How to Fix Your Uggs From Water Damage

UGG is a luxury brand that produces shoes that match diverse weathers and seasons as life goes.

You want a shoe for winter, UGG got you covered. You want one for summer, UGG got you covered. They basically cover every aspect of clothing, shoe-wise, and they do a very good job at that.

Now the question is, how do I fix my UGG shoes when they are damaged especially with water, right?

With water being unstoppable, sometimes we step into water without even seeing it until we are in. some other times, we go out during monsoon season and then it starts raining which will leave our shoes wet.

Taking care of the UGG shoe, ensuring that it gets dry is sometimes a puzzle as you don’t know how to go about it. Well, that shouldn’t be a muddle after going through this article.

Different ways you can fix your UGGS from water damage

There are multitudinous ways you can fix your UGGs once they get damaged by water. We will review some ways here for you to be cognizant of, so you wouldn’t have to worry when getting yourself a pair or two of UGG shoes for versatile use.

  • Allowing for natural dry
  • Shoe nails instead of glue
  • Stuff your UGGs with pieces of paper or a rolled-up towel
  • Stitch your UGGs
  • Make them water Resistant

Allowing for Natural dry

Some of the UGG Shoes (like this one on Amazon), if not all are made with sheepskin. This alone allows them to offer the out-of-the-world comfort they do.

It makes the UGG boot comfortable for any kind of use like wearing them to walk in snowy areas or even for hiking, a walk in the park, or even just for office work.

They are perfect shoes for diverse use but regardless of the kind of material they are made from, it doesn’t guarantee waterproof which is one of the vital forces that is likely to attack and damage your UGGs when you wear them during winter or even the Monsoon season.

In this case, when your UGG shoes get wet by water, the first thing you should do first and foremost is to make an attempt to dry them.

  • Unlace them
  • Hang them on a shoe stand

Unlace them

Lose the shoelace and remove them totally from the shoes.

Hang them on a Shoe stand

Hanging your shoes on a shoe stand is also important. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure all the water dries away.

Shoe Nails instead of Glue

Using Shoe Nails to hold your UGG shoe together and back to its normal shape after being damaged by water instead of glue is a wise thing to do.

In the case of water damaging your shoes, if that happens then it means that the power of the glue that was used by the manufacturers has been countered by the water.

Making use of glue to glue your shoe with the aim of fixing it is still a waste of time because I doubt if you will be able to get your hands on glue as powerful as the one that was used by the manufacturers.

So, in this case, making use of shoe nails to hold the heels and soles of your UGG is the wisest thing to do. This will ensure that your shoe doesn’t go falling apart again for a long period of time, especially the sole.

Stuff your UGGs with pieces of paper or a rolled-up towel

UGG Leather Boot is a perfect example of shoes you can use this method on. In this case, it is advisable to stuff your boots with Unprinted Paper or even a Rolled Towel in order to suck up any water that must have gotten into your UGGs.

It will dry your leather UGGs inside out and make them suitable for use. Of course, after drying them with paper or a towel you will have to take additional precaution to make sure your UGGs stays intact.

Another use of the rolled-up towel is that you can use it to clean the top of your shoe in case the water damage left any kind of stain on them.

Stitch your UGGs

Stitching your UGG Shoes is a gallant and wise step to take in order to fight off water damages. Regardless of the material used in making your sole, once the joining of your sole to the body of your shoe is made with glue and no stitch then it is bound to get damaged by water.

This is why stitching your shoes is vital and very important. So if you haven’t stitched your UGGs, and they get damaged by water, it is advisable that after you dry them you should stitch them in order to hinder further impending damage from occurring.

This Stitching Kit (on Amazon) is suitable for stitching both leather and skin material shoes.

Make them water Resistant

We saved the best for the last and I am sure that most of you will be like why go through the stress of doing the first four steps if I can just do this one and be cool with it?

Well, to answer this question that is if anyone has it in mind is that some UGGs shoes do not come as water Proof. So this method is for shoes that are not made waterproof from manufacturers and you wish to make them so.

Cadillac Stain and Waterproof for Leather and Fabric Shoes Spray is a perfect solution to that. This spray lets you turn your shoes into water-resistant shoes for as long as possible.

This spray does not only protect your shoe from water, but it also makes your UGGs dry and shiny. It is very easy to use and you can get them on by just tapping the name up there.

How Can UGGs get damaged with water?

There are vast ways your UGGs can be damaged by water. Some of them are:

  • Walking in the rain or on snow
  • Washing them regularly with water

Walking in the rain or on snow

Shoes are very important because as a sane human, you can’t go anywhere without shoes. Imagine going to work without shoes because it is rainy season or because the road is covered with snow, that is a crazy thing to do isn’t it?

Now sometimes in the rainy season, we all know what to expect on a good day. It is bound to rain at some point, I mean it is its season right and you can’t say you won’t go to work because it is raining and your umbrella does not cover down to your legs, and on a good day in winter.

The road is definitely going to be covered with snow right, you can’t say you won’t go to work just because your shoes will get damaged with the snow.

This also causes damages to your shoes, and if you are wearing UGGs then be sure to have some damages done to them.

Washing them regularly with water

Sometimes all your UGGs need is a good wipe with a clean towel to take it back to sparkling land. Constant washing of your UGGs will definitely cause gradual damage that in some cases will be irreparable.

It is in this case advised to sometimes soak your towel and clean your UGGs in order to make them last longer and in shape.

And in the case of washing them, it is advisable to stuff them with unprinted paper or a towel to soak out the water and let them dry at room temperature because drying them under the sun will cause irreparable damage to the shoe.

How Long do UGGs Take to Dry?

People tend to ask how long their UGGs may take to dry, probably because they are in a hurry or have limited time to spend waiting for their UGGs to dry.

Take note that UGGs are made with different kinds of material. The time that each UGGs takes to dry varies and basically depends on the kind of material that was used to make the top of your UGGs.

Some UGGs shoes take 24-48 hours to completely dry under room temperature, while some take weeks to completely dry. The drying is totally based on the kind of UGGs you have.

It is further advised to not dry your UGGs under the sun, in a situation where you are in a hurry, it is recommended that you use a hand dryer to fasten the drying process instead of keeping them under the sun as doing so will only cause more harm and damage than good.


The outcome of water-damaged shoes does not necessarily have to be bad. There is no need for you not to enjoy walking with your shoes simply because it is raining or because the road is filled with snow and you are worried about damaging your UGGs if you wear them out and walk with them.

Knowing these protective and repair measures against water, you should wear those UGGs and walk like royalty.

You can walk in the rain while others run looking for shelter, or even walk in the snow with no fear at all because the water-resistant spray protects your shoe from water and any form of stain, while your shoe offers you maximum comfort and protection also.

You bought those UGGs so that you can wear them comfortably but above all, you will want them to last long so that you can enjoy your money’s worth. I see no reason why you shouldn’t.


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