How to Tell if Doc Martens Are Too Big

How to tell if Doc Martens are too big is when there is too much heel slip or when the shoe comes with a fit that is too relaxed and loose. Usually, Doc Martens’s shoe is true to size and should fit snugly.

So, figuring out the style that you would be getting, is essential. This is because Doc Martens often differ in size. So you can tell if your Doc Martens is too big when it becomes excessively spacious at the toe area or the heel counter.

Doc Martens’ toughness is its defining strength. During the early days of use, immediately after purchase, it is usually pretty tight. But it becomes a tad spacious after several days of use. The process is often slow, but it would eventually happen.

Prior to the breaking of the shoe, you will notice that your feet are extra sensitive to the toughness and tight feel of the shoe. However, comfort and space come thereafter. Does this in a way translate that the shoe is not true to size?

This is not entirely the picture.

It only breaks to provide you with a better and more comfortable fit. If you’d like to know if Doc Martens are too big? You can do this by first knowing your foot size.

This way, it becomes easy to tell by observing the number on most of your footwear that has good fitting with your feet to make comparisons afterward.

The bottom line, however, is getting a Doc Martens shoe that has a snug fit to your feet so it becomes balanced thereafter as the breaking of the shoe comes with a relaxed and comfortable fit.

Getting a Doc Martens shoe with an already relaxed fit will only end up being too lager after breaking. Now, how to tell if Doc Martens are too big is when they come with an already relaxed fit.

Are your Doc Martens supposed to be a little big?

No, please. Your Doc Martens are not supposed to be a little big at the time of purchase. The relaxed-fitting that comes after breaking will only make it uncomfortably larger.

But your Doc Martens can be a little big after breaking. The little space therein will permit the adoption of the use of thick socks which should keep your feet in tender care.

Another way to look at this is if you are a fan of some type of orthotic insoles that pushes the feet upward from the arch against the shoe’s upper. If you happen to fall in that category, then it wouldn’t be a big deal going for Doc Martens that are a little big.

This is because a push underneath your arch against the shoe upper brings about some type of snug-fitting, an unnatural one, however, comfortable.

Being in the world of footwear for over two decades has made me understand that when it comes to shoe fitting and sizing, there is no “one-size-fits-all” rule.

And every person is supposed to understand their foot type, regardless of foot length. Understanding your foot’s uniqueness puts you on a better terrain of understanding what works for you.

Nonetheless, this is not to rule out the popular shoe fit demand as regards Doc Martens which still stands and works for many people.

It still reads “your Doc Martens are not supposed to be a tad big at the time of purchase.” Why, breaking comes with a more comfortable, albeit, a tad relaxed fit.

Is it better to get Doc Martens too big or too small?

It is better to get Doc Martens small. With time it would break – and this breaking period, although takes time, would eventually ease up and give you a snug fit as opposed to having an initial snug fit size that breaks and turns into a relaxed fit.

Except you are using thicker socks or combining more than one sock at a time, getting a Doc Martens that is already too big, will with time break and becomes ridiculously spacious.

Understand also that there is an extent to which you can decide to opt for one that is too small. Avoid wearing one that is too small to an extent where you struggle to wear it.

Especially when it becomes apparent that your toe area or your feet in its entirety cannot be accommodated.

This is only proof that such a size is far too small and will never give you a comfortable fit no matter the effort you put into breaking it. You would only end up hurting your foot.

If however, you opt for a size that is too big, then you shouldn’t go for one that is already far too big. Choose one that is just a bit above your natural foot size. This way, it becomes much easier to use thick socks that will cover up the space.

Whatever choice you make in the end, have these in mind:

  • While it is true that the shoe stretches, it is seldom on the width or the length, but mostly on the comfort and softness (which creates a tad space) of the shoe.
  • Making shoe size choices that are wearable is the best. Not ones that give your foot unusual shape or make you walk in difficulty. The best choice is one that allows your feet to rest in them such that you can walk with much ease.
  • The ideal choice is one that has minimal heel slip as too much heel sleep is an obvious pointer to the wrong size.

Easiest Doc Martens to break-in

1. Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 Pascal 8-Eye Boot

How to Tell if Doc Martens Are Too Big

The easiest Doc Martens shoes to break in are those designed with quality materials, yet not ridiculously rigid, but relatively soft enough to ease in toughness when used several times, or stuffed up with materials such that it becomes very much foot-friendly to not cause unease.

This Dr. Martens Women’s Boot is perfectly captured in this picture because it is designed with a material that is relatively easy to break in – 100% leather.

Apart from its easy break-in quality, it is quite durable, comfortable and helps you to maintain better traction. It’s cool footwear that makes for your every gait to be accompanied with much confidence.

2. Dr. Martens Unisex Crazy Horse

How to Tell if Doc Martens Are Too Big

This Unisex Dr. Martens shoe is easy to break-in. But then, the rapidity of the braking of shoes is dependent on how often it is worn. And how often one wears a shoe depends on the satisfaction that results from the comfort that one gets offered by the same shoe.

This shoe satisfies these requirements in that it is built primarily on the basis of comfortability with an air-cushioned sole, good arch support, and balance.

3. Dr. Martens Men’s Bonny Chukka Boot

How to Tell if Doc Martens Are Too Big

It will always remain true that the ability of every shoe to break easily depends on the material used for the design. The materials used here are Nylon and Leather, both of which are known for their easy breaking ability.

The sidewall stitch construction remains still upon usage, the impact it absorbs tells on other components like the upper and the vamp, leading to constant stretching. And this is a major factor that enhances breaking.

This Bonny Chukka Boot is fashionable too and goes well with different dressing styles. Its design captures the modern-day trend, and it has proven to be the product of the coolest craftsmanship. The way to go!


How to tell if Doc Martens are too big comes with understanding the functionality of the shoe – the factory design and reaction of the type of material used in each design.

Doc Martens shoes come in whole sizes, for people whose sizes fall in the category of half a size (8½ or 9½),  it is advisable to go down by half of the actual size (8 or 9). However, if you can find your whole size, then it is better to choose that number and not size down.

The reason for this is, while some of the classic models like those of the 1460s may be a tag big, they cannot stretch and increase in length. They can only create a small extent of wiggle room.

But if you are not cool with the little extra room, then there are always Doc Martens insoles that should help you in covering up for the extra space there is.

This way, it becomes simple to get your desired fit as there are different Doc Martens insoles to choose from that come with different fittings.

You would need to understand the shoe conversion too. I have noticed that one common thing that gets shoppers finding it difficult to get their desired sizes is the variations in the conversion rate.

This results from times when some UK sizes that are sold are actually “Made in England” styles. I am certain that this understanding will help you to make a better choice.


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