Can Baristas wear Vans?

As a matter of fact, yes, baristas can wear Vans. Although the dress code might vary based on your manager, it is not prohibited to wear Vans as a barista.

There is a wide range of Vans footwear to choose from and although most coffee shops now allow the Barista and other employees to be themselves as well as be unique with their clothes and shoes.

Majorly only black brown or gray colored shoes with a small amount of accent color is allowed.

It is advisable to stick to neutral tones. When I worked as a Barista I always preferred black because it tends to blend in more and ties my whole outfit together.

The dress code was aimed to be more relaxing and give the employee the freedom to express themselves. Always make sure to check with your store manager regarding the dress code you are not sure of.

Apart from the fact that you can wear Vans shoes which must be of neutral colors (black, brown or gray), for safety reasons, it is strongly advised to wear shoes that are slip-resistant and this is so important.

I will tell you one of the reasons it is important to invest in anti-slip shoes while working as a barista, at the coffee shop that I used to work at.

My fellow employee, a lady, was not wearing nonslip shoes (she never did) and she was carrying large cups of hot water while just walking over a short distance, she slipped and Spilled water on herself.

It was not a good experience for her at all, so a solid shoe with more support at the bottom is a must

Favorite Vans shoes Baristas can wear

1. Vans unisex adult authentic shoe


For a moment let us forget the classic van’s design and admire this all-black Vans shoe.

The all-black sleek design checks off all the requirements surrounding shoes you need to wear while working as a barista.

The Vans blends in with the whole outfit overall, it is good on the feet as well. I recommend these shoes and this is because they are simple, clean and equally comfortable.

Although depending on your type of feet, you might need arch support if you are going to be standing for more than eight hours. I have never had the need for one.

I have flat feet and I have worn different kinds of shoes, I have come to realize that these Vans are a good option especially for people that have flat feet as it fits well with your feet.

You will not encounter blisters as well while wearing this Vans. This pair of Vans not only support the feet but they resist water to an extent and this comes in need in case you encounter spills. The soles are thick and it is durable.

So you can go ahead and rock this pair of Vans while also being fashionable.

2. Vans unisex old skill (50th) skate shoe

It’s safe to imagine that this particular design of Vans is what many people are familiar with when Vans are mentioned especially people that know nothing about shoes and are not familiar with shoe brands.

This classic black and white Vans to date are still trendy and I doubt they will go out of style anytime soon.

Not only can you pair this with socks to complete your whole outfit, but you can also choose to go without socks and rock this with your slacks, khakis, or even shorts with or without tights to work.

The options and variety you can go with are countless. The white sole design as well as the white shoelace, white stitches, and white Vans side signature side strip on this black shoe all correspond and fall into the small amount of accent color that is allowed to be worn by baristas in the dress codes.

Overall, the shoes are fantastic in my opinion. They are sturdy, made of good quality materials and it is extremely comfortable.

You cannot go wrong with this classic Vans, trust me and you can quote me on that. This was the first-ever type of Vans I ever owned and to date, I do not regret ever purchasing but still think it was a very good idea.

Finally, these classic black and white Vans would be perfect for a barista that wants to drop the all-black shoe look for something more popping. This is not saying you can’t decide to own both of them.

3. Vans men’s Hi top trainers

What’s not to love about Hi-tops. Personally, at the moment I do not own more than two Hi-tops but I can tell you that I have worn them for a very long duration.

This Vans Hi-top has the Vans signature side strip (in black), a padded collar that gives the shoe extra support, a cushioning insole as well as a smooth lining.

There is one thing about these shoes that is up to date I continue to stand by and this is about how comfortable they are.

I once joked that if possible, this would be the only shoe I would wear and this is because they are super comfortable.

As a barista, the comfort this shoe provides for your feet is exactly why you need this type of Vans.

Keep in mind that they are equally slip-resistant so you do not have to worry about slipping or tripping on the floor while serving.

Something most people might consider a downside to this Vans is that it takes a little time to put on.

You have to undo most of the laces and it can be a hassle and it can annoy most people. But in my case, that is something that all the good quality of this Vans overshadows.

In conclusion

Vans is a pretty good shoe to wear as a barista, there are different types of Vans shoes and you can mix them up.

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