10 Boot Slide Spray (For You in 2022)

I remember putting on boots for a few hours and couldn’t use boots again for weeks. It was just too tight that it didn’t fit.

But I needed to wear it for that occasion. If I had known that they were sprays to help my boots fit and relax, I wouldn’t be telling this story now.

I’m sure you are here so that you can avoid a similar story as mine. Worry not, as long as you use any of these sprays I’m about to mention here, you will definitely enjoy putting on boots to anywhere.

10 boot slide sprays that will help stretch your shoes

Brand Features
RepelWell Shoe and Boot Protect spray Dries in seconds
Cadillac Shield Boot Spray Easy to use
BootRescue Protector Spray No harmful chemicals
Bickmore Leather Stretcher Spray Stretches leather
FootMatters stretch spray Doesn’t stain or fade
Angelus boot spray Fit into a tight boot, prevents stains
Kiwi select Permanently stretches
Nanoman Shoe Protector Spray Water and stain-resistant
NikWax Nubuck & suede proof spray Preserves texture
Instant Comfort stretcher spray Loosens tight spot

RepelWell Shoe and Boot Protect spray

Boot Slide Spray

This RepelWell product will ensure you get all the comfort you need. I believe you might want to know what its unique side is. One unique thing about this spray is that it dries in seconds.

You won’t need to worry about waiting for hours for your shoes to get dried up after spraying. You can immediately use your boots after spraying. So even if you’re running late, the boot shouldn’t be one of your worries, you can literally fly out of the house in seconds.

Also, it works for leather and suede boots. It doesn’t go off easily because it is tenacious in nature. Have you heard of the eagle who goes with her child in her mouth soaring the wind without letting the baby eagle go no matter what? RepelWell protects works that same way.

With RepelWell boot protect Spray, you won’t need to consider the color of your boots. It works for every color of boots because it is colorless and it doesn’t build up on your boots. That sounds like what you’d like right? Looks like what I’d go for.

Moreso, a one-time application on your boots can last for a whole month. Not just once in a month usage, but heavy and constant usage.

Cadillac Shield Boot Spray

Boot Slide Spray

The application of this spray helps protect your boot against water damage. You won’t need to worry about entering a flooded area with your boots.

Cadillac Shield can guarantee you maximum protection against water and stain. It is so easy to use and doesn’t need special training to be used by anyone.

It works for leather, suede, nylon, polythene, rubber materials. Just purchasing one can would enable you to use all of these materials mentioned above.

If you do not want to bother about buying sprays for different boot materials, then go for Cadillac Shield and enjoy using it for all of your boots collection.

Moreso, it comes with a fine mist spray where your boots can retain their fineness.

BootRescue Protector Spray

Boot Slide Spray

A simple spraying on your boots will certainly give you the comfort and relaxing feeling you most desire. By the time you use BootRescue spray, you won’t have the experience I had with my boots. You can count on this for your comfort.

Most important is that it can be used on cold and rainy days because it is multipurpose. You don’t have to be bothered about the spray getting off on cold days because BootRescue spray is designed to endure such weather and it has no harmful substances.

No foul smell on your feet after using this spray. You would most likely be comfortable using BootRescue Spray than when not.

Bickmore Boot & Shoe Professional Leather Stretcher Spray

Boot Slide Spray

Imagine a scenario where you ordered a shoe online and it turns out that it doesn’t really fit. What would you do? Return it or gift it to a friend?

Maybe you should consider using Bickmore Spray, it stretches leather shoes and makes your shoes fit. No matter how tight your boot is, just apply this spray and you are good to go.

It also softens stiff leather and ensures the comfortability of new shoes. I know how hard new shoes, especially boots can be on our feet, but Bickmore Spray can spare you the trouble.

It is safe for men’s and women’s footwear and can be used by both genders. It can be used on different footwear like; Western and cowboy boots, dress shoes, tennis shoes, sandals made of suede, nubuck, and smooth leather.

Moreso, it relaxes the feet while walking. It is made in the USA.

FootMatters Professional Boot & Shoe Stretch Spray

Boot Slide Spray

This happens to be the most popular and most used. In case you’re looking for something people have written great reviews on, then you should go for FootMatters. FootMatters comes in different patterns and shades.

One unique feature of FootMatters is that it doesn’t stain or fade. You can comfortably use it on any boot or shoe color and material and you won’t be disappointed.

From reviews gathered about FootMatters, it is clear that it enhances comfortability and gives you that confidence just wearing your boot, as a result of the spray used on it.

Here’s one review from their website, “A few sprays to the right shoes is like CPR for your shoes, bringing them back to life and taking the PAIN out of walking around in your old favorites!” See? You’ll probably feel no pain wearing your boots when you’ve applied FootMatters on them.

Moreso, it works on multiple materials. You don’t need to get different sprays for different materials, just get FootMatters.

I’ll add that it is easy to use. Anyone anywhere can use it.

Angelus Brand Professional Boot Spray

Boot Slide Spray

Angelus is another brand that aims to stand out. Making your product stand out in any field demands that you give your best. And not just that, you give what the people need and want.

One unique feature of Angelus is that the spray prevents water, salt, and perspiration from damaging your shoes or boots.

I wouldn’t love to spend money changing boots very often because I sweat a lot. So, I’d rather use Angelus spray where I wouldn’t need to bother about my sweat because it won’t damage my shoes. Does this relate to you? You have a way out here, Angelus spray.

It does not only prevent perspiration stain, but it also helps you fit into those tight boots. You can easily slip into them when you apply Angelus spray on them.

Kiwi Select Universal Shoe Stretcher

Boot Slide Spray

Kiwi is another product of spray that stands out for me. When sprayed on leather, suede, nubuck, and reptile skins, it gently stretches the boots or shoes to fit.

This means that it will definitely make the shoe fit you exactly. Where your feet end is where the stretching will stop.

Also, it can be used for all colors of shoes/boots. So, you don’t have to be afraid of stains. Another interesting thing about Kiwi spray is that it stretches permanently.

So, the extent your feet expand to on the first wear is the way it will remain permanently. That’s all-time comfort for you. Very crucial is that the spray contains 7 o2 cans.

Get it direct from Amazon here https://www.amazon.com/Kiwi-SELECT-Universal-Shoe-Stretch/dp/B0010TN0UW

Nanoman Shoe Protector Spray

Boot Slide Spray

Nanoman Shoe Protector Spray is a water and stain-resistant boot spray. One of the handy sprays you can get on the Amazon store.

Nanoman proof spray is free of odor and you don’t have to worry about having smelly feet with this spray. I believe we all want this because no one wants to wear a boot in the morning, then returns home with smelly feet.

Another benefit of Nanoman Shoe Protector spray is that it is durable. Most people rather go for what can last them longer than what they’ll waste money on. So, if durability is what Nanoman is promising, why not go for it?

It doesn’t just maintain the beauty of your boot, it ensures the longevity of your boots. So the beauty doesn’t fade easily. You can go out in beautiful boots or shoes and still return with the same.

Nanoman promises no odor and I’m counting on this brand to deliver according to their promises.

Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Proof Spray

Boot Slide Spray

Here’s another brand that is swiftly making a name for itself. NikWax Nubuck & Suede proof spray works for preserving the texture of the boot and it is suited for neutral suede, nubuck renovator, and rejuvenation.

You have probably damaged your leather surface and you’re thinking of dumping your favorite boot, You don’t have to. NikWax comes with a repelling touch against water-damaged leather.

Yes! You read that glaring enough. NikWax Nubuck and Suede promise to protect your shoes against water damage.

Also, the spray removes dust and dirt from your boots. An application of NikWax Nubuck and suede leaves your boot refreshed in its natural and normal color.

You can actually have that boot retain its texture for a longer time.

NikWax Nubuck and suede spray has many unique features that you should go for. Maybe it is because of its originality.

Instant Comfort Liquid Shoe Stretcher Spray

Boot Slide Spray

I kind of love the name of this product, because it explicitly tells you about it offers before you begin to even ask for the description.

Just as the name implies, Instant Comfort spray increases comfort on your feet while putting on your boots or shoes. It promises to keep you comfortable all day when you apply the spray on your boots.

One common thing about boot slide spray is that it loosens tight spots for easy slip-on into boots. And Instant Comfort spray also performs that function. It loosens tight spots on your shoes.

Moreso, you can use it on all shoes. What’s the deal there if I can’t use one spray on all my boots/shoes? I wouldn’t even consider this question if I were Elon Musk, but I’m not. So go for what best functions for you.

Instant Comfort spray also works to reduce blisters and calluses. What’s the point of putting on a boot if you’re going to always acquire blisters for yourself? The main reason you should use this spray.

You’ll automatically reduce the rate of blisters you get from shoes. This product brand is made in the USA.

In conclusion

There’s this one occasion that I applied one of the boot slide spray on my boots to a school party. My walking steps were enhanced. I became the spectacle for everyone to behold and I didn’t even realize when I began jiggling my way before everyone.

Believe me, I was excited that I was getting so much attention and deep down me, I knew that the comfort and confidence sprung from my feet.

My boots became softening and I could even afford to go greet people I wouldn’t ordinarily greet. Guess what? That was my second time using boots after my awkward first experience.

What changed? I learned the secret. An application of a unique spray on my boot. You might not need to get the attention that I got that day, but you certainly need to be comfortable while walking and working.

So, what are you waiting for? All of these sprays come at different prices, so you can go for the one you can afford. Money should not be a barrier to your comfort.

Remember to go for what works for you.


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