10 Running Shoes Similar to Newton (Reviewed in 2022)

Newton Shoes are popular for their innovative design and technology. The shoes are made to be lightweight and comfortable, with a rubber outsole that provides good traction.

They are also designed to be breathable, with a mesh upper that allows airflow. In addition, the shoes have a reflective fabric in the heel and toe area to increase safety when running in low light conditions.

They cushion the foot and distribute impact evenly, which is why many marathoners and other serious runners swear by them.

Additionally, they are also popular for being eco-friendly. The company uses recycled materials whenever possible in their designs, and they are also certified B-Corp.

There are many running shoes on the market these days, but the Newton Running Shoes have a truly unique design.

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that offer the same level of performance and comfort as the Newton Running Shoes, check out some of these options.

Here are 10 Newton Shoes alternatives

Shoes Features Rating
ALTRA Road Running Shoe Cushioning for added comfort and stability 5/5
Skechers Razor 3 Sneaker 100% synthetic rubber sole 4.5/5
New Balance V2 Speed Running Shoe Lightweight mesh upper 4.5/5
New Balance V3 Running Shoe 100% textile and a rubber sole 4.5/5
ON Running Synthetic Trainers Breathable mesh upper with adequate seams 5/5
Saucony Kinvara 12 Running Shoe Has a synthetic mesh upper with breathable seams 4.5/5
Saucony Originals Running Shoe Waterproof crystal rubber sole 4.5/5
Topo Athletic Road Running Shoe Multi-density midsole with 2 levels of cushioning 4.5/5
Salming D4 Running Shoes Exoskeleton structure that supports the feet 5/5
Merrell Trail Running Shoe Has an integrated footbed 5/5

ALTRA Road Running Shoe

Running Shoes Similar to Newton

The ALTRA Road Running Shoe is the best of both worlds.

With ALTRA’s tried and tested technology and premium, foot-friendly support knitted uppers, this shoe is a great alternative for your newton purchase.

The Escalante is equally capable on a run or for casual wear.

Formerly known as the Escalante, this favorite shoe combines a plush, cushioned ride with exceptional stability and a wide footprint for even better all-around performance.

The new name honors Hall of Fame running coach Jerry Schumacher.

The versatility and comfort of these running shoes have attracted runners and hikers alike.

The built-in arch support stabilizes your feet while the lightweight cushioning lets you move with ease.

Durable rubber soles give you grip on any surface. This running shoe will keep up with your quest for adventure!


  • Has a Foam sole which increases traction on all surfaces
  • Looks stylish and classy
  • Affordable


  • No lateral support
  • Shoe inserts stop working when wet

This running shoe is so lightweight and comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

It fits just like the Newton shoes it’s built to emulate. But what makes this shoe stand out is the cushioning and support.

The ideal running shoe for men who love the look and feel of trail running shoes.

Durable, easy to wear, cushioned, and stable, the ALTRA Escalante is the perfect shoe for everyday road running.

Skechers Razor 3 Sneaker

Running Shoes Similar to Newton

The Skechers Razor 3 is an excellent running shoe in the Skechers offering. This shoe will provide a great kinesthetic match for many individuals with moderate to high arches and moderate forefoot varus.

The product has a stable construction with a midfoot wrap-around and the ability to hold the foot in the correct position in midstance.

I would recommend this shoe to any person who wants a running shoe with some serious cushioning and energy return, especially if they have moderate to high arches and forefoot varus.

The mesh upper is super lightweight and flexible, the rubber sole is soft, has no seams, and has a great design. These also look different and stylish.

shoes that provide the comfort and resonance of a sneaker with the performance, stability, and cushioning of a running shoe.

Available in three colors, the Go Run Razor 3 is essential for the shoe collection of any man who needs a multi-purpose sneaker.


  • Super lightweight mesh upper
  • Available in different colors
  • Wraps around the midsole for stability


  • Very soft, not as durable as expected

If you’re looking for a minimalist but supportive shoe for your daily run, look no further: The Go Run Razor 3 gives you the best of both cushioning and lightweight design.

The minimal design pairs well with any outfit, so you can feel comfortable even after a hard day at work.

The Skechers Go Run Razor 3 Sneaker is a lightweight sneaker with a molded heel counter. The sole has great flexibility and traction, so it’s extremely easy to run/walk in.

New Balance Running Shoe

Running Shoes Similar to Newton

These top-rated running shoes are a great alternative to Newtons. They’re fashionable and comfortable, with a light mesh upper and heel support.

Select colors also include reflective details for a road-savvy look that’s unrivaled on the market today.

These lightweight running shoes have a great alternative for newtons because they are lightweight and have very comfortable material.

This New Balance is made up of a lightweight midsole, a flexible and durable outsole, and a modern upper for a sleek and comfortable running shoe.


  • The lightweight midsole provides adequate support for your feet.
  • Light mesh upper with heel support which enables comfort for a long period of time


  • Has a narrow fit
  • Not true to size

The FuelCell is one of our most popular shoes. In fact, it’s so beloved that running blogs and forums often refer to it as a “classic” running shoe.

The FuelCell is constructed with a breathable mesh upper for maximum ventilation and a non-marking heel for zero slip. It’s lightweight, durable, and most importantly, comfortable.

Lightweight, comfortable, and performance-driven with a unique and bold style. Inspired by the urban chic, the modern runner who’s seeking a shoe that speaks to their free spirit and adventurous spirit.

New Balance V3 Running Shoe

Running Shoes Similar to Newton

The New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon V3 running shoe features a seamless, one-piece upper that’s lighter, quicker drying, and offers a more natural feel than traditional upper construction. A removable foam insert adds support.

The Fresh Foam midsole is a game-changer in the footwear industry because it delivers superior cushioning, comfort, and durability.

Plus, the Fresh Foam midsole allows for great foot-to-ground flexibility and natural movement.

This innovative new take on footwear will transform how you run, it’s designed to support proper biomechanics and an active lifestyle for those who want a comfortable new pair of kicks. Grab a pair for just $99.00


  • Shoes that support proper biomechanics
  • Equipped with a fresh foam midsole
  • Has toe protection and a free-floating crash pad
  • Has a roomy toe box which gives your feet space to breathe


  • Sometimes rubs the ankles

A lightweight shoe that feels like it’s a part of your foot, the Fresh Foam Beacon V3 is a soft, flexible, and supportive shoe that hugs the back of the foot.

The Fresh Foam midsole adapts to each step and hugs the natural shape of your foot for added cushioning, and the roomy toe box provides space for your toes to spread out as you walk or run.

This all-new version features new toe protection with a free-floating crash pad that extends from the heel to the forefoot with strategically placed no-sew zones for a comfortable fit.

The upper features BIONIC® technology construction which merges materials and structure with a soft microfiber inner sleeve and a supportive and breathable mesh outer support.

ON Running Synthetic Trainers

Running Shoes Similar to Newton

Cloudflow is designed for the runner who wants a softer ride, more breathability, and a cloud-like cushioning experience that reduces impact and recharges with every step.

Zero gravity cushioning, cloud-like comfort, air on your feet. The Cloudflow is lightweight, cushiony, and ideal for a mid-range price point.

ON Running Men’s Cloudflow Textile Synthetic Trainers is a lightweight, breathable, perforated zero gravity shoe with a mesh upper and adequate seams.


  • Cloud-like cushioning reduces force on impact
  • Has shock absorption technology
  • Zero gravity EVA foam with a breathable mesh upper

The ON Running Men’s Cloudflow Textile Synthetic Trainers is a zero-gravity shoe, that has a breathable mesh upper that is suitable for running and use for a long time.

Saucony 12 Running Shoe

Running Shoes Similar to Newton

A game-changing sneaker to get you moving, this running shoe is so lightweight and cushioning that it first got the attention of athletes before anyone else. Great for transitioning into barefoot running.

Saucony Men’s Kinvara 12 Running Shoe is a great alternative for newtons, it is light and has a soft cushion that absorbs shock and makes the runner feel comfortable. This shoe takes running to another level.


  • Soft cushioned shoes with EVA footbed
  • Lightweight sneakers which make the runner comfortable


  • Not as durable as expected

Final thought

This is the Saucony Men’s Kinvara 12 Running Shoe, which I think is a great alternative for Newton running shoes.

The lightweight sole has great shock absorption, keeping your feet feeling fresh and comfortable.

I recommend that you should try this. It will save you money, and it’s not as expensive as Newtons are.

Saucony Originals Running Shoe

Running Shoes Similar to Newton

Discover the flexibility of a trainer that can do it all. This shoe is built for everyday wear, whether you’re relaxing at home or running to your next workout. It’s ready to go anywhere you are.

Freedom is the ultimate fusion of minimalism and performance. Designed to be a minimal neutral running shoe, while still providing the Saucony performance level runners know and love.

This shoe is lighter, leaner, and more flexible than any of its predecessors.


  • Vintage running shoes with a street style look
  • Built for everyday wear


  • Run a little small but they are a generally good shoe

The Freedom runner is a vintage running shoe that is new again. Saucony makes it in suede, mesh, and leather with a street-style look.

The understated design is inspired by Saucony’s 1980s racing sneaker and is a great alternative to newtons.

Topo Athletic Road Running Shoe

Running Shoes Similar to Newton

A high-performance running shoe that feels as comfortable as a pair of sneakers. Topo Athletic’s cushioned zero-drop Magnifly 3 is the firmest iteration of topo’s comfortable series.

It’s built with multi-density midsole cushioning and firm bottoms, allowing the foot to function the best it can when running.

The hybrid running shoe is crafted from breathable nylon and mesh uppers with a non-compressive fit.

They have a removable padded footbed and a polyurethane midsole with increased support for all-day comfort.


  • Crafted from breathable nylon and mesh uppers
  • Has a firm bottom that cushions the feet against impact


  • Not true to size

Topo Athletic has transitioned from a California-based running brand, to a multi-channel retro-looking/technology-forward running brand with their first cross channel launch of the Men’s Cushioned Zero Drop Magnifly 3 Road Running Shoe.

They are stylish, comfortable and they are great alternatives to Newtons

Salming Distance D4 Running Shoes

Running Shoes Similar to Newton

The Distance D4 is the latest version of Salming´s most popular model. The unique air mesh construction provides optimal support, durability, and comfort.

The Salming Distance D4 Running Shoe is anatomically engineered from the ground up to deliver an optimized fit, enhanced durability, and unmatched performance. The Distance D4 will keep your feet feeling great mile after mile.


  • Good for long-distance running
  • Has an optimized fit
  • Enhances durability and unmatched performance

The D4 Distance is your new go-to shoe for long-distance running. The air mesh upper and anatomical heel cup provides everything you need to reach your goals. Run further and stronger today.

Merrell XTR Trail Running Shoe

Running Shoes Similar to Newton

This sneaker-like shoe is perfect for trail running. with a zero-drop platform, ample ground contact, and better support, it’s an instant hit.

the Merrell Men’s Bare Access XTR Trail Running Shoe. Fueled by the energy return of a lightweight EVA midsole, the Bare Access XTR is built for light, explosive and versatile running.

The sock-like collar, innovative lacing, and breathable upper combine with an ultra-flexible rubber outsole to create a fast, durable and stable running shoe.

The wide, sculpted toe box allows for natural motion, and the innovative QuickFit TM lacing system allows for custom tensioning and a secure fit in seconds.


  • Has a lightweight EVA midsole with adequate cushioning for versatile running
  • Has a roomy toe box for a secured fit

Final thoughts

In this article, we’ve gone through and seen some of the best alternatives for Newton shoes. They are all lightweight, durable, and good for runners.


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