Feiyue vs Lutai: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Feiyue and Lutai is that the outsole of Lutai shoes is a bit tougher and not as stretchy as that of Feiyue which is 100% flexible and can stretch very well.

Also, the Feiyue brand makes use of leather upper for some of their shoe design which the Lutai shoe does not have.

If you are a Martial artist or conversant with any of the Chinese sports, you would agree with me that good shoes are an added advantage.

When I say good shoes, I mean shoes that would enhance the perfect lifting, hitting and landing. And what other brands than the Feiyue and Lutai brands?

These brands are a staple among the Chinese wushu practitioners and other martial artists; including karate and parkour trainers. The Feiyue and Lutai canvas shoes are very similar.

They are made from materials that make them soft, very flexible, lightweight, and comfortable.

They are perfect outdoor footwear for all kinds of gymnastics that will not require hard landing as they are not good shock absorbers.

However, if you are a bit confused about what brand you should go for, then this article is for you. We will be looking at both brands, letting you know all you need.

These brands are very similar with little difference between them. One great similarity is in their looks, they are both athletic shoes and good for casual wear

The outsoles of both brands have the company’s logo on them. Futai is a red circle, while Lutai is a green triangle.

Feiyue vs Lutai

Feiyue Fe Lo classic sneakers

Feiyue vs Lutai

Lutai Wushu shoes

History Of Feiyue

feiyue vs lutai

Feiyue is the Chinese word for ‘to leap or fly over’. This brand started in the 1920s in Shanghai, China.

First, cloth shoes were used by the Shaolin monks, and then in 1958, Feiyue was designed by DaFu Rubber company.

The Chinese, known practitioners of Wushu Kung Fu had taken this shoe with open arms and it soon became popular amongst practitioners of Wushu and Kung Fu masters and Athletes in China and across the world.

In the 80s, the Feiyue brand seemed to have disappeared as popular brands like Converse, Nike and Adidas took over.

However, in 2006 a group of people came together and recreated the brand. They started the first French-designed Feiyue shoes. The right to this trademark was sold to the French, although this was questionable.

Over the years, this shoe has become a suitable preference for other sports including acrobatics and dancing. They were featured in the 2008 summer Olympic games opening ceremony in Beijing.

In 2009 they became common among Parkour Athletes as the perfect training shoes, for their lightweight and flexibility.

Although originally intended for sports, these shoes can be worn with jeans, joggers, and a t-shirt. They come in different styles and colors that give you options to choose from.

This brand is currently running two manufacturing companies; the DaFu Rubber Co, LTD and BBC international, LLC,  which acquired the trademark’s right in I2014. They also have stores in Paris and South Korea.

Some of their products include:

  • Feiyue men’s Fe Lo classic sneakers on Amazon
  • Feiyue unisex adult mid-top trainers on Amazon


  • Very attractive and good on casual wears
  • Very flexible
  • Provides good ankle movement
  • Good grip on outsole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Lightweight
  • Removable insole for better breathability
  • They are affordable
  • Zero drop structure to enable proper lifting


  • No padding to cushion feet
  • Does not absorb shock- they are not good for hard impact
  • No toe reinforcement
  • Narrow toe
  • Loose ankle for some customers
  • Not waterproof- not good in wet condition
  • It will wear out quickly because it lacks cushioning
  • It Can give blisters if not worn with socks

History Of Lutai

feiyue vs lutai

The Shandong Lutai shoe industry which started in July 1997 is based in Tangtou town, Linyi, Shandong, China. Incorporated in that same year, this brand is known for producing and marketing canvas and rubber footwear.

This brand is very popular among Athletes in China and across the world. They are flexible and lightweight making them suitable for those engaging in Martial arts.

They are also designed to suit casual wear, so you are good to go in these shoes for your dates.

In 2002 this brand went international, expanding beyond the shores of China and exporting its products to the US, Japan, Australia, Europe e.t.c.

Today, these shoes are the favorite of many sportsmen and are seen on the feet of many in the streets of China.

Their products include: Lutai shoes

  • Lutai Wushu shoes Lutai shoes
  • Lutai canvas shoes low-top sneakers
  • Lutai sport canvas shoes


  • Good to go on casual outfits
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Zero drop structure
  • Removable insole


  • Lack of cushion
  • Does not absorb shock
  • Not good in wet condition
  • Narrow toe
  • Does not last long

What Are The Similarities Between Feiyue And Lutai?

  • Both are good sneakers for Martial arts
  • Both are flexible and can be easily folded
  • They are not water-resistant
  • They are very lightweight
  • They both have removable insoles
  • Their outsole is made with rubber and offers good grip on almost any surface
  • They are both not cushioned and not good for hard landing sports
  • Both are good for casual wear

What Are The Comparisons Between Feiyue And Lutai?

First Glance


  • Brand’s name and logo
  • Colorful stripe
  • Rubber outsole
  • Lace
  • Rubber toe cap
  • Cotton canvas
  • Rounded toe

The Feiyue shoe has the brand’s name written on both sides of the sneakers. It also has this name written on the heel. Beside the brand’s name on both sides of the shoe, is a colorful stripe.

Feiyue vs Lutai Feiyue vs Lutai

The outsole is made with gum rubber to help with good traction on any surface. On the outsole is the company’s logo.

Feiyue vs Lutai

The shoes come with laces that are passed through riveted holes for closure. The riveted holes help with ventilation.

The toe cap is made with rubber for added protection.

The Feiyue shoes are made with vegetable fiber cotton to enable good ventilation.

The shoes have rounded toes.


  • Brand’s name and logo
  • Rubber outsole
  • Rubber toe cap
  • Lace
  • Cotton canvas
  • Rounded toe

The Lutai brand has the name written on both sides of the shoe. They are also striped the way Feiyue is, on both sides.

Feiyue vs Lutai

The outsole is made of rubber. It has the company’s logo on it.

Feiyue vs Lutai

The toe cap is made of rubber

The close-up style is lace passed through riveted holes.

Most shoe designs are made with cotton cloth upper.

The sneakers have rounded toes.



The Feiyue Fe Lo classic leather sneaker is made with a leather upper. This leather is tough and firm to allow for good support to the feet.

The toe cap is also made with leather for added protection.


There is no known production of leather shoes.

Most Lutai shoes are made with cloth canvas.



The Feiyue outsole is made with rubber that allows for very good flexibility.

This vintage footwear has a sole that is thin enough to allow you to have a feel of the floor, but it is also thick enough to keep you firm on the ground.

However, if you will be performing in sports that require a lot of running, climbing, and landing, this outsole will not perform well. They will quickly wear out and your feet will receive a lot of force.

Feiyue vs Lutai


Just like Feiyue, the outsole is made with rubber for flexibility and good traction.

Feiyue vs Lutai



These shoes have soft insoles that will leave you comfortable as you perform. They are removable so you can clean and dry them.


They also come with removable Insoles.

Quality And Durability


These shoes are not meant to last long. Their outsoles are thin and lack padding. They can last up to four months.

The French version, however, which is made for more casual wear, can last longer. But it all still depends on how often and how well you use them. They will last longer if kept away from water.


These shoes are also not durable. With time the outsole will wear off. They will not perform well in the rain.

If you use them for more casual outings they will last longer.



Feiyue shoes are relatively cheap. You can get a Feiyue shoe for as low as $15. The French-made ones are more expensive.


These shoes are also affordable.



This shoe comes true to size for most people. The laces are very good to help you tighten the shoes to fit. If you wear a half-size, order up as these shoes do not come in half-sizes.

The toe does not give much room for those with wide feet due to its rounded nature.


They come true to size, but the rounded toe won’t be good for those with wide feet.


The Feiyue and Lutai shoe brands are both good for sports and casual wear so you can make your choice from any of them.

The Lutai brand also makes shoes specifically for casual outwear.

I prefer the Feiyue shoes which offer complete flexibility needed for better performance in martial arts and also they have numerous varieties to choose from.

Always remember that both brands won’t perform well in wet conditions as they are not waterproof.

Also, if you will be doing sports that require hard landing, you will have to stay away from these shoes as they lack the needed cushion to absorb the force.


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