Woodland Shoes Cleaning Procedure: All You Need to Know

Are you a lover of Woodland shoes and you are looking for a better way to clean your shoes? This article has laid down the best steps to take.

First, before you begin cleaning, you ought to know what materials these shoes are made of.

The Woodland shoes are made of natural and organic leather. They also make shoes with Suede, a special type of leather, made softer on finishing.

The cleaning procedures of suede are quite different from the usual leather.

Best Ways To Clean Your Woodland Shoes

Your Woodland shoes demand a load of care so they can last longer and not get easily worn out.

On your working surface, lay down a piece of old newspaper or rag to allow for easy clean-up. Then follow these steps:

  • Remove shoelaces
  • Brush of grime and debris
  • Deal with tough stains
  • Use a leather polish
  • Let them dry

Remove shoelaces

If the closure type of your shoe is lace, be sure to remove them before you begin washing.

However, these laces themselves can get dirty, so ensure you wash them too. You can wash the laces in the washing machine or use your hands.

Brush off grime and debris

Your Woodland shoes can become caked up in mud and dirt and these can quickly wear out the leather material. Use your shoe brush to remove this dirt.

If you have worked in the mud all day, and the sole of your shoe is stuck with mud and thick soil, place it under a running tap until they wash off.

Ensure only the outsole is placed under the running tap. Do this procedure after using your shoes.

Deal with tough stains

And what if the stain persists? Make use of a soft cloth and leather cleaner to wipe at the stain.

Avoid cleaners that contain alcohol and detergent, they destroy the natural oil and make your Woodland shoes wear out quickly.

You can also rub soap on a piece of cloth and dip it in water. Use the cloth to clean the surface of your shoe. If it persists, you can gently apply pressure.

If the shoe is made with unfinished leather, make use of saddle soap for cleaning. Create a lather and gently rub it onto your shoes, then wipe clean with a clean cloth.

Saddle soap contains wax that helps protect unfinished leather. Make sure you dry them naturally.

Always ensure not to get your Woodland shoes too wet as leather is not good in the water. Dampen your clothes and do your cleaning.

Do not use a sponge when cleaning. Some of them contain chemicals that can damage your shoes.

Use a leather polish

Before you apply polish, make sure your shoes are well dried after washing. Use wax polish with a similar color to your shoe.

Apply with a soft cloth or brush and then leave for some time to settle. Then use a new soft cloth or buff brush to shine the shoe neatly.

You can also make use of cream or paste polish. Make sure they are of similar color. Cream or Paste polish is very good. They moisturize fine leather, keep it pliable and allow for breathability.

Let them dry

Dry your Woodland shoes in the open air. Avoid drying them in the sun.

How To Clean Suede Or Nubuck Woodland shoes

Suede and nubuck shoes should not in any way come in contact with water. To clean, use a soft brush to brush off dirt. Stains can also be removed with Suede bars. After cleaning, use a bristle brush to raise the nap.

How Can You Get Oil Stain Out Of Woodland Shoes?

If you get an oil stain on your Woodland shoes, do not panic, you can get it all looking as new again. To remove the oil stain, you can do any of the following:

Use soap and little water

Rub a good amount of soap on the spot and leave it to soak in for about 10minutes.

Then use a soft brush or cloth to scrub at the stain. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. You can repeat this as many times until the stain is wiped clean.

Cornstarch or talcum powder should be applied to affected area

Cornstarch or Talcum powder Cornstarch and talcum powder are good absorbents and will soak up the oil or grease.

Allow it to stay overnight. Then lightly wet the area and brush out the stain. Then allow it to dry. Your shoes will be as good as before.

Use vinegar

This acid is not only useful in your salad, but it can also be used on oil stains. It will soak up the oil. Apply vinegar with cotton wool to the affected area.

Repeat after the vinegar soaks up the oil. Then wipe clean with a cloth. Your Woodland shoe is ready to be worn out again.

Lemon plus cream of tartar

The citric acid in lemon helps meltdown oil. Cream of tartar is a powder used for baking and a good stain remover.

Squeeze two lemons into a bowl and add a tablespoon of cream of tartar to the juice. Mix thoroughly then dip a ball of cotton wool into the mixture and apply to the affected area.

Leave for 10minutes then wipe clean with a cloth. Your shoe is as good as new

Use baking soda

Baking soda is another powerful material for removing tough stains. Mix ¼ cup of baking soda with water to form a paste. Use a ball of cotton wool to apply to the stains.

Leave it for a few minutes then wipe clean with a cloth and enjoy a new-looking shoe.

How Can You Make Your Woodland Shoe Last longer?

Handling your Woodland shoes with care will make them last longer. You can liken this to your body. If you don’t take proper care of your body, you will fall sick and may die.

This is what happens when you don’t take proper care of your Woodland shoes, they will become old, unwanted items very quickly.

Your Woodland shoes can last up to six years with the right care. You should do the following if you want your shoes to last longer:

Keep your shoes clean

The first step in making your Woodland shoes last longer is to always keep them clean. Follow the cleaning procedures and ensure you are faithful to them.

Cleaning after use is the best way of care. Do not wait until it’s too dirty before you clean it. Dirt will hasten the decay of the fiber.

Use the right materials to clean

Make sure you use the right materials to clean your shoes. Using harsh materials and chemicals on your Woodland shoes will quickly destroy the fibers.

Always read the contents of your cleaner and polish before use. Remember alcohol and cleaning with detergent is not good for leather and water should not be used on your Suede and Nubuck shoes.

Condition your shoes

Conditioning your Woodland shoes always is a good way to give them a longer lifespan. Ensure you use a natural conditioner and condition at least once a month.

It is advisable you also condition after using soap on your shoes as it will help return the moisture that has been lost. Conditioning keeps your shoe soft and flexible.

Weatherproofing is important too

Another wonderful way to keep your Woodland shoes lasting longer is weatherproofing.

This entails using protective sprays to keep it protected especially in harsh weather conditions.

Dampen your shoes before applying sprays. A beeswax product can be used once a season. They last longer than sprays. Apply with a soft cloth and allow to dry after cleaning off excess.

Regularly polishing your shoes

Polishing your Woodland shoes regularly is a good way to take care of them. Use the right polish that won’t cause discoloration and polish at least once a week.

Do not sun dry or use the heater

Let your Woodland shoe be air-dried. Avoid using the heater or using sunlight. They will weaken your shoes’ fiber.

Do not wear it often

Give your shoe a break! If you so much love the Woodland shoes, have pairs you can rotate. Do not keep using one; it will definitely spoil quickly. That’s manhandling.

Repair your shoe on time

Quickly take your shoe to a professional for repair immediately you notice damage, no matter how little. This will help keep it in a better shape.


Cleaning, conditioning, and polishing are the best ways to handle your Woodland shoes and to keep them in good working condition for years.

Always make sure you do your cleaning immediately after use. Remember to use as little water as possible on your leather shoes and keep Suede shoes far away from the water.


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