Tricker’s vs Cheaney: Comparison

Trickers and Cheaney, are two of the finest quality shoe-making companies operating in the UK.

Yet, many don’t know about them – or their equally distinct styles of footwear. For few users that know about the two brands, they can attest that they provide quality.

Both Tricker’s and Cheaney are iconic British shoemakers. Both companies produce perfectly manufactured shoes that can last a lifetime.

Both companies have gained international recognition with their quality footwear.

However, both brands are different regarding many factors like price and popularity, making it possible to take a closer look at them individually and find out more about their unique features.

There are many people who believe that if you wear a Tricker’s shoe then you can walk around on grass and pavements in comfort all day long.

This is because a Tricker shoe provides excellent support for the foot. However, this is a myth as you need to know about the quality of a Tricker’s shoe before you purchase it.

For example, some have pointed out that if you are going to wear the shoes repeatedly then Cheaney is a better bet. Cheaney has more durability features than Tricker’s shoe so is worth your money.

But which is better? This article is focused on comparing the two notable shoe manufacturers.

What is the biggest difference between Tricker’s and Cheaney?

The biggest difference between Tricker’s and Cheaney is the leather both brand uses for their products.

Tricker’s prides itself on making use of calf leather as its shoe material while Cheaney makes use of the natural finish ‘Kudu’ (antelope) leather.

Kudu leather typically has a higher tensile strength than bovine leather. It is also lighter, less dense, and more supple, which makes it a good choice for footwear like boots that require flexibility around the ankle.

History of Tricker’s Shoe

Tricker's vs Cheaney

Trickers are one of the oldest and most influential shoe manufacturers in the heart of England. Their standards of craftsmanship and use of honest materials have been preserved and developed for centuries.

Trickers shoe brands were originally designed for country wear, although these days they are more of a casual or streetwear shoe or boot.

Tricker’s focus on making tough, durable country boots instead of delicate, refined ones sets them apart from other manufacturers.

Their boots are known for being comfortable as well as long-lasting, and the company has remained dedicated to this area of production.

Tricker’s shoes are made of one hundred percent full-grain leather and are Goodyear welted.

As one of the midtier shoemakers in Northampton, their shoes and boots can be refurbished, re-soled, and recrafted.

Although different individuals have got different tastes and styles of fashion, the Stow brogue boot, in particular, is one of the best brogue boots out there if you’re looking for something robust with a chunky look to match your profile and personality.

Tricker’s boots and shoes have been around for 190 years and are known for their exceptional quality, comfort, individuality, and impeccable character.

History of Cheaney Shoe

Tricker's vs Cheaney

Just like Tricker’s, Cheaney shoes are made in Northampton, England, and are considered to be of good quality.

Only their Imperial range is made entirely in the UK; the other lines have uppers that are made in India.

Cheaney Shoes has been crafting its high-quality footwear by hand since 1886. They take pride in the refined style and handcraft shoes made from premium leather to ensure the finest quality footwear.

It is widely known that it takes around eight weeks and 200 hand- or tool-operated steps to create a pair of Cheaney shoes.

Cheaney shoes are renowned for their ability to expertly fuse together past and future styles, all while using only the highest quality materials available.

This commitment to excellence has solidified Cheaney’s reputation as one of the world’s leading Goodyear welted footwear brands.

Cheaney shoes are perfect for people who want a casual, stylish shoe that isn’t too constricting. They’re not the heavy, country-style boots that are only meant for one type of setting.

In my opinion, Cheaney makes great dress shoes. The leather they use is thinner and finer, making the shoes breaks in easily and molds well to your foot.

The only thing I’ve found is that the leather soles tend to wear down quickly in comparison to Trickers.

What similarities do both shoes share?

Both Trickers and Cheaney are among the oldest shoe manufacturing companies in England, though Tricker’s is older.

Trickers and Cheaney boots have a long and rich history in the UK haberdashery scene. They are highly respected within the footwear industry and beyond.

Both companies have a reputation for making high-quality products for their customers around the globe. They both produce their products at the same factory in Northampton, England.

Trickers, just like the Cheaney, are available in a multitude of colors and are very well made. The leather is soft, yet also durable.

Both Trickers and Cheaney shoes include classic Oxfords, brogues, and boots that can truly complement a man’s wardrobe.

With both shoe brands, you get quality, comfort, style, and good construction. If you are particular about any of these, then you should settle for no less than that either.

Both Trickers and Cheaney are on the high side, ranging from £500 even to £1000 and more. But one thing is sure, shoes from both brands are worth the money.

Which is a better shoe between Tricker’s and Cheaney?

It’s a little bit tricky to say which is better and that’s because both brands stand for quality, yet, Trickers are surely the better of the two and these are the reasons:

Tricker’s does have a wider range of leathers. This gives their shoes an edge. Trickers win out in the choice of leathers, variety of colors, and choice of soles.

Even more than that of Cheaney. Sometimes, they (Cheaney) seem to be a bit over burnished.

Tricker’s is a traditional British shoe-maker whose shoes are of the highest quality. It has made more than 80% of its sales on an international level.

It produces some of the finest shoes in the world. And they are handcraft shoes to last for generations, not less.

Tricker’s is known for making fine dress shoes with quality calfskin leather, and their broguing—the decorative perforations on the toe cap.

Trickers are a better shoe because they last longer and have a wider fit. The material is softer and sturdier.

Trickers are a less expensive and durable shoe, while Cheaney’s are a more expensive, premium product. The quality of leather and construction will last longer with Cheaney’s.

Quality-wise, Tricker’s are great as they always deliver.

3 great Tricker’s shoes to buy

Tricker’s Bourton Dainite Shoes

Tricker's vs Cheaney

The Tricker’s Stow boots are instantly recognizable for their brogue patterning.  These Goodyear welted Tricker’s country brogues are crafted from espresso burnished brown leather.

They take over 250 different operations to create this luxurious style.

Tricker’s Stow Acorn Country Brogue Boots

Tricker's vs Cheaney

Tricker’s iconic country brogue, the Stow, is a belt-and-braces pull-on boot made from hand-burnished, acorn tan leather.

Its design and construction style have been around for generations and will last for years to come.

This popular style is ideal for those who seek the comfort and durability of the ‘belt and braces’ construction, which allows for nearly endless wear.

They are sturdily constructed with a Goodyear welt, meaning they can be re-soled and resoled over time and returned to the factory for refurbishment should you wish.

Tricker’s Espresso Brown Brogue Boots

Tricker's vs Cheaney

If you’re looking for a smart casual ankle boot, look no further than the Trickers of Northampton brogued Chelsea. Not only will you look sophisticated and chic, but you’ll feel comfortable all day long.

The Trickers Brogued Chelsea Boot is made from quality burnished dark brown leather. A storm welt, robust 35mm heel, and shaped, breathable elastic side gussets provide a comfortable fit.

The lace-up boot has a full leather lining and cork cement padded leather insole for a perfect fit.

The Trickers Ladies Espresso Brown Brogue Chelsea is a great choice for women seeking an eye-catching statement boot.

The boot can be paired with jeans or chinos in either a smart casual or work setting. It’s also available in striking black.

3 Cheaney shoes to buy

 Joseph Cheaney & Sons Lace-Up Shoe

Tricker's vs Cheaney

The Pitlochry’ II is a men’s dress shoe crafted from all-natural brown leather, with a hand-sewn single oak leather sole.

Handmade to order in our factory in Northamptonshire, England, and just like your favorite pair of jeans, these shoes are built to last.

The boot features a leather outer material, a lace-up closure, and a black color. The casual style is stylish, and the soft leather is durable. For the money, this is a good quality boot.

Cheaney Handcrafted Brogue Shoes

Tricker's vs Cheaney

This is also a men’s dress shoes that can be worn casually or formally.

The leather sole material is premium quality leather. The suede outer material is soft and durable. The lace-up closure allows for a custom fit.

This shoe features a Goodyear welted leather sole with an interlock rubber tip for stability, comfort, and traction.

Cheaney Arthur III Oxford Brogue Shoes

Tricker's vs Cheaney

Featuring a wing cap design, perforation detail, and embossed leather soles, Arthur III is part of the 125th Cheaney Anniversary Collection.

It is constructed using the highest quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. This is one timeless classic that is sure to add the finishing touch to any outfit.

This shoe is made of leather and suede, with a lace-up closure and leather insole.

Its sole is crafted of Goodyear-welted leather, which means it is stitched to the upper part of the shoe using an ancient technique that makes resoling possible with a cobbler.


With such a broad range of quality products on the market now, it can be very difficult to make a decision when choosing your next pair of shoes.

Both companies have a reputation for making high-quality footwear with outstanding durability; which brand you choose really comes down to personal preference.


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