Muck Arctic Pro vs Arctic Ice: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Muck Arctic Pro and Arctic Ice is that the Muck Arctic Pro boot features a Bob-Tracker molded outsole and the Arctic Ice boot features a Vibram Arctic grip outsole.

Though, both soles are aggressive and tough for all types of terrain. The Muck Arctic Pro is well insulated while the Arctic Ice boot is also well insulated and has a fleece lining.

They are both insulated and designed for cold weather as they would keep your feet very warm for as long as possible.

Let’s take a look at these Muck boots.

First glance

Muck Arctic Pro

Muck Arctic Pro vs Arctic Ice

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Warm fleece lining
  • Reinforced toe
  • 8mm CR FLEX-Foam
  • 2mm thermal foam
  • Stretch-fit comfort
  • Rubber sole also called Bob-Tracker molded outsole

This boot features a neoprene fabric type and a rubber sole material. Its neoprene is about 8mm, it provides flexibility and comfort to the feet.

It also offers shock absorption, heat retention and helps to prevent blisters by adjusting to your foot shape. It has a warm fleece lining that is soft and durable and also provides warmth in extremely cold conditions.

It has 2mm thermal foam which is located under the footbed to provide extra warmth to the feet. It features a stretch-fit comfort Topline snug calf to help seal the warmth and keep cold away.

The boot has a lightweight EVA midsole for added cushioning. It is 100% waterproof and has an aggressive outsole that is rugged and durable.

Its high-grade rubber offers extra toughness and maximum protection for your feet. The boot performs excellently in rain, mud, and snow.

Arctic Ice Boot

Muck Arctic Pro vs Arctic Ice

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Soft fleece lining
  • 5mm CR FLEX-Foam
  • Flexible Spandura
  • Heat retention
  • Flexible neoprene
  • Synthetic sole
  • Stretch-fit top-line

This boot features a soft fleece lining to enhance comfort and a long period of warmth. It has a 5mm neoprene inner which provides warmth in harsh weather conditions.

It has a stretch-fit top-line binding that keeps the cold out and the warmth sealed in. The outsole of this boot is rugged, durable, and very protective.

It is 100% waterproof, flexible, absorbs shock, and also retains heat. It features an EVA midsole for superior comfort. Its flexible Spandura offers added protection.

The sole provides grip and traction to wet ice. The boot helps to prevent blisters and chafing by adjusting to the contour of your feet. This boot is also well insulated.

Muck Arctic Pro vs Arctic Ice: Comparison

Features Muck Arctic Pro Arctic Ice
Insulation for cool conditions Well insulated Well insulated with fleece lining
Comfort rate -60 F0 to 30 0F -60 F0 to 30 0F
Sole The Bob-Tracker  molded outsole Vibram arctic grip outsole
Size Comes in whole sizes Half-size large
Neoprene 8mm neoprene for superior flexibility and comfort 8mm neoprene for tall boots and 5mm neoprene for mid-height boot
Break-in Needs some days to break-in Not much break-in
Insole Lightweight EVA insole Comfort insole
Weigh Heavy Light

Insulation for cool conditions

The Muck Arctic Pro is designed for cooler weather temperatures. This is due to the fact that it has slightly thicker flex-foam than the Muck Arctic Ice which allows for insulation.

The boot offers superior warmth and traction to your feet. It is well insulated making it great for cold weather. This boot will keep your feet warm under -500 C to -10 C.

The Arctic Ice is also insulated, it features neoprene insulation.

The purpose of insulation is to enable the boot to work well in cooler weather at low activity levels and also to keep you very warm in cold weather while carrying out your activity either at the construction site or in any tough environment.

The Arctic Ice is well insulated to keep you warm while you walk in the cold. It has an incredible heat retention capacity. Its fleece lining also ensures that the boot keeps you fairly warm.

Comfort rate

The Muck Arctic Pro boot has a 2mm thermal foam underlay which gives a comfort rate down to -60 F0 to 30 0F. It will still keep you warm even when the weather goes down and gets really cold.

The boot is designed to give you the best comfort and warmth you need for tough weather conditions.

With the lower range of -60 degrees Fahrenheit, you can wear this boot for as long as you want in freezing weather as it assures you of a high amount of warmth.

The Arctic Ice boot has a fleece lining to ensure exceptional comfort and warmth. It offers a comfort rating of -60 F0 to 30 0F. It is comfort rating is from sub-freezing up to 65 degrees.

The boot is designed to offer the best amount of warmth and comfort.


The Muck Arctic Pro features a grippy sole which is called “the Bob-Tracker molded outsole”.

The sole is very thick to provide enough padding against rocks or other obstacles. The sole performs excellently in snow, mud, and rain.

This Bob-Tracker molded outsole is quite rugged, durable, and aggressive for optimum protection and also stability of the feet.

The sole features semi-spherical lugs which provide excellent traction on a slippery or loose surface without letting debris or water penetrate the boot.

It offers superior function and helps you to be very active during work hours. This tough and aggressive outsole is designed for harsh weather and tough terrain.

Arctic Ice boot features a Vibram arctic grip outsole. The outsole pods offer an advanced level of traction on a wet surface.

It features a Vibram Icetrek full base layer which offers a very high level of traction on dry ice. With this type of sole, you can walk on both dry ice and wet ice without slipping or falling.

The sole provides unparalleled and unmatched traction. The Vibram Arctic Grip outsole is a type of sole which is ground-breaking and an exceptional sole technology that is specifically designed to help you perform excellently on wet ice without any issue.

With this type of sole, you can move on the iciest surface with full confidence with no worry of slipping or falling.


Muck Arctic Pro has a whole size. It can also stretch to fit your size. Arctic Ice boot comes in half sizes. You would need to order a half size larger.


The Muck Arctic Pro features an 8mm neoprene for superior flexibility and comfort. This neoprene material helps the boot to retain heat.

This boot provides extra protection as it is slightly thicker than the Arctic Ice. The neoprene also provides excellent waterproofing and as well shock absorption.

The Arctic Ice boot features an 8mm neoprene and CR Flex-Foam for tall boots and a 5mm neoprene for mid-height boots.

This neoprene provides exceptional flexibility and comfort. The neoprene helps to keep and seal the warmth.

It also features a fleece lining to help work against cold. It also makes the boot waterproof and helps to absorb shock. The Arctic Ice boot has both a tall boot and the mid-height boot.

The mid-height boot usually has a lower neoprene capacity, unlike the tall boot which has a high neoprene capacity.

Break-in period

The Muck Arctic Pro boot needs break-in for it to fit perfectly. When you break in this boot, it adjusts to your feet’ shape.

This would give you great comfort. Customer reviews have shown that after breaking in, these boots are mint. Though, it takes some time to break in but feels like a glove afterward.

The Arctic Ice boot does not really need much break-in.


The Muck Arctic Pro boot features a lightweight EVA insole. This insole provides excellent cushioning.

It features a molded midsole and a contoured footbed to help enhance the comfort of the feet. Its insole can be replaced too.

The Arctic Ice boot has a lightweight comfortable insole. The boot has a bioDEWIX Dry antimicrobial footbed for the top cover for the control of odor and also the management of moisture.

This boot has a comfort insole which makes it a very comfortable boot.


Muck Arctic Pro weighs heavier than Arctic Ice. It weighs about 2 lbs 11 oz.

Arctic Ice boot weighs lighter than the Muck Arctic Pro. It weighs about 2 lbs 8 oz.

Why you should buy Muck Arctic Pro Boot

You should buy the Muck Arctic boot because it is known to be the warmest boot Muck has ever had, it is very warm and comfortable.

The boot will keep you warm in freezing cold weather and also the wind can’t get into the boot. It is very flexible to be worn on a construction site.

The boot has an aggressive sole that would prevent you from slipping. The boot does not require any break-in period, the day you get it, you get comfort immediately.

It comes in low version and mid version and also have sizes for both men and women. The boot comes in several temperatures. The boot also runs true to size.

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Why you should buy Arctic Ice Boot

Muck Arctic Ice boot is designed to keep your feet warm in extreme temperatures. It incorporates a fleece lining that helps to add warmth and comfort to your feet.

It has great weather resistance to harsh cold weather. This boot will keep your feet dry and warm both in rain and snow. The sole is anti-slip and would keep you from falling or slipping.

The boot is well insulated and can keep you comfortable all day long. This boot will keep going with your activities with no need to worry about cold feet.

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The two boots are incredible boots, this makes it a bit hard to pick the best out of them.

The overall best Muck boot for this article is the Muck Arctic Pro boot. This boot is the best because it is slightly thicker.

It has a thick wall and it adjusts to the contours of your feet especially when you break it in. It also has extra insulation and features a thicker flex foam for extra insulation.


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