Lamo vs Uggs: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Lamo boot and the Ugg boot is that the Lamo boot runs small while the Ugg boot is true to size.

The Lamo boot has a better lining on the inside than the Ugg boot. Though they are both made of sheepskin and rubber outsole.

Let’s take a look at these sheepskin boots.

First impressions

Lamo Boot

  • Sheepskin
  • Fleece lining
  • Padded insole
  • Merino wool
  • Water-resistant
  • Suede microfiber
  • Soft interior

The brand was founded in the year 1995 in California. It has a water-resistant suede on its outside.

It is lined in fleece with faux fur at the top and ankle, this gives it a comfy feeling and a stylish look. It incorporates padded insoles which offer added comfort.

It is made of the finest quality sheepskin and merino wool or lamb leather. It is a very soft and breathable interior to keep you cozy from the coastal wind and is nice for bare feet due to its antibacterial properties.

The sole has enough traction to enable you to run around. It is water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your boot getting ruined by rain or snow.

Lamo boot is very flexible and has temperature regulating capabilities. It provides a good cushion for the feet.

UGG Boot

  • Handcrafted
  • Made in Australia
  • Merino sheepskin
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Suede sheepskin upper
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible

Uggs are made of Australian merino sheepskin. The Merino is the most economically influential breed of sheep gotten mostly for its wool. It is handcrafted and made of a non-slip rubber outsole.

The boot is super comfy, durable, and quality. The Ugg boot also has sizes for kids as well as adults. It has a 5.5 shaft height.

It has a lightweight and flexible EVA outsole. It has a suede sheepskin upper. The inner has a wool lining which is very soft and nice. It is composed of a twinface or dual-faced sheepskin with fleece inside.

Its outer part is tanned and has a synthetic sole. This boot is usually worn to protect oneself from cold.

Comparison between Lamo and UGG Boots

Lamo and Ugg are two brands that specialize mainly in sheepskin footwear. These boots will be compared based on the following technical features:

Features Lamo boot Uggs boot
Sole Rubber outsole EVA outsole
Size and fit It runs small It is true to size
Lining Better lining Soft and nubby sheepskin lining
Appearance More elegant It has a smooth stitching
Boot style Varieties of styles Wider range of styles, colors and sizes
Price Less expensive More expensive
Comfort Quite comfortable More comfortable
Arch support No arch support No arch support


Lamo boot has a rubber outsole made of sheep lining. Its sole is thicker and as well slip-resistant. The sole is thicker than other sheepskin boots.

The sole is glued to the boot. Lamo has a vulcanized rubber outsole which offers durability. The boots’ outsole is thicker and smoother.

Ugg boots have an EVA outsole. EVA sole is soft because it is foam. Its sole lacks strong and good traction. It is slippery and quite uncomfortable.

Its sole is smooth and looks brittle with sole ridges. Its sole is a rubberized foam and it is flexible.

Size and fit

Lamo boot runs small. It is recommended that you get a size bigger than your normal size. For instance, if your size is 8.5, you size u and get 9. This is to ensure that your boot fits snugly and perfectly.

Ugg boots are true to size and their rubber does not stretch over time. They come in full sizes, this means they do not come in sizes like 7.5 or 8.5.

It is recommended that you get a bigger size if you are half size. For instance, if you wear a 7.5, you should order an 8 for a perfect and comfortable fit.


Lamo boot has a better lining with very soft and thick inlays which can be felt in the insole. It has a shearling lining which is quite softer and thicker which you can feel inside. The boot is lined with premium faux fur.

Ugg boot is lined with soft and nubby sheepskin. It is lined with Twin-face sheepskin which is treated for fleece and skin. It is exceptionally dense, soft, and durable.

The sheepskin breathes naturally, wicks moisture away, and allows air to circulate.


Lamo boot looks more elegant compared to Uggs. It looks more classy than Ugg. It matches any outfit and also looks great with jeans.

It has a fashionable and stylish look. It has an eye-catching appearance as it comes in various attractive colors and styles.

Some Lamo boot comes with buckle or buckles, others come with lace while others are just slip-on styles.

Ugg boot has smooth stitching and slouched shape appearance. Its outer part comes in a variety of colors.

It gives you a good and stylish look. It has a cool appearance though not as classy as the Lamo boot. Uggs have a more uniform design than Lamo.

Boot style

Lamo boot comes in varieties of styles like ankle boot, chestnut, Bellona, classic boot, bootie flat, and many others.

Uggs have a wider range of styles colors and sizes than Lamo boots. It has a traditional slip-on style. It has other styles like high heels, moccasins, oxfords, snow boots, and many others.


Uggs are quite expensive. Its adult size ranges from $120 to $300 and for children sizing, it ranges from $50 to $150. Uggs are more expensive and also brand conscious.

Lamo boots are less expensive, it is a very good pick and as well quality. For adult size, it ranges from $60 to $200 while for children sizing ranges from $50 to $70.

It is quite affordable and easy to get. You can get a good Lamo boot on Amazon for a low price.


Uggs are more comfortable, this is due to the extra layer of fleece which it has inside.

The fact that it is made from natural wool shearling which is warmer than synthetic insulation makes this boot super comfy for any kind of condition.

You do not need to put on socks when wearing your Uggs because they were designed to be worn without socks to make them as comfortable as they should be. It mostly has a pull-on style which is easy to wear.

Lamo boot is also comfortable. It is cool and also soft due to the fleece lining. The boot is water repellant and suits all weather. It is warm and as well comfortable and nice. It premium materials help to keep your feet warm.

Arch support

Uggs provide little or no support for your feet despite the warmth and comfort. They are not made for prolonged standing or walking.

It doesn’t provide arch support but you can add arch support insoles in order to get that support that you need.

Lamo boot lack arch support. It does not provide much support across the ankle and foot.

Why you should buy LAMO Boots

Lamo boots provide a mixture of warmth and comfort. It comes in different styles to suit your footwear needs.

It is cute and cozy. It is water and stain-resistant. It is a quality boot. It also comes in several nice colors and styles like the Women’s Rugged boot, Sonic boot, and Brittany boot in the short ankle.

Lamo boots can replace your sneakers and ankle boots. The boot is designed for a multi-faceted lifestyle that is full of comfort.

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Why you should buy UGG Boots

The first reason why you should buy the Ugg boot is that they can keep you very warm during extreme cold weather conditions. The boot is also water-resistant.

It is perfect for any outfit and as well very easy to wear. It can serve as a perfect gift as it comes in different attractive colors and sizes.

Colors like chestnut, grey, navy, black, chocolate, and so on. It is the ideal boot for both indoor and outdoor wear. It is also lightweight and has a unisex design.

This boot is suitable for any season and helps to absorb sweat. It is also very durable and comfortable for the feet.

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My overall best boot for this article is the Lamo boot.

The Lamo boot is very much comfortable and very affordable. It offers maximum comfort and it has a better lining than the Ugg boot.

It is also water-resistant and looks more elegant and classy than the Ugg boot as comes in varieties of colors and eye-catching styles.


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