when they are settled in their office or workplace to the Toms so that they can move around the office comfortably and freely.

Since the cushioning of the Toms is done for light usability, it is only wise and perfect that it is used as office shoes or even indoor shoes.

Although there are reviews from workers who claim the Toms are great shoes for casual wear to the office just make sure the color is neutral to your shirt and pants or matching your pants alone.

Social Activities

Toms are some comfortable shoes you can wear to attend social gatherings, and hang out with friends, and personally, I feel they are good shoes to wear even to date.

See they give you that space you need in shoes, also with the freedom. The Toms offer lots of freedom and comfort which are reasons people prefer them a lot to other closed toes shoes.

This is another situation that Toms are liable to serve you comfortably.

Two Toms Shoes that Are Very Comfortable

TOMS Men Alpargata Shoe

Are Toms Comfortable


  • Removable Insoles
  • Traction Sole
  • Closed-toe
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Timeless


  • Narrow Fit

This is one of the best Toms for men in the market, it is well cushioned and has a recommended sole with good traction at least to make it anti-slip.

Apart from being cute and stylish, they are cool and comfortable and can be gotten at a price of $21-$76 on Amazon.

TOMS Women Alpargata Shoe

Are Toms Comfortable


  • Rubber Sole
  • Woven Upper
  • Elastic gore for easy on and off
  • Removable insoles
  • EVA Outsole


  • Narrow Fit

This is more classy plus specially made with ladies’ well-being in mind. They have rubber soles for more durability, and the elastic gore on them makes it possible for easy on and off.

Fully displaying its slip-on feature with the help of the gore it is made of. They have removable insoles too and are very comfortable and breathable because of their woven upper.


Toms are comfortable footwear with a little of disadvantages too just like most of the footwear today on earth.

Everyone with his/her preferences on how they want their footwear to feel especially on their legs.

Regardless, one of the most comfortable closed-toe shoes for anyone apart from sneakers is the Toms.


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