Burberry Shoes Review (in 2022)

Thomas Burberry founded the Burberry brand in 1856 in the United Kingdom. Burberry sells remarkable accessories and wears for both men and women.

In this article, we are reviewing Burberry shoes. What makes Burberry shoes stand out from other brands of shoes? What is Burberry’s selling point? What are the downsides, if any?

And where can we purchase Burberry shoes? Burberry shoes are a long-standing fashionable brand. They are popular for variable reasons.

Anyone who goes into a store to buy a pair of shoes has some qualities in mind. Style is definitely part of it and how durable the shoes are.

Key Features Of Burberry Shoes And Their Benefits

Fashionable, Classy, and Stylish

Burberry shoes are one that you can’t take your eyes off in the store. They are so fashionable. Another thing you will notice about these shoes is that they are classy.

If you love to be classy in your dressing, then don’t leave Burberry shoes out. It is almost as if these shoes are made for a certain class of people and the pricing points to that.

Burberry shoes are definitely stylish and you can wear them to any event while looking stunning and attractive.

If you are a person of class who loves fashionable and stylish shoes, I strongly recommend any shoes from the Burberry collection.

Sustainable Fabric

Another thing that stands Burberry out is the fabric used in making these shoes. Burberry uses durable and stretchy fabric for its shoes.

From calf leather to cotton, to polyurethane, to sheep leather, to lambskin, to polyester, the fabric is obviously high quality, and no wonder their shoes are so different.

I believe that it is from these fabrics that amount to the expensiveness of Burberry shoes. Burberry has a way of combining these fabrics for great quality shoes.


This is another feature of Burberry shoes. These shoes are made to allow for breathability. This way, you can wear them all day without having any foul smell on your feet.

You can imagine that moment after a long day at work, you decide to just relax and the next impulsive thing you will do is to pull off your shoes.

Imagine having all eyes turned on you because your feet stink? I bet you wouldn’t want that. Burberry shoes will help you avoid that because air constantly enters the shoes because of the pores in the shoes.

What drives away a bad smell is when there is enough ventilation. Burberry shoes are well ventilated for breathability.

Comfortable designs

Burberry shoes are designed with either flat or heel designs. The flat designs are made so comfortable that you would want to stay in them all day. Same with the heel type.

The shoes women are most uncomfortable in are heeled shoes. But, when it comes to Burberry, these shoes are designed for you to feel comfortable wearing them.

This is another reason people feel comfortable buying Burberry shoes regardless of their prices. The flat heels are most remarkable.

Whether in their sneakers, flats, or sandals, the materials used in designing them provide the most comfort.


Burberry shoes are versatile in nature. One sandal you get from Burberry can be used for office work, casual outings, dates, and so many other things.

The fashion in these shoes allows you to use them for a high-ranked meeting and an ordinary one. If you are one who enjoys the attention of being regarded as rich, Burberry offers you that.

It is even made more obvious when you wear the Burberry lettered heel. People know how expensive Burberry is.


This is another reason people keep buying Burberry shoes, they are durable. Coupled with the great styling, you can use them for a long time.

Downsides of Wearing Burberry Shoes

Do not fit flat feet

The major downside of wearing Burberry shoes for most women is that they usually do not fit fat feet. This is not just coming from one or two persons who have purchased Burberry but from hundreds of customers.

Burberry shoes are mostly slim and they mostly do not fit fat feet. I understand that they use stretchy fabric in order for the shoes to stretch and conform to the feet, but that seems not to work for every foot.

This is one of the uniqueness and this is also the downside of Burberry shoes. They invest a lot in the materials used in making their shoes, but fat feet seem not to be included in their designs.

Also, one of the downsides is that they run narrow on the feet. This is still in line with the slim and pencil design of these shoes.

The shoes seem to run narrow at the toe part

This is because the toe region is made too narrow and people with wide toes cannot fit into these shoes.

This is a turn-off for people with wide toes and most customers are usually disappointed when they discover this. Since this is the unique design of Burberry, I don’t think they can change that.

So many customers enjoy using these shoes and Burberry enjoys keeping them. Sometimes, the shoes stretch, and the toes become fitting over time.

4 Favorite Burberry Shoes

To further understand what Burberry shoes are made of and their top qualities, let’s consider 4 shoes in the Burberry top category.

House Check Cotton and Leather Sneakers

Burberry Shoes Review

This is one of Burberry’s products and it is made with linings that make room for breathability. It is comfortable and lightweight.

This is one of the features of Burberry shoes. It can be found at the Burberry store at quite an expensive price. Also, these sneakers are durable just as other Burberry shoes.

This House Check shoe is made of 63% calf leather and 37% cotton for the upper. The trim is made of 100% polyurethane and the lining is 100% sheep leather. This is one thing about Burberry, attention to detail.

Every part of the shoe is accorded specific fabric in order to achieve what they desire to see the shoe look like. These sneakers are top when it comes to fashion. It is highly stylish.

Logo Print Vintage Check Sneakers

Burberry Shoes Review

The uppers of these sneakers are made of 100% cotton. The lining is made of 70% and 30% sheep leather. And the sole is made of 100% rubber.

If there is anything I am going to applaud Burberry for, is the way they make each shoe unique. The details for one shoe are different from that of the other.

So, when they tell you the price for this one and the price for the other, you will not argue because they invest a lot in making those shoes.

This Logo print Burberry shoes are designed with the Burberry logo and this makes you stand out in the crowd. It gives the brand uniqueness.

And while this speaks of Burberry’s confidence, it also speaks of your trust in them. There is padding in the footbed which aids comfortability.

These sneakers are fashionable, stylish, and comfortable. It is breathable and it keeps your feet fresh all day. The rubber sole protects your feet and also keeps the sneakers for a long time.

Monogram Motif Point-toe Ballerinas

Burberry Shoes Review

The upper is made of 100% calf leather and the trim is made of 100% brass. The lining is made of 90% lambskin, 8% polyester, and 2% polyurethane. The sole is made of 100% leather.

This shoe is made with a slip-on styling and it has a pointed toe. It is designed with the Burberry logo on the front end of the shoes. This shoe is comfortably flat and durable.

Office women who like to look classy and comfortable will love this pair. Just like every other Burberry shoe, this flat is given attention to detail.

The trim, the uppers, the sole, and even the footbed. They all contribute to comfort and they also enhance the durability of the shoe.

Even as you may enjoy wearing this to the office, you will also enjoy wearing this to meetings, Church, or any social gathering. And this shoe will still make you stand out.

The black color allows for versatility. It is also available in other colors.

Vintage Check Cotton Arthur Sneakers

Burberry Shoes Review

The moment I first saw these sneakers, I knew this must be the best bid. It matters how you look when you dress and it matters that you look your money, especially if you have.

This Arthur Sneakers is highly classy and fashionable. The upper is made of 98% cotton and 2% fiberglass. The lining is made of 73% polyester, 15% sheep leather, 9% polyamide, and 3% polyurethane.

The sole is made of 100% polyurethane. It is important that you know what you are wearing is made of. These materials here are sure worth whatever pricing these sneakers may carry.

Again, Burberry has paid much attention to the detailing of these sneakers.

These sneakers are made with a lace-up closure type and it has a Burberry-lettered heel. It is capped with a polished overshoe that is inspired by rain boots.

These sneakers are mostly worn by men. Use it for any classy occasion and you are sure to fit in. These sneakers are durable and you should know that it is also expensive.

The check pattern has also added to the fashion of the sneakers. These sneakers are available in many colors.

Are Burberry Shoes Worth the Money?

When I checked one of Burberry’s shoes online, the price I saw was shocking. Imagine taking over $300 just to purchase only one pair of shoes. That’s how costly Burberry shoes are.

Burberry shoes are worth the money because of the investment made into the shoes. Burberry invests a lot in the materials used in making just one shoe.

We do not know how much time it takes to have a shoe produced. I also think that Burberry can do better by placing a more friendly pricing on the shoes produced.

Either way, people still patronize Burberry shoes regardless of the price because they know the qualities they stand to benefit.

Where Can You Buy Burberry Shoes?

In physical stores, Burberry has several stores scattered around America. They have recorded about 62 Burberry store locations in the United States.

If you are in America, find Burberry stores in California, Nevada, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, New York, and many other states in America.

If you stay near any of these places, you can find a local Burberry store around. They have stores in almost all the states in America.

If you are not one that is familiar with online buying and selling, you can easily check any Burberry stores around you.

Also note that most local shoe vendors will have Burberry shoes available, especially, the expensive ones.

Burberry shoes are also made available in most online stores. You can get Burberry shoes from the official Burberry website row.burberry.com and there you will find Burberry’s latest for all categories, both men and women.

You simply make a choice of the shoes you want, pay for them, and have them delivered to you.

Sometimes, this site may be slow and you may not have the patience to wait for it. Or, the delivery services might not be as fast as you want them.

This is why there are other online stores to buy from, like Farfetch, Neiman Marcus, Flannels, Bloomingdale’s, Zappos, etc.

These online vendors may offer better services and you are sure to have your favorite Burberry shoes delivered to you.


Burberry shoes are very expensive and the qualities they have make them worth the money.

Burberry is known to pay attention to details while making its shoes. If you like to be fashionable, classy and comfortable in your shoes, then you should consider getting a pair of Burberry.

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