10 Shoes Similar to Air Pippen: Best Air Pippen Alternatives (in 2022)

Some weeks ago, I was strolling down a street when I heard a stranger scream in excitement while staring intently at my feet.

At first, I was embarrassed, but I got to know that this stranger is a fan of the Nike Air Pippen shoes, but unfortunately, has been unable to own one.

I got to know this stranger’s name was Joe, and during our short conversation, I was able to highlight some alternatives that he could go for in place of the Nike Air Pippen.

Shoe Features
Nike Air Maestro Most comfortable alternative
Nike Air Flight Huarache Best Sporting alternative
Nike Air More Uptempo Most Popular Scottie Pippen Shoe
Fila Grant Hill III Most Retroed alternative
Air Jordan IX Most Beautiful alternative
Nike Blazer Most Durable Alternative
Reebok Shaqnosis Most Versatile alternative
Nike Air Foamposite Pro Pearl Best Fitted alternative
Nike Sky Force Most Affordable Alternative
Adidas Pro Model Most Fashionable Alternative

So, if you are like Joe, and are looking for shoes that are similar to the Air Pippen, then this is for you!

Nike Air Maestro

Shoes Similar to Air Pippen

Before getting my own pair of Nike Air Pippen, I had read a lot of online reviews on it and the best one for me was the one that described the shoe as “thoroughly comfortable.”

Having owned and worn the Air Pippen for months, I just have to agree with that statement.

What you are sure to be getting from the Nike Air Pippen is a shoe that offers great support and comfort anytime, any day.

However, if you are looking for shoes that offer just as much support as the Nike Air Pippen, then you should surely consider the Nike Air Maestro.

The Nike Air Maestro shares a similarity in design and structure with the Air Pippen. The biggest similarity for me, however, is the comfort you will also be getting from the Nike Air Maestro.

The shoe has in its heel a Nike Air Unit that is there to provide soft cushioning as you strut around or pound up and down a basketball court.

The lightweight foam midsole it comes with is also similar to the one fitted in the Nike Air Pippen. This midsole is the major reason why these shoes are as comfortable as they are.

Nike Air Flight Huarache

Shoes Similar to Air Pippen

Released in the early 90s, the Nike Air Flight Huarache was one of the many sneakers worn by the great Scottie Pippen.

Up until 2016, this sneaker model was a rave among athletes and non-athletes. However, sales gradually reduced and Nike was forced to halt the production of the sneaker line.

Fast forward to 2021 and we have the comeback of the Huaraches. The best part of this has to be the revamping of the original design.

The feel of the firstly-released Huaraches was maintained but the design has a modern feel to it.

The Huarache is similar to the Nike Air Pippen in a number of ways but the biggest similarity they share is in their functionality.

Both shoes hug your feet in such a way that allows you to perform all athletic activities with ease. Both the Nike Air Pippen and the Nike Air Flight Huarache fit snugly around your feet like a firm handshake.

With these shoes, you will experience that you are able to move your feet more quickly and with more power as your feet will not be sliding in them.

Athletes that need an alternative to the Air Pippen should go for the Nike Air Flight Huarache because by fitting snugly around your feet, the shoe provides all the support you will need as an athlete.

Nike Air More Uptempo

Shoes Similar to Air Pippen

No other shoe shares as many similarities with the Air Pippens as the Nike Air More Uptempo does.

Released just a few years from each other, the Nike Air More Uptempo shoe and the Nike Air Pippen both carry a 90s-styled design that is popularly called “neck breakers”.

Just like the Air Pippens, the Nike Air More Uptempo is also a high-top sneaker that Scottie Pippen wore at a point during his illustrious career.

In fact, while the Air Pippen is regarded as Scottie’s signature footwear, the Air More Uptempo is associated with the basketballer because that was the shoe he was wearing when the USA basketball team won gold in the 1996 Olympic games.

The Nike Air Uptempo is, without any doubt, the most popular shoe Scottie Pippen wore. He graced many basketball courts and arenas dressed in bulky shoes.

The shoe has been redesigned and reinvented in many different colors and models but one thing remains: the big “AIR” lettering on each side of the shoe was never removed or reduced.

The Air More Uptempo, like the Air Pippens, has its outer made of synthetic materials and it also carries the Nike Air Max Cushioning that makes it very comfortable as you walk or jump around on any surface.

Fila Grant Hill III

Shoes Similar to Air Pippen

The first similarity between the Fila Grant Hill III and the Nike Air Pippen 1 is that both shoes were first released in the year 1997.

The Fila Grant Hill III was released as part of an endorsement deal and signature wear of the legendary basketball player, Grant Hill.

Just like Scottie Pippen won the NBA Championship with the Nike Air Pippen I that year, Grant Hill also won the Sporting News Rookie of the Year Award in 1997 and was also named in the all-NBA First Team of that year.

We can agree that both shoes pushed their owners to greatness when they were launched.

Of all the shoes similar to the Air Pippen, this is the one with the most retro styles. Looking at the colorways used for the Fila Grant Hill III, you will surely agree that it gives the Air Pippens a run for its money.

The designers of this shoe have experimented with different color schemes that fit almost any kind of personality.

There is absolutely no way you will not find a Fila Grant Hill III that does not suit your taste.

Air Jordan IX

Shoes Similar to Air Pippen

The major similarity between the Air Jordan IX and the Air Pippens lies in the design and construction of both shoes. In a particular ranking, the Air Jordan IX has its design rated a 4.5 on a 5-point scale.

The Air Pippen II also had the same rating. Basically, what this means is that the Air Jordan is a beautifully-designed shoe that is sure to turn heads around.

It is a shoe that will impress you when you see its picture but will leave your mouth wide open when you see it in person.

Even though Jordan is written on it, Michael Jordan did not actually wear this model of the Air Jordan series while actively playing basketball.

This is because the Air Jordan IX was the first Air Jordan to be released after MJ announced his first retirement from basketball in 1993.

The Air Jordan IX provides fantastic comfort and it fits perfectly on the feet. The way the shoe fits snugly, wearers are able to carry it more freely and it aids in faster movement.

The heel cushioning present in this shoe is similar to that of the Air Pippens. The Air Jordan goes further to have a bouncy sole which every basketball player would find useful.

Nike Blazer

Shoes Similar to Air Pippen

One of the major reasons people love the Nike Air Pippen is because of its durability. Well, I make bold to say that the Nike Blazer can stand toe-to-toe with it on that.

The Nike Blazer and the Nike Air Pippen are both made of a black leather upper which helps both shoes to stay in good shape regardless of use.

The leather used to make both shoes is why you can hardly find them to have creases.

The Nike Blazer shoe is an iconic shoe that was one of the first shoes to be popular amongst basketballers. The shoe holds a special place in history as it was named one of the top 100 best basketball shoes of all time.

This shoe is crafted in a vintage style and comes with an EVA sole that makes it very comfortable and gives every basketball player a soft landing as they pounce around the court. Just as it is comfortable, the Nike Blazer has incredible structure that makes the shoe sturdy and a great sight to the eyes.

You do not have to be a basketball player before you enjoy the benefits of this shoe. Fashion-wise, the Nike Blazer is one that you will love. It is easy to style as it is available in low, mid, or high ankle heights.

Reebok Shaqnosis

Shoes Similar to Air Pippen

Sneakers, unlike other types of footwear, can be worn to any kind of event and for any kind of activity. While dress shoes have a limited type of clothes and events they fit for, sneakers are not like that.

If well-styled, you can wear a sneaker to a formal event, a party, to work, or even for sporting activities and casual strolls.

The Reebok Shaqnosis is an embodiment of the versatility of sneakers. Like the Nike Air Pippen I, the Reebok Shaqnosis is one that can be worn not only for basketball but also for hiking or running.

Basically, the design of this shoe goes beyond the basketball court.

This is the fifth trademark shoe of the legendary basketball player, Shaquille O’Neil, and I particularly love this shoe because it does not require any break-in period.

You can begin to wear this shoe immediately after you pick it up from the store and you will not feel any pinch whatsoever.

The shoe comes with brilliant padding on its tongue that makes it possible for you to wear without feeling any pinch, no matter how tight you tie the laces.

The solid traction you will be getting from this shoe makes it perfect to use for any sporting activity.

Whether you are on a smooth basketball court, or running on a rough field, wearing this shoe will ensure your feet get a strong grip on the turf.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Pearl

Shoes Similar to Air Pippen

Everyone that has worn the Nike Air Pippen agrees that the shoe fits well on the feet. With toe protection and ankle support features, the Nike Air Pippen is made for your feet to feel welcome in it.

If you are looking to get the Air Pippen because of how well it fit, you might as well take a look at the Nike Air Foamposite Pro Pearl shoe.

It fits just as good as the Air Pippen, even though I think it edges the Air Pippen by a bit.

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro Pearl is one of the most popular Nike basketball shoes. The shoe also makes the list of the top 100 best basketball shoes of all time.

It is stylish and fits incredibly well on the feet. The shoe comes with a carbon fiber midfoot support plate and a full-length Dynamic Fit inner sleeve, all of which contribute to making the shoe one of the best shoes in terms of fit.

Furthermore, if you are a fan of retro-styled shoes then you will love this shoe from Nike. The durability of this shoe is another of its strong point. With adequate care, this shoe can serve you well for years.

Nike Sky Force

Shoes Similar to Air Pippen

The Nike Air Pippen is a really quality shoe that is loved by many, however, one of the demerits is that it is a really expensive shoe. The high cost of purchase is the major reason why most people seek an alternative.

A lot of people want shoes similar to the Air Pippen but want to pay less for them. That is where the Nike Sky Force comes in.

Carrying a Nike Air Unit in its sole, the Nike Sky Force is a shoe that provides superior comfort throughout the day.

The shoe has an outstanding capacity of absorbing any kind of impact which makes it usable for any kind of activity.

In a nutshell, every good feature enjoyable in the Nike Air Pippens is present in the Nike Sky Force as well, just that you will be getting for a little over $100 unlike the $300 Air Pippens.

Adidas Pro Model

Shoes Similar to Air Pippen

The Nike Air Pippen II is described as the most fashionable model of the Air Pippen series.

FFrom the similar shoes I have suggested in this list, the Adidas Pro Model is the closest to it when it comes to fashion and style.

When this shoe was first released, it was very popular and quickly became a basketball favorite.

Soon after, it grew to be a fashion statement amongst the youths. I bet you had a couple of friends wear these back in the days.

It was completely made of leather and this made it become streetwear very fast. The shoe has grown from a basketball shoe to a sneaker worn in any casual outfit.

With very creative colorways, the Adidas Pro Model will make you feel like a pro on the basketball court and also the most stylish person in the hood.

This shoe is loved by many because no matter how dirty it may look, one wipe from a wet cloth would get it back to its bright self.

The shoe is very easy to maintain which means you get to enjoy its services for a very long time.


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