Can You Wear Flip Flops to Thorpe Park?

Yes, flip-flops can be worn on days out in the park. Take your time out to enjoy the scenery and explore all the attractions on the park grounds.

Flip flops are needed especially for rides or attractions involving contact with water. Wearing flip-flops saves you from walking around all day in soggy sneakers after getting wet at the water rides.

A piece of advice you should take to heart when visiting is to always ensure that you wear comfortable clothes. Simple jeans and a t-shirt is comfortable enough to wear at the park, shoes should be very comfortable too.

Thorpe Park has been running operations since opening in 1979, its reputation of being amongst the best theme parks in the UK can be seen in all the wonderful attractions on their grounds.

The park has a distinct coaster cars representation. The park administration has a dress code to guide its visitors when coming to the park.

Clothing worn in the park should be appropriate, including top and shoes, any piece of clothing that would cause offense to another party is prohibited, also indecent dressing by anyone would have them removed from the premises and refused entries on rides.

For footwear, visitors are advised to wear comfortable and slip-resistant shoes. Stilettos and heels are not allowed as they either harm you or visitors, they do not provide the best support on the park grounds.

Flip flops are encouraged when visiting water parks and other attractions where there is likely hood of getting wet. Flip flops have a good water-resistant ability and are very breathable allowing you to be free and comfortable.

They do not retain water which causes odor and have excellent traction and grip on wet and slippery floors.

When choosing flip flops, I recommend you use those offering adequate support. Stay away from beach-type plastic flip flops because they do not offer the standard support you will need when walking on a hard floor all day.

Flip flop shoes with raised heels are best suited for a day of adventure, ensuring that your posture is aligned and gait straight.

Can you wear sandals to Thorpe park?

In the summer, sandals are a great way to have your feet stay cool and comfortable. Sandals are allowed in Thorpe park as long as they are comfortable and perfect for you.

When choosing sandals make sure they have straps included in their design, this keeps them fixed to your feet as you spend your day shuffling about the park grounds.

Sandals are lightweight and help to allow for foot swelling when standing around the hot pavement for hours. Another great thing is that can be paired to match a variety of designs and styles.

Any sandal you choose to wear should be flexible and also have a strong midsole to carry your weight with proper support, buy sandals that are crafted from durable materials.

A day at the park can be thrilling and fun-filled, you spend hours moving about and standing in queues to get on rides.

During such a visit you have to spend a lot of time on your feet, and having on shoes that are too loose or tight isn’t the best of options.

Ill-fitting footwear leads to foot pain and fatigue, so you should ensure sandals are an absolute necessity before wearing them to the park.

What type of shoes to wear to Thorpe park?

Generally, shoes that are worn to Thorpe park should be comfortable and properly fitted. Athletic shoes and sports shoes are the top choices for any park adventure.

  • Stick to lightweight sneakers when you spend long hours exploring various sections of the park and attractions.
  • Shoes that offer proper support are best suited for Thorpe park, and wearing the right socks underneath goes a long way to boost comfort and prevent foot pain or bruises.

There are many water rides and attractions present in Thorpe park, therefore the second pair of wet flip flops can be carried as alternative wear.

Flip flops aren’t prone to getting wet like sneakers or sports shoes, they dry more quickly and have your feet dry after a soak in one of the water attractions.

If you are getting flip flops make sure they are slip-resistant. Sports footwear would take longer to get dry after getting wet and you wouldn’t want to walk around in wet shoes around the park.

Flip flops are made from rubber materials, they are comfortable and padded pairing nicely with all kinds of outfits and attire.

If you are taking your kids to the park avoid wearing shoes that have plastic heels, they become uncomfortable after a duration of time leading to blisters and feet getting sore.

Sandals for kids should have a covered toe preventing stubbing or tripping while walking around. They should have adequate grip and be able to withstand pressure from stomping the ground all day.

Extra tips for theme park footwear

  • Select the proper shoes for each outing. If you decide to get wet by exploring some water attractions, you will have to wear water-resistant shoes. And for protection against fatigue and foot pain invest in sport’s shoes that have cushioned footbeds and insoles.
  • Tendency to get tired while moving about the park can occur leading to fatigue, an alternative pair of footwear and socks can save you from a lot of discomforts. Swelling can happen if you spend long hours in tight shoes, a substitute flip flops or sandals would be the best choice for you to switch into.
  • Insert soft insoles and orthotics into the footbed of your shoes for extra support and comfort.
  • Properly break in your footwear before wearing them to the park, avoid wearing new shoes.
  • Bring simple aid kits for protecting your feet like water bandages that reduce friction.
  • If your footwear has straps, make sure they don’t chafe or bruise your skin on contact.

Can you drink alcohol in Thorpe Park?

Alcoholic beverages and drinks are sold in multiple locations around the park and resorts. This is due to increased demand for them, food drinks and snacks are also sold in the park grounds.

The team management of Thorpe park recommends strongly that the consumption of alcoholic drinks should be kept to a minimum and done responsibly.

The park officials are conscious about the security and safety of its guests, their regular security teams patrol the park grounds vigilant for any persons who may act out of place or under the influence.

Smoking of cigarettes, e-cigar, and other hard substances is prohibited on park grounds.

Top hacks for visiting Thorpe park

Are you a new visitor to Thorpe park or a regular, here are some useful hacks to know before visiting?

  • Bring a zip lock bag to protect your electronics and other valuables while attending water rides.
  • If you visit with family or friends, make sure you choose a landmark for converging in case someone gets lost.
  • Put your contact details on a small paper slip in your kid’s pocket. It makes it easier to be contacted in any event of a missing child.
  • Extra clothing is needed especially after getting soaked in various water rides.
  • Bring flip-flops for a water rides adventure so you won’t have to get your sports shoes soggy.
  • Carry your supply of water. Water can be bought in the park but you should have a spare for when you queue for long rides.
  • Plan ahead. Make a note of the rides you intend to explore, enduring you meet the minimum requirements and knowing their location on the park grounds.
  • You should strategize to get snacks later in the afternoon as noon has a high influx of people striving to get food, creating long queues.
  • For quicker access purchase your tickets online before visiting the parks. This gives you straight access without having to queue up for tickets.
  • Arrive early before opening hours. Find time to arrive 15 minutes before the gates are opened this means that you will be the first set of individuals with ample time to explore the attractions in a less crowded environment.
  • Take a picture of your parking spot. You will thank me.
  • Join queues at the last minute to sneak in on rides without having to waste much time.


Flip flops are allowed when visiting Thorpe parks. They are comfortable and can be worn for long periods.

A normal day at Thorpe park involves spending a long amount of time standing or walking, so when you visit the park grounds make sure you select adequate shoes for your adventure.

They should be made from soft durable materials. Sandals are also welcomed on park grounds as long as they offer proper support.

When visiting you can do so in your sports sneakers or athletic shoes because they offer the best comfort and protection. Always make sure you wear comfortable clothes as well as supportive shoes.

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