Magnanni vs Santoni: Which Is Better?

It feels good to attract a lot of positive attention, especially when it’s as a result of the shoe you put on. Magnanni and Santoni brands are producers of luxury footwear.

Both are comfortable, but while Magnanni shoes are designed with double seams at the uppers, Santoni shoes are stitched in a skeleton-like pattern.

Magnanni vs Santoni

The hides used to manufacture Magnanni shoes are shaded with polish rags, but Santoni’s are painted thoroughly by hand. Magnanni and Santoni possess impressive features you will find interesting as you read this article.

First Glance/Overview


Magnanni is a Spanish brand that produces shoes using a blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

The shoes they make are handcrafted and absolutely stylish. They are made with sharp-looking double-tone leather.

The producers of this shoe combined classic and modern fashions to design the shoe. Magnanni shoes are luxurious, they give you a raised perception of prestige.

The soles are made of leather materials that are lasting. They make a model with Wingtip patterns, clear brogue details, and tight stitching at the toe area.

The uppers are stitched with the bottom of the shoe with the Oxford style of lacing. The uppers have embellishments for increased beauty while their leather soles plus rubber protection at the bottom keep you from slipping.

Their lace-up profiles and straps enhance their fit, making the shoe feels super comfortable along with the shoe’s softened insoles. Magnanni shoes are flexible and sturdy for your outdoor movements.


When you speak comfort and luxury, Santoni shoes are your truest shot.

They are handmade shoes, constructed by authentic craftsmen with the best materials they can find.

Santoni shoes are made of calf hides. After the survey process, the leather materials are sorted out and the best, without defects, is tanned for the next stage.

For a regular feel, the risk of having blisters, swelling, or feeling discomfort is minimal. These Italian shoes are nice and carefully designed. They fit almost perfectly and keep you comfortable as you stride.

The inside and outside of leather shoes

The interior of Santoni shoes is carefully designed. The insoles are made of full leather which is reliable and breathable to prevent infection and smell.

The comfort the insole provides is incredible to the extent that some Santoni loafers can be worn inside out. They almost look like factory-made shoes.

Magnanni vs Santoni: Comparison

Magnanni vs Santoni: Stitching

Magnanni’s have tight stitching details around the toe area. The leather or sometimes rubber soles are stitched to the uppers for durability. Their stitchings are constantly made with double threads.

One interesting aspect of Santoni shoes is their skeleton-like stitches. In this form of stitching, the thread used is dragged against the upper of the shoe. They can also be referred to as hidden seams. This stitching style is handmade.

Magnanni vs Santoni: Leather

Magnanni shoe is furnished with excellent leather material and Goodyear welt in the finishing.

Magnanni shoes are designed with quality leather materials which are usually imported from Italy, France, and Spain, where the shoes are designed.

After tanning, the Leathers are dyed using a manual process of polish rag. Employing this procedure, the leather is tinted piece by piece by hand.

Their leathers are quite soft, they feel comfortable and flexible. The leather material is used to construct a part of the heel.

They also have sneakers that are completely leather-made with numerous textures in different colors.

For Santoni shoes, the leathers used to construct them are not dyed or tinted in large containers like a typical shoe but painted.

Their craftsmen are skilled in painting, they coat the leather materials slowly, paying attention to detail. The leathers are made from Calf Skin.

Magnanni vs Santoni: Price

Magnanni brands design luxury shoes, among many other factors, which makes them quite expensive.

Magnanni dress shoes cost $395. For the Lace-up footwear, you can get them at $483. The Magnanni ankle boots are made with quality materials, but you can get them at a whopping price of $398.

The prices of Santoni shoes differ according to their makeup. There are mainly open channels, closed channels, Blake, and Good year varieties. The obvious difference between them is their color.

The Goodyear category is quite expensive, their Santoni shoe prices range from $500-$600.

Magnanni vs Santoni: Build Quality

Magnanni shoes are attractive designer shoes. They are designed in different categories with quality materials that last.

These footwear are hand-made, Goodyear welt runs through the sides of the shoe to give it a great fitting and ensures its stability.

The uppers are sturdy leather materials with accurate stitches on them. They are modeled to look like Oxford’s lacing at the top.

For some categories, there are fragile punctures in form of brogues and a medallion toe to serve as ornaments to the shoe. The shoes’ soles and uppers are stitched in a way that they are balanced.

Magnanni heels are sturdy and made of leather and rubber. The last used to build the shoes are traditionally styled with protracted toe boxes.

They have a fluffy lining in them for maximum comfort when you wear them. Aside from their elegant looks, the double tone and stitch feature of the shoe make it unique.

Santoni shoes are not only constructed to last long but they are also designed with catchy aesthetics to add to your style.

They are designed in the traditional elongated way with more emphasis on their toe boxes. These shoes’ upper and soles are made of leather with small rubber at a minor portion of the shoe.

Their leather materials are not tinted like the nominal material but painted with hand, these shoes have obvious brush strokes on them.

To add further to their impressive uppers are their delicate lacing system or buckle, as the case may be. As a result of the thorough care of the materials used, their hides are with little or no defects.

These shoes are designed with different soles and as they carry in color, so do their prices. They have hand seamed skeleton-like stitches and a wide range of colors and designs to choose from.

Santoni’s are designed as comfortable shoes with thoroughly formulated materials and their soles are non-slip.

Magnanni vs Santoni: Insoles


The interior part of Magnanni shoes is fully made of leather which is smooth and comfortable.

Magnanni’s inside soles are planned as Orthopedic. They are lightly cushioned to keep you energetic and comfortable as you wear them.

The loafers and sneak varieties have removable insoles to enable you to replace them when they are worn out.

The interior of Santoni shoes is made of full Calf hides. These leather materials have properties of ventilation and this makes them breathable.

They are lightly cushioned, keeping your feet adequately balanced in the shoe. The Calf hide is firm and smooth.

They are comfortable to the extent that some of Santoni’s Slugs can be worn inside out. The leather further prevents smelly feet and discomfort.

Magnanni vs Santoni: Outsole

The bottom of Magnanni shoes is made of good quality leather with rubber protection for strength and great grips.

Because their heels are sturdy, they may not run out quickly, just in case they do, they are not difficult to replace.

The soles of some Magnanni shoes are not completely leather-made, they have a touch of rubber at the heel area.

By the side of these shoes are Good year welts for further stability. The bases of Magnanni shoes are flexible.

The bases of Santoni shoes are extremely stable, they give you a balanced feeling as you walk or stand for hours wearing them.

The quality of leather used to build their soles is lasting and comfortable. Santoni shoes are made in Norwegian, Goodyear welt, volcanic, and blame soles, depending on the shoe’s function and tour choice.

Magnanni vs Santoni: Fitting and Sizing

Magnanni shoes are made with traditional toe cap lasts which have extended lengths.

They fit properly and are available for different foot shapes in full and half sizes. It is recommended that you get a pair half size down your usual size for a proper fit.

Magnanni shoes have Oxford lace-up which you can adjust to hug your feet closely, some other models are made with buckles for further fitting, depending on the style you purchase.

Santoni shoes are slightly wider than a typical shoe, so it is advisable to size down if you desire to get a pair or better still try them out if you want to purchase them from a physical store that permits you.

Because the leather materials are stiff at first, you’ll need to wear them for some time before they break-in. You can use the sizing chart to know which size is suitable for you.

Magnanni vs Santoni: Style

Magnanni have a broad variety of shoes. Including;

Magnanni Pardo Lace-up

This shoe is an Apron toe footwear. Its style is unique, with distinct pieces of leather materials to bandage the sides of the shoe and the toe box.

They look fashionable, particularly as a result of the last used to construct them. Even though they are made of rubber soles, they are great for your formal events.

Magnanni Dorio Slip In

The uppers of this Magnanni style are made with complete leather materials. They possess leather bottoms, which makes them suitable for outdoor occasions, putting on jeans or kakis.

This dashing slip-on footwear is handcrafted and relatively in.

Men’s Amaedo

This style of Magnanni is a modern fashion sneaker made with cup sole. They are manufactured with suede material and soft leather.

The soles of these shoes have leathers inserted into them with stitched designs on them.

Men’s Jona

The Jona style of Magnanni has a lace-up design modeled after Oxford lacing. At first glance, they have beam details with stitched tones. Around the toe box area, there are symmetric designs made of tiny punctures and medallion toes.

Men’s Areo

This sporty style of Magnanni is a classic sneaker made with a suitable sold for running and stitched leather at the toe region.

The stitches formed a noticeable design by the side and the shoe offers sports persons the comfort and flexibility they need during athletics.


This is a classic Oxford whole cut style of Magnanni. They are designed with low heels and usual toe caps solely for women. They are flexible and feel comfortable with diverse outfits.

Santoni have a diversity of designs. Some are seasonal, for formal gatherings, slip-on, sneaks, boots, and typical dress shoes.

These shoes’ leathers are without defects and of smooth grain. Their Patina Brush strokes look modern on their own aside from their Good year welting, Outsole molding, upper slashing, and manual stitching.

Some of their styles include;

Santoni sneakers

These sneaks are hand-made of leather, their uppers have a lace-up profile, and are available in varieties of colors. Others are designed with tech nylon with zippers.

They are nicely cushioned, energetic and flexible to reinforce your performance.

Men’s Leather Monk Strap Shoe

These tapered silhouette shoes are elegant and classic. Skilled men designed these shoes with sifting and sturdy Calfskin.

The innovative Good year welt construction looks refined, they have a resistant feature that intensifies breathability, resists water, and keeps the shoe tough. The soles are replaceable, alongside the welts.

They can be fastened with two straps. With their functional inner linings, your feet feel cool and comfortable.

They have leather bases and heels made of rubber to amplify your looks, especially during outside events.

Pros of Magnanni

Magnanni looks Sharp and elegant. They are made with striking quality, double-shade which makes the footwear versatile.

The finishing style of this shoe is handcrafted. They are made of flexible and relaxed leather. This material’s quality lasts long and feels firm.

The Monk straps style are waxed for beauty, durability, and comfortable, great for your casual outfit. They are designed in different varieties, great for your casual outings and meetings.

The shoe upper combined with its sole is light and flexible. When you wear them for special meetings, they give you a confident feeling and a comfortable experience.

Cons of Magnanni shoes

They feel tough and do not break in easily. As a result of the narrow last used, the shoe feels uncomfortable at some point, especially for persons with wide feet.

Pros of Santoni shoes

Santoni shoes are very comfortable for persons with regular fit especially after wearing them for an extended period of time. The chances of feeling irritated and having blisters are minimal. Their heels and uppers are stable.

The shoe’s inner floors are softened for extra comfort and fit flawlessly into the bases of the shoe.

Their lace-up and buckle are resistant to all conditions, this feature improves the footwear’s fit and increases flexibility.

They are not only comfortable but look charming, this makes them a possible slot on your list as comfortable luxury shoes.

Also, they have a wide range of shoes functional in hot and cold temperatures and are beneficial for diverse occasions.

Cons of Santoni shoes

For wide feet, they are not so comfortable on the feet. Wearing them for long hours can result in blisters or swollen feet. No reinforced leather at the toe area.

Final Verdict

Magnanni and Santoni shoes are luxurious shoes. They feel comfortable especially around the toe cap area as a result of the traditional lasts used to build them.

Going over both shoes, Santoni is most preferred.

Although both shoes are handmade, Santoni shoes are nearly factory-constructed. Their bases are hand-sewn, the hides used are excellent in quality, they blend their colors nicely, and the whole production is superb.

Unlike Magnanni who practice dyeing their leather materials with polish rags, Santoni’s painting style of dyeing is top-notch.

Santoni’s grade of excellence is much more beyond anticipation to the extent that their hides are filtered with microscopic lens, but they find out that there are tiny or no defects on them.


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