10 Best Shoes to Wear to Court (in 2022)

Being a legal practitioner saddles you with the responsibility of almost always keeping up with a professional look.

While you can easily get a good suit and a nice tie, getting a shoe that complements those can sometimes be a chore.

However, this article is a roadmap that would take you through the route of appropriate and ideal dress sense in the world of legal practitioners.

The right shoes to wear to court are shoes that give you the look of a very healthy dose of professionalism. Shoes that fall in this class are usually shoes with darker hues.

Colors that fit into this category are black, navy blue, brown, and dark grey. These colors are always on top of the game and can hardly ever go out of place.

Other times, it can be a combination of some of the aforementioned colors. Usually not more than two of them.

Inasmuch as you never should be caught underdressed, you also shouldn’t have your feet in shoes that become a spine in the ass.

Whether you’re working in a law firm or a court, you should be in comfortable shoes. You do not want overly high-heeled or ill-fitting shoes.

Below are some of the best picks that can serve you any time.

  1. Bruna Marc Men’s Dress Shoe
  2. Clerks Men’s Cap Tilted Cap Oxford Shoe
  3. Stacy Adams Men’s LaceUp Shoe
  4. Ritizen Oxford Dress Shoe
  5. HuitJours Multicolor Brogues Wing Shoe
  6. Amazon’s Essentials Loafer Flat Shoe
  7. Clerks Women’s Linvale Crown Pump Shoe
  8. Raulen Ralph Women’s Loafer Style Shoe
  9. Clerks Clover Ballet Flat
  10. Kitiku Women’s Low Kitten Shoe

Bruna Marc Men’s Dress Shoe

Shoes to Wear to Court

This Men’s shoe comes up as the first shoe on this list of 10 shoes to wear to court because it perfectly ticked all the boxes of what defines a perfect court shoe.

Appearance and comfort

Firstly, a first glance at it opens you to a bundle of an awesome aesthetic and class. And this screams professionalism in a courtroom.

It is neither overly fashionable nor dull or common, but just mature enough to give the required look as the court ecosystem demands.

It is also comfortable to use, especially for long hours, all thanks to its latex footbed and leather lining. It is flexible too to not have your legs stiff in them.

Aside from the brogue design of this shoe, a part of the upper is made with glossy synthetic leather for an added class.

Long-lasting quality

You are sure to get superior quality from any shoe that is made with full-grain leather and a rubber sole.

This is because full-grain leather is obtained by both the outer and inner parts of the hide, whereas other leather types make use of a single of either.

The sole is great too, it is a fine blend of natural rubber and a touch of other polymeric materials.


The moisture-wicking property of this shoe comes from its insole as it is pretty big on moisture absorbance.

This way, there is little or no odor even when used for a longer hour because it leaves no room for bacterial growth that should have resulted from accumulated sweat.

Clerks Men’s Cap Tilted Cap Oxford Shoe

Shoes to Wear to Court

This shoe stands head to head with the one above. This Clerks Men’s shoe is also made with rich and full-grain leather.

It’s very durable too, albeit, it takes a tad more time to break in compared to other regular shoes. However, it becomes very foot-friendly when it breaks in.

One cool thing about it is its super balanced aesthetic appeal. While it is not too shiny, its outer looks give it this mature, yet classy and sophisticated look that carries a decent depth of aura of professionalism.

A person with a good sense of fashion and professional judgment will hardly ever pass this by in a pool of shoes and not take a second glance.

This shoe also has some of its comfort traceable to its outsole being made from thermoplastic elastomers such that it softens up a bit when subjected to high temperature and gets back to its normal hardness when cooled.

The fact that this material has thermoplastic and elastomeric properties makes it ideal in that regard.

For a lightweight grip, it also comes. with a flexible TPR outsole. This shoe also has a shock-absorbing property, all thanks to its OrthoLite footbed.

You should know that the Clerk brand has been in the footwear-making business for over a hundred years now and has gathered a wealth of experience in making exceptionally good shoes of unmatched quality that satisfy professional needs.

Stacy Adams Men’s LaceUp Shoe

Shoes to Wear to Court

While it is true that you need the professional look each time that you appear in the courtroom, who said that you cannot be super cool while at it?

I have seen legal practitioners in their fashionable work attire, and I can say it was an exceptionally excellent sight to behold. It all boils down to choice though.

Well, if you’re in for this, then this Stacy LaceUp shoe got you covered. It is glossy and everything is beautiful.

Aside from its great aesthetic, it is very comfortable, and durable and has a well-fitting pattern that allows you to use it for longer working hours without subjecting your feet to fatigue.

What drives its elevated comfort level is its good arch support and cushioned insole. And for shock absorption, it has cushy memory foam.

What do you need to get set in the court aside from good looks, comfort, and great fitting? Well, you have them all here.

The Stacy Adams brand that has been in existence since 1875 has carved a good name for itself, driving a nice goodwill, making shoes for men who believe in style and professionalism, or a healthy blend of both. What can be more perfect?

Ritizen Oxford Dress Shoe

Shoes to Wear to Court

Most of the best shoes to wear to court are shoes with excellent craftsmanship. Yes. And here you have it. You do not want a shoe that would put the legal practicing profession to ridicule.

As expected, the Ritizen men’s shoe is made durable using genuine leather and not some low-quality synthetic type.

Precisely, it is made with soft pigskin leather and original calfskin leather; these are for the lining and upper respectively.

This shoe is an embodiment of a wingtip construction, a classic design, and a LaceUp closure. This wingtip construction is the ideal construction for formal wear, and this is what a courtroom shoe falls under.

HuitJours Brogues Wing Shoe

Shoes to Wear to Court

You may be wondering about the possibility of the appropriateness of this shoe in the regard to being an ideal shoe for use in the court because of its being multicolored.

Yes, it can serve as a court shoe because shoes for this cause are not all about colors, but more about construction, model, and sophistication.

Well, this HuitJours shoe ticks all the boxes of the aforementioned qualities because it has a LaceUp closure, a wingtip construction, and the right touch of professional design.

Besides, it is easy to match suits with different or mixed colors. For example, this can easily go with either back or brown work attires. This way, you have the luxury of a range of compatibility.

Plus, it has good wear-resisting properties too. And this is traceable to its outer polyurethane material. The downside is that it is not exactly true to size. As such, It is advised that you size down when making a purchase.

Amazon’s Essentials Loafer Flat Shoe

Shoes to Wear to Court

This shoe comes up as the best shoe in this list of 10 shoes to wear to court because, above others, it perfectly ticks the boxes of the supposed silhouette, material quality, lightweight, comfort level, and a professional outlook.

What a silhouette is to a shoe is what an endoskeletal structure is to the human body. It is a good thing that the designers of this shoe consider this worthy enough to come up with the right silhouette.

A simple glance at this shoe tells you that it is meant for serious business. Far from being casual, it is strictly meant for nothing short of an absolute formal dress pattern.

Not even business casual. And this makes it just perfect for a courtroom where decorum is almost well expected to be served on a table of professionalism.

Talk about unrivaled comfort, you have a shoe here with great memory foam and a 16mm padded insole that allows for supreme cushioning.

Afraid of foot fatigue? This Amazon Essentials Women’s shoe makes that almost nonexistent.

Clerks Women’s Linvale Crown Pump Shoe

Shoes to Wear to Court

It is possible that a few people may want to bat an eyelid seeing a heeled shoe being mentioned among shoes to wear to court.

While that is somewhat true, it will also interest them to know that a heeled shoe of just 2.2 inches heel does no harm.

This is one shoe that instantly gives your look an excellent elevation. Yes, and this is because of its pointed and poised pump.

The need for a professional appearance in a courtroom by the practitioners of law is almost as paramount as their job itself. Little wonder this model has been the choice of most people for many years now.

This is the product of different premium materials wittingly put together and morphed into a decent pair of shoes.

It is having a rubber outsole with a leather outer material. You also get cushioned and soft padding from its OrthoLite footbed.

Raulen Ralph Women’s Loafer Style Shoe

Shoes to Wear to Court

This is a shoe for women, who, while they want to have a sweet touch of a dress sense that puts them in a professional light, albeit cannot deal with highly sophisticated shoes, either due to orthopedic reasons or some random choice.

This design is a fresh take on classiness, ease, and simplicity. Looking at it alone makes you appreciate the wits it takes to create a simple design that fits into an official scene where a good extent of the aura of a discrete status is required.

Another great thing about it is its versatile nature too; it goes pretty well with both official trousers, skirts, and many other dresses.

Albeit, you should know that it is true to size, however, you should size up by half a size if you have wider feet. You never go wrong in a courtroom with these pairs.

Clerks Clover Ballet Flat

Shoes to Wear to Court

Let me first spell out that this shoe is not water-resistant. And I am guessing that there is almost little or no need for a supposed court shoe to be resistant to water.

What should be talked about is its material; made of durable full-grain leather type. Its design has this mature look to behold which screams “class” from a distance.

When a courtroom calls, be sure that this Ralph Lauren shoe will answer twice as many shoes. It is comfortable too.

The inner lining and walls are made with soft materials that make it very food-friendly too. This should suffice any day.

You’d love to know about the minimalist heel area and the ultra-flexible nature of this shoe too. It is very breathable also to not have your feet sweating profusely in them while in a hot afternoon courtroom session.

Kitiku Women’s Low Kitten Shoe

Shoes to Wear to Court

What defines a good shoe to use in a court? Certain one that is big on classiness, one that is not having a ridiculous high heeled, and one that allows for a very flexible collocation. It is a good thing that what we have here is no different.

The little heel gives you this elegant and steady gait even while at official duty. Who would want a touch of finesse? All of these qualities with great cushioning are just more than perfect!

And yes, this shoe is durable too. It lasts longer compared to most random shoes.

While other shoe models have attention channeled to the outer looks and whatnot, all at the expense of quality, you get both aesthetic and durability here.

Great, huh? There has never been a time in the history of history where we’ve had the great luxury of awesome choices.


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