Do Doc Martens Have Arch Support?

Doc Martens shoes were initially designed for work in construction or factory sites. Over the years, these boots have become a fashion icon and are extremely popular among younger generations.

It would not be straightforward to answer whether Doc Martens shoes have arch support or not.

This is because this brand has many different styles and editions on the market today, but for simplicity, we will focus on the original, classic Doc Marten design.

The classic Doc Marten does not have arch support, but other types do. For example, some models have an air cushion insole or webbing to provide arch support.

But generally speaking, one distinctive feature is that Doc Martens has arches in their shoes, which can provide arch support to the wearer.

The company is known for its iconic 8-hole design and for being one of the pioneers of the use of rubber.

This article will focus on the different types of Doc Martens shoes with arch support.

6 Doc Martens shoes that have arch support

Dr. Martens Unisex-Adult Lace Fashion Boot

Do Doc Martens Have Arch Support

This lace-up ankle-high boot from the brand is made with Polyvinyl Chloride sole and built with core Dr. Martens DNA: grooved edges, an AirWair heel loop (See price online).

As long as arch support is within the consideration vein, it is considered one of the best DM production lines for footwear.

The hiker-inspired 6 Tie boot features a padded collar for improved cushioning and visible stitching for aesthetic detailing. It is significantly made with a comfortable, durable cemented construction.

The only obvious flaw with boots of this design is that they usually take a while to break in, and that is why we see many people with reviews of the footwear being stiff during the first week of usage.

Based on popular reviews from real wear, we can see that the boot measures up pretty well in arch support and other consideration features, as seen below.

Dr. Martens Women’s 8065 Mary Jane

Do Doc Martens Have Arch Support

It is impossible to mention popular Dr. Marten shoes that are great for arch support without mentioning the mary jane designs.

Featuring two adjustable buckle straps, this footwear is built with classic Doc’s DNA, including grooved edges and visible stitching for improved appearance.

What sells the Polley T-Bar shoe among DM footwear enthusiasts is its traditional silhouette and smooth leather upper, plus the buckle fastening. However, suppose you prioritize arch and ankle support.

In that case, you’d want to look past the physical appearance and pay attention to other features that directly contribute to foot support and comfort, like Dr. Martens Goodyear welted sole (See price online).

Below is an image showing the average review of this design across various footwear features that impacts how well it performs in the area of arch support, as seen on popular online shopping platforms.

Dr. Martens Brogue BEX 3-Eye Wingtip Shoe

Do Doc Martens Have Arch Support

The 3989 Brogue is forged using one of the finest methods of the brand’s construction. It is a menswear-inspired black-and-white wingtip style that has remarkable extra-chunky soles (See price online).

What makes it stand out in the foot support area is Dr. Martens’s famous “bouncing” AirWair sole that guarantees comfort and makes the footwear oil and slip-resistant.

It is made with classic leather, so users don’t have to worry about deteriorating over time.

You won’t go wrong by choosing this with arch support in mind, only that this design will last much longer when you invest in the brand’s Wonder Balsam to protect the leather.

It is also useful for cleaning and maintaining the boot.

Unlike many other DM boots, this one will suit those with low or higher arches, and we can prove that from the average reviews from many who use the boot.

Dr. Martens Unisex 1461 Bex Smooth Oxford

Do Doc Martens Have Arch Support

Every fan of Oxford designs will probably agree that some people steer away from footwear like these usually do not have enough padding in the back against the rear of the ankle.

So, if you are a fan of DM shoes and want to purchase one that will not add a problem to your ankles, you want to make sure the leather isn’t very thin, in the name of being smooth, and then it doesn’t cut under your ankle.

What we see in this Unisex 1461 Bex Smooth Oxford is smart to leverage these problems for problem-solving. It is good that this shoe guarantees the positive side to these thoughts (See price online).

Dr. Martens Unisex-Adult Chelsea Boot

Do Doc Martens Have Arch Support

Pull-on Chelsea boot styles are known for their arch support and are easy to wear. As you’d expect, This one from Dr. Martens is made with core Dr. Martens DNA: grooved edges, an AirWair heel loop, and visible stitching (See price online).

As for the arch comfort, the fitting has a lot to do with the performance.

It is a good thing these Chelsea boots fit well with just the right amount of insole to make you stand all day long without feeling a foot pain. The pull-on style is also easy to clean.

The negative side to these boots is the break-in period you should be prepared for if you will cart them out. You may have to wear them for about three weeks before you feel like they are truly broken in.

Most importantly, you don’t want to use things like a hairdryer to speed up the breaking-in process because it can be a detriment to the mouth of the boot.

I’d recommend these Dr. Martens Chelsea boots repeatedly to anyone who prioritizes arch and ankle support.

But I will not forget to mention how they are not so easy to wear for those who don’t have skinny ankles because the elastic is strong and the opening is much narrower than Timberland, Sketchers, and the likes.

Nevertheless, If you’re considering Dr. Martens boots but don’t want the lace-up ones, these are the right footwear for you, especially if you want one that won’t give you ankle or arch problems, as they fit amazing and are ideal for everyday use.

Dr. Martens, 1461 3-Eye Leather Oxford Shoe

Do Doc Martens Have Arch Support

The Dr. Martens classic three-eye shoe was the second style Dr. Martens made (See price online). It does have the extra insole cushion on the heel end, but the comfort is second to none.

You can even put prescription insoles for plantar fasciitis in these shoes.

This pair is great for arch support, with no mixed feelings. But I’ve come across some reviews about users complaining about how it takes a long time to break into these shoes.

If you wear Docs for a long time, you will agree that breaking in is normal for most footwear designs.

It is how you go about it. You can intentionally wear them for most of your daily activities for two days, and you won’t get a single blister and rubbing.

The problem with this design is that there are some cheap replicas, but this particular one is the real deal if you are interested in great ankle support.

There is also some complaint about the leather having split, but I won’t list that as a downside because most of these cases are that the leather was not cared for.

As recommended earlier, one should be ready to invest in some wonder balsam or equivalent for frequent conditioning so the shoes last longer.

Why arch support is important in shoes

Wearing shoes and boots with arch and heel support can:

  1. Increase your posture
  2. Improve your walk
  3. Relieve discomfort.

But will they fit you?

Doc Martens shoes come in different style versions, so it’s important to choose the right one that fits you.

Some people may find them uncomfortable if they don’t have enough space for their toes or the way the shoes are designed- meaning that they don’t have enough space for their arch.

This is why it’s important to take a long hard look at yourself before investing in Doc Martens shoes.

The importance of wearing shoes with arch support is that they offer extra support for your arches and ankles due to the higher shoe top provides more cushioning for your feet.

Doc Martens are durable and comfortable, so you can wear them all day long without feeling sore or uncomfortable at all.

This brand has different styles, such as boots, slip-on, mary janes, and loafers with arch support efficiency varying from one another.

In other words, we can not easily generalize the reliability of Doc Marten shoes in terms of arch support across various types, except we zero down to a particular production line.

Nevertheless, the brand is considered one that makes footwear that is true to size and offers needed comfort.


Arch supports are shoe inserts that you place inside your shoes to support the arch of your foot. They are often used for people who suffer from arches that are too high or too low or for those who have fallen arches.

The best arch support fits snugly into your shoe and conforms to the shape of your feet.

As you shop for your new Doc Martens shoes, you want to keep this in mind.


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