Which Ugg Has Removable Insoles?

This is one puzzle of a question that many UGG fans have been trying to find an exact answer to.

It is usually because there is not much difference between the UGG model of shoes with removable insoles and those without.

But then, you can tell their differences by observing the inside of the UGG shoe. While this might not be easy as most people only make their purchases just from seeing the pictures of their choice UGG (where the shoe’s inside is not visible).

I have come up with a list of shoes from this brand as an easy guide whose soles you can remove in the event that you may need a change.

Ugg shoes that have removable insoles that you should consider

1. UGG Men’s Butte Snow Boot

Which Ugg Has Removable Insoles

The UGG Men’s Butte Snow Boot has removable insoles – unlike other insoles that are adhesively glued to the midsole, or sewn to the walls of the shoe, the model of this design is done in such a way that places it on the shoe’s footbed.

Although it’s balanced and has good bonding to result in little or no shifting during use, can be removed when need be.

This design is a fine blend of cow leather and suede just so you’re offered as much comfort as possible. It is big on breathability too, and as such, slashes down the possibility of moisture build-up.

Vibram outsoles are known to be lightweight, have a good grip on varying terrains, and could withstand many harsh conditions. This is the outsole that is adopted for this design. Perfect!

2. UGG Men’s Henrick Boat shoe

Which Ugg Has Removable Insoles

The UGG brand specifically made it known that this particular design is made primarily on comfortability.

Now, what extent of comfort there is in a design that does not allow users to insert their preferred insoles? Hence, a removable insole.

The outsole is synthesized with compounds that made it have good traction.

Boat shoes are on the edge of competition these days. Different brands are trying to be atop their game. Now it takes the best to hold relevance as users will always return to where they find satisfaction.

The simple fact that UGG Men’s Henrick Boat Shoe still holds this height of relevance speaks volumes of its quality. They are super foot-friendly and flexible.

3. UGG Women’s Classic Tall Boot

Which Ugg Has Removable Insoles

The first thing you should consider about this boot when making a purchase is to size it down. It expands upon use.

So, you should go down by half (go for 7½ if your original size is 8). They are quite comfortable and look cool too. Goes well with different outfits to give you the look of a modern style without losing its classiness.

Although, this UGG Women’s Classic Tall Boot, originally, was worn by surfers so they’d keep warm after early-morning surfing hours.

But it became an iconic design shipped into the modern trend in the fashion world. Apart from its awesome functionality, its aesthetic appeal gives it this wide acceptance range.

You can easily slot in your desired insole when you are not cool with the one therein.

4. UGG Women’s Classic Card

Which Ugg Has Removable Insoles

The type of insole used here is the wool type. While it’s cool with many users, some people do not find it comforting enough. Hence, it is made to be removable.

But you’d have to be observant enough because it has a good grip with the shoe’s footbed in a way that can easily be mistaken for the non-removable type.

This is one of the classic knitted designs of the UGG brand. The knit upper is made of 50% acrylic and 50 wool.

The combination gives it controlled breathability to make sure your feet are not covered in moist, or get too dry. It has a liner, but not very scratchy. The boot is quite a water repellent, however, it is not water-resistant.

5. UGG Romely Women’s Fashion Boot

Which Ugg Has Removable Insoles

The UGG Women’s Romely Boot is a perfect blend of wool and suede for warmth and softness.

The features of this UGG model capture the picture of comfort and class combination where an ultra-cushioned Treadlite outsole and a sleek silhouette lay the foundation for true quality and the finest of aesthetics.

The shaft height stops at the ankle level, and the shaft circumference is exactly 10 inches. This is to create balance and ensure a good manner of the carriage while walking.

The insole therein can be removed for your preferred one – whether for orthopedic need or plain preference.

Know that the zipper is functional and not just for looks, ensure to get your actual size too because it is true to size.

6. UGG Women’s Cambridge

Which Ugg Has Removable Insoles

The first thing you must note about this UGG shoe is that it is not meant for heavy walking, snow, or ice. While the insole is removable, it must be handled with care.

It is a tad fragile compared to other UGG models. Albeit, it is comfortable and looks good.  The sheepskin buckle boot is one of the finest UGG designs of Australian origin.

The Cambridge boot is comfortable, but not very warm above the ankle level.

This type also expands a little after a few times of use. So it is advisable that you size down during your purchase. Most Uggs are designed to have a snug fit, until several uses.

The insole laps around the inner walls of the footwear and sit in place. But then, they are made to be removable to create a chance of aiding other preferred types.

How to remove Ugg insoles

The UGG shoes mostly feature flexible and soft insoles – most of which could easily be removed prior to cleaning them just so you can breathe some fresh air into your shoes.

  • To remove the insole, first, you start by wedging a long flat metal (it can be a knife) right underneath the heel part of the insole and wiggle it a bit.
  • Push it upward to and wiggle aging to weaken the bond it must have had with the shoe’s footbed.
  • Carefully pull it out. In the event that it gets stuck, hold the tip of the part that you have used the metal to pull out and pull it out, stretching from the sides.

In no time it will come out swiftly. However, you must be careful enough to not tear it.

Not every UGG shoe is designed to have its insoles removable. It is common knowledge that Ugg shoes with removable insoles have appealed to a lot of Ugg fans.

The common reason for this is to aid orthopedic needs, so that these users may insert their preferred insoles that would serve them better.

In fewer cases, some people use their preferred insoles on the existing unremovable ones in these Ugg shoes. And this works pretty well too.

Some adopt this method when their existing insoles are worn out but they cannot remove them. Although this might make the fitting snugger initially, they eventually become cool upon a few days of use.

The ideal type of insole to use for a case as such should be flatter ones. This is so that you do not end up with an uncomfortable fit.

How to replace Uggs insoles with another

It is because the UGG boots are usable in all seasons, and are comfortable that people use them often and eventually wear out the insoles.

The designers made some to be replaceable, and some not replaceable. Changing these insoles becomes one of the best ways to still keep your UGG comfortable even after many uses.

To insert the new insole, follow these steps;

  • Remove the insole as instructed in “How to remove UGG insoles” above. Do this with care.
  • Take the new insole out of its sachet and place it on the now empty footbed. Lay it flat and have its edges touching the walls of the inside of the shoe.
  • Ensure that it is properly placed on the shoe’s footbed such that there is no fold underneath so
  • It must not be pushed too further towards the toe areas nor too much at the heel side — but maintain an even balance.

There are instances where the existing insole might have worn out to an extent where you do not feel the impact anymore when you wear the shoe.

If this is the case, then you should consider placing the new one on it without necessarily removing it. Albeit there might be an initial snug-fitting, it would eventually flatten out and give a relax or a more adequate fit.


Understanding which UGG has a removable insole comes with knowing the design and functionality of each model.

While you may not be cool with some of those types whose insoles you cannot replace, they are designed that way to serve a purpose – the arch support and cushioning features of the irremovable types makes them highly susceptible to shifting.

And this becomes uncomfortable to the wearer. However, the one sure way to keep them in place is to keep them glued to the footbed.

The UGG brand has created goodwill for itself in the footwear line. Albeit, getting the most and best of user experience from the brand necessitate that you are abreast with the ideal way of changing the insoles, knowing what model is fit for use in what terrain, and intelligently applying all of these as you use the shoes in their respective iterations.


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