How To Keep Croc Charms From Falling Off

To keep Crocs charms from falling off, the Crocs charms have to be pressed into the Crocs and fastened like a button. Under the charms is where the button is located.

This will be needed in placing the charms on the Crocs. Holding the Crocs on one hand and using your finger under the hole that you would like to place your charms on and push downward on the button part of the charm through the Crocs.

A little bit of flexing is needed on the footwear to enable the charm to get in the holes effortlessly.

Crocs are soft and a bit flexible which makes them comfortable to wear for outdoor purposes.

They are a timeless piece that has existed for a while before been modified to Crocs.

Jibbitz is a brand that makes charms for Crocs and they come in different shapes patterns and sizes, they also come in animated characters like fruits, and flowers, some have sparkles on them and some are beaded with pearl-like designs.

Crocs are designed to give you comfort and ease while walking, they have straps at the back of their footwear that when fastened can aid the feet to be stable and walk fast without fear of slipping off.

These footwear can be worn on any type of clothing except for formal wear.

They come in all colors and even multicolored, some come fanciful, or like the classic Crocs plain as it is.

Crocs can be recommended for the elderly for ease and comfort on their feet.

Crocs is a comfortable fashion for all ages as it provides comfort on the feet and Jibbitz is decorative charms ornaments used to beautify Crocs footwear.

Jibbitz charms is a fashion footwear ornament that has come to stay, you have a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns to choose from.

These are beautiful interesting ornaments that you can use to spice up your daily footwear

Different ways and methods to keep Crocs charms from falling off

  • Croc charms can be passed through the holes on Crocs. The back of charms is a bit bigger than the holes on the Crocs to make sure they don’t fall off, the Crocs hole can stretch a bit to allow entry of charms on the Crocs
  • Croc charms can be placed at the hole point that has less friction with feet so as not to enable the falling out of charms
  • Apply a tape on charms on the nonlined Crocs and press down to the tape on
  • Ensure that the strap of the Crocs is placed in front to stop the stretching of Crocs when in motion, make sure the heel strap is placed at the back to stop the holes from widening and coming out while working
  • Using superglue can be efficient too but note that this is for placing charms on Crocs permanently. Glue the inside of the charms and place them firmly inside the holes of the Crocs
  • Another option is to buy rubber washers and place them in the Crocs then pass the charms through them making sure the washer is bigger than the charms to be used on Crocs and the hole on the Crocs small enough to hold the charms in place
  • By not tugging or pulling at the charms
  • When you want to remove your Crocs ensure that you do not pull your Crocs without removing the strap because this might cause a lot of stretch to the footwear making the holes on them stretch or over flex and can make the charms fall out
  • Safekeeping is another method that works, placing your Crocs on your shoe rack is more ideal than pulling your footwear and throwing or tossing them over, this attitude can make your Jibbitz charms fall out
  • By not using your Crocs already embellished with Jibbitz to play football, remember that Crocs with Jibbitz is an aesthetic fashion and should at least be handled with a bit of care due to its aesthetic nature and craftsmanship
  • Overcrowding cannot be overemphasized here, we all know that when you gently flex our Crocs to put in the Jibbitz charms, this activity if done all the time can mark the holes of the Crocs wider unknown to you and this can make your Jibbitz charms fall out easily if done all the time
  • When washing Crocs footwear, it should be soaked in water for a while to allow the soap to get onto the footwear to break down dirt so that washing can go easily without having to scrub so hard or vigorously to remove dirt from shoe or charm causing Jibbitz charms from falling out
  • Avoid washing Crocs with a brush as this will lead to Jibbitz charms falling out or cause it to cut with time
  • Avoid using Crocs to play ball or a highly active sport or action as this may cause charms to fall out easily
  • Jibbitz charms just like earrings have to be well pinned onto the footwear or they might get loose and slip out during movement

What can make the Croc charms fall off

How To Keep Croc Charms From Falling Off

  • Crocs charms can fall off when not snapped properly in the hole of the Crocs.
  • Charms fall off when the strap of the Crocs is placed at the back as this aids stretching of Crocs which in turn widens the holes that hold the charms thereby causing the charms to fall off
  • Croc charms fall off when the feet are always in, contact with the charms
  • You can easily lose your charms when the Crocs are kept or exposed to sun or excessive heat which causes stretching of the Crocs which makes the holes bigger and the charms tend to fall out easily or if superglue is used in holding charms excessive contact in water can make the glue wear out or crack thereby causing Jibbitz charms to fall off.
  • Jibbitz charms can fall out of the shoes when always turned and touched all the time leading to wear and tear
  • When washing Crocs footwear the Jibbitz charms can fall off if excessively scrubbed, a soft sponge cloth is needed for this purpose hence a hard sponge can weaken the Jibbitz due to tugging and pulling
  • Wearing your Jibbitz charms to a high intensive workshop that deals with hot heavy irons, sharp objects and fire is a bad idea as this is the wrong footwear to put on at a workshop.
  • In an attempt to fix the Jibbitz charms on Crocs footwear, on no account should a thread and needle be used to place the charms on the Crocs, passing a needle and thread through the Crocs and unto the charms can make the Jibbitz charms cut with time and fall
  • Jibbitz charms fall off due to overly replacing them on different sides every time. This makes the charms fall off easily. Hazards might occur and these hot objects might accidentally fall on your shoes and cut or burn your charms away
  • Using pins to attach the Jibbitz charms can make them fall out as the charms are hooked but do not have fasteners to lock them in place. These pins are dangerous because it is hazardous and cannot be used on your footwear, during activities like walking this pin go out of place which can cause serious harm to the foot, Jibbitz charms are not made of any hazardous pins or materials as they are produced for comfort and safety of its users all day long and during activities.

Do Jibbitz hurt your feet?

Jibbitz charms do not hurt your feet as the material used in making Jibbitz is made of polyvinyl chloride know as PVC which is soft and rubbery.

  • Jibbitz charms are made with snap buttons which makes it easy to put it on and take it off at will. Jibbitz charms have a smooth and rubber bottom without harmful hooks or pins in it hence it is safe for both adults and children.
  • These charms are made in different patterns and sizes allowing you have options of placement. They are safe for walking around the park and you would not even feel them at all
  • Croc charms are a modern aesthetic product added to crocs to beautify your footwear. Crocs are footwear that allows easy movement without bruising due to all-day wearing. Crocs can be worn to parks, neighborhood parties, churches, gardens, markets, and for running errands.


These comfortable footwear are here to stay and Jibbitz charms make it all more fun to wear.

There are different types of Jibbitz charms ranging from animated characters to fruits even guacamole.

They are fun to wear and kids would love to have them so as an adult too.

To keep Jibbitz charms from falling off proper care has to be taken to ensure that charms are kept on Crocs until you want to take them off or change them.

To be on a safer side do not remove your charms all the time to reduce the stress and strain or wear and tear of your charms.

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