Best 10 Arch Support Inserts for Toms

Your arch plays a vital role while standing and walking, they move with other bones, ligaments, and tendons to form a spring-like action that helps to propel for forward while walking.

This means that your arch provides balance and support to your feet.

Do you know that bad arch support can lead to overpronation and to avoid this you need to get arch support inserts, especially for your TOMS shoes?

These arch support inserts must be slim/thin, odor resistant, universal, must not fray i.e should last long and should have heel cupping.

Would you like to see some arch support insert for your Toms shoe? Then you should read further and check these out.

Top 10 Arch Support Inserts for Toms

Arch Support Inserts
Features Rating
Pedag Summer Barefoot Insert Made of pure cotton terry with padded latex 4.5/5
Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insert Deep stabilizing heel cup 4.3/5
Happystep Terry Insert Handmade craftsmanship 4.5/5
Scholl’s Messaging insert Massaging gel technology 4.3/5
Lambaa Unisex Insert Natural sheep wool fleece 4.5/5
Kiwi Barefoot Insert Innovative technology and dermatologically tested 4.3/5
Vomii Pu Insert Deep heel cradle, soft PU pad, and velvet material 4.2/5
Knixmax Insert Viscoelastic polyurethane 4.1/5
SoxSols Antislip Insert Solsecure technology 4.3/5
Soletec Insert Hypoallergenic and Thermo moldable 4.0/5

Pedag Summer Barefoot Insert

Arch Support Inserts for Toms

This insert is made from natural cotton terry, it is the ideal insert for protecting your Toms from discoloration or damage due to foot sweat.

It is padded with latex which provides ultimate comfort. It is breathable, lightweight, and thin. It absorbs sweat, controls odor and it is also washable.

This insert is very nice for your TOMS shoes especially during hot weather conditions, due to the fact that is designed with cotton terrycloth which helps in absorbing sweat as well as unpleasant foot odor.

Its perforated and grooved latex padding allows air to circulate and keep the feet cool. The Pedag insert is fully washable, it can be washed at the end of your daily activities with a gentle detergent and allowed to dry.


  • Lightweight, breathable, comfortable, washable, odor resistant


  • Less frequent wear

Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insert

Arch Support Inserts for Toms

This insert is quite versatile, if you want to know how versatile it is then you should read further. One unique feature of this insert is that it has a prominent characteristic of the best insert which is heel cupping.

This stabilizing heel cup helps to evenly distribute weight around the feet and provides good shock absorption. It has a 5mm top cover that fits perfectly in TOMS shoes.

Its top fabric reduces friction and also helps to keep the feet cool at all times. This insert has a built-in insole material that helps to reduce foot pressure by absorbing shock.

It also has foot support which increases foot stability. Another outstanding feature is that it has a high-quality EVA material that is suitable for your Toms.

This insert has an unmatching level of support and comfort. Get this versatile insert on Amazon using this link;


  • Deep heel cup, lasting comfort, premium EVA material, shock absorption


  • Not universal or accessible

Happystep Terry Insert

Arch Support Inserts for Toms

This insert is thin, light, and handmade, indeed flexible, it helps to control excessive moisture thereby preventing sweaty and smelly feet. It is made of a soft and fine terry cloth which makes barefoot very comfy and cozy.

This material helps absorb moisture effectively. It has premium latex padding that helps to provide cushioning and flexibility.

It is super thin and very lightweight. Its seam edges are finished with a three-step zigzag stitch to make it durable. It is also washable, just hand wash in cold water and lay it flat to dry. Its premium terry top provides excellent sweat absorption.

It is super thin which makes it fit perfectly for Toms. It also comes in two packs. You can use the link below to get this handmade insert from Amazon.


  • Handmade, thin, washable, comfy, odor resistant, flexible

Scholl’s Messaging insert

Arch Support Inserts for Toms

It is very thin and incorporates a massaging gel technology to help relieve your feet from fatigue and energized.

This is very essential for people with foot and leg fatigue. The Massaging Gel Advanced Technology offers all-day comfort.

Clinically, it has been proven that this insert provides all-day and superior comfort in each of the 4 key areas of your foot which are; mid-sole, forefoot, arch, and heel.

The insert also reduces muscle fatigue that helps you stay on your feet all day long. Clinical research has shown that people walk over 10% more with Dr. Scholl’s massaging insert.

It has a rippling wave in the heel with bouncier gel waves that provide a spring during motion. It helps to reduce fatigue and give incredible all-day comfort to the feet.


  • All-day comfort, support, massaging gel technology, anti-fatigue technology


  • Not odor resistant

Lambaa Unisex Insert

Arch Support Inserts for Toms

This unisex insert is made of 100% sheep wool, it helps to absorb as well as disperse moisture. It is ultra-soft, lightweight, and retains heat.

It has the perfect fit for Toms shoes. This insert is very affordable and suits both men and women alike.

The softness of the insert improves the comfort of your Toms. It is also washable, it must be washed with the hands and not a machine. All you need to do is;

  • Wet the insert properly with water
  • Apply a little amount of detergent to a clean sponge
  • Wash thoroughly and rinse with cold water
  • Allow it dry naturally

You can get this 100% sheep wool insert on Amazon at an affordable price using the link below;


  • 100% sheep wool, unisex, lightweight, and soft


  • Cannot be trimmed

Kiwi Barefoot Insert

Arch Support Inserts for Toms

Kiwi barefoot inserts are breathable and absorb excess moisture. It gives comfort and gives the freedom to put on your Toms comfortably and hygienically without socks.

Unlike Lambaa insert, Kiwi can be trimmed to your desired size.

It provides premium cushioning and helps absorb shock. It provides long-lasting comfort for your feet.

It also features innovative technology such as odor-resistant, dual-density breathable foam and breathable and moisture-absorbent cloth.

  • Odor-resistant: It guards the feet against the growth of bacteria odor which makes this insert preferable to a leather shoe insert.
  • Dual-density breathable foam: This foam ensures that the insert provides good cushioning and lightweight comfort.
  • Breathable and moisture-absorbent cloth: The Rayon top cloth is made with 76% bamboo which gives incredible barefoot comfort.

Another feature to note about Kiwi barefoot insert is that it is dermatologically tested, which means that it is appropriate and safe for direct contact with your skin.


  • Can be worn without socks, can be trimmed, comfortable, hygienic, odor-resistant, moisture absorbent, dermatologically tested


  • Easily slides off

Vomii Pu Insert

Arch Support Inserts for Toms

Like the Plantar Fasciitis feet insert, one unique thing about this insert is that it has a deep heel cradle. This cradle provides heel support and stability.

It has shock-absorbing pads that can help reduce excess stress as well as pain.

The high arch support relieves pressure from the feet. Vomii Pu insert has a breathable fabric that provides an all-day-long comfort and cool.

This fabric is made of high quality and also a very soft PU pad which offers great shock absorption and gives better bounce.

The insert is designed basically for men and women suffering from foot and leg fatigue as well as lower back pain from being on their feet for long.

This insert is also good for flat feet, plantar fasciitis, aging feet, and other common foot ache problems which people have.

This insert can be trimmed, it has a medical-grade velvet which is durable and also made of high quality. This velvet can absorb sweat and remove excess moisture, it is breathable thereby making the feet feeling fresh all day long.

The PU material is very safe for skin contact, it is an environment-friendly material that is suitable for men, women, and even kids.


  • Deep heel cradle, pressure relieve, breathable fabric, can be trimmed, shock absorption, reduction of fatigue, velvet, and PU material

Knixmax Insert

Arch Support Inserts for Toms

Knixmax insert is incorporated with a viscoelastic polyurethane. This viscoelastic is a Tempurpedic feel that offers the best cushioning for foot pain relief to the feet.

It also incorporates new memory foam absorption technology which helps in reducing fatigue, it has two densities of memory foam;

  1. The low density-quick rebounce, which is very soft and comfortable.
  2. The medium density-slow rebounce, which is very soft and cushioned.

It has 0.8cm thickness and can also be trimmed. The top layer is made of breathable spandex and foam. It has long-lasting cushioning and helps to wick away moisture. This insert is indeed breathable, lightweight, and eco-friendly.


  • Viscoelastic polyurethane, memory foam absorption technology, breathable, lightweight, eco-friendly, can be trimmed, long term cushioning

Soxsols Antislip Insert

Arch Support Inserts for Toms

This insert absorbs moisture, it helps to absorb perspiration from your feet and prevents sweat from soaking into the footbed of your Toms.

It has a Solsecure technology, it is made of silicon rubber, creates a non-slip grip and it is machine washable. The Soxsols helps to extend the life span of your Toms shoes and cushion your feet from impact throughout the day.

This insert is made with thick layers of natural wool and cotton fibers which keeps the feet warm or cool depending on the weather condition.

It can be trimmed to perfectly fit your Toms. The insert also absorbs odor and can be washed.


  • Solsecure technology, washable, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant


  • It is quite expensive

Soletec Insert

Arch Support Inserts for Toms

The Soletec insert is the ideal insert for sensitive skin and ulceration. It offers great support and relieve pressure. It also offers a deep heel cup alongside moderate longitudinal arch support.

The inserts are hypoallergenic, thermomoldable, and very easy to trim. It can be molded directly to your feet after the application of the external heat source of about 230 degrees Fahrenheit to the sole till the sole is soft and moldable.

It offers two dual-density and one tri-density, this is ideal for people with sensitive skin and ulceration as a result of diabetics or lack of sensation in the extremities of the feet.

It offers a deep heel cup and longitudinal arch support to provide good support to the feet as well as relief pressure. They also add comfort for sore feet.


  • Deep heel cup, great support, relieve to pressure points, easy to trim, thermomoldable, double dual density


As stated earlier, the arch provides support and balance to the feet, so getting good arch support inserts for your Toms shoes will help stabilize your movement as well as give you good balance and support.

The inserts listed above are the bests you can get for your Toms, they have all been designed usable for all Toms.

Some of them have been approved medically, others have a good effect on foot health.


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