Is Steve Madden Expensive?

Steve Madden started in 1990 by selling 500 pairs of shoes he designed in New York. He later expanded to dealing in designer clothes and accessories. This is a very popular brand that deals in many luxurious styles of shoes and clothing.

If you are a lover of luxury and are familiar with the Steve Madden brand, you will agree with me that the quality of the shoes is mouth-watering. Are they expensive?

Yes, Steve Madden is expensive. This brand has made an edge in the shoe industry, bringing together high-quality materials and giving fashion a different look.

You will definitely get quality with your money. However, there is a wide range of prices they offer. They also have affordable shoes that are not on the high side.

Why are Steve Madden Shoes Expensive?

Why is Steve Madden expensive? Does their price need to go that high? What exactly makes them different? These are likely the questions running through your mind.

Well, let’s go into what makes Steve Madden shoes be on the high side.

High Quality and Durable

When it comes to quality, Steve Madden products are top of the market. There is no compromise in the quality materials they use- be it leather, suede or fabric, they choose the best materials for their products.

This gives their shoes high durability. They will last you a long time and you will enjoy your money. 

You are sure of the latest designs

When it comes to Steve Madden, you are sure to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. There is no missing out on style with their footwear. You can get whatever you want with this brand.

These shoes are luxury

With the up to date latest styles and the high quality and durable products they offer, these shoes are good luxuries.

If you want to enjoy luxury and show off at parties and hangouts, go for Steve Madden, your money will definitely speak for you.

They offer variety

Steve Madden makes different kinds of shoes cutting across athletic shoes, sandals, boots, and many more. All of these are made with quality designs for men, women and children.

These different shoes come at different prices, from affordable to very expensive. So, you have a choice to go for your price worth.

You don’t have to worry about the quality. Also, these shoes come in different designs; giving you a whole good collection of footwear to choose from.

These shoes are comfortable

Be it heels or working boots, the Steve Madden shoes are very comfortable to walk in. Their quality leather-made shoes are great, giving you comfort all day long.

A very popular brand

Steve Madden has made a name in the shoe industry and carved a niche in the fashion world. This brand has collaborated with celebrities, this goes to show how popular the brand is. This brand is everywhere.

Online, in the mall, in the local stores; you will find Steve Madden near you. If you want the name and at the same time not lacking in quality, go for Steve Madden.

They are stylish

With their many varieties, these shoes are not lacking in styles. There is never a dull moment with Steve Madden. They are constantly making new and modern styles that will give you the high taste of fashion you seek for.

Are They Worth It?

Yes, the Steven Madden shoes are worth the price. Quality made, durable, trendy, comfortable, variety what’s more? These shoes indeed are worth the praise.

Steve Madden is one of America’s best shoe producers with an average of 4.1 out of 5-star reviews as rated by customers. It is undoubtedly a good brand and worth what you are paying for.

They are constantly dishing out quality products. A lot of attention is placed on the quality of leather they use, giving them an edge over many of their counterparts. And what’s more, they never run out of design.

Four Favourite Steve Madden Shoes You Should Have In Your Closet

The following Steve Madden shoes are worth having in your collection of footwear. They are classic, high-quality, durable, designers and worth your money.

Shop for these Steve Madden on online today and come thank me later.

Steve Madden Best Sneakers

Steve Madden has a great variety of sneakers that will leave you with multiple options to choose from. The following are one of the best.

Steven Madden Maxima

Is Steve Madden Expensive

These chunky sneakers are cut out of the best materials to give you maximum comfort, durability, and style.

The upper is overlaid with shiny rhinestones to give you a striking appearance with your casual wear.

Wear these sneakers with your jeans and plain top and you are good to hit the street in great style.

Although these sneakers appear bulky, it is lightweight and offers fast and light strides as you walk.

The upper is knit style, offering good ventilation and breathability, keeping your feet dry and cool in the heat.

It has enough padding, soft and plush that makes you all cozy.

It has a rubber outsole, giving you maximum traction on any terrain. The closure type is lace.

These sneakers, however, run small in size, you should order a size up. Also, it has a narrow toe and so not good for those with wide feet.

Steven Madden Gills

Is Steve Madden Expensive

Another classic, platform sneakers. It comes in different styles; from the glittery to the simpler ones. The sneakers lack laces and zippers, giving you the slip-on design that saves time- easy slip-on and slip-off.

This shoe has very thick soles that raise your height while still ensuring you comfort all day. It appears very smart on casual wear. However, it makes the feet sweaty.

Steve Madden Best Sandals

Steve Madden Kimmi Espadrille wedge sandals

This is a very good summer sandal with a rubber outsole that gives you very good traction on any surface.

Its flat platform leaves you comfortable all day and the molded cork insole will do a superb job of giving you support and comfort.

It has an elastic stretchy upper that fits well on your skin. The multi-toe strap and ankle strap keep your feet firmly in the sandal without it sleeping.

However, it has a tight toe. It is not good for those with wide feet.

Irene ankle strap heel sandals

Is Steve Madden Expensive

This summer sandal has heels for added height. The heel is low, about 2inches high making them great for walking all day.

It features an ankle strap with a buckle giving you full support and satisfaction all day. They come in different colors and designs. Another good thing is it comes in half sizes.

Steve Madden Best Boots

Steve Madden Esma  boots

Is Steve Madden Expensive

This fashion boot is made of suede with a zip closure type. This knee-length boot measures 14inches.

Very classic and great on your casual wear. It has a rubber outsole for maximum comfort on any surface.

It is lightweight and has a rounded toe. However, it runs small in size. It is better to order a size up.

Steve Madden Combat Boot

Is Steve Madden Expensive

This boot is made with 100% leather, giving you a classic design, good for your casual outfit. This ankle boot measures 8 inches. The heel size is 1 inch which will give you balance in the woods.

The sole is made with rubber, providing good traction on any surface. The closure type is lace. They come true to size, so be free to order the size you wear.

Steve Madden Best Heel


Is Steve Madden Expensive

This is a tall stiletto heel with straps to keep you firmly in the shoe. The heels measure 4.25 inches in height, elevating your height in your short dresses and skirts.

This classic heel is lightweight and breathable, leaving your feet cool in the heat. It has a man-made lining that adds a bit of support.

The synthetic sole is lined with creases for good traction on slippery surfaces. One fine thing about this shoe is the elastic straps which allow for adjustability, making it not too tight on your feet.

The toe strap and double ankle straps give it such a dashing appeal, making you beautiful for your evening date.


The Steve Madden boots are expensive, but they give you what you are paying for in quality.

And also they have other products that are less expensive with the quality still maintained.

Spice up your wardrobe with the Steve Madden designer footwear and hit the street looking great.


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