9 Shoes Similar to New Balance 806

New Balance 806 shoes are well known for making comfy sports shoes. They have shoes for all sorts of sporting activities and non-athletes.

New Balance 806 shoes are popular for their high durability and comfort. They have high cushioning and are incredibly stable.

Their quality shoes come in different sizes and colors for different leg sizes. And what more? They have shoes for people with rather complex shoe shapes.

So, no matter what kind of sneaker you need, they’ve got it. But, they are mostly more expensive than other shoes and are, sometimes, not available in some countries.

Your country may not have access to New Balance 806 shoes, so some shoes are quite like New Balance 806 shoes.

Here are 9 New Balance 806 Alternatives

Shoes Features Rating
Brooks Neuro for Men MoGo midsoles, a full-grain leather upper, and a dependable slip-resistant outsole round out the package. 4.5/5
ASICS Gel Kayano 26 Gel Technology and usual EVA foam 4.5/5
Puma Velocity Nitro This type of foam is light and has a high energy yield. 4.5/5
Nike 4e Shoe Nike shoe has a herringbone pattern and a thick rubber sole, which enhances  the user’s comfort and support 4.5/5
Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoes The tip of its head, as seen on cutting-edge product lines and with the world’s finest athletes, team members, and occasions 4.5/5
Under Armor Charged Assert 9 Olefin is a wax-like synthetic material that is extremely strong and resilient. 4.5/5
Saucony Endorphin Pro A layer of PWRRUN+ midsole foam soaks up implications on landing and provides energetic takeoffs, making your runs feel springy and frictionless. 4.5/5
Hako One One Shoe The EVA foam is particularly orchestrated to provide great padding, so you’ll feel the ground with every step! 4.5/5
Reebok Classic Leather For increased support, the shoe has a heel counter 4.5/5

Brooks Neuro For Men

Shoes Similar to New Balance 806

Brooks is a wellness fashion brand based in Seattle that is best dedicated to producing high-quality, dependable athletic shoes.

The 107-year-old brand remains a personal fave among informal and elite athletes, offering lightweight and flexible shoes.

Furthermore, Brooks is dedicated to environmental stewardship, with most of its shoes made from recycled material.

Given the company’s innumerable shoe choices for road, trail, and long-distance runs, determine which pair is ideal for you.

We included these factors when determining the best Brooks shoes:

Resources: We looked for high-quality, long-lasting components better suited to a particular running style.

Awesome features: We looked at how each shoe was made for its original intention. Some shoes provide additional structure and security, while others are lightweight and shyer.

Customer feedback: All footwear in this brand has received mostly positive feedback from customers.


  • This brand a conservative with technological advances and styles.
  • Stability, heel support, and overall comfort.


  • Brooks’ outsole is made of softer rubber that wears faster.

Final Thoughts

The Dynamic Lacing System is a crowd favorite that proceeds to fit snugly with no issues. The shortened tongue turns out to be no problem at all.

The one-of-a-kind padded sole has held up well, and there’s undoubtedly a little extra spring.

Despite their bulky appearance, the rubber-wrapped absorbent pods do not, as one might expect, make you feel like you’re trying to run on clouds. Despite this, they have a remarkably decent ground feel.

And, because the pods are independently placed (rather than attached to a continuous sole), and there is a soft sole beneath the pods, there is a lot of leeway at all angles.

ASICS Gel Kayano 26

Shoes Similar to New Balance 806

Asics makes genuine shoes with greater odds all around the foot. Which none of the others have.

Asics is Japanese, and the Japanese are excellent at making exceptional goods. You never go back once you actually we

Asics is a Japanese athletic equipment company founded in 1949 and is well recognized for creating quality footwear.

Asics running shoes, in particular, are known for their added comfort and assistance, helping to make them an absolute favorite among both casual and distance runners.

Furthermore, Asics performs extensive product checks to confirm accuracy and reliability.

Indeed, the company’s research institute is constantly on the lookout for improving the entire look of its shoes.


  • They are both lightweight and flexible.
  • This shoe brand has received positive feedback from customers.
  • This shoe has an Amazing Fit & Feel
  • It has an Outsole Sturdiness & Assistance


  • Price

Final Thoughts

The ASICS Gel Kayano 26 appears to have a mesh upper that accommodates like a glove while still allowing you enough room to avoid blisters.

Distance running shoes follow in the footsteps of their race-day counterparts, with lightweight, more stretchy mesh and assertive, slimmer cuts.

The result is an improved range of running shoes that is comfier than ever… by a huge margin!

Puma Velocity Nitro

Shoes Similar to New Balance 806

Puma was out of the running shoe limelight and has been before the last bunch of years. You may have seen most of their attire dressed in fashionable attire.

On the other hand, real athletic shoes were nowhere to be found. Then they chose to focus solely on running and basketball shoes. And they’ve created some fantastic selections for both sports.

Puma released the Nitro line of running shoes in 2021. The Nitro foam technology, popularized by Skechers, is used in this line. This type of foam is light and has a high energy yield.


  • Very lightweight (ideal for bicycling)
  • A great and distinctive look
  • Very comfortable
  • Affordable


  • Balance is not very good
  • The Puma logo seems to wear off
  • Tends to get dirty fast

Final Thoughts

Puma, as previously stated, is just getting back into the game. And their Nitro line is certainly making a name for itself.

The upper still needs some work, but it’s getting close to being finished, in my opinion.

The substance on the heel collar could be softer, and I’d like to see a denser, more conventional tongue. These modifications, however, are minimal.

Finally, this is a fantastic choice at a reasonable price. It’s a shoe you’ll recommend to your runner pals.

Nike Shoes For Men

Shoes Similar to New Balance 806

Nike, a well-known brand, is a company that oversees a wide range of sports products, including apparel, sporting equipment, and footwear.

This brand is well-known all over the world. This brand is not only high-quality, but it also makes a lot of clever moves.

For example, by actively bankrolling world-famous athletes Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.

As a result, purchasing Nike shoes is a risk-free way to obtain high-quality goods. However, relying on branded footwear can result in a “loss” on the other side.

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing these well-known footwear items:


  • Improve Performance
  • Indisputable exceptional quality
  • Best Technology for Increasing Confidence


  • Shoes are in short supply
  • They are expensive.

Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoes

Shoes Similar to New Balance 806

The Adidas Ultraboost Running Shoe for Men is a convenient, talented, sleek, and popular shoe ideal for lifestyle, running, or gym use.

Although the constricted sole support and higher cost may not be appropriate for all runners, the high-quality components and design make this the best pick for several athletes.


  • It is extremely comfortable.
  • The size is correct.
  • The ride is seamless and insulated.
  • Continental rubber outlasts previous models.
  • The upper material is sock-like, providing a comfy and pleasant fit.
  • Rubber outsole for long-lasting wear.
  • The Boost curves to the foot and acts like foam padding.
  • Lightweight and fashionable.


  • There is very little support, and the sole is very slender.
  • Walking may cause sticking sounds due to the rubber.

Final Thoughts

Adidas caters to various demographics, demonstrating its flexibility as a label for pro athletes and everyday people worldwide. Adidas is especially popular in Europe, outperforming Nike in many markets.

North America is still a Nike-obsessed country, but reports are claiming to show promise for Adidas as it gradually gains a larger global market share, catching up to, or outpacing, the world’s largest sports brand.

Under Armor Charged Assert 9

Shoes Similar to New Balance 806

They are remarkably similar to the Charged Assert 8s. We got the all-white model, and boy, are they white! There’s almost too much white.

They sell the Assert 9 in various colors, including all-white, black, gray/white, halo gray/white, pink/white, and black/white.

We all know that Under Armor isn’t known for its flashy colors or patterns, but I believe they could have been more creative when introducing additional flair to their shoes.

Color is purely cosmetic and has no bearing on the shoe’s ability to provide excellent convenience right out of the box.


  • A shoe with multiple functions
  • Cost-effective
  • The padding ensures all-day comfort.


  • Technology is lacking.
  • Collar rubs against ankle
  • The heel cup isn’t very cooperative, resulting in minor slipping.

Final Thoughts

The Under Armor Charged Assert 9 is a good cross-training shoe. This shoe enables them for various activities, including brief jogs, walks, climbing sessions, and pace and flexibility workout sessions.

We would highly suggest this shoe to anyone for the cost and the many hats it dons.

Saucony Endorphin Pro

Shoes Similar to New Balance 806

The Endorphin Pro is Saucony’s first attempt at making a carbon-plated shoe, and the results are largely positive.

As with most current Saucony introductions, the Endorphin Pro reflects many design thoughts. This is also true of the Nylon-plated Endorphin Speed.

The Endorphin Shift didn’t do much for us. Not because it’s a bad shoe; it does many things well. It doesn’t even fit into Speed and Pro’s ‘Speedroll’ narrative.


  • The dimensioning pattern is practically flawless, with a healthy portion of springy and pace padding.


  • The Endorphin Speed’s versatility is limited
  • No lack of stability and outsole grip.

Final Thoughts

“The shoe is solid and sensitive, yet padded in all the correct spots,” Ashley says.

Runners who require some support to compensate for mild to moderate overpronation but prefer shoes with soft padding will appreciate the Saucony.

Hoka One One Shoe

Shoes Similar to New Balance 806

The Hoka One One shoe is a popular choice among sprinters and triathletes.

The ‘Clifton’ is the group’s favored soled shoe. It’s a high-top shoe that offers great aid for all types of people, especially flat-footed runners.

Clifton employs various technologies to help people who have suffered injuries from wearing inappropriate footwear or participating in sports.

These innovations have included a soft EVA midsole padding under the top of the foot.

This allows for foot bone mobility in all directions, reducing stress on your feet and the risk of minor injury.

Because they don’t use a sturdy polymer coating, the midsoles are very thin compared to other shoes.


  • Padding
  • Longevity
  • Stability has gotten better.
  • Excellent Grip


  • They don’t look as pretty and may not be appropriate for work or formal events.
  • They are more highly priced than many other running shoes.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re ready to purchase a set of Hoka One One shoes. In that case, we hope that this article has provided you with some understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of these ultra-light athletic shoes.

They are long-lasting enough for long-distance sprinters, but they can be uncomfortable if you have horizontal or high arches.

Those who do not require as much aid from their shoes may benefit from low-impact exercises like cycling or swimming for small distances.



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