Can You Wear Flip Flops While Driving A Commercial Vehicle

To put it simply, Yes you can.

With all the controversies And different opinions surrounding this question, it all boils down to the fact that it is not illegal to wear flip-flops while driving a commercial vehicle, i.e you can wear flip-flops while driving a commercial vehicle. 

Along with it not being illegal to drive using flip flops, it is also not illegal to drive barefoot either. There are no laws prohibiting it, zero.

Now, if an accident occurs and it was caused by the fact that the driver or you were wearing flip flops or being barefoot (that is maybe the flip flop got caught on the brake pedal and you or the driver got distracted trying to get it out thereby causing an accident ), the driver or you (if you are behind the wheel ) will be held for careless driving and not because you wore flip flops.

There are three types of truck drivers you will find out there

  • Those who always wear flip flops to drive for as long as they could remember
  • Those who do not wear flip flops but have nothing against people who do wear them
  • Then there are those people that do not wear flip flops but have this distaste for people that do

Although the hate towards people that wear flip flops to drive trucks might be a bit too much, it is understandable and can be justified with the following reasons

  • Wearing flip-flops to drive might lead to disaster. If the flip flop gets wet, you can easily lose control of the pedal and This might lead to disaster
  • The flip flops may get caught on the brake or pedal while you are driving which can equally lead to an accident
  • It does not look professional, imagine coming out of the truck wearing flip-flops.

I do agree that flip flops are comfortable and most people say it is a better alternative than dealing with a sweaty foot but most companies will have mandatory minimal footwear someone can wear while operating their equipment.

Nevertheless, if flip flops are still your choice, below are my favorite flip flops to wear while driving.

Favorite flip flops to wear while driving a commercial vehicle

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic II Flip Flops

Safe, comfortable, soft; you have it all in this flip flop. What I do love most about this pair of flip flops are the bead impressions on the feet and sole side.

These impressions will help your feet adhere very well to the flip flop and this is what we want since the flip flop will be worn while driving a truck.

You can probably run a mile in this and your feet would not suffer from any burning sensation. I also particularly love that the straps are large and not tiny, this will eliminate tiny slices into the feet.

This pair of crocs are really soft enough to wear all day while driving and they do not give blisters. Overall, this is what you are getting if you chose to purchase this particular pair of crocs

  • Flip flops are incredibly light but give the comfort and support needed.
  • Not only are they water shoes which makes them good for wetter conditions, but these flip flops are also easy to clean as well as very quick when it comes to drying.
  • The straps give a more secure fit
  • These flip flops have very strong arch support as well as a good fit.

GUBARUN Sport Flip Flops Comfort

One of the complaints against wearing flip flops while driving a commercial truck was about joe they could slip easily while driving or get wet but I will tell you that these flip flops solve all of that issue.

This pair of flip-flops handles wet, as well as slippery, and moist terrains very well. Trust me when I say that these flip flops are not your regular rubber flip flops from the drug store.

I consider them very sturdy and medium weight(not heavyweight). The sole was made to last many miles, I can assure you.

It has arch support which is very good especially for flip flops. The footbed has a nice texture and feels good when walking.

The straps are also very snug, you are not walking out of these flip flops by mistake because they will stay secure on your feet.

Another reason why this flip flop is my Favorite is that apart from the main thing we already know about it being super comfortable, nonslip, and snug to the feet.

The back of the flip flop looks a lot like the bottom of a shoe and this makes it have good traction like a shoe when walking.

The arch support too is equally superb. This is an excellent choice for flip-flops.

REEF Men’s Fanning Flip-Flop

This flip flop is well made. They have very good arch support. Although they are on the pricey side, they are worth the money for daily use.

Like the other two flip-flops I talked about above, this one is also comfortable. But unlike other flip flops, this pair has extra padding in the back composed of a rubber sole and this prevents girls in the flip flop.

They are equally water-resistant. I think this fact is worth mentioning, These flip flops contain a bottle opener at the bottom and I always wonder who came up with that idea!

Most people and I included think that this flip flop is okay and perfect without the gimmick ( that is the bottle opener ). But overall, I recommend it.


Flip flops are very comfortable and it all comes down to you and your choice on how you feel wearing them to drive commercial vehicles.

It is true that we have stated that it is not illegal to drive commercial vehicles wearing flip flops and I would recommend getting a sturdy one instead of those flimsy cheap ones as they will fit more snuggly and firmer on your feet.

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