Olukai vs Sanuk: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Olukai shoe and the Sanuk shoe is that Sanuk has a fabric textile upper while Olukai has a canvas upper.

Olukai insole is removable while the Sanuk insole is not removable as it is attached to the EVA foam.

Though both can be worn as classic and casual, that is they can be worn as sneakers or sandals and also as a slipper.

Let’s take a look at these shoes.

First impressions


  • Non-marking rubber and gum rubber outsole
  • Leather outer
  • Anatomical footbed
  • Water-resistant
  • Replaceable insole
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Breathable mesh
  • Slipper and canvas form
  • Microfiber

Olukai uses natural latex in its gum rubber and 100% recycled material for the outsole. Olukai is a combination of premium materials and contour shapes. It has a replaceable insole and it is water-resistant.

It incorporates an anatomical footbed, this footbed is a biomechanically engineered shape that supports and naturally positions your entire feet, thereby allowing them to move comfortably. It has a leather outer material and a pull-on closure type.

It incorporates a breathable mesh and it is very lightweight. Its anatomical PU footbed provides all-day comfort and cushioning.

It features a non-marking rubber and gum rubber outsole that provides flexibility and traction for the feet. Its leather is soft and smooth, allowing you to pair it with any outfit.

It can be worn as a sneaker or canvas and also as a slipper. It has a moisture-wicking microfiber.


  • Rubber outsole
  • Low cut and low profile
  • Textile and canvas upper
  • Lightweight
  • EVA cushioned midsole
  • Double reinforced topstitching
  • Heel collapse for shoe and sandal style

Sanuk shoe has a synthetic sole. It has a textile upper and lining. It has a lightweight upper with a dual elastic style for a comfy fit.

It has a double reinforced top stitching of a mock-toe style design. It has perforations that allow air to circulate. It features a rubber outsole for good traction. It is a low-cut and low-profile shoe with a very lightweight unstructured appeal.

It has a heel collapse which can be bent to look like a sandal. It has a protection of a shoe but with the great comfort of sandals which you love.

Comparison between Olukai and Sanuk

Both brands will be compared side by side using the following technical features:

Features Olukai Sanuk
Outsole Rubber outsole Rubber outsole
Midsole EVA midsole Dual-density cushioned midsole
Upper Leather upper Textile upper
Size and fit It comes in full sizes and it is true to size It runs small
Insole/footbed Removable PU footbed Not removable EVA footbed
Durability A bit durable Very durable
Break-in Requires a break-in process Do not require a break-in process


Sanuk sole is made of durable rubber. The rubber outsole keeps your feet safe from hard elements.

This shoe can be worn while walking on a hard surface due to its thin sole and absence of support. The outsole is about 5mm thick and it is very flexible with high abrasion.

Olukai rubber outsole is quite similar to the VANS comfy cush. It is not so durable because it has a thick layer of EVA foam with a thinner rubber outsole that is infused into the foam.

The rubber still offers some grip and durability. It is non-slip and non-marking. The outsole has molded rubber pods for added traction.


Olukai EVA midsole is very comfortable. The EVA midsole is environmentally friendly. It provides cushioning, and rebound, and is quite resistant to cracking and hardening.

It is soft, flexible, and does not absorb water. It protects your feet from impact as your feet strike the ground. EVA midsole is known for its unmatched stability.

Sanuk has a dual-density midsole. It has a high rebound soft midsole which makes it very cushiony while you walk.

It is shock-absorbing with stripes. It is soft and supportive. Some Sanuk shoes are designed with an Air Pad Suspension Technology which creates a high level of comfort and a good walking experience.


Sanuk has a textile fabric upper, this textile upper adds style to the shoe and makes it look fashionable as it comes in various eye-catching designs and colors.

The upper is a lightweight canvas with elastic style notches and frayed edges details.

Olukai has a leather upper. It is a Chrome tanned leather which is a tumble leather that is soft and supple.

This leather does not take so long to break in and it is very thick. The upper is quite stretchy and it is a top-grain nubuck leather.

Size and fit

Sanuk shoes are usually tight when you wear them at first. Though, they tend to stretch when you put them on over time.

They are true to size and come in full sizes. This is because the shoes are meant to have a relaxed fit. If you are a 10, then you should probably order a 10.

Olukai has stretch panels on each side for easy on and off. This shoe runs small, you should order a size up if you’re a half size for a better fit. Though they stretch after a while and some Olukai shoes come in full sizes.

Insole/ Footbed

Olukai insole is removable with extra padding. It is a dual-density PU footbed with a cushy gel insert. It offers good cushioning. It is a closed-cell foam. This cushy insole offers good arch support.

This means that water does not get absorbed into the foam, you can easily take it out and squish it, and it dries very quickly.

Sanuk insole is not removable, they are attached and combined with the midsole EVA. Sanuk shoes have EVA footbed which is as soft as a sponge.

It offers a gel-like cushioning which can be very soft and supple. Its padded collar and molded EVA footbed offer added comfort to the feet and also help to absorb shock.

The footbeds are treated with antimicrobial addictive to make it free of odor.


Sanuk shoes are more durable than you can ever imagine. They are made from natural, recycled, and hemp material. It has a wide toe box for natural footing.

Olukai shoe is not so durable due to its Chrome leather and midsole. Due to the thinner piece of rubber and a EVA foam, the durability of the shoe is sacrificed for comfort. This does not mean it is not durable at all.


Sanuk shoes do not require any break-in process. You would not need to spend time trying to break in this shoe as it is already comfortable and they stretch out with time.

Olukai requires some break-in process in order for it to be very comfortable. It has a break-in period of about a week.

Why you should buy Olukai shoe

Olu means Comfort and Kai means Ocean in Hawaiian. This shoe combines durability for the ocean lifestyle as well as offers good styles, comfort, and craftsmanship.

Olukai believes in quality products, materials, and craftsmanship. It has a deep heel contour which helps to align and as well support your feet. Olukai is quite durable and stylish. It supports the natural shape of the feet.

Olukai shoe is hand-stitched with a versatile drop-in heel that converts the shoe from a classic to a casual look and feels i.e sneaker to slipper.

This shoe is lightweight and breathable with an air mesh upper.

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Why you should buy Sanuk shoe

Sanuk shoes are lightweight and visual appealing. The shoe offers comfort, style, and fun.

Sanuk shoes are hybrid shoes with a bit of fun. This shoe is great to wear during the warm weather. The heel counter can be folded and worn as slippers due to its slim and soft canvas upper. It is recommended for people with high arches.

It has perforations along the lateral. It has no laces as it is a slip-on shoe. It can easily be packed. It is not considered to be shoes but instead sandals.

This is because you can bend the heel and slip it on.

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It is a bit hard to pick out the best of these shoes, both shoes are amazing and very much comfortable. I will conclude by choosing the Sanuk shoe as my overall best for this article.

I picked Sauk as the overall best because it does not require any break-in process. It is very comfortable right out of the box.


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