Yosi Samra vs Tieks: Which Is Better?

The major difference between these two brands is that one is the alternative to the other. Tieks is regarded as the most versatile designer of foldable flats in the whole world.

The brand is believed to be the first to invent flats that you can fold and fit in your hand or your purse.

This idea will go on to revolutionize the entire ballet flat industry as many other brands picked it up and manufactured their own, one of which is Yosi Samra.

As a result of the glory Tieks received for the idea of the foldable flat, the brand shot up and became a leading brand amongst other footwear brands.

Today, products of this brand have become quite expensive and people now seek alternatives.

Yosi Samra is an excellent brand too, however, in this kind of discussion, the brand is seen as an alternative to Tieks.

Which is a better brand and why?

Choosing one brand as better than the other can be really subjective because you really can not know which is better until you have had a taste of both worlds.

As someone who owns a couple of flats from both Tieks and Yosi Samra, I can categorically confirm that Tieks are better.

This does not imply that Yosi Samra is an inferior brand. In fact, in terms of quality, you can hardly tell them apart.

Both brands have relentlessly manufactured high-quality, durable, and long-lasting flats that are worth every penny you spend on them.

However, for me, there are subtle differences I have noticed that have made me prefer, and ultimately decide that Tieks are better than Yosi Samra.

Some of the reasons why I think Tieks are better are;

Tieks have High-Quality Materials

When you slide your feet in a Tieks flat and you do the same in a Yosi Samra flat (see on Amazon), you can feel the difference.

Tieks flats are made with materials that boast of a higher quality than Yosi Samra. This is not to say that Yosi Samra uses low-quality materials, rather it affirms that the quality of materials used by Tieks is much better.

This also shows in the weight. Yosi Samra’s flats weigh lesser than Tieks and are also not as thick as Tieks. The thickness and weight of Tieks flats have a way of making your feet feel much more secure.

Tieks have better soles

Another reason I think Tieks are better than Yosi Samra is the sole. Having worn a Yosi Samra Vienna Velvet flat and a Tieks Fuschia flat, I realize that I am more comfortable with the firm sole in the Tieks.

In most of Yosi Samra’s flats, the soles are cushiony and springy. As you walk, you feel the soles propping you up. This is not bad, but I prefer to have a firm sole which is exactly why I love Tieks over Yosi Samra.

Do not get it confused, both are very comfortable, and as I mentioned earlier, I just prefer that the soles are firmer rather than being springy.

Tieks is more durable

I have been wearing Tieks longer than my Yosi Samra and I can confidently say that, so far, there is no sign of decline in my Tieks.

The quality of Tieks is fascinating because all of the flats made by the brand can last for a very long time in good condition.

I have worn the Tieks Silver Screen more times and it has shown that it is rugged footwear.

My Yosi Samra Miss Samara Flat is also in good condition, however, I can not confidently trust that it will be as tough as the Tieks.

Are these shoes similar?

Asides from the fact that both brands make ballet flat shoes, they share some more similarities, especially in the kind of designs produced and features fitted in their shoes. Some of these similarities are;

Foldable Shoes

Since 2008 when foldable flats were first invented, many footwear brand have picked up the trend and that does not leave Tieks and Yosi Samra behind.

Tieks, in fact, literally built the brand on the back of this revolutionary invention. Just like Tieks, Yosi Samra’s flats are also foldable.

The Yosi Samra Samra Ballet flat and the Tieks Matte Black are examples of the foldable flats made by both brands.


Another similarity between these two brands is the material used to make the flats. Full-grain leather is the main raw material both brands use in manufacturing their ballet flat shoes.

This explains why the texture of the shoes made by both brands is the same, or almost the same because Tieks tend to be much thicker.

The type of leather both brands use is described to be soft. I guess this is what aids the shoe to be foldable.

Rubber Soles

As much as this is one similar feature both brands share, it is also one of their differences but I will talk about that when we get there.

Basically, the material used to make the sole of their shoes is rubber. Tieks and Yosi Samra use a kind of rubber that is non-skid.

This invariably means that the flat shoes from both brands were designed to ensure that you do not slide or skid when walking on any kind of surface or terrain.

This rubber sole also helps in making the shoes very comfortable.

Arch Support

Neither Tieks nor Yosi Samra manufacture flats that provide arch support. This may not be a great feature, but it is nonetheless a similarity they both share.

People who may be needing a lot of support and structure should not opt for flats made by these brands.

The shoes made by these brands may be lacking in-built arch support, but they make up for it by being able to accommodate an orthotic insert.

This means that should a person require support, they can easily insert their orthotic insoles into any of these shoes.

Non-Removable Insoles

Do you know that the insoles fitted in the flats made by Tieks and Yosi Samra can not be removed?

The insoles in Tieks Chocolate Brown are hand-stitched and made with full-grain leather. This insole is stitched down to the footbed of the flat shoe.

This is same for the Yosi Samra Sofia Ballet Flat. The insole is well padded but can not be moved or removed.

Other differences between Yosi Samra and Tieks

Having run through some of the similarities these two brands share, let us now move to discuss the features that differentiate and set them apart from each other. Some of these differences are;

The Light-Blue Sole Colour

One of the most glaring and indisputable between these two brands is the color of the sole on Tieks’ flat shoes.

If you see two or more flat shoes and are asked to pick which was made by Tieks, it is as simple as checking the under of the flats.

The one with a light-blue sole was made by Tieks. Yosi Samra on the other hand uses a black or a color that matches the color of the body of the shoe.

To simply put, Tieks’ soles are always light-blue in color while Yosi Samra’s soles can be black or any color depending on the color used for the body.


This is another big difference between these two brands. What you will spend to get a Tieks flat shoe could get you 3 to 4 Yosi Samra flat shoes, even though they have almost the same quality.

Pricing is one big discrepancy that has plagued the Tieks brand but it does not look like they will be backing down anytime soon.

While Yosi Samra’s shoes are not ridiculously cheap, they do not cost a fortune like those of Tieks.

For example, the Tieks Blue Patent flat costs $195 while you need just $48 to get the Yosi Samra Miss Samara Flat shoe.

Places to buy

As part of the brand exclusivity of Tieks, you can not walk into a store or even visit an online store like Amazon or Zappos to buy shoes made by the brand.

For you to own a Tieks Flat shoe, you must go directly to the brand’s website to make a purchase.

This is not the same for Yosi Samra. Shoes by this brand are available in many stores located in New York.

You could also visit any online store like Amazon, Zappos, and a host of others to get shoes made by the brand.

Lace-up Design

Looking at the catalog of shoes made by Tieks, it was interesting to discover that the brand does not make any lace-up flat shoes.

All of the flat shoes made by Tieks are slip-on style. This just puts Tieks as a brand specially dedicated to making ballet flat shoes only.

On the other hand, Yosi Samra seems to be a more diversified brand as in the catalog of products manufactured by the brand, you can find that they have some in the lace-up style. For example, the Yosi Samra Seleste Ballet Flat.


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