15 Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry (in 2022)

In this article, you’re going to be shown the best 15 work boots for the oil and gas industry.

But because not every kind of boot can truly find relevance in this regard, this article promises to put to light why what boot type is deemed fit for use in working in an oil and gas industry.

You must know that the boots that fall in this class serve as one of the mandatory personal protective equipment (PPEs) for every worker in this sector.

Things that you should look at when getting a boot for an oil and gas work include:

  • Deciding between leather or rubber
  • Considering whether it is going to be a LaceUp or pull on type
  • You must also consider the height of the boot too

Why you should rightly make those choices is because that will go on to decide the comfort level, safety features, and the quality of the material used.

Below are some of the best picks that meet the demand.

  1. Timberland Pro 8 Work Boot
  2. Carhartt Rugged Work Boot
  3. Irish Setter Toe Work Boot
  4. Timberland Pro Steel-Toe Work Boot
  5. Georgia Men’s Industrial Boot
  6. Thorogood Mac Toe Safety Boot
  7. Ariat Groundbreaker Work Boot
  8. Chippewa Waterproof Boot
  9. Chippewa Insulated Logger Boot
  10. Dona Michi Safety Work Boot
  11. Twisted X-Men Work Boot
  12. Wolverine Wellington Boot
  13. Cat Revolver Pull-on Steel Toe Boot
  14. Skechers Ruffneck Work Boot
  15. Keen Utility Wellington Work Boot

Timberland Pro 8 Work Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

Even among boots that are fit for use in an oil and gas firm, you’ll still want one that is built on the most recent innovation that meets and solves real modern problems.

This Timberland Pro 8 Men’s boot is an embodiment of a modern design as it has just the right material, shaft height, sole material type, support, and foot protection features.

To help you understand this better, the material used here is a fine blend of leather and textile, which are known to be durable and foot-friendly.

The shaft height is 8Inches; this is just the perfect height that protects the part of the feet that is very highly susceptible to the sustainment of injuries.

The sole material type is rubber; its modern design makes it anti-skid, just so you’re protected from slips that may come from stepping on spills.

The safety features therein include a rubber toe guide, a dual-density outsole for balance against fall, and the heel guide too. And not to forget the waterproof membrane.

Also, the boot has some padded collars that keep your feet from sustaining a severe injury that may result from heavy objects falling on them. The fact that it also comes with abrasion resistance protectors too is great.

And in all, it is very comfortable to have you working in them all day long without having your feet face unhealthy foot fatigue. perfect!

Carhartt Rugged Work Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

The versatility of this boot cannot be overemphasized. It is designed in a way that makes it sufficient for use in both the oil and electrical industries.

This is because it is equipped with all the necessary protective features like composite safety toe, protective upper, anti-slip, and all features that make it great for oil and gas.

It also has electrical hazard protection features in cases where one may step on live wires.

You can be right to think this electrical hazard protection feature will also be effective in the oil and gas world too as there are sections in this regard that open workers to this type of hazard.

The boot is designed with inner features that keep your feet warm in any type of condition. All thanks to the 3M Thinsulate which is a microfiber that keeps your feet warm.

This boot helps to keep your feet dry in any type of condition because it has a storm defender waterproof which is breathable protection.

This simultaneously promotes a healthy airflow and keeps your feet in a moderate dry ecosystem.

With all of these features, this boot is big on comfort as it is equipped with a cushioned and comfortable insole that massively slashes down the intensity of foot fatigue, offers arch support, and better cushioning, and keeps you feeling good all through working hours.

Irish Setter Toe Work Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

It is mostly the little improved details that make all the differences between an average and a great work boot. And the Irish Setter brand understands this.

This is why the designer of this shoe does not take shorter cuts in the craftsmanship of this boot. It is built based on top technologies using full-grain leather that is famous for durability and ideality.

This model is made with the ultradry and GORE-TEX waterproofing technology to have your feet kept dry even in wet environments.  It also has ultra insulation too that helps your feet to maintain the right dose of warmness.

For a hotter oil and gas environment where other regular boots may not be protective enough to result in having your legs sweating, this Irish Setter Work Boot makes a difference as it has a heat-resistant outsole.

The Vibram outsole is made to give balance and is anti-skid. This way, you are sure of safety and resistance to skidding in this said working environment where skid and disbalance are common occurrences. Instead, you are offered an improved ground grip.

This shoe has electrical-resistant features too. Plus, it comes with a cushioned tongue and soft padded insole, and inner walls that keep the feet from being susceptible to foot fatigue.

Timberland Pro Steel-Toe Work Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

The craftsmanship of this boot borders on foot protection from common oil and gas work hazards, and improved foot balance for enhanced performance, durability, and comfort.

And the fact that these are the primary needs for one in this field of work, makes this boot just perfect.

The construction for this boot model is the Goodyear welt type. This accounts for the boot’s ability to attain a durable chemical and mechanical bond that keeps all components of the boot glued in one piece.

Thereby making it strong enough to go through the tussle and rigors that the job demands.

The safety features embedded in this shoe are a waterproof membrane, slip and oil-resistant outsole, and the toe protection feature made of steel.

An oilfield job is one of the worst and most hazardous you can think of. As such, it is only ideal and safe that these things should be in place.

Your feet are most probably going to get tired at the end of the day, hence, this boot comes with an OrthoLite footbed that helps the ankle joint to have some soft landing.

In humid and hot conditions, this boot still keeps your feet dry as there is an antimicrobial mesh lining that helps with this.

In the end, you are sure to have a better user experience from the pull-on and padded collars which will give this a memorable experience.

Georgia Men’s Industrial Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

It is a fact that good boot traction is a big thing in the oil and gas work field among most of the necessary safety boot features.

And there are not many outsole types that surpass the logger outsole of this boot which accounts for its great traction control.

Regarding the overall safety features of this Industrial boot, it will interest you to know that it meets the ASTM standard as regards electrical hazard resistance and toe protection.

We know that the oil and gas field is pretty critical as it sounds. Using boots or regular shoes with low or inadequate protective features is a no-no.

It is in this light that the Georgia Men’s Industrial Boot is made specifically to capture all crucial details like abrasion resistance, waterproof, and toe protection features.

Albeit, there is a downside to this boot; it is a tad stiffer than most boots. Usually, it takes about three weeks before it breaks in. Thereafter, it becomes moderately soft and pretty conducive for working.

This Industrial boot comes with a steel shank that improves your overall balance too. You want to be in control and own every step you take. Having used this boot. I’ll say, welcome to a home where comfort is served chilled!

Thorogood Mac Toe Safety Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

Some boots fit the oil and gas work field by happenstance. They’re good in themselves and that is that for that.

However, this Thorogood safety boot is SPECIFICALLY designed as an oil and gas safety boot and other related work areas.

Little wonder it comes with multiple features that perfectly blend into this work field. In this field, you’re most probably going to find yourself working on difficult surfaces.  Some are wet, some are uneven, and others are oily surfaces.

The fact that this safety boot is made to have a huge resistance to skidding speaks volumes of just being perfect here.

When it comes to durability, you do not want to undermine the quality nature of the Goodyear welt construction used here that makes it very durable.

This makes it withstand the hurdles and rigors, and other unfavorable conditions that come with working in this sector.

Although, there is a downside to this boot; a solid waterproof membrane is not present here.

Regarding comfort, there is the poron type of cushioned comfort footbed that works perfectly for the slashes down of impact and bringing about shock absorption. This leaves your feet in utter tenderness.

America is almost always associated with quality, unlike its China counterparts. And by reason of this boot being made in the US should tell the values embedded in it.

Ariat Groundbreaker Work Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

The Ariat brand has an excellent science of innovation. The advanced technology used for this model improved its durability, comfort level, and performance. This has made the boot exceptionally work-friendly, versatile, and rugged.

Plus, this is a dependable boot because it is equipped with features that can make it survive demanding environments. Trust the premium grade leather adopted here.

It is designed with optimal breathability to keep your feet in moderate dryness during all use.

Other comfort features include a cushioned insole for fatigue reduction and good rebound and relatively low weight. This is one of the best as regards better functionality and style.

While you can be right to call this just a cowboy boot, it supersedes quite a number of work boots out there as it is designed with attention laid to advanced functionality, elevated comfort, improved foot friendliness, and a better overall balance.

Chippewa Waterproof Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

I’d love to restate that the primary features of all ideal boots for the oil and gas field are protective. And it is a good thing that this boot passes that test.

This is because of the safety steel toes, the Chip-A-Tex Waterproof membrane, and the Vibram outsole that has deep lugs.

All of these features put an oil worker in a very low/minute level of susceptibility to the sustainment of injuries from the hazard that is common within that environment.

Albeit, we can also agree that it is true to use a boot with all of these features and still not work effectively because of the discomfort that inadequacy of some of the boot’s inner components may have.

But this is not the case here as there is a Texon footbed and soft and cushioned insole that allows for an elevated level of shock absorbency.

The inner linings too are cool. All of these comfort features help you to easily go through some of the rocky and other uneven and foot-tiring surfaces of the oil and gas field. What boot could be better?

Chippewa Insulated Logger Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

One thing that will forever remain true is the fact that value speaks for itself. The reviews made by people that have used this boot are to a very large percentage, positive.

The minute negative ones did make their purchases from unverified distributors. Hence, they got knockoffs.

From the height to the construction, from the used materials to comfort level, everything is geared towards making this boot very relevant in the oil and gas sector.

This is one boot that is built with both classic styling and features that allow it to stand the test of time – a fine blend of aesthetics and durability.

It comes with some safety toe caps that protect against the sustainment of injuries from possible falls of work tools.

Sometimes, there are harsh temperatures that are unfavorable to oil workers, this boot becomes the go-to guy in times like that because it has Thinsulate insulation, 400 grams of it, and a waterproofing membrane.

Both of which help in maintaining feet temperature to keep them in moderate warmness and dryness.

For better balance and grip, this boot features a deep lug pattern that helps to keep a rich extent of stability.

All of these, combined with its soft insole, and Nylex inner lining that is breathable, making it just perfect!

Dona Michi Safety Work Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

The closure type of this boot is the pull-on type. It is made of genuine leather-full-grain precisely. This accounts for its long-lasting and durable nature.

The outer part of this boot is both rigid and rugged to withstand varying unfavorable work conditions.

The outsole has an edge against slippery surfaces as it is made to resist both wet and oily terrains, the rubber material used accounts for it.

This way, an oil worker is assured of both balance and better gait during working hours. Satisfying these needs is crucial in the oil and gas world.

The shafts are made soft to not cause scratches or irritation to the upper ankle and leg areas.

While this boot’s manufacturer pays importance to details, structure, and construction, it is true to admit that it is beautiful too.

Unlike other boots where quality is sacrificed on the altar of aesthetics. Here, both are carried along, at a healthy dose.

Twisted X-Men Work Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

The twisted X brand prides itself in making boots that are pretty quality and versatile. Boots that meet the needs of varying fields of work, much of which the oil and gas field is not left out.

This boot is designed much with priority given to superb foot protection and extreme comfort. These needs are met by the adoption of the K-toe profile protection, soft interior seams, and EVA midsole.

The boot is durable because it is made of a full-grain type of oiled leather. This type of leather works for protection against the permeability of water or oil.

The Amazon global rating of this boot is 4.1 out of 5. This should serve as a pointer to the fact that this boot is a home where true value lives.

You’d love to know about how the air mesh lining always keeps the feet dry cool and dry too.

The heel of a boot is one of the core areas that tells how good a work boot is, that’s why this model comes with a stitched and reinforced heel.

Wolverine Wellington Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

Protection and balance always come first in the right order of priority of features of not just an oil and gas work boot, but also any other work boot.

Hence, this boot is designed with a steel toe that meets the ASTM standard of a protective work boot.

Its exceptional balance results from its rubber lug and slip-resistant outsole, this is so that in slippery conditions, the footing of an oilfield worker is safely kept.

The Wolverine brand makes boot models that can survive the worst of an unfavorable environment and still deliver comfort all day.

Undeniably, there are a few other boots whose quality level meets this. However, it is often almost always difficult to find one with this level of value that is also as lightweight as this.

It has a good shaft height of 10.75 as shaft height is paramount in this field – both for protection and comfort.

Cat Revolver Pull-on Steel Toe Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

When a brand, through quality delivery, has carved for itself a good name, its goodwill will always speak for it.

The Cat brand is known worldwide to be an embodiment of strength, integrity, and honest work.

For example, the Cat brand made this boot with genuine leather that can go through hell and back.

It has metatarsal and heel guard features, plus a skid-resistance outsole. Although the insoles are not very soft, nonetheless, they are far from being hard either.

Cat initially started with making boots used for construction, and that field too subjects workers’ footwear to easy wear and tear.

How Cat was able to make boots that withstood all that proves true worth. And the 4.5/5 worldwide Amazon rating of this boot says it all too.

Skechers Ruffneck Work Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

The Sketchers brand was incorporated in 1992 and has since made groundbreaking footwear that made it an award-winning brand.

This stems from the fact that Sketchers met (and is still meeting) the varying needs of different workers with different work needs.

This boot has a complete toe guide feature. It has a good shaft height of 10.5 inches and an outsole that keeps it from slipping.

The insole therein is comfortable too, albeit it is made removable to give the user the luxury of choosing where he’s able to slide in a preferred one.

The boot in its entirety is relatively lightweight too with its interior design made to be exceptionally soft and very foot-friendly.

It is waterproof and has a steel toe. Although, the sole is not memory foam but rubber, and this is good too for resistance against skids and improvement of balance.

Keen Utility Wellington Work Boot

Best Work Boots for Oil and Gas Industry

The excellent lightweight of this boot stems from the fact that some parts are made with a composite material that is factually lighter than most steel toe boots. Material science proves this too.

It is a good thing that this reduces the tiring foot feeling common with most oil and gas workers. The improved traction too is top-notch.

One is also prone to hazards like an electrical shock in some oil and gas work areas. This boot has one covered in that regard as it has underfoot protection. Plus, it features a type that is isooctane and chemical resistant.

Common with most workers is sweaty and odoriferous feet. This boot aims to combat that with its CleanSportNXT feature that automatically breaks down the odor of sweat.

What boot is perfect for an oil and gas worker if not one with a balanced sole, overall foot protection, odor control feature, heel guard, lightweight, and puncture-resistant? Here you have it.


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