Can You Put Jibbitz On Baby Crocs?

Yes, you can put Jibbitz on baby Crocs because Jibbitz is made of PVC material which is smooth and rubber-like, that is very flexible and soft, thereby good and safe for the baby. For added comfort, you can use socks or fuzzy Crocs for the comfort you desire.

Crocs are a comfortable piece of shoes that are comfortable to be worn at all times and Jibbitz adds a whole lot of fun and pop-up colors, anime characters, etc., to your baby’s footwear and can make them fun for them to wear.

Jibbitz can be fun when mixed up to match your outfit or your sense of style.

How to get Jibbitz on Toddlers’ Crocs

Pass the Jibbitiz through the Crocs holes

Jibbitz charms should be passed through holes on the Crocs, holding the Crocs down and using your fingers underneath the particular hole you want to insert your Jibbitz, flexing the Crocs gently.

The flexible material used in making Crocs is soft and stretchy, apply a bit of pressure to make it snap onto the Crocs like a button.

Pass the Jibbitz through washers

Another method of placing Jibbitz charms is by placing a rubber washer under the roof of the Crocs and passing the Jibbitz charms through the hole of the Crocs and the washer, then snaps.

Washers help to tighten or hold unto a piece been placed on it “so, why not”.

Jibbitz charms can be placed at the point of Crocs which does not have much contact with the feet as this may lead to excessive friction which can aid the removal of Jibbitz charms.

Do Crocs charms fit all Crocs?

Yes, Crocs charms fit all Crocs as they are made as custom designs to fit all Crocs footwear.

These Crocs charms come in different shapes and patterns but are not out of place for Crocs.

Crocs without holes cannot have a charm inserted into them as there is no space for that purpose. Forcing a charm in can spoil the shoe or cause harm to you because of a crude method of charm application.

There are different patterns, colors, and sizes of charms available, and you can pair them up in a fun way by matching colors or playing around with patterns or fruits. I even saw guacamole charms online, interesting right?

There is a variety to choose from, you can get creative with your Crocs footwear playing around with your Jibbitz.

Can you put Jibbitz in fuzzy Crocs?

Can You Put Jibbitz On Baby Crocs

It is very possible to put Jibbitz in fuzzy Crocs this is because the linen in Crocs are very soft and a bit stretchy.

The linen in Crocs is soft, stretchy, and fuzzy hence the famous name of lined Crocs ”fuzzy Crocs”.

Jibbitz charms can be passed through the holes in the Crocs as it stretches and is very flexible, then making a little hole in the linen to allow the Jibbitz button to pass through and then pressed down to lock in the jJbbitz charms for safety.

Fuzzy Crocs are made with soft liners that are delicate, so keeping them in good condition for our feet health is our priority.

A simple hand wash and soap is best for cleaning our Crocs liners as using a machine can wear and tear out the liners.

Crocs liners and Crocs shouldn’t be exposed to heat because the material used in making Crocs lining and Crocs are soft.

Can you put Jibbitz on Crocs slides?

Yes, you can put Jibbitz on Crocs slides as Jibbitz are also fit for it too.

Jibbitz can be placed on points of your choice as there are thirteen (13) holes on them, you can fill in the holes on your Crocs slides with Jibbitz charms making them a fun experience wearing them on.

Crocs slides can be rocked to the beach because they are sand friendly as they do not hold back any sand stubbornly.

By just dipping them in clear water, you can get off all the sand on your footwear because of the nature of the material used in making them.

Slides are not made of rubber or plastic instead they are made of  Croslite, this is a resin material.

Crocs slide can also be worn to a pool area as it is water friendly too, you can use your Jibbitz charms to decorate your Crocs slide in a fun way making color matches or characters.

How to put Jibbitz on Crocs slides

  • Using your right hand to hold your Crocs slide and another hand to hold the Jibbitz charm
  • Gently flex the Crocs slide so it stretches the Crocs to allow the entry of Jibbitz charms
  • By pressing the Jibbitz charms through the hole of the Crocs slide, gently get a part of it from the left into the hole then gently put on the other side into the hole
  • After putting in the Jibbitz charms in the Croc holes, add a bit of pressure from top to under the roof of the Crocs to lock in the Jibbitz. By pressing the Jibbitz charms like a button it locks in your Jibbitz charms by making a snap feel.

Jibbitz charms bottoms are larger than the holes on the crocs slide, so Jibbitz charms stay locked in and Jibbitz charms should be put on spots that have less encounter with surfaces to ensures that they don’t come off.

So, when next you go to the beach or walk around the park in your croc slides, these charms are going to set you apart from others.

These charms also hold up to moisture, as their construction materials make them essentially waterproof.

If a day of Park adventure and fun leaves them dirty, keep in mind that they are easy to clean, simply wash off with soap and warm water.

How to wear Crocs

  • Crocs are worn with jeans. This street and all-time fashion statement is just a beautiful set when pieced together. A lot of celebrities and street-style peeps can be seen rocking this piece.
  • Cargo pant is another way to rock this Croc as it can offer different looks depending on your thirst or what you create
  • Crocs can be worn with shorts yes, of course, shorts are unisex and go well-matched with Crocs
  • Crocs can be styled by pairing them with a colorful tee shirt, you can color block or just go neutral with pastel colors
  • Take advantage of the weather to slay your Crocs with a matching cardigan, this is a colorful street vibe everyone should try
  • Rock your Crocs with a Dungrease and pair with a shirt inside the dun grease for a top
  • You can go ahead to wear your sweat pants pairing them with Crocs in a fun way.

What can Crocs be used for

  • Crocs can be used for going to the beach as the footwear is water-resistant and aids sand to get off easily
  • Crocs can be worn to the poolside as it aids to keep clean feet, children and adults can wear Crocs footwear and feel free to wash it at any time
  • Crocs are used as lounge footwear in the house as it does not hold back sand or debris on them, they are soft and noiseless to walk about the house
  • Crocs can be worn on a rainy day as the material for making Crocs are water-friendly
  • Crocs can be worn for gardening
  • Crocs Can be used for casual work or going grocery shopping, at and about the block
  • When healing from foot pain it is advisable to we at Crocs as it helps to soothe painful feet because of its soft nature, patients who just had foot surgeries wear them for comfort also and others with some health issues


Yes, you can put Jibbitz on baby Crocs because they are safe for your baby as there are no hazards to Jibbitz charms. Jibbitz charms are made from PVC material and are rubbery, resin plastic in the material.

To get the Jibbitz charms into the Crocs, gently bend the shoe and stretch back to allow the Jibbitz buttoned to go in, a bit of pressure is needed here to enable the button to go in.

The underneath of the Jibbitz charms are slightly larger than the holes on the Crocs, so care is needed in driving the Jibbitz in.

The holes on Crocs are smaller than the Jibbitz bottom to ensure the safety of your Jibbitz charms.

Jibbitz charms fit all Crocs as they are like a brooch for your feet wear this time around they are rubbery like in nature and will not hurt or cut your feet

When trying to put Jibbitz on fuzzy Crocs proper care has to be taken as the material inside the footwear is a soft linen material.

You can gently puncture the linen to pass in the Jibbitz charms. The fuzzy linen can be removed by gently lifting the fuzzy linen up step by step, using your thumb to control the extent of the pull on the material.

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