Can You Wear Vans For Volleyball?

No, Vans are not the designated footwear for volleyball, they are mainly used by people who have an insatiable desire to skate their feet off.

Since the 1960’s when the producers of these awesome footwear hit the market with their unique designs, Vans have been used for anything else than volleyball (or so I’d want to believe).

Volleyball requires the player to serve passes swiftly and also very often, therefore the player has to be on the go unable to experience even a minute moment of inertia.

Volleyball Players always remind me of grasshoppers.

Why can’t you wear Vans for volleyball?

The flat soles make it unfit for Volleyball

Vans have flat soles and a strong grip that is ideal for a skater to bond with the skateboard keeping him staunch on the board.

A basic volleyball shoe has a gum rubber sole that makes it a perfect companion to a volleyball player, more like a springing effect to give him lateral stability.

Vans are lightweight

They are also lightweight; as light as a feather because there’s no sense in trying to weigh as little as possible so as to be mobile and putting a ton of weight on your feet.

You’re probably wondering, “why not just put on some Vans any volleyball day, Shouldn’t hurt right�

Well, basically it should. Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable in your big game, especially if you’ve got your squad cheering you on!

The gum rubber soles have been known for their grip and traction giving you the cushioned feeling of padded feet. Those rubber soles also ensure that you don’t go all slimes and get sprawled out on the floor.

Imagine what heartache it’ll cause to your mama save your fans screaming their heads off thinking you’re indispensable, well you are, if only you didn’t decide to wear them good ol’ Vans to somewhere other than a parking lot ( I assume that’s where most skaters master their craft.)

Volleyball shoes should be lights as a feather, while you go airborne and land like a champ.

That’s the only picture that comes to my mind when I think of volleyball shoes. Your shoes should give you utmost comfort by being as light as possible.

They should make you feel almost barefoot and that feeling is second to none, you should be able to move from one end of the court to the other.

Volleyball shoes should weigh as less as possible, weigh them using the scale before you buy them, just make sure they weigh as minute as possible.

By the minute, I mean they weigh lighter than your grandma’s knitting yarn *lol* but they’re undoubtedly small and weigh close to nothing.

In essence, that’s how light your volleyball shoes should be and Vans are the least ideal shoes to wear when trying to play a serious round of volleyball.

Go all out in your shoe shopping, it shouldn’t be all too difficult. Remember gum rubber soles and feather-light weight is what we’re looking for.

What should you consider before buying a volleyball shoe?

When making the very important decision to finding the perfect volleyball shoe, there are some basic factors you should consider before dashing into Walmart and grabbing a trolley going towards the footwear section.


The ability of a shoe to be one with the earth is a gift undeniable, believe me, it saves you a lot of stress, keeping you out of harm’s way and leaving sprained ankles far away from you.

When picking your shoe, check out the ones with gum rubber soles, they keep you up and grounded.

You need to have a good grip on your shoes and also on the floor.

This will give you the confidence to give the viewers hot shanks that’ll easily commit to memory and shoot the ball over the net, touching the floor of your opponent’s court, therefore, giving you a point (isn’t the aim of the game besides for the fun?).


You need to be as cushioned as possible. In my opinion, a player’s feet need to be comfortable for them to deliver smooth overpasses.

Just like taproot trees that spend a great amount of time deepening their root before growing upwards for all eyes to see so does a volleyball player needs to dig deep in the search for the right padding.

Painful or even slightly uncomfortable feet can have an adverse psychological effect on the player that’ll make you not give your best to the game because you’re too busy trying to nurse your sore feet than throwing shanks.


In layman’s terms, the law of equilibrium states that “there’s an equality in the forward and backward ratesâ€, meaning there’s an obedience to the force of gravity also gives it’s your weight over the floor’s mass.

You need to be as stable as possible, not just mentally, but also physically. A proper volleyball shoe will give you just that.


Your shoes should be able to withstand the pressure from your weight, it shouldn’t wear out at the slightest opportunity, go for tough looks, look out for footwear that won’t give out under you in the heat of the game.


It’ll be bad enough when you get ahead of yourself and get a too-tight shoe that isn’t in the least breathable.

Irrespective of the fact that you have to keep out an eye for a shoe that fits, you have to watch for the Cotton materials especially ( cotton is very breathable!).

Grab the first mesh-like shoe you see and you’ll never regret it. Remember, one very important factor is that you remain very focused/ comfortable during your big game.

The slightest inconvenience will most likely make you the bad egg of your team, and you don’t want your teammates thinking you’re unreliable to serve an overpass now do you?

It should fit snugly

To dash from one end of the court to the other, you have to be able to trust your shoes.

The more careful you are about falling, the most likely you are going to go head first in a collisional union with your gym floor or field. It’s a fact.

So your shoes should be your exact size, not particularly too tight because we’re not in the mood for the likes of athlete’s foot and its range of infections from wearing tight shoes that are not breathable and traps moisture, very bad!

Could leave you missing a couple of games. Be warned, did I forget the smell!


Yes!, We’re still going to emphasize this very important point, it’s important that you glance at it once again.

We have to be as light as possible, go for shoes that weigh as less as possible.

PS;  Don’t wear your volleyball shoe outside the gym, little birdie told me that hard-headed concrete crunch doesn’t have a great relationship with good ol’ rubber soles.

Let’s keep that at the back of our minds and carry it around with us the moment we think of when next we’d like to shop for volleyball shoes.

They’re some great brands I’d recommend any day, so whenever you’re at the store, no need to go looking around like a princess searching for her pea. Here’s some of the good stuff;


In conclusion, if you plan on being the next best volleyball player, resist the urge to wear a pair of Vans to the court, get padded with any of the recommended shoes above and you’re good to go.

Vans are great footwear, but not for you with big volleyball dreams.

Maybe when you’re not at practice and you want to hang with some friends at the mall, see a movie or two, take a stroll in the park or even to school when you don’t have gym classes, go for dance lessons, (do you know sneakers are cool dancing shoes?), You get the drift.

Wear them everywhere else, except the volleyball court, you’ll be saving yourself a whole lot of stress, injuries, commotion, and headaches.

Invest in good volleyball shoes, they’re going to be worth every single penny you burnt up for it.

The day you decide to part with your volley-ways and move towards the parking lot with a new board under your pits, don’t forget to get your Vans on and roll it, your Vans will be your new best friend.

But if you’re still a die-hard shank fan, then please, leave your Vans on the shoe rack and pick your favorite pair of volleyball shoes and be on the go!

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