Are Feiyue Shoes Barefoot?

Feiyue shoes are minimalist shoes and are not barefoot enough.

Feiyue shoes are categorized as ‘zero drop shoes, if you want to dip your toes in a barefoot pond and haven’t got the slightest clue on where to start you have come to the right spot.

Many users of zero drop shoes have attested to the increased efficiency these shoes provide.

They also offer better posture and alignment and protect your feet from fewer injuries.  Many users of Feiyue shoes are parkour enthusiasts and martial artists.

They enjoy the freedom of its ‘zero drops’ and how well it fits while performing.

Feiyue brand of shoes has been in existence since the 1920s in Shanghai China. Feiyue translates to a “great leap forward” or “flying forward” and since the creation of this brand.

They have gained popularity for being comfortable, flexible, and robust, used by many martial artists, and perfect for athletes.

Despite its high use by martial artists, other professionals such as performing dancers and acrobats have chosen this brand as go-to minimalist footwear.

One interesting fact you should know is that they were featured during the 2008 summer Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing, China.

Due to its high usage among martial artist and having a significant reputation among Chinese sports and athletics, parkour enthusiast has adopted this brand as a favorite choice of footwear.

If you love martial art you would have seen this brand used among its practitioners ranging from karate to wushu down to Shaolin monks.

Feiyue shoes have a deep history and have come a long way since then.

Do Feiyue shoes run small?

Yes, Feiyue shoes may run a bit small. If you are a size 40, trying out size 40 Feiyue shoes may not be as fitting as you may discover. Use the Feiyue size chart to know what size of Feiyue shoe you should get.

The fit is good but may be a little tight around the toe area if you stick to your usual size, so when buying it’s advisable to go a size up.

People with thinner feet may have it better in choosing their exact size. You must find out which size fits you best before selecting them as your choice of wear.

Feiyue shoes are designed to be low-cut and have a wide gap between the sides and the shoe top, this design ensures maximum ankle flexibility and performance.

You can never be truly sure without testing out a pair before purchase.

What are Feiyue shoes good for?

Feiyue shoes are also known as martial artist shoes, founded in 1920 in shanghai china they offer the qualities needed for a shoe by a martial artist.

Their thin nature and extra sensitivity make them most sought after by martial artists because they run almost bare.

The rise in popularity of Feiyue shoes among parkour enthusiasts started around 2009, many well-known parkour athletes shared their love for the shoes because of the balance and minimalist design.

Today many parkour athletes use them daily for their sports, and some companies go as far as making them available for purchase on their websites, this led to increased usage and credibility of the product.

How to clean Feiyue shoes?

Washing Feiyue shoes is a very simple task. The company advises against putting them in a machine for washing or even drying.

  • To keep them shiny and spotless wash them with warm water and soap.
  • Washing them in a machine leads to costly damage to the fabric of your shoes.
  • Avoid direct sunlight when you dry them, instead, have them dried under shade.

Are Feiyue shoes comfortable?

Though they are classified as minimalist shoes they still offer a measure of comfort.

Their ability to keep you comfortable may not be on the same level as other sneakers or footwear, but they serve their intended purpose.

For martial artists and parkour athletes, the flexibility and lightweight nature make it an ideal choice always.

Advantages of wearing Feiyue shoes

Are Feiyue Shoes Barefoot

Anyone who has ever been involved in parkour or street style running can understand the importance of wearing appropriate footwear.

Parkour as a sport involves you wearing a footwear brand that provides significant flexibility and grip.

Features that are sought out most in these shoes tend towards the flexibility and mobility of your feet and grip, with less concern about the cushion effect of the sole.

This reason is why people linked with martial art and parkour need shoes like this to effectively perform because the position of the foot during movement is important.

A lot of parkour enthusiasts have quickly chosen this brand for its high flexibility and low-cost nature.

This has led to Feiyue shoes been loved by many ardent and professionals who know the importance of quality and design in a shoe.

High intense sports activities involving jumping from blocks to rooftops in the urban community and running up on rough bricks tend to reduce the lifespan of shoes.


Although Feiyue shoes do not offer the same cushioning support as your regular running shoes, they are still very comfortable.

At a first glance, you may not see this as the case, but after enough time spent walking in them your foot would adapt and learn to walk easier in them.

One great feature this peculiar brand of shoes provides is how many contacts your feet get with the whole shoe, this makes it easy for good grip and traction as you perform multiple maneuvers.

These footwear brands offer a snug fit and wide fit allowing you to choose what works best for you.

They are constructed using canvass material that is breathable and cool enough to eliminate sweaty accumulating in your toes.

Toe movement and traction

One of the best qualities of Feiyue shoes is the flexibility they offer. Users of this brand find it easy to bend, twist and fold the sole almost into a fit.

They do not constrict the movement of your ankle, which is a great advantage for you to move without restriction.

Unlike common running shoes, this shoe brand has increased sensitivity, especially for new users.

This doesn’t mean running shoes are bad floor you as they are constructed to withstand lots of wear and tear, however, running shoes do not have the kind of flexibility offered by this brand, and also their foot sensitivity is greatly reduced.

Feiyue shoes have great sensitivity, this makes it easier to balance on rails and ledges increasing your balance.

If you remember plying bare feet as a child, you know how much balance you get when plying with your feet bare.

On a high note, this increases sensitivity is responsible for significant precision, and increases the development of micro muscle usage which helps for landing and rolls.


Most of the flexibility offered by this footwear is due to the lack of padding/cushioning which means they cannot provide adequate shock-absorbing properties.

Parkour professionals teach newbies to focus on landing techniques that reduced impacts from heavy landing.

This footwear will help to reduce shock impacts from the poor landing techniques.


Martial artists love Feiyue shoes because of their lightweight nature. They weigh next to nothing except their rubber sole.

They assist in developing a perfect muscle balance and also strengthens the feet, avoid hitting your toes on objects because you are bound to feel the pain.


Feiyue shoes have a lot of natural grip in their sole design. For the amount they are being sold for, they offer a good grip.

They don’t do well in extremely wet conditions but can hold up in situations that call for it. you shouldn’t perform tricks or jumps in wet conditions.

With this in mind, you should use them the right way, so they last much longer for you.

Intense training and performance have their soles deteriorating quickly especially when running up walls and leaping across great distances.

The overall structure is strong and can handle tough activities before the soles wear off completely.


Many parkour enthusiasts and martial artists would not care about the appearance of their shoes, choosing functionality over appearance, but you should know that Feiyue shoes are also designed fashionably.

They are designed minimally and their functional built structure lacks any unnecessary flare making them very reliable as run-around footwear.

They are no just ideal for training but also help in developing your technique and ability which is the main aim when training.

Their design ensures you look good while performing, when investing in a pair go for darker shades as they have a less grubby appearance than white versions.

Finally, ensure you wear recommended athletic socks with your Feiyue shoes. Blisters and bruises can happen when starting out in these shoes and wearing socks would help reduce any chance of this happening.

This help to maintain the fabric of the shoe longer. Select good cotton socks s they save more and last longer preventing foot bruises and blisters from occurring while you perform.

What are zero drop shoes?

The term zero-drop defines the angle between the toe and heel of a shoe. If you carefully observe regular shoes, you will notice that most have drop in them. This means that the heel is more elevated than the toe.

An example of a shoe with a significant drop is high heels. Zero-drop shoes imitate the position of the natural state of your feet when you walk around barefoot.

Barefoot running has seen increased popularity in recent times with parkour and other street sports who use these shoes for their distinct qualities.

Zero-drop shoes offer the same feeling as walking or running around in your bare feet, they allow for greater control and flexibility while protecting your feet from harm.

Shoes that are termed minimalist shoes may have a range between 0-6mm of drop in their arch while traditional shoes have a drop of 10mm or higher, this makes them totally different from your regular footwear’s.

Zero-drop shoes require 0mm of drop, this means there is no elevation of the heel. This means that zero-drop shoes can be classified under the minimalist shoes section, while not all minimalist shoes are zero-drop.

These shoes have reduced arch support and cushioning as same with minimalist shoes which have no cushioning.

Difference between zero-drop shoes and regular running shoes

If compare your everyday running shoes with a zero-drop shoe you can spot a lot of significant differences in their design, structure, and weight.

  • The heel drops in regular footwear range between 8-14 mm.
  • Minimalist or Zero-drop shoes have more flexibility than traditional shoes, this gives them more ground covering and connection.
  • Your regular have more weight than zero-drop shoes.
  • The toe-box area in minimalist shoes is wider and comfortable, accommodating the outline of your foot with ease. Traditional running shoes have tapered tips leading to foot problems like bunions.

Advantages of zero-drop shoes

One great benefit of zero-drop shoes is that they help in keeping the feet in their natural position.

The reason for this is simply due to the fact that keeping your feet in their natural state, lowers the dependence of your body on your shoes when performing various movements instead it allows for reliance on your foot as naturally intended.

Fans of zero-drop shoes have a belief that common running injuries and foot pain is a result of using traditional raised heel shoes since it causes the body to stay in an unnatural posture.

This doesn’t mean zero-drop is meant for the injured feet as people who want to move or walk more naturally can adopt zero-drop footwear.

Some benefits have been listed below;

  • Increased posture and alignment.
  • Improved reliance of foot muscles rather than shoes.
  • Improve mobility
  • Foot gains its natural function
  • Builds strength in foot, ankles, and leg muscles
  • Reduced the risk of injury
  • Can help alleviate pain in areas knees, back, hips and reduce plantar fasciitis and more.


Feiyue shoes have zero-drop, they are ideal for martial art and parkour. They are loved by many and offer a unique grip and durable canvas texture.

Like most new gear takes out time to test them out slowly then you can proceed to wear them regularly.

Their unique design is responsible for many of its admirable properties, they help increase balance and control when you run or walk across urban concrete.

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