Do Loake Shoes Come Up Big?

No, Loakes shoes do not come up big.

This answer is however arguable as the case may be, the cases of shoes running big or even small on your legs totally depend on the kinds of foot y’all have and also contributes partially to the sizing and fitting done by the manufacturers.

A number of the Loake shoes are made with F-Fitting which is according to statistics a worldwide fitting that is appropriate for male footwear globally.

But on a regular scale, the Loake shoes also offer a number of G-Fitting shoes just in case.

How Do Loake Shoes fit?

Loake shoes fit comfortably, an average width customer is advised to take half a size down in order to have a much comfy fit.

This is in order to not have them running big or too small plus their stretchy feature might leave them running a bit bigger and spacious with time if you take up a normal size in some of the models.

However, Loake shoes fit true to size in most cases, all you have to do is order your regular size and enjoy.

There are two major fittings that the Loake manufacturers make use of which is the F & G Fitting.

Loake Shoe Size Guide

Below is a table that contains the Sizing comparison of the Loake shoes, hopefully, this table will be of help in guiding you through making the right selection and order for a perfect size in order to have a perfect and comfortable fitting.

Sizing Comparison (Approximate Conversion)
UK Size 5 6 7 8 8 ½ 9 9 ½ 10 10½ 11 11½ 12 12½ 13 13½
Europe 38 38.5 39.5 40 40.5 41 41.5 42.5 43 43.5 44 45 45.5 46 47 47.5 48 48.5
US Size 6 6 ½ 7 7 ½ 8 8 ½ 9 9 ½ 10 10½ 11 11½ 12 12½ 13 13½ 14 14½
Japan Size (cm) 24 24.5 25 25.5 26 26.5 27 27.5 28 28.5 29 29.5 30 30.5 31 31.5 32 32.5
Foot Length


241 246 250 254 258 263 267 271 275 280 284 288 292 297 301 305 310 313
Tricker’s Size (most last & styles) 5 5 ½ 6 6 ½ 7 7 ½ 8 8 ½ 9 9 ½ 10 10½ 11   12   13  
Tricker’s Size (4444 last – wider fit)   5 5 ½ 6 6 ½ 7 8 9 10 10½ 11   12   13

The majority of the shoes manufactured by Loakes are UK Sizes and this is because they have manufactured some of their finest footwear from one of their finest shoe factories in the wood Street factory, Kettering Northamptonshire.

All you have to do is check out a size under the UK, US, or even the Europe sizes and then compare it to your country’s own in order to get the appropriate sizes.

This shouldn’t be so hard right especially if you have this table already to make emphasis and comparison with.

This should help a lot.

Are Loake Shoes Worth it?

Yes, they are worth it. Loake shoes are one of the most popular shoes that are used globally by a lot of top-class people.

They are specialized in crafting men’s footwear traditionally and they do this with a lot of professionality in a display by the usage of Goodyear welt in handcrafting most of their models.

It’s been 130 years since the Loake shoes were developed, this has been a constant growth for the company with lots and lots of improvements that are noticeable and some felt by people who wear the Loake shoes and have made it a generational model.

Over the years there are lots of daring improvements and re-modifications that have really changed the looks and how they feel in one’s legs.

Some of these re-modifications include different last shapes and width fittings to help and cater to different aspects of the needs of individuals.

However, amidst this remarkable journey of greatness that the Loake shoes manufacturers have done, there is something about their products that remains the same and can be sighted as a trademark and guarantee for quality and this is the Goodyear Welt material that they use in manufacturing their footwears.

Are Loake Shoes Comfortable?

Yes, Loake shoes are comfortable, as any footwear with their kind of recommendation and reviews is expected to be.

I mean they possibly didn’t just start buying reviews and forcing people, especially a thousand and probably millions of people to love and recommend their shoes to the extent of purchasing them and using them for their personal purpose and even getting them as gifts for others.

There is definitely something that got people this curious to want to try them out and in the process even love them.


Their comfortability is on another level in general. They are well relaxed and well-cushioned to offer credible and desired support plus just the right amount of comfort that one needs to feel to be able to wear them and enjoy them for long hours compared to other shoes.

Many Loake shoes are comfortable right out of the box, even though sometimes some of the models of Loakes shoes take a little amount of time to break and give the wearer a more customized fit.

With uppers and leather linings breaking and growing into the shape of the wearer, there is no match for them for shoes with low-class leathers and synthetics in regards to comfort.

Do Loake Shoes Stretch?

Yes, Loake shoes stretch, so they ensure a customized fitting.

This feature is one of the most preferred by most shoe collectors (people who are obsessed with shoes).

This is because stretchy shoes allow for a customized fitting. This process is called breaking in of the body of the footwear to the shape of the wearer in order to ensure a perfect and like I said customized fitting.

You can actually endure the discomfort feeling of the Loakes shoes because you are sure and certain that because of the quality material used in making them, they are definitely going to break in and be just perfect for your feet.

It should be interesting to you to know that the breaking process is not even lengthy, it doesn’t even take time for them to break in and allow you to enjoy them.

You can just alternate your shoes and give them at least 24 hours of wear, this should allow you to enrich your wardrobe with more of the Loakes shoes.

One thing you should Acknowledge about the Loakes is that after their stretching, they do not leave lines from the stretching, there is absolutely no sign that your footwear stretched, which is kind of cool.

Are Loake Shoes Worth the Money?

Yes, Loakes are worth the money. I mean for a pair of Loake Chester Men Shoes Tan that has all the characteristics that the Loakes possesses to be at a price of $308 online.

Loake Shoes are made by master Craftsmen who are really good at their jobs.

These shoes carry some amazing designs that tend to keep the eyes on you when you walk, people can’t help but admire your shoes because damn those are some fine legs you got there.

However, Loake shoes are complete value for money totally depending on the line you buy.

I have been making emphasis on the 1880 lines. There are other Loake shoe designs lines that may not be satisfactory and worth the price to some people, compared to the 1880 lines that are considered a great investment and value for money.

You should be on the safer side if you chose the 1880 line as a worthier investment.

Are Loake Shoes Hand Made?

Yes, Loake shoes are Handmade.

Loake shoes manufacturing is a lengthy process, the construction of some of their styles harbors the involvement of a number of 130 skillful workers, summing up a number of about 75 different shoe parts, engaging in about 200 special operations.

To top it all off, this whole process takes up to 8 weeks of crafting, now this is so much compared to other shoe manufacturing companies.

According to research, it takes a sum of 150 hours to come up with a perfect design for most handcrafted shoes and to achieve this height one needs to employ the ideas of a top-class and professional team of shoe specialists.

Having known about this, I’m sure you must be wondering what makes up the remaining hundreds of hours.

Loake shoes have been handmade and still try to keep the professionality and trademark of this with most of their iconic brands.

This has been passed on through 140 years of solid hard work and you can imagine the amount of inspiration gathered along the line, the number of re-modifications made, and to top it all the amount of lives changed through the creation of comforting footwear.


Loake shoes are one of the most iconic shoes in the UK and the world in general.

They make some of their finest footwear in the UK and then shuttle it globally. This is a proud company and you should feel honored for being an owner of Loake Footwear.

Also, you should be glad you make the right investment and added value to your money.


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