Are Sheepskin Boots Bad for Your Feet?

Many people are wondering if sheepskin boots are bad for your feet.

Sheepskin boots are made of the skin of a sheep, which is tanned and treated to make it soft, good, and durable for your feet. They are often worn in cold weather because they keep your feet warm.

There are a number of reasons why people believe that sheepskin boots are bad for their feet, but most medical doctors would say otherwise.

It is true that wool can cause a sweaty, warm feeling in your feet, but this is because the natural wool is warm. Sheepskin boots are usually made with a wool outer layer, which means that they are warm.

This is also good because it will keep your feet warm in the winter. It is also important to note that some people may have allergies to wool or fear it will cause smelly feet, but the natural wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water.

The porous wool will absorb the sweat, keeping your feet dry and the natural wool is breathable and antimicrobial.

So factually speaking, sheepskin boots are good for your feet. But then, they do have some disadvantages for your feet too!

How to take care of your sheepskin boots?

Invest in a good brush, leather cream, and mink oil and apply it every few weeks

You may also want to store your boots away from sunlight or heaters so that they don’t get too dry.

A lot of people are obsessed with these boots for the way they can keep out the cold. You need to make sure that you keep them clean and dry to avoid any problems.

  • Be sure to use a brush for any dirt on the surface of your shoe or boot.
  • The inside needs to be cleaned every few weeks so that it doesn’t get stinky.
  • You should also rub in some leather conditioner and allow it to dry before wearing it again. It is important to take care of sheepskin boots so that they last a long time and remain high quality, but more importantly because you want them to keep you safe!

Trim the excess hair around the edges

If the boots have a suede finish, use a suede brush to remove any dirt or debris on the surface.

Apply shoe polish to keep them looking shiny and new. Finally, avoid placing your boots near a direct heat source, such as inside of an oven or radiator.

You can also try to:

  • Use a brush to get all the debris out of it
  • Place the boots in the freezer for at least 24 hours
  • Wipe them down with a damp cloth.
  • Apply a conditioner to the boot.
  • Let boots dry outside in direct sunlight and then oil them afterward.

If you wear your boots often, use a leather conditioner

  • Always cover your boots with a thick layer of polish before wearing them
  • Use a suede brush to brush off any dirt or mud before polishing
  • Wrap the boots in plastic wrap and put them in a warm place to dry

Try to avoid washing them too often with soap

Use a brush to get off the dirt and other particles that can cause the wool to get dirty. You can also try using a clear shoe polish for any stains.

If you’re really struggling with stains, try using a little dish soap mixed with warm water to wash the inside of your boots.

What makes sheepskin boots bad for your feet

Sheepskin boots are a fashion trend that has been popular for many years. They are typically made of wool or shearling and lined with sheepskin fur on the inside.

Below are some of the things that could make sheepskin boots bad for your feet:

  1. The problem with this type of material is that it often traps in moisture and bacteria, which can lead to health problems like athlete’s foot or excessive sweating. When the lining is wet from sweat it is also more likely to cause blisters or damage to the skin.
  2. Your feet sweat in sheepskin boots and this causes the wool fibers to stick to your skin. These fibers can also cause some irritations such as erythrasma or fungal infections. The blood circulation of your feet can also be affected by these boots, so it’s important to change them often.
  3. A downside to wearing sheepskin boots is that because they are made of wool, they are not as water-resistant as other winter footwear. Another downside is that because they are made of wool, they can be itchy for some people and a lot of people aren’t very good at being gentle when wearing them for the first time.
  4. Sheepskin boots are not good for your feet because they hinder your ability to walk on a variety of surfaces. They are also not good because they can become very heavy when wet and make it difficult to walk.
  5. If you notice signs of wear on the leather, it is time to get a new pair. If the sheepskin is becoming exposed, the insulation is not adequate or the boot has a too-tight fit, bacteria, and perspiration can get trapped inside, which can result in a terrible smell. Wool is a natural material, so sheepskin should not be machine washed, it will shrink and lose its quality.
  6. The problem with sheepskin boots is that they’re not really made to fit anyone. They’re a standardized size that just fits anyone, but they’re not made to fit your feet. The only way to make sure that your feet are warm and your shoes are safe is to make sure that you’re wearing shoes that fit. If you wear shoes that are too small for you, you run the risk of tripping, injuring your feet, and even damaging your feet. You should never wear shoes that are too small for you, especially when the weather is cold because cold weather makes your feet shrink!

3 Sheepskin boots that are excellent for your feet

BEARPAW Women’s Isabella Snow Boot

Are Sheepskin Boots Bad for Your Feet

The BEARPAW Women’s isabella snowboot is high-quality and fashionable footwear that is made with durable and waterproof suede uppers with durable and sturdy leather outsoles.

This sheepskin boot is designed to provide comfort for the feet, so you can walk all day long without feeling a single discomfort.

Your feet stay dry and warm in the winter, cool and comfortable in the summer.

Suede leather uppers provide a stylish look to match any outfit – from jeans for a casual Friday at the office to your favorite pair of shorts for an outdoor adventure with friends.

It’s lightweight design makes it easy to wear and walk in. You’ll be able to go for days without getting tired of them!


  • Made with 100% leather, wool, and sheepskin blend
  • Made with durable and waterproof suede uppers with durable and sturdy leather outsoles
  • With a lace closure type for easy pull on and off


  • Seam gets ripped quickly

Minnetonka Slip-On Boots

Are Sheepskin Boots Bad for Your Feet

The Minnetonka Women’s Everett Faux Fur Slip-On Boots is a brand of boots that keep the wearer perfectly warm.

The wool socks and leather together with waterproof technology make these boots perfect for walking throughout the winter weather.

It offers the world’s most comfortable and stylish sheepskin boots. these boots are made with 100% leather and wool blend, made with waterproof technology to keep your feet warm and cozy throughout winter.

Unlike other sheepskin boots which might run big or small, this sheepskin boot runs true to size.


  • Great sheepskin boots made with 100% leather and wool blend
  • Made with waterproof technology to keep your feet warm and cozy throughout winter


  • No arch support

Koolaburra by UGG Fashion Boot

Are Sheepskin Boots Bad for Your Feet

Koolaburra sheepskin boots are known for their comfortable design, breathable materials, and extreme comfort for your feet. They look as good with jeans as they do with your favorite dress.

Specially designed for women, the Koola Short Boot is streamlined for an easy fit. The faux shearling lining gives you an added layer of protection from the elements, and the rubber sole offers great traction.

These fashionable boots are a hit: made of the finest quality materials using sheepskin and wool, the Koola Short Fashion Boot will provide full comfort, durability, and style.


  • Sheepskin boots made with 100% cotton and wool blend
  • Has a synthetic rubber sole


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