Xtratuf vs Lacrosse: Which Is Better?

You can enjoy the outdoor life when you have comfortable shoes to walk and work on any surface without fearing a fall, enjoying warmth all day.

And whether you are the type who spends most of their time indoors you would need comfortable footwear for the winter season.

The Xtratuf and LaCrosse are credible brands that specialize in the manufacturing of different designs of footwear for every outdoor occasion; be it farming, fishing, or hunting.

One remarkable difference between these two is that while Xtratuf boots are lighter in weight, most LaCrosse boot designs are heavy-weight.

These footwear are made to withstand the toughest of weather conditions.

Finding the best footwear can be a bit difficult especially if you want to try a whole new brand different from what you are used to.

This article will be dealing with the Xtratuf and LaCrosse boots and all you need to know about them.

Xtratuf vs Lacrosse
Xtratuf 15 inches fishing boot
Xtratuf vs Lacrosse
LaCrosse Men 18 inches Burly classic

What you need to know about Xtratuf

The Xtratuf brand was created in the 1950s by BF Goodrich. The original idea was to produce boots for fishermen, but the Xtratuf boots are multipurpose waterproof footwear that is very reliable for different outdoor activities.

Norcross acquired the brand from Goodrich in 1985 which was then bought by Honeywell in 2008. Honeywell started the manufacturing of casual footwear in 2011.

In the same year 2011, production was moved to China which had about 250-300 persons losing their jobs.

By partnering with the Salmon Sisters in 2016, the Xtratuf got a new look and design for their women’s boots. The Salmon Sisters legacy boot series was birthed in 2017.

On March 15, 2021, Rocky brands bought the Xtratuf brand. Xtratuf is the brand the Alaskans trust for fishing.  This brand is also popular in the Pacific Northwest.

Some of their products include:


  • Complete water-resistant latex neoprene boot
  • Full traction outsoles
  • Triple-dipped for protection against harsh contaminants
  • Breathable Insoles to keep your feet dry
  • Removable insoles for comfort
  • Light-weight and pliable
  • Durable
  • Easy slip-on and removal of Ankle Deck boots


  • Lack of half-size
  • Rubber boots are expensive
  • Shipping delay
  • Most designs are narrow and not good for wide feet.
  • Xtratuf 6 ankle deck boots have poor traction on outsoles
  • High heel of Xtratuf 15 inch boots are wobbly in the woods
  • Some boots’ designs lack insulation and won’t keep the feet warm during the winter.
  • Outsoles lack studs. Their grooved outsole will fill with mud if used a long time in the mud.

What you need to know about LaCrosse

LaCrosse Footwear Inc. started in 1897 with three men; Albert Hirshheimer, Michael Funk, and George Zeister.

It started originally as La Crosse rubber Mills named after the town it was established, with the production of rubber horseshoes.

They soon changed to manufacturing rubber-made fabrics and rain garments. In 1906 they changed to making Canvas and rubber footwear.

Three brands make up this brand; the actual La Crosse brand, the Danner brand procured by LaCrosse in 1994 and the Rainfair brand acquired in 1998.

In 2001, production moved from its establishment in La Crosse Wisconsin, to Portland, Oregon. The company was bought in 2012 by ABC-mart, a Japanese-owned company, and became a private-owned company.

LaCrosse is very popular in the United States and Japan. It remains one of the top producers and sellers of high-quality fishing, hunting and farming boots, and other casual footwear for every need of its customers.

Some of their products include:


  • Insulated and water-resistant boots
  • Chevron cleated Outsoles
  • Presence of safety features; chemical, tear, and puncture resistant, safety toes.
  • Air-cushioned Insoles
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good for wide feet
  • Provides warmth and comfort
  • Snake boots protect against snake bites
  • Removable insoles
  • Liner to keep your feet cool
  • Alphaburly boots reach as high as 18 inches
  • Outsoles help you shake away dirt and mud as you move, keeping your feet light


  • Heavy-weight of some products
  • Non-insulation of some designs does not protect against cold during winter
  • Strong rubber scent of Burly track lite boots
  • Poor movement at the ankle
  • Men’s silencer hunting boots are not waterproof
  • Alphaburly boots lack safety toes
  • Do not dry easily when wet
  • Insulated boots make you sweaty during the heat

What Are The Similarities Between Xtratuf And LaCrosse Boots?

  • Both are rubber-made and waterproof
  • Presence of slip-resistant outsoles
  • They both have insulated boots for winter
  • They both have breathable Insoles to keep you warm at your feet
  • They both have removable insoles
  • They both make leather footwear
  • Both provide chemical-resistance
  • Durable

Comparison Between Xtratuf And LaCrosse Boots

First glimpse

Xtratuf Fishing Boots

  • Company’s brand logo
  • Slip-resistant Rubber Outsoles
  • The legacy series boot is oiled
  • Front and back loops of ankle Deck boots
  • Heel counter
  • Heel and toe guard
  • Breathable lining

The Xtratuf 15 inch Legacy Series and Xtratuf 6 ankle deck boots have the company’s logo drawn at the top front of the boot. The Elite Series is quite different, it has this design by the sides.

Slip-resistant Chevron Outsoles of the Legacy and Elite Series is for a stronger grip on smooth surfaces.

The Legacy series boot comes oiled. To remove oil, clean with a towel or air-dry. The oil is to improve flexibility so do not be bothered.

The front and back loops of the ankle deck boots are used to hold trousers tightly in place.

Heel counters are to hold the foot tightly in the shoe.

Toe and heel guards help protect against scratches and wearing off.

The breathable lining of the Elite Series boot keeps the foot warm and dry. They are usually at the top of the boot.

LaCrosse Boot

  • LaCrosse logo
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Steel toe
  • Heel support
  • Adjustable strap
  • Camouflage material
  • Lace
  • Zip

The LaCrosse hunting boots have the company’s logo at the top front and by the sides.

The back of the heel has LaCrosse inscribed on it. Some of its boot designs have the company’s name written on a leather patch at the top front.

The LaCrosse boots provide a slip-resistant outsole for good traction on wet surfaces.

The LaCrosse work boots provide steel toe to protect the toe from any impact. So while working, your toes will be safe if any objects fall on them.

The LaCrosse work boots and the Alphaburly hunting boots have reinforced heels made from molded rubber for support and protection from abrasion.

The Alphaburly hunting boots have an adjustable calf and strap behind them. This helps to fit any size of the calf and also hold your trousers tightly in place.

You can also loosen the strap to let in air during heat or tighten it to keep the warmth in during cold.

Some designs have a pull tab by the sides to make these adjustments.

Most designs of LaCrosse hunting boots are made with camouflage color to provide the needed camouflage while in the woods. The snake boots are made with camouflage fabrics.

The LaCrosse leather boots are made with laces so you can tighten them as much as you want.

The men’s venom APG HD snake boots also have side zips to make any needed adjustments.



Xtratuf vs Lacrosse

Xtratuf has some boots made with leather.

The 6-inch ankle deck boots are made with fine leather. This leather is resistant to saltwater. The sharkbytes and chumrunner are also shoes made with leather.

However, this leather with time will wear off to a fine patina.


Xtratuf vs Lacrosse

Some of LaCrosse’s boots are made with leather that provides a reasonable resistance to water. Some boot designs are made with both rubber and leather.

The LaCrosse men’s hunt pack extreme is made with full-grain leather and has a nylon upper.

It has a dry core lining to reduce excessive sweating and keep water away. The LaCrosse Ice king boots have a leather upper.

The men’s venom APG HD snake boots have leather attached to the sides.



Xtratuf vs Lacrosse

The Xtratuf slip-resistant Chevron outsoles are made with rubber that provides solid traction on any surface. They are SRC-rated. This is the highest form of slip-resistant certification.

However, their ankle deck boots won’t do good on slippery surfaces. You should be careful when walking on smooth surfaces.

Xtratuf’s outsoles are grooved. They will start to fill up with mud and dirt if you spend a long time in these areas.


Xtratuf vs Lacrosse

LaCrosse outsoles are made with rubber and provide good traction on slippery grounds. The hunting boots will keep you firmly on the ground while you move about in the woods.

Their outsoles are called chevron cleated, they are vulcanized so you don’t need to worry about separation from the shaft.

The work boots have deep treads that improve slip resistance.



Xtratuf boots have removable insoles that are fairly thick to keep the boots lightweight. They are made so, so you can easily remove, clean, and dry them out. It will also help the boots dry separately.

They are breathable insoles to keep your feet cool and dry.

You can buy the Xtratuf felt insole independently if you wish to change your insole or make them double.


The LaCrosse insoles are air-cushioned to let out the odor. They also have perforations to allow for breathability, keeping your feet dry all day long.

You can also buy these insoles separately.

Quality And Durability


The Xtratuf fishing boots are neoprene made. This neoprene rubber is of better quality and will not easily tear. It provides 100% water resistance. They can last up to a year and more with tough usage.

However, Xtratuf customers laid complaints based on the quality of the boots that were made when production moved to China. Honeywell however, claimed quality did not change.

How long your boots will last will depend on how frequently you use them. If you handle them well, they will last you a long time.


One fine thing about the LaCrosse boots is their durability. These boots can last up to ten years if you handle them well.

The LaCrosse boots are made with premium quality rubber and leather that allow for toughness and flexibility.

The rubber boots are made with neoprene and are reinforced with several layers to enhance durability.



Xtratuf price rates differ based on the product design, size and color. Their price can get as high as $210.

A 25% discount is available for military troops. If you wish to buy in bulk, discount prices are very much available. And for your first order, you can get up to a 10% discount.

Check price list here Xtratuf price list.


LaCrosse products come at different prices. Discount prices are also made available.

Their price list is available here LaCrosse price list.



Xtratuf boots are usually narrow so It’s advisable to order up. Although, some of their deck boots have wider toes to accommodate wider feet.

They do not come in half-size. Order half an inch higher if you wear a half-size.


One peculiarity about LaCrosse is the attention they attach to size. Most of their products stay true to size. However, they do not offer half-size. Size up if you wear a half-size.


I am sure I have cleared your confusion with this article. You can now relax and make the right choice when next you go shopping.

Both brands are great, however, Xtratuf shoes are much lighter in weight and are 100% waterproof and come in different inch sizes. Their Salmon Sisters designs are more colorfully patterned.

I prefer the LaCrosse boots, they go as high as 18 inches tall and will provide good protection in deep waters.

The camouflage colors their boots come in are perfect for hunting. And you can’t say enough about how long-lasting these boots are.

You can get your LaCrosse boots here LaCrosse footwear and Amazon.

Get Xtratuf boots here on xtratuf.com or Amazon.


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