Vans Popcush Insoles Review – (in 2022)

Vans Popcush Insoles are the advanced version of the Ultracush insole. They are found in most Vans pro shoes and they are superior to Ultracush insoles.

They are inserted in Vans shoes to support better comfort and impact absorption. These Popcush Insoles are newly invented by Vans and they are made with the aim of advancing comfort majorly for skaters.

Skaters require shoes that will keep them comfortable and resist impact while skating. While Ultracush insole provides such comfort, Popcush insole provides better. So, you should always look out for Vans Popcush insole for enhanced comfort.

Vans Popcush Insoles are removable and washable. They can be washed when dirty and can be replaced when worn out.

That is, if you no more feel comfortable in the original insole, you can purchase another insole and replace it for comfort. Vans Popcush Insoles are durable.

So, you may not need to bother about changing them often. Vans Popcush Insoles are made with airflow perforation for breathability.

Breathability is another core advantage of using Vans Popcush Insole. That way, you can stay comfortable all day without any foul smell or itchy feet. The bottom line is that Vans Popcush Insoles are inserted in shoes for advanced comfort.

What Are Vans Popcush Insoles Best For?

Vans Popcush Insoles are best for two things; comfort and impact protection. Since most Vans shoes are basically made for skateboarding, there is a need to provide the needed comfort and impact protection while skating.

This is not restricted to skateboarding. If you use shoes for anything and your basic needs are comfort and impact protection, then Vans Popcush can serve you that.

Vans Popcush Insoles will help you stay comfortable even while performing rigorous activities in your shoes. These are the basic things that Vans Popcush Insoles provide.

Also, Vans Popcush Insoles are best for use in skateboarding and for everyday use. This should be the best choice for every skater out there, especially for advanced skateboarders.

Vans shoes are already popular for being the best brand of shoes for skateboarding. What some people do not know is that Vans shoes inserted with Popcush Insoles are better for skateboarding.

Another interesting thing is that you could use Vans Popcush Insole in any other shoe for the same purpose.

In case you have your favorite skating shoes already, you can simply purchase Vans Popcush Insoles for advanced comfort.

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Vans Popcush Insoles Review

This Vans Popcush Insole already has a 5-star rating globally. This shows how effective and how good this insole is. It is made with a Tri-Density Popcush Construction and an OrthoLite open-cel foam top layer.

This insole is also made with an anti-fatigue coring design. This means that you will not get tired easily while using this insole. For breathability, this insole is made with airflow perforations.

This way, your feet don’t smell all day. This insole is in 3D molded anatomical shape which is advanced. It also has a TPU Arch support heel clip that enhances stability.

It is available in different sizes and it is made to suit both male and female boots. This Vans Popcush Insole can be inserted in Vans shoes or any other boots of your choice for comfort and protection. It can be used for skateboarding shoes and casual shoes.

These are some of Vans shoes that has Popcush Insole inserted in them.

Shoes with Vans Popcush insoles

There is basically one Vans Popcush Insole available. We are going to review the Popcush Insole and then review some vans shoes inserted with this Popcush Insole.

Vans Skate Half Cab

Vans Popcush Insoles Review

This skate shoe is available in white/black and black/black. It is made with sturdy suede and canvas. This canvas is specifically designed for skaters to meet all their skating needs.

It is inserted with the special Popcush sockliners for comfortability and impact protection. This Vans shoe is breathable and durable. It is made with SICKSTICK gum rubber for grip and durability.

This enables the sneaker to have a firm grip on the skateboard and that stays durable while skating.

This Vans sneaker that is specially embedded with Popcush Insole is stylish, comfortable, and durable. And this is from the reviews customers have dropped on this shoe. This shoe is sold for $70 on the official Vans website.

It has a 4-star global rating. This shoe can be worn by both men and women for any casual work or sports activity.

What you should know is that this shoe is different from other Vans shoes because it comes with Popcush Insole and that is premium. If comfort is what is in your mind, why not drop some dollars for this.

Vans Skate Sk8-Hi

Vans Popcush Insoles Review

This skating Vans shoe is more advanced than the previous one. It is also designed for skaters and it is made with sturdy suede and canvas. The uppers are locked in tongue-strap.

It comes with a SICKSTICK gum rubber for stability and durability. This Vans shoe is also embedded with Vans Popcush cushioning.

It is made with DURACUP technology for durability. This Vans shoe provides more support and more boardfeel. From reviews by customers, this shoe is comfortable, stylish, and durable.

It comes with the best fittings. There are sizes available for all fittings. This shoe is sold on the official Vans website for $80. It has a 4.2 global star rating.

This shoe may not only be used for skating, it can be used for everyday casual wear and dress shoe. Some people use it for other sports they are more comfortable using Sk8-Hi for.

It is available in different colors and you can make a pick of your favorite color. Since the Popcush Insole is removable, you can remove and wash or you can change the insole to a new Popcush Insole

Vans Kyle Walker Pro

Vans Popcush Insoles Review

This Kyle Walker Pro is an advanced version of the Kyle Walker shoe. It is inserted with the advanced version of the Ultracush insole which is the Popcush Insole.

It is made with sturdy suede, leather, and textile uppers. This shoe is made with DURACAP gum rubber underlay for durability and stability. It is made with Vans waffle cup construction.

Also made with Popcush sockliners for comfort. The sockliner is perforated for breathability.

This Kyle Walker shoe is comfortable, stylish, and durable according to customers’ reviews who have purchased the shoe.

This shoe also has a perfect fit and it is worth the money. It is sold on the Vans official website for $100. This shoe in particular has a 4.6-star global rating. This shows how high quality this shoe is.

It is made to suit both men and women. It is basically used for skateboarding but can be used for other sports.

It is also best used for everyday casual wear. Vans shoes are popular because of the affordable prices. Even if this one is a little expensive, it is certainly worth the money. The global rating confirms that.

Skate Sk8-Hi Reissue

Vans Popcush Insoles Review

Saving the best for last? I guess that’s what this is. This Reissue vans shoe was created in honor of a renowned skateboarder, Jeff Grosso in the 1980s.

Vans made this shoe to retain his memory in the hearts of all skateboarders. This shoe is made with a fully revised upper, molded counter, and locked-in tongue straps.

It is also made with DURACAP rubber underlay for durability and stability. This shoe is breathable and durable. It is inserted with the premium Popcush sockliners for breathability and impact protection.

This special Sk8-Hi Reissue shoe is made to be stylish, comfortable, and durable. It happens to be the most expensive among all the shoes mentioned here as it is sold on Vans website for $110.

The shoe is worth the money as it has a global star rating of 5 stars. It is available in many colors and different sizes and it is suitable for both men and women who are skaters.

Apart from skating, it can be used for everyday fashion wear. You should purchase this if you are an advanced skater and interested in honoring the memory of Jeff.


In this article, we have discovered that Vans Popcush Insole is the advanced version of the Vans Ultracush insole. It performs better functions that the Ultracush insole. This is not found in all Vans shoes.

You need to check the shoe description to ascertain whether that shoe comes with Vans Popcush Insole or not. Also, you can purchase the Popcush Insole independently and insert it in any shoe of your choice.

Vans Popcush Insole is best at providing comfort and impact protection. It is best used for skateboarding and for everyday casual use.

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