15 Shoes Like Crocs but Better (Reviewed in 2022)

Crocs has been one of the most popular shoe styles for men and women for many years now. However, with so many different makes and models on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 15 shoes like cross trainers but better. These shoes are all designed to give you the same level of support and performance as a traditional crocs shoe, but with added features that make them unique and better suited to your liking.

Here are the 15 shoes like Crocs but better (reviewed)

  1. Amoji Garden Clogs: Multi-use clogs for slippers and short walks
  2. Chaco Z1 Sandal: Great sandals with jacquard webbing upper
  3. Hey Dudes Loafers: Loafer with similar materials with crocs but comfier
  4. Amoji Yard Clog: Durable garden shoes with sturdy EVA sole
  5. Realtree Men’s Camouflage Clog: Unisex clogs with a molded footbed
  6. Bigant Clogs: EVA clogs with adjustable straps
  7. Sperry Boat Shoe: Boat shoe with a textured footbed
  8. Teva Ankle-Strap Sandal: Easy hook-and-loop closure for outdoor activities
  9. FUNKYMONKEY EVA Thong Sandal: EVA waterproof flip flop
  10. Merrell Water Shoe: Water shoe with articulated heel strap.
  11. EQUICK Slippers: EVA slippers with non-slip waterproof outsoles
  12. Native Shoes: Lightweight sneakers with breathable holes
  13. FUNKYMONKEY Support Sandals: Flip flops with arch support and EVA sole
  14. Women’s Short Rain Boots: Garden rain boots made with PVC
  15. Madctoc Sandals: Universal, lightweight sports sandals

Amoji Garden Clogs

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

These multi-use clogs wick away moisture, provide odor reduction, and are the perfect shoe for casual strolls around the local park or garden.

No more smelly feet, these lightweight clogs with ventilation holes and odor reduction technology will protect your feet without compromising comfort. Amoji is a new generation of clogs.

The secret behind these innovative garden clogs lies in human feet research. Amoji is lighter and more flexible than most of the clogs available on the market.

These lightweight clogs are perfect to slip on when you’re taking the dog out or running quick errands instead of doing it barefoot.

The patented odor reduction technology will keep your shoes stay smelling fresh all day long. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean.

This unisex pair of garden clogs features odor reduction technology, an adjustable and flexible strapping system, and easy to clean rubber soles.

It is sturdy and very comfortable to wear, its fit is universal so it can be worn by both males and females.


  • Multi-use clogs for slippers and short walks
  • Lightweight garden shoes with odor reduction technology
  • Suitable for outdoor activities

Chaco Women’s Z1 Classic Sandal

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

A minimalist sandal with a Vibram sole, the Z1 Classic is the first women’s Chaco sandal featuring a lighter upper and wider toe box – women’s specific updates that we can’t get enough of.

Ideal for climbing stairs, water sports, beach walks, and errand running, these sandals are more than just an update – they’re practically a revolution. Women’s specific sizing.

These sandals are just better than crocs clogs. It is made of high-quality materials with a light and open design, there is plenty of toe room and they are very comfortable.

You can wear them wherever you like at the beach, pool, on the boat, etc. A must-have for the summer. People will love them. And they come in lots of colors, you can easily pick any color and get your favorite design.

The Z1 keeps all the same features of the Classic but features a sleek new webbing upper that makes this clog look more like trendy sandals. Wear them to yoga or the grocery store – they’re not just for the trail anymore.


  • Made with Jacquard Webbing upper and Imported Rubber sole
  • Strong EVA midsole

Hey Dude Loafers

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

Every pair is designed to be lightweight, breathable, and durable. They feature a rounded toe, padded insole, and nonslip sole.

Plus their open design allows for plenty of ventilation and easy removal upon entry and exit.

Wally Sox Shoes are lightweight, fashionable, and come in a plethora of colors to pair with any outfit; from your favorite jeans to a business suit.

That’s right. These shoes are the newest and most convenient version of the most comfortable shoes on the market. They’re lightweight and durable and built to last for years to come.

Slip them on at work, after work, at home, and anywhere else and you’ll never have to sacrifice style for comfort again…


  • Comfortable lightweight design,
  • Rounded toe protection made with quality and durable materials,
  • Perfect when you’re on the go

Amoji Yard Clog

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

The Amoji Unisex Garden Clog is more comfortable and durable than other popular garden shoes. Amoji is a new brand known for its high-quality products at affordable prices.

These easy-to-wear casual indoor/outdoor shoes from the new Amoji brand are lightweight and have a spa-like comfort thanks to the embedded massage granules.

Like crocs, but better because the foam interior is more breathable. The anti-bump design ensures a secure fit.

Feel at ease while enjoying the garden with these comfy durable clogs. Already well-known as the “go-to” clog, they stretch to accommodate the shape of your feet.

These are better than Crocs! These garden clogs have anti-bump soles, embedded with ultra-fine massage granules that instantly soften the feet at the step and alleviate fatigue.

They are easy to clean with a hose and can also be put in the washing machine.


  • Durable garden clogs with sturdy EVA sole
  • Embedded with massage granules and a non-slip anti-bump design
  • Breathable upper unlike cross clogs

Realtree Clog

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

These unisex clogs are a lightweight alternative to traditional crocs clogs. The Toe post adds support and the heel strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

These lightweight, go-anywhere clogs are built to last and keep you comfortable when you’re on the go. the new unisex clogs are lightweight alternatives for those who prefer flat indoor and outdoor shoes.

Realtree Men’s Camouflage Clog is a lightweight alternative to traditional crocs clogs. The extra breathable upper offers an enhanced and more comfortable foot experience.

Very cool shoe perfect for a day in the garden. Wear them around the house and between jobs in the garden.

These lightweight, unisex clogs have a molded footbed for all-day comfort, an easy slip-on upper, and ventilating top. Enjoy these clogs with all your favorite everyday outfits – whether it’s a dark suit or bowling attire.


  • Unisex clogs with a molded footbed
  • Lightweight alternative to traditional crocs clogs
  • Easy slip-on and off with a breathable upper

Bigant Clogs

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

These bestselling ergonomic clogs have been redesigned by adding adjustable straps, a contrast heel, and more durable topsole.

The latest trend in women’s shoes, these attractive slip-on clogs are a perfect choice for everyday wear and performance landscaping.

It has a durable construction yet its lightweight design makes it super comfortable. The wide toe box lets your toes spread out, keeping your feet at ease throughout the day.

These Crocs knock-offs look way better than Crocs. The design is so different that they don’t even look like a knock-off.


  • EVA clogs with adjustable straps.
  • Easy slip-on and off closure type.
  • suitable for gardening works and running errands
  • A better alternative to crocs bistro clogs

Sperry Boat Shoe

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

Worn by people of all ages, this is a fun shoe that’s perfect at the beach, in the spa, or on the boat. The family-owned business has been improving the original classic boat shoe for years.

They’re just as comfy as slippers with many different styles (canvas and synthetic materials) to choose from. Pair with shorts, capris, or jeans for a classic look that’s always in style.

The Sperry Authentic Original Women’s Float shoe is the first and only soul-satisfying shoe that feels like a dream. It’s comfortable, adjustable, and perfect for every adventure.

The Authentic Original is a cool and comfortable ladies’ shoe. It drains water through the gills, so your feet stay dry, and the textured footbed is so comfy, that you’ll never want to take them off.

Wear these shoes in the garden and you can even roll the cuffs back and forth to dig in the dirt. They are also far better than crocs. Cool, right?

Teva Ankle-Strap Sandal

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

A fun, sporty sandal that goes with anything. The hook-and-loop closure makes it easy to put on and remove.

The super-lightweight material makes Ankle-Strap Sandals from Teva women’s shoes a comfortable choice for warm-weather activities. Great for travel, too.

A barefoot feeling with a slim and feminine look. The Teva Women’s Vegan Ankle-Strap Sandals are perfect for slipping on after a day at the beach, or for walking down the street.

They look great with shorts or a maxi skirt and are light enough that you’ll forget you have them on.

Teva Ankle-Strap Sandals are an evolution of a classic. Made with Teva’s proprietary superlightweight materials and signature hook-and-loop strap, these sandals are more comfortable than ever.

With an orthopedic memory foam footbed, these shoes adapt to your foot, giving you a custom fit. These sandals are perfect for work and play, with a cushiony outsole for walking.

With the sturdy hook-and-loop strap fastened, the Ankle-Strap Sandals are built to last.


  • Easy hook-and-loop closure type sandals for outdoor activities
  • Manmade synthetic sole
  • Created using plant based materials
  • Super-lightweight EVA sandals


Shoes Like Crocs but Better

The Funkymonkey EVA flip flops are made using ultra-light foam and, like all other FUNKYMONKEY products, is fully adjustable.

The flip flops come with an Easy Returns guarantee and we offer free worldwide delivery.

So lightweight you’ll feel like you’re walking on air, and you’ll never have to worry about stepping in a puddle or dropping a shoe in a salted-water bathtub again.

Our waterproof sandals are available in men’s and women’s sizes and fit just about any foot type comfortably.

The EVA waterproof flip-flops are the ultimate accessory for your summertime wardrobe.

With a lightweight design, ultra-flexibility, and a sturdy EVA outsole, this pair is perfect for everything from hiking to wearing around the house.

These minimalist, versatile thong sandals come with footbeds and arch supports that make them just as comfortable as they are functional. Plus, they’re lightweight, so they won’t weigh you down on vacation!


  • EVA waterproof flip flops
  • Unisex adjustable thong sandals
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Suitable for summer activities

Merrell Water Shoe

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

A water shoe is an essential part of every beach day, and it’s Merrell’s top-selling product in this category.

The Hydro Moc is a lightweight water shoe with a flexible sole and a lightweight, breathable upper that offers the barefoot feel of a clog, with improved durability and traction.

These water shoes are designed for comfort, style, and speed on land or in the water.

Comfortable EVA midsole cushioning, a wide toebox, and a super-grippy outsole provide a soft, smooth stride, while the easy-change heel strap and durable upper sheds water and debris.

Classic water shoe just got these awesome updates. The Merrell Hydro Moc is a great alternative to Crocs clogs, with more support, drainage, and non-slip soles.

It’ll be your new go-to shoe for around the house and even on the beach with friends.


  • Water shoe with articulated heel strap
  • Non-slip rubber soles
  • EVA midsole

EQUICK Slippers

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

A chic and comfortable slippers, with a waterproof seal on the sole and a comfortable footbed, that can be worn both around the house and out on the town.

Great gift for a mom, dad, child, or friend. These soft, cushioned, comfort-oriented shower and pool slippers have a casual look but deliver optimal comfort.

The EQUICK has raised the bar for all other slippers on the market by combining comfort, durability, and affordability: these casual slippers for women and men will give you all-day comfort for as low as $25.

These super comfy, extra-thick slippers have the look and function of traditional house shoes but with an ultra-comfy twist.

They’re perfect for lounging around the house, providing a welcome layer of protection from rough floors, as well as a shock-absorbing layer beneath your feet.

The slippers are sturdily constructed, but the upper is incredibly soft, the arch is supportive and the soles make walking across slippery surfaces a non-issue.

The slippers conform to the shape of your feet and breath quite nicely, making them quite comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

The slippers are very durable and can withstand extended wear, making them well worth the price!

These soft and roomy beach house slippers are better than crocs in many ways including price, style, comfort, and durability. The non-slip outsoles grip the wet bathroom floor with ease.


  • EVA slippers with non-slip waterproof outsoles
  • Durable slippers with a casual style
  • Washable slippers with a suspension design that gives adequate pain relief
  • Hollow footbed which adequately supports the feet

Native Shoes

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

It’s your one-stop-shop for comfortable shoes without sacrificing style. Native Shoes are perfect for men and women who want to show off their style while keeping their feet looking and feeling great!

A fun and effortless addition to any shoe collection, these attractive and comfortable slip-on are the perfect summer daily sneakers.

Native Shoes Jefferson sneakers are made from lightweight, synthetic materials that mold to the foot to add support and comfort. The easy to clean, odor-resistant sneaker is great for wear around the campsite or around town.


  • Lightweight sneakers with breathable holes
  • Ultralight EVA upper
  • Odor resistant
  • Easy to clean inner
  • Made with synthetic rubber sole

FUNKYMONKEY UltraSoft Sandals

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

The new and improved FUNKYMONKEY Thong Flip Flop combines lightness and comfort with an enhanced design that helps to prevent foot pain and injuries.

Lots of detail went into the design of this super comfortable sandal to create the perfect on-the-go footwear solution.

FUNKYMONKEY Women’s Thong Flip Flop Ultra Soft Arch Support Sandals make you comfortable, you can wear them at home because of the softness.

It is also good for your health because it can reduce the stress on your feet.

This sandal is a great example of “more than the sum of its parts.” The patented design balances three features: a contoured footbed with a removable metatarsal pad and arch support.

It has an EVA sole with a shock-absorbing heel cup and durable toe protection; and premium fabrics, including a soft, quick-drying microfiber (85% polyester, 15% spandex) upper hand-woven in Vietnam.

The result is comfort and style in a vibrant colorway with a nonslip grip.


  • Flip flops with arch support and EVA sole
  • Light and comfortable
  • Contoured footbed which reduces stress on feet
  • Can be used for all outdoor activities

Women’s Short Rain Boots

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

When it comes to comfort and functionality, garden rain boots are just the thing for work and play.

These garden rain boots made with PVC, non-slip rubber sole for optimum traction on all surfaces, designed with elastic band closure are really comfortable and fun to wear, even in the rain.

These are the best rain boots you’ve ever worn. They’re waterproof and comfortable, true to size, and durable. And did we mention they’re adorable?

Boots you can wear anytime, anywhere in any weather. The all-weather traction ensures that you won’t slip or skid during a storm, but the elastic band keeps them casual enough for everyday wear.


  • Garden rain boots made with PVC
  • Non-slip rubber sole for optimum traction on all surfaces
  • Designed with elastic band closure type for easy pull on and off

Madctoc Sports Sandals

Shoes Like Crocs but Better

These are the lightest sandals you can find anywhere, perfect for casual wear or your daily outdoor life.

The slipper is designed for men and women, with a soft and breathable cotton lining and leather upper.

Their contour foot shape and anti-slip sole make them perfectly comfy to wear. With the low weight, they are easy to pack in your luggage and travel with.


  • Universal, lightweight sports sandals
  • Anti-slip EVA sole
  • Easy to clean design


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